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Tips For Running A Successful Welding Business - Pricing Things & Dealing With Customers!

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jrrdw (1 year ago)
Get real with all the ads. Thumbs down! I used to like your video's...
Peter Werle (9 days ago)
Nu-Wave utility Trailers (4 months ago)
+ChuckE2009 Chucky now when you charge just say there bring it to your shop that's $250 is that on top of the material or is that counting the material I kind of suspected plus the material
John W (10 months ago)
jrrdw Entitled youtube troll..
Jau Co (11 months ago)
thats not friendly at all
Ian Afloat (1 year ago)
Flounce alert.
Luis Calderon (1 day ago)
Hey Chuck , no cursing !!
Andrew Davis (14 days ago)
Kiss their hands and shake their baby LOL
Allied Merchant (18 days ago)
Just quote a fair price and let the client decide.. Has little to do with being a home owner or business owner.
Jared Hammonds (27 days ago)
I wonder how many of these people have seen this video.
Jonathan lauser (29 days ago)
you're just trolling "irregardless" isn't a word, fool you should eliminate erroneous terms from your legal paperwork.
Jonathan lauser (29 days ago)
baby shaker?
Mike Norton (29 days ago)
Not sure if you're honestly trying to help others, or whine, or just trying to make money on YouTube..... terrible rant video! I won't click on your videos again.
Mike Mullins (1 month ago)
one moron asked me to put up a small corral for his horses for the cheapest price I could give him. He'd seen one of my flyers that said i did work for "reasonable rates." I told him if I do ONLY the welding and if he prepared the pipes, planted the posts and all, ill do it for $400. He agreed. He told me the town he lived in and since I didn't know exactly where he lived, he picked a store to meet him at. I did. I then followed him for about 10 miles down the paved highway before he took a turn onto a dirt road. I followed him for about a mile when the road became more of a game trail. We must've driven over this rocky "road" for about 10-15 miles before we reached his place. He showed me the area where he wanted his corral then pointed out his "pile of pipes." They were buried under a foot of sand and were grown over with weeds, and scattered over a wide area. He asked me how long it would take me to dig up his pipes, cut them to size and build his corral. I told him, "Whoa, buddy!" & reminded him what id told him I'd do for $400 & asked him, "And you really think I'd risk breaking an axle on my truck driving over that trail you call a road and do all of that work for a measly $400?!" He turned beet red but didn't say a word. I turned to go back to my truck & that's when he muttered, "False advertising!" I turned to him and said, "Pardon me?" He mumbled, "Nothing." It took every ounce of decency in me not to bury him next to his pipes.
Mike Mullins (1 month ago)
ur ABSOLUTELY right. ppl want sum thing for nothing.
stage forge/Jon (1 month ago)
This is funny! I watched one of your videos and you admitted most of your income is from YouTube videos. So this rambling video basically sounds like made up stories that if anything are funny! Do stand up!
zook420000 (1 month ago)
pref·ace not PRE - face ... come on.
Richard Ramirez (1 month ago)
Oh man you tell!!!
Jesse Bower (2 months ago)
Smart guy nice video thanks
Ash Gardiner (3 months ago)
Kiss their hands and shake their baby lol
Elijah Canup (3 months ago)
@ChuckE2009, thanks for the helpful tips. I'm trying to start a business here in Western North Carolina. I found the bit on having a written contract helpful also. Would you mind me copying parts of your contract?
bom pogp (3 months ago)
If price wasn't a factor then everyone would get the best BUT where would that leave you?
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR (4 months ago)
I like that wall mounted ventilation fan... I have a huge one but it's on wheels... and takes up a lot of space in the shop and seems kind of dangerous as it has no grill work. I assume you have some kind of outdoor door or cover on it that drops down for the winter to close it up. I have some windows that have no purpose, maybe I could reengineer it into that.
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR (4 months ago)
Dang, do you have a pricelist or chart for all the services and rates you do that you could post? I know small construction contractors have a computer database of rates and prices and so on they can that they use to print out quotes for customers or invoices... they would use this to make quotes for customers for cabinet work, and then farm that out to my dad to deliver on it. Seems like welders could use something like this for everything as a guide, instead of just a general rate. Look it up in the database, get some kind of idea... of the time you would need or scale or what to charge if you've never done it before.
AwakeN Texas (4 months ago)
The Jack holder u made me broke 1st use i kept it in the same place but with bungee cords, if your a welder u have to FABRICATE thing which your not Good at....
AwakeN Texas (4 months ago)
Soooooo Full Of SHYT!
Madmoody21 (4 months ago)
On other videos. nov 218 I was wondering why you stopped welding business . I see why now .
Jeff Hall (4 months ago)
Best point is to CYA. I still don't take jobs that are more than 40% of the cost of new equipment. The 50% rule is out, because jobs normally take more than what is required anymore, the customer wants more, so I give them a choice at a lesser cost before they buy new. This is especially true with increased contractor fees, legislation, insurance, and the dreaded failed expectations for the money spent.
Anthony Davis (5 months ago)
All information that you are given,, Is very well appreciated
versatec1 (5 months ago)
Great vid...invaluble infotmation...Thank you.
Abitamim Bharmal (5 months ago)
Mexican lady with 4 kids? Seems normal. Shame white population is going down while Hispanic population with low education and income is exploding
Daniel King (5 months ago)
I had a job I needed welding, intake manifold on my mercedes clk cracked, and I am CHEAP! Needed it repaired asap as it was my daily driver, took the manifold off and took it to a local engineer, handed him the part, asked if he could weld it, charged me £10 and did a great job, waited half hour for him to finish what he was doing n a few minutes for the welding which I was happy to do. Fantstic service. I get what your saying, but I would have been unable to get to work for a week untill I could find a replacement. So grateful for the work I made it as simple and easy for the engineer as possible.
Swarfmonster (5 months ago)
Good show! I like your attitude!
Eric W. (5 months ago)
Do you have copies of your policies, or know where i could get them? That would really help us out!
Poya Javas (6 months ago)
jason hostetter (6 months ago)
I own a waterjet cutting facility. Chuck I feel your pain
Daniel Brown (6 months ago)
i had the same problem as a mechanic, always chasing money and dealing with people who dont want spend money. now i am a AG mechanic working for a farm
David Walkenstein (6 months ago)
haha that fan in the background has a mind of its own. pay attention to it and i swear it spins then slows down then spins the other direction
rob (7 months ago)
kiss their hands & shake their baby... hahahahaha! ill shake their baby alright.. and ill kiss them goodnight!
Charles_Bukowski (7 months ago)
I hate dealing with people.
Larry Maloney (7 months ago)
I notice your drone-on whine rhetoric is consistent from video to video. You don't even recognize it, do you? YOU think you are demonstrating your thinking prowess. What I hear is you have emotional issues, but I'm betting you are unable to address your problem.
Larry Maloney (7 months ago)
If you know the fire escape is not compliant with City ordinance, then why build it? YOU are jointly liable for loss of life if it malfunctions, or otherwise fails to perform as required by the City. You are too green to even form an opinion. Can't you put public safety above profit? Your belief "they are responsible" and not YOU is folly. YOU will be jointly sued. Of course, you are dirt poor so the plaintiff will look to your insurance company and when they find your liability insurance expired, then a debtors hearing will be held and your assets will be disclosed under sworn testimony. If you have any equity in buildings, land, or equipment, it can then be sold at auction. Any balance owed will be collected by attaching your wages. After you go through all that you'll be an educated man. Your ignorance of the law exceeds your business skills and welding experience. Did I mention it's illegal for you to give legal advice? No complaints about the form, you say? The complaints come when there is a legal dispute. Then the form is tested in Court. Get a lawyer's opinion but be prepared for her to laugh in your face. BTW, liability insurance should be much cheaper.
Larry Maloney (7 months ago)
Chuck E Cheeze, did you ever get your GED?
Doug Tisdale (7 months ago)
Love your videos! Look forward to many more! Especially like the welding.
Aaron Oblak (7 months ago)
Crybaby douche
Che' Burchett (7 months ago)
what year did you graduate Hobart welding school
Dave Wilkey (7 months ago)
How bout those tractor supply trailers
Cliff Addy (7 months ago)
Lots of good advice and "life experience" in this video that applies to ALL businesses, not just welding. Dealing with customers is often the worst part of being an entrepreneur.
Clark Clifford (7 months ago)
If a job is over a certain amount, have a point of contact other than the customer. I had people get cars worked on that died or got locked up and I ended up sitting on their stuff with no idea, until over a year later and estates settled. The worst is the lock up deal or when the FBI comes and explains that the vehicle is being recovered by the state, because Mr. Customer is in prison for embezzlement.
ShawnMc749 (8 months ago)
Throughout the video I got the typical welditude that all welders have, but I work in a production setting, not a fabrication setting, let alone a entrepreneurial setting. The scariest part of the whole thing to me is the side of keeping your own stuff safe. I have the tools, the skills, the knowledge, but I fear quoting anything due to the simple fact of that I don't want people to know where my shop is, what's around my shop, and what's inside my shop... How do you deal with that? People suck, especially when they see someone has something they want.
driving instructor (8 months ago)
jrrdw should get real! The content including very useful instruction and ideas is FREE for you to watch! I don't mind Chuck telling us how he likes a machine that serves him well. If I needed such and such a machine. his advise is invaluable!
Gerald Gustin (8 months ago)
How many times can you say you know in one video?
t Mann (8 months ago)
Ny pay off the right guy and and a Beer
Lh 010101 (8 months ago)
This is an excellent video that is not just applicable to welders, but anyone who owns their own business (or even manages someone else’s). Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
Greg Kral (8 months ago)
Pure gold, sir.. thank you.
Greg Kral (8 months ago)
and if they have an extravagant setup or custom job, and they want down to the dime estimate, not worth working with. It costs what it costs especially for custom work.
Greg Kral (8 months ago)
Great input, man.
Chris Kirkpatrick (9 months ago)
I ran a residential construction company before and yes, you're right. Residential people are terrible to work for. You mainly work for house wives and you can't please them. Men were the easiest to work for.
Steve Sanders (9 months ago)
Great information thanks, ii still do some bs jobs but I build in a stupid tax when quoting. Love the paper work will start the same.
Noah Ingram (9 months ago)
that's why it's called diy projects I split a utility trailer down the middle and welded it back together with a new 5" tongue a new boards myself he is very right it's a business not a shade tree guy like me and others
STC Fabworx (9 months ago)
I had to start saying my price up front. Last job I had the guy about fell over for a 400$ job. Good lord.
Laredo Gutierrez (9 months ago)
Damn dude, do some pushups!
sam galava (8 months ago)
Laredo Gutierrez haha. Or pullups
Mr Joesefus (9 months ago)
Ha he said mega butt hurt
Drexston (9 months ago)
helpful thanks
William Anderson (10 months ago)
The good old days before the minimum wage was $1.35/ hour, before there was even a minimum wage, when a shoe cobbler would fix your old stinky shoes for 50 cents are long gone and a whole lot of us are suffering from future shock these days. Still, I am astonished by the "flies" that your accurate but realistic video has drawn. A lot of us want to "go the extra mile", but must face the fact that it gets to be unsustainable. Ignorance, that "poverty of mind" will always be in style
Arthur Fiorillo (10 months ago)
your preaching to the Quire I have no overhead no electric bill no insurance no taxes I tell to go to the competition drive him nuts was in the transmission business for 56 years/
Tom (10 months ago)
been watching your videos on welding. this is a video on bitching. please stick to welding. Truly love your welding videos
Jonathan Garzon (10 months ago)
Could we get a copy of that excluding your info? Like a PDF
Gerard Jones (11 months ago)
You can't win a fight with a customer.
Gerard Jones (11 months ago)
There are no bs projects. Only bs prices.
G Heald (11 months ago)
2 kinds of people in the world Doers and Payers. Doers are Do-it-Yourselfers and I am never hired by a Doer in my specific trade as the price is always to high. They operate under the "How hard can it be" idea and always know just enough about everything to be dangerous. Payers are a different breed, I am a Doer who relies on Payers the ones who couldn't tell which end of a hammer is used or a wrench from a screw driver. They however are experts at 1 thing the career or trade they selected such as a Dr. Lawyer or Scientist and they make a lot of money and will pay invoices irregardless of cost as long as the job is done correctly. The exception to the rule is the Payer who tries to be a Doer because he was too lazy or stupid to train for a specific trade. Repairs are usually twice the amount due to fixing the damages they caused while trying to be a Doer.
FlatBedMike (11 months ago)
I live in North Texas!!
Johnny Blue (11 months ago)
Good sound advice.
Miklas (1 year ago)
Holy words man. I wish i didn't knew all those familiar sounding situations, but fuck me i unfortunately knew them. Fuck all comfy employees who didn't done anything from beginning to the end with their bare hands, and they still demand because thay can.
BenzTech K (1 year ago)
Thats a Mercedes M276 engine :)
davevario (1 year ago)
Form two LLC's. One is a service company and another buys and leases equipment to the service company. Saves you the insurance.
robueleubor (1 year ago)
Customers you nailed it we know
larry rawlings (1 year ago)
Funny story. I had a 68 Chevy truck I sold it to a guy for $300.00. He paid cash, and didn't show up,.....for five years. Another guy saw the still running old truck in my field. He pleaded with me to sell it to him. I called a friend in the legal trade who told me the truck is considered abandoned after a year if I list it in a local paper to allow the owner, (on paper it was still me b.t.w.), to claim it. So I did and this guy gives me $200.00 for the now rusting. short fenderside truck and he too disappears. I ended up scrapping it and getting paid a third time to remove it, (at the request of our county). All that to reiterate your abandonment story.
larry rawlings (1 year ago)
Stretch, your advise led me to buy the Trajan q700 it is my first carbide saw and I will soon retire my old chop saw with abrasive discs.
larry rawlings (1 year ago)
"Kiss their hands and shake their baby".😎
Wayne Powell (1 year ago)
Great common sense advice ( as usual ). As creatures humans can be amongst the very worst ArrrGGhhh%%$## Thanks for the edification.
MaxSantos (1 year ago)
The clause about the "30 and the thing gets sold" gets used a lot in the electronics repair business. People just don't pickup their stuff after its repaired because... [insert reason]. Shelves have a finite space, and parts need to be paid.
Alexandre Gauthier (1 year ago)
Insane amount of value. Thank you for making these videos.
Elliot Conger (1 year ago)
Interesting video. Im considering a tech school getting into the trade. Only one issue. You touched on priceing BS work. What about bigger contracts? What about dealing with the machine shop who needs 1000 pieces welded in a weeks time?
Grumpy Ken (1 year ago)
great video for someone just starting out. thanks
PBS #007 (1 year ago)
thanks, i look at a lot of your videos keep it real people are just A- hole that is the truth !!. i am curious about all your welding schooling please emphasis. thanks.
Anthony Priest (1 year ago)
It's sound like you don't want to be held responsible for your work so you mess something up its up to The customer that is so wrong I used to like you tell every body whatch your videos but now your greedy.
abrahms2000 (1 year ago)
Hey man just found your vids on YouTube lovin them man very informative thanks keep up the great vids
G Mallory (1 year ago)
Tell it brother! *copies form*
Ryan Evans (1 year ago)
Bro, Is the sound a bit off/delayed, or am I that fucked up? It's like watching an old Asian Karate movie.
Glenn Thomas (1 year ago)
Not so much that homeowners and hobbyists are cheap as it is that we can be easy marks. Example, I bought an axle for $113. It came with 2 spring seats that needed to be welded on. I called around and one place quoted me $150. Come on. I mean... W. T. F. ??? Am I cheap to think 10 minutes of welding is worth more than the axle itself? That is where ChuckE comes in. I watched A LOT of your videos, bought an AHP AlphaTIG, gloves, helmet, welding jacket and a pile of scrap. Tomorrow I get a bottle of Argon (about $250). Am I cheap? No. I’m practical. Maybe if I get good over time I can save that $150 a minute guy the effort of having to set his beer down and actually work by helping out some homeowner/hobbyist guys.
Dylan Warner (6 months ago)
Glenn Thomas insurance, equipment, and the rest of the overhead aren't free and they're not cheap that's why it cost that much it's not gouging time and overhead are bills that have to be paid now everyone that has a side gig can and should take these jobs
R.C. PRODUCTIONS C (1 year ago)
I go through this kind of bs all the time. I work for contractors where I make most of money but when I get a private job I raise the price higher than what I want because I know they'll talk me down. Customers can be a pain.
Daniel Herring (1 year ago)
You might want to replace "irregardless" with "regardless" on your contract.
Seth B (1 year ago)
How large a project can you handle (in shop)? 60 inches x 108 inches x 12-15 inches, a 4x8 foot 3/8" thick plate suspended inside a stainless tube frame with an adjustable baffle. You will get (a) working drawing(s)! It will be to scale! You will get a bill of materials. They will be realistic and easily obtainable materials. Some parts may be supplied by me. It will require casters and vibration isolated ceiling mounted suspension rods. If I am elbow deep in my work, I will not answer my phone either. When it's done, I come with a box truck, with a lift gate, I load it, secure it, and take it away. You will get paid. $250 minimum, in advance, 50% in advance? Whatever. NO PROBLEM! Stainless & carbon steel.
FRANCO WELDING (1 year ago)
I like that document. Is there anyway you can send me it. Well without your info of course
Chad Steininger (1 year ago)
Walk ins are like that. It's ok to go by the day planner you did yesterday, to get commitments done that pay real income. Oh sure, there's occasional bs jobs for the feel good do gooder feeling you get. Jmho
derrick mitchell (1 year ago)
good point chuck
spud pud (1 year ago)
I haven't seen your vids for a while, you have definitely upped the ranting and whining. Much more professional now.
John Lanni (1 year ago)
Pretty much summed it up Chuckie. I'm retired now and will still do good people favors for a more than fair price. It is just not worth it to work for a jerk at any price. Studid questions cost 25 each to be paid before the answer.
slavik borisov (1 year ago)
would love to see more videos like this
Titus Tucker (1 year ago)
The average Joe just simply doesn't understand the cost of tools, materials and your time. Nor do they understand the many years of living in poverty and working 16 hours a day (or more) for years, so you could one day be good enough to demand a good wage without having to work slave hours (and get it) because you've learned skills that others do not have. Many non-commercial types will approach you to work on something for a price that they themselves would not do (if they knew how), but expect you to feel somehow grateful that they decided you should get the honor of doing their pet project at what ever time they seem fit, that in reality you would not only lose money in doing but also deprive you of time you would rather spend doing something else. You're then the bad, greedy guy when you refuse to do something for less than a certain price and not on your own valuable time off.
The Bootleg Garage (11 months ago)
I hear that! "But its just one LITTLE thing for me!" Yeah, you and 100 others buddy, if i say yes i will drown in stupid work, and never have time for things that actually pay off
Titus Tucker (1 year ago)
It's funny how many people will rail on their employer for wanting them to work on their scheduled time off, but will turn around and demand just that for people they want to do something for themselves.
John Bratchell-Hunt (1 year ago)
Wise council, dude.
SSB SSB (1 year ago)
Well said.
Ezrider92356 (1 year ago)
99% of my business is subcontract work the other 1% is business to business. its only maybe once or twice a year i do anything for a privet individual. i have minimums like you and its rare that a small job will meet that. and its just not worth my time to fire up equipment and so forth for a $200 that ill profit 30 bucks on and then they want to complain about something that is just fine and it takes you 2 hours to fix something that's not wrong. and a additional $20 in operating costs. now you have spent all day between moving equipment doing the job and made a profit of $1 per hour. its just not worth it. i do however try to keep a list of people who do that kind of jobs on hand to refer them to or offer helpful advice ect. but bottom line is 99% of the time a privet individual is just not willing to pay a fair rate to do a job. and im not someone who will half ass something just to make it fit in there budget.
Eric (1 year ago)
Oh NO ,He's holding the Mike again ! LoL

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