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Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over

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Music video by Crowded House performing Don't Dream It's Over.
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carla janaina (4 hours ago)
Maria Te Huia (5 hours ago)
Seek and ye shall find.
Welington Gabriel (16 hours ago)
A primeira vez que eu escutei essa musica eu me apaixonei por ela é linda demais 😍😍♥️🇺🇸🎼 22/03 mais alguém aí ouvindo
t w (17 hours ago)
88M views feel the pressure
Saudades. Muitas saudades. Resulme-se numa única palavra esse clip e essa música: saudades. Tive o privilégio de ter sido contemporâneo dessa época, dessa geração, dessa música. Viva os anos 80's!!!...
NoDrNo (1 day ago)
It’s amazing how this song perfectly encapsulates the mood after what happened in Christchurch a week ago. They came to divide us, but ended up uniting us...they came to build a wall between us...don’t let them win.
Arthur Alvarado (1 day ago)
There were so many one hit wonder bands, I really enjoyed the music, and still do! Today's music doesn't compare! Da Kine! 😎
Deen Hameed (1 day ago)
Had to listen this one today.. Kia Ora NZ. 🇳🇿🇳🇿✌🏽
soylentgreenfood (1 day ago)
whos still listening in 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679?!?!? I NEED SCISSORS 61!!!
Junade G (1 day ago)
John Delmos (1 day ago)
LOVE this song. didnt know who did it for centuries
matthew Paterson (1 day ago)
"Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup..." John Lennon.
Was this song ever played on "the wonder years"?
Rayfran Pereira (2 days ago)
Luis (2 days ago)
New Zealand
Norbert Banvg (2 days ago)
Simply awesome...heard them 40 years ago and still listen to their music now...timeless music.
Lionnel Pinto (2 days ago)
Listen in 2019 , thumbs Up
TrueFaith94 (2 days ago)
redrum reeeedrum
lone Tlhomamo (2 days ago)
Wednesday 20 March 2019 22:58 CAT
Marcos Costa (2 days ago)
Isso que é musica de verdade, musica boa pra empurrar a janta na patroa!
Mariana Ortiz (3 days ago)
Que vuelvan los lentos tgo 34
Dr. killpatient (3 days ago)
Hey now, Hey now.
Paulo cesar Dutra (3 days ago)
I m from Brazil , I love this song !
Camilo Muñoz (3 days ago)
Bobo the Budgie (3 days ago)
This song was performed by Ariana Grande at the One Love Manchester concert after a terror attack at her previous concert. I am sure now that the people of New Zealand have witnessed a terror attack themselves, they will adopt this as their anthem of hope in the face of fear.
Jesi Frostwhisper (3 days ago)
FUnny how VEVO have shit quality compared to random youtubers
Alejandro Aguero (3 days ago)
para mi unas delas mejores rolas ni pa q vergas
Ernesto Serrano Seves (3 days ago)
Aaaaa now aaaaa now
tk Santos (3 days ago)
2019 apaixone-se todos os dias !!
Rachel Franco (4 days ago)
This song is even more emotional for me after Christchurch 😥❤️ 🇳🇿
Rachel Franco (12 hours ago)
hippz nepz ❤️
hippz nepz (3 days ago)
Kia ora sis
THE Ti EFFECT (4 days ago)
Nothing like home listening to Crowded House. Liberated music thank to the Finn Brothers.
Josinaldo Alves (4 days ago)
Julia B (4 days ago)
This means alot to me. I love Crowded House. Lost my husband to Leukemia 10 years ago, I'm now dealing with breast cancer. Raised my children after they lost their daddy. They were 12 and 10, now they are 22 and 20. Headed in to get hit with chemo. My children are scared out of their mind.
matthew Paterson (4 days ago)
"When the world comes in, they come...to build a wall between us...you know that they won't win...don't let them win."
Chad Smith (4 days ago)
Just came back from 2031 to let you know I’m still listening to this song
Ron Jeremih (4 days ago)
Russia .March 2019
Tárcio Sant'anna (5 days ago)
eu raleeeeei pra achar essa música kkkkkkk conseguiiiiiiiiiiii 👏👏👏👏👏♥♥♥😍😍😍 que felicidadee kkkkk
Fee Na (5 days ago)
Fee Na (5 days ago)
Gregory Goulart (5 days ago)
🇧🇷 2019
Claudia Silva (5 days ago)
Não me canso de escutar😍
Ballistic Brody (5 days ago)
I found this song in a tv show
Gnats Crotchet (5 days ago)
salaam aieikum all
Worinah Antok (6 days ago)
This song is amazing but the voice and music doesnt suit this song.
LARALUCAS Lucas (6 days ago)
Essa música me faz pensar em COISAS proibidas. Entendedores entenderão
cristina cueva (6 days ago)
Canciones sin tiempoooo.
J C Pinheiro (6 days ago)
Saudade de um tempo que não vivi....que loucura!
jamie H (6 days ago)
you may not know these peoplel,but you must find them,lol
elsi quispe (6 days ago)
Keep dreaming world.. things dont get easier when you get older.. just be true to yourself and believe in you.. smile at all times.. your best weapon to othes.. this music is amazinggg👌👌😍🤗❤
Camille Cordeiro (7 days ago)
Just saw him with Fleetwood mac and they did this song. It was amazing
Andrea Martinez (7 days ago)
Hermosas canciones de los 80's 💜👧 (COLOMBIA 💛💙❤👍
quidagis33 (7 days ago)
thinking of New Zealand right now...
Ahmed Mohamed (1 day ago)
Me too😭
hippz nepz (3 days ago)
Kia ora my nz brother's and sister 😊
JarheadPlaying (3 days ago)
I'm thinking of getting some potato chips...
mike neo (7 days ago)
how from within a dream do i set the clock to snooze???
mike neo (7 days ago)
hahaha i hear, yes, the audience love it!!! love me!!! <3 <3
Allan Kleber Arao (7 days ago)
Nenau Nenau
Andy Sun (7 days ago)
Woah! Remember!
Hayashi Oyama (7 days ago)
Exactly! We Know They Won't Win! Hatred Never Win! What an appropriate great classic song song by the greatest trains Tasman band! 👍 👍 🕊️
Janine Washinger (7 days ago)
Jimmy Fallon, please do a cover of Don't Dream It's Over.
Shelley Karasu (6 days ago)
No!!! No covers of this beautiful NZ classic
Fernanda Almeida (7 days ago)
Essa música me recorda muita coisa , ❤
Ginko (7 days ago)
Beautiful song
nmc16 (6 days ago)
Listening to this song after the horrific terrorist attack in Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand 15.03.19. Crowded House's lyrics are a reminder that hate and division, racisim and fear WON'T WIN. They try to build a wall between us, but we know they won't win. We are strong, together in love and unity. ❤️ Kia Kaha New Zealand ❤️
Servenet (1 hour ago)
+Jordan G You´re THIRTEEN...years old...right?
Gerzon Gonsalez (14 hours ago)
M sorry
hippz nepz (3 days ago)
Kia ora sis
Samuel Teel (4 days ago)
Keeping us divided. Government is useless! Democracy sees a minority and majority wins. What is left is chaos. Try to make order out of chaos , not working well. Just leave us alone. Good luck people of the world. I'm rooting for you.
Fabio Henrique - You are a Rupert Murdoch puppet. Murdoch is a terrorist. His neoliberalism is an aggressive, malignant cancer. YOU are the fool if you fall for it. WAKE UP. Or suffer the consequences of your ignorance. Your choice.
Carolina Garcia (7 days ago)
Amo con todas mis fuerzas esta bella canción 😍💗😘💟
Jatoo Vicky (7 days ago)
was looking 4 this since decades :)
Lupita VBenitez (7 days ago)
Matías Bautista (8 days ago)
Puse ENA ENA en el buscador y la encontré. Te amo buscador, nunca cambies
Carolina Garcia (7 days ago)
Igual yo! Jajaja
Juan M. Xene (8 days ago)
thomuk2006 (8 days ago)
Seems so fitting today.... They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win
Heidi Peterman (8 days ago)
Kirk from Gilmore girls, is that you?😂
Germano Cavalcante (8 days ago)
Melô do Reinaldo é bom demais. Ouvia muito nas rádios. kkkkk
Phantom F Harlock II (8 days ago)
Mark Baloyan (8 days ago)
shoprite gang
DAWN ANNE (8 days ago)
don't ever think I'll be the one to let go Wake up HELLO Love takes work, it doesnt get easier...
Alain Cesar (8 days ago)
I used to hear this song everyday when I worked at Kmart late 80s, early 90s, and mid 90s
Aulia CHANEL_ (8 days ago)
Joaimar Da silva (8 days ago)
Ótima canção
Dale Weekes (9 days ago)
Could never forget this song broke up with one of my first loves she sent this song to tell me it's over
Kei (9 days ago)
louder twang tomorrow \@/
Kei (9 days ago)
yup, they lost 1-3 cheers kids x
Rose Carneiro (9 days ago)
2019 😍❤⚘
Fã do Orteguinha (9 days ago)
Algum Br aí???
Beleza de Artesanato (9 days ago)
mikta adheen (9 days ago)
one of my favorite song from the 80's.there will never be an era like the 80's again.some of the greatest music ever.WOW wish the world just got stuck or pause in the 80's era 4ever.i dont care for internet -facebook or a cellphone .
Ualner Gutierrez (10 days ago)
Don't belive in nathing belive onli in you
Ualner Gutierrez (10 days ago)
The dream doing true few in you
JPC (10 days ago)
Muchas Monmouth we been with one ball bushka Porsche push Bush quiche Porsche keys Porsche guy grishka gorzka!
Menina Moça (10 days ago)
Cantava no rádio todo dia de tarde. 😍😍😍
NOT ME! (10 days ago)
neil finn is up there with lennon-mccartney and that's just a fact.
B&W Studio (10 days ago)
2050 anyone ?
Olivia Carney (10 days ago)
I saw him sing this with Fleetwood Mac a couple weeks ago. Sounds exactly as fantastic in concert
danilo Paula (10 days ago)
Boa tarde DEUS danilo
Nick Lubas (11 days ago)
This song hits hard. It makes you feel the same way you did when you had your first heart break until your most recent. To whoever is reading this song just remember, dont let them win.
Clay Morgan (11 days ago)
Miley and Ariana brought me here
Timothy Leonard (11 days ago)
I was some one would build a time machine because I want to go back to the 80s this song was me all the way when it came out in 84 want to come with me hop on and let's go yaaaaaaaa.
shaurya bhardwaj (11 days ago)
12March 2019 😍
Today I have find out, that my friend from the past commit suicide. Years of depression, drugs and self hatred. RIP Roma
chaz (11 days ago)
g day gents
Jheraldin Arango Mora (11 days ago)
Esto es música para toda la vida...
spawnsaulo (11 days ago)
🇲🇽 2019?
Jake Rockafella (11 days ago)
Wow this makes today's music sound like garbage
1337ToxicSlayer (10 days ago)
Yes BUT There ARE artists who respect music like this and are inspired to make music just as good
TheAcidjoe (12 days ago)
Nostalgy brought me here.

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