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Udderly Successful: Keeping A Big Brand Small by OPEN Forum

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For more info, please visit: http://www.openforum.com/yourbusinesstv Each week MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. This week, as your small business grows, typically so does the size of your operation. Lucrative deals often mean more employees, more equipment and maybe some outside funding. One family-owned company, which has seen major growth, has managed to buck that trend. As major orders keep coming in, the owners have reaffirmed their commitment to keeping their big brand small.
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KisLaDyANT (1 year ago)
My elbows were so ashy and dry no matter how hard it bathed and how much lotion/petroleum jelly i could cut a hole in my sheets and this smoothed it right out in a week!
Beth Ann Chiles (5 years ago)
How could I not love this business---family owned, from Ohio my home state and cow themed????   Great video and fabulous products!!!  
Valerie Plagge (5 years ago)
What a great family, owned business.  I remember when you would get Udderly Smooth from the veterinarian and now you see it every where.  Pretty amazing they can have the reach they do with a small business.
Laura Lee Carter (5 years ago)
Love this hand cream!
Sara Broers (5 years ago)
This company is just awesome- you guys rock- Your values and product are great. 

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