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hijacked domination

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twitter- twitter.com/jstark25 quick round of domination...
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Mowkus (6 years ago)
Shhhhh.. Go to sleep.
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
i will!
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
im confused...
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
not sure what time it will be... lol
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
im not sure exactly what time,.. ill tweet it out.. and ill be sure to mention it, but its not exactly my thing lol but ill mention it
Mowkus (6 years ago)
What is he doing? Why the fuck are you doing this? What is going on? Do you think this is a motherfucking game?
UKN PSYKOTIK (6 years ago)
Thats cool are you guys going to live stream it and if so you should tell us what time
rbt720 (6 years ago)
When does the hangout start? I think you should talk about the open bracket for mlg Dallas if you follow pro gaming.

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