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Queen - It's A Hard Life (Official Lyric Video)

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Subscribe to the official Queen channel now - http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Sing along to 'It's A Hard Life' with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video. Taken from the 1984 album 'The Works' Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (1393)
The lyrics need to appear early
Pikaleia (6 hours ago)
It's a hard life when you don't listen to Queen every day :(
Gacha GamerZ (7 hours ago)
Queen will never end🤘❤️ Love you Freddie❤️😔 R.I.P💔😣
Luca Oppenheimer (8 hours ago)
Pewds = 90 million Queen = 9 million
veronica balsara (11 hours ago)
Love this..never heard this song before...
Bhadz Ming (14 hours ago)
Nice lyrics. Truthful, indeed a hard life
Patricia Pessoa (20 hours ago)
Carol gamer (22 hours ago)
Siempre te amare Queen ya Vi su triste historia lo lamento larga vida a Queens los amo :')
Es increible queen amo sus cansiones son las mejores freddie quedo en primero de todos los que quedaron en primero .
Nermine Gharbi (1 day ago)
Freddie u r a legend ❤
TFC Milway (1 day ago)
I didn't expect queen will make new song, it's surprising
Рофляндор (1 day ago)
Kaasmaas (1 day ago)
9 mil
Fiona Maclin (1 day ago)
shrimp Freddie
Rin Hyung (1 day ago)
MARCH 2019
外星神外星神 (1 day ago)
Freddie Mercury’s didn't leave a will. Freddie Mercury commissioned Queen's bass guitarist John Deacon as the executor of his wealth. The only requirement is: "Don't make me bored!" The first person to release a solo album was the drummer Roger Taylor. The band and each member chose to rest and develop independently after eight years of exhausting tour and constant disagreement. Freddy Mercury didn't betray the band. Guitarist Brian May wrote the epitaph for Freddy Mercury. Freddy Mercury, who believed in Persian Zoroastrianism, was buried publicly. The information above came directly from BBC's documentary "Days of Our Lives" and the first-hand interviews of the band members. The immortal music genius Freddie Mercury! Always remembered by real fans! Forever Freddy Mercury
Smile (1 day ago)
Freddie: “There’s no reason for living with a broken heart.” Me: you shouldn’t have left...
mevaletodo (1 day ago)
I miss you, freddie...
Anna Richard (1 day ago)
Sparkling, inexhaustible, restless, irreconcilable, tireless, passionate, elegant, sensitive, strong, willed, brave, unwavering, insightful, comprehensive-created from cosmic fire, for centuries!!!!!!!!! Absolutely sincere in his fiery talent, who created threads from heart to heart!!! Wherever you are, thank you Freddie!!! And for all who do "not sleep", let the path be from time to time as bright as the flames of Olympus!!! "But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free!!!"
Lexus-82 (1 day ago)
1:57 one of Freddy’s girlfriends.
Anna Ricci (2 days ago)
One of the most beautiful songs ever! Wonderful ❤ Masterpiece ❤ It's a hard life without you Freddie 😭😭😭
juste julie (2 days ago)
Queen officiel si tu lis ce commentaire est-ce que tu pourrais t'abonner à ma chaîne je suis fan de toi depuis que j'ai vu ton film je t'adore tu es le meilleur chanteur qui est jamais existé et personne ne réussira à prendre ta place de chanteur
Task Force GH0ST (2 days ago)
Люблю Фредди!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jb0ss Rocks (2 days ago)
Only Roger Taylor could wear a large ruff and still look good
Bad Seases (2 days ago)
staring spring and Queen
Winicius Willer (2 days ago)
Me surpreendi quando vi que foi lançado o clip esse ano
I love this song.
m n o (2 days ago)
Andrea Taylor (3 days ago)
Stunning a feast to the eyes and ears lovely
Xale Crest (3 days ago)
Heavenly voice....
Murray Andy (3 days ago)
yeah, it's very hard. Because, Freddie was already dead when I was born.
Malakenji2016 Malak (3 days ago)
All the great singer dead 😞😞 only boy george still alive ...farukh was and stay until now the most great voice in the world 💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤
Love QUEEN[퀸] (3 days ago)
아이 돈 원 마이 프리덤 데얼즈 노 리즌 폴 리빙 위더 브로큰 할ㅌ 디스이스 더 트리기 시츄 에이션 아브온리 갓마이 셀프투 블렘 이츠 저스트어 심플 펙트 오브 라잎 잇캔 해픈 투 애니 원 유윈 유 루즈 잇츠어 챈스 유 햅투 테익 윗 럽 오예 아이 퐬인 럽 벗나 유 새이 잇츠 오벌 앤 아ㅁ 퐬링 어파트 잇츠어 하드 라잎.......
Brother r (3 days ago)
Freddie’s last song mother love is the saddest song I’ve heard in years
Belloooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Norr Gaming (3 days ago)
Best part : 2:58 John and Roger look like they're about to bloody murder Freddie because of there're costumes;)
QChannel (3 days ago)
Thankyou Queen, FYI my child named Queen because this Band
Kawaii Pugicorn (3 days ago)
persons that give dislike is because they turn their screen around because they wanted to give a second like :3
Maggie Villacis (4 days ago)
Freddie era genial, extravagante, único.
Diana Wheatley (4 days ago)
It sure is Carina but you can keep him alive by listening to his music. Always remember that Freddie may be gone from this planet but not forgotten!!!
Lulu Brown (4 days ago)
Full worship here! Ring any bells lady gaga.
Anna Valva (4 days ago)
Superlativo è dir poco ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Railey Roberts (4 days ago)
Who postss dis i mean whos in charge? I thought it will never post vids again sorry iam new here ;-;
Multi Microtech (4 days ago)
Like an opera.. full of drama
Anna Miller (4 days ago)
I would sell my life for being part of this video.
c K (4 days ago)
Great song like always,music exelent but hum ... there are some weird symbols on that video
Denise Niaman (4 days ago)
If Rogerina Was In The video She'll Be like :Ooo Pretty Princess Costume Better Than Uniform!!!!!!
Mirta Diaz Paz (4 days ago)
Freddie 👼 my heart miss you forever my love of my life miss you ❤💔❤🌷❤💔❤
維珍娜Angel (4 days ago)
I love this song and the video
Didididood (4 days ago)
Plotwist: Freddie stole bri s wig
Didididood (4 days ago)
Clicked too fast
master elias 4980 (4 days ago)
Like for queen
master elias 4980 (4 days ago)
I love bryan may ,fredy mercury and roter railor
We miss you freddy😥😥❤❤
Lord Champa (4 days ago)
Who thinks Freddie should have played a villain in a movie before he died? kinda like when David Bowie played the goblin king in the labyrinth
Joshua Bradley (4 days ago)
Only became a queen fan in the last year but still love their music. Wish music was still like this
Pearlistiq (4 days ago)
Who is also fan for over 5 years???
rere (4 days ago)
That mv is great...even They looking actor
Hilda Vicente (4 days ago)
Primer español
Bryan Murphy (4 days ago)
I would have loved to see Freddy Mercury in carpool karaoke
Windows MacOS X (5 days ago)
I love this chanel
Still love you, Freddie...
維珍娜Angel (5 days ago)
The lyrics is so true ! LOVE QUEEN
Steven Bills (5 days ago)
Are you guys going to do a Q&A ?
nautanki shanu (5 days ago)
Is this the real life no its matrix 😎. (and Freddy is our neo)
r (5 days ago)
Каким бы он не был он всё равно наш любимец 👍👍👍
Thi Thai Binh Vi (5 days ago)
Paws (5 days ago)
Yes it’s hard life, to live without... Freddie Mercury
Paws (5 days ago)
Even the ad for this song was amazing
Ami Lechene (5 days ago)
This is probably his coming out song for aids 😫
Ms. Bellātor (5 days ago)
I live for Freddie in eyeliner and eyeshadow
DegoAle (5 days ago)
Pulifast :3 (5 days ago)
27 años ya (desde la partida de freddie),como pasa el tiempo. Queen una banda muy importante para la musica y muy importante para mi. Me encanta como pasan los años y todavia seguimos escuchando a queen y vemos brillar a Brian,Jhon,Roger y Freddie,como lo solian hacer. Bueno solo queria comentar eso y ¡GRANDE QUEEN! Jaja.
TF: EARTH WARS STUFF (5 days ago)
Illuminati symbolism wake up people I love queen but it sucks being with the Illuminati
Nazar Ajeely (5 days ago)
The first 13 seconds is just unbelievable !
SMOOK POWNS (6 days ago)
Hee hee ayuwoki
Sergej Meleshko (6 days ago)
Блеск !
Clara Martins (6 days ago)
I💕💓💗♥️❤️💖💘 Queen
Biggie Jee (6 days ago)
I actually thaught Freddie came back since I never watched this before now I’m a bit sad
Aldi Hanif (6 days ago)
My favourite Queen song
JuacoBaro (6 days ago)
It's a Hard Life withouth You, Freddie
Only Freddie looked good in such a costume
genius mint yoongi (6 days ago)
Snezhana Hangrid (6 days ago)
Квин в сердечке
Sunshine (6 days ago)
John looks so good here ❣️
mato vlogs extrem (6 days ago)
Cool song but it is not like old queen
One of my favourites 🥰
Shianne G (6 days ago)
How did I never see this!
H Wollberg (6 days ago)
the piano makes it sound kind of like bohemian rhapsody
NimbleDick Crabb (6 days ago)
i should have been born on your time Freddie. i missed so much. RIP
Alguien latino por aquí
Karine Souza (6 days ago)
Freddie inesquecível 💓
XanderCat (6 days ago)
Bruno Almeida (6 days ago)
ggflowergirl (6 days ago)
Roulette Bot (6 days ago)
Selina Kerr (6 days ago)
Absolutely brilliant darling love ❤️ the video a true legend a genius selina 🎶🌹❤️

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