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Nicki Minaj - Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

1764414 ratings | 145260534 views
Good Form ft. Lil Wayne (Official Video) Song Available Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/Queen-DLXYD Connect with Nicki https://www.facebook.com/nickiminaj https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj/ https://twitter.com/nickiminaj https://www.mypinkfriday.com/ Video Director: Colin Tilley Video Producers: Keith Brown & Jamee Ranta Video Editor: Vinnie Hobbs Production Company: Boy In The Castle Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Good Form. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/ICx5YI
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Text Comments (165667)
Ibratev Kebe (32 minutes ago)
Sexy sexy sexy
Cherry Styles (41 minutes ago)
Nghiep Nguyen (1 hour ago)
Queen nicki is always the best bitch
Kasim Alhassan (2 hours ago)
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Ronald Ross (3 hours ago)
Danielle bregoli is way better
Ali Haydar Çolak (3 hours ago)
Nice porn
golu saroj (3 hours ago)
Nikki minaj your song super
Zakiya Barnett (4 hours ago)
Is that Lauren london
Moon Paradox (4 hours ago)
Cardi could fuckn!! neveeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
ipawa hamutenya (4 hours ago)
u always bee a dashing queen
Jorwina Tresalus (4 hours ago)
Mmmh goodform
Carol Roncancio (5 hours ago)
Todo bien hasta que llego el tipo
Keyshia Floyd (6 hours ago)
Ceiça Carvalho (6 hours ago)
rola rola o q e rola
ALISSON Costa (6 hours ago)
Hot girls!! Shit of music!
Ela que rola
iam cardib (7 hours ago)
Oscar Kombo (7 hours ago)
nick u killng me
millie wheeler (8 hours ago)
i came because bad ass instagram edits :))
djadja a (8 hours ago)
Imagine if parents are there during video
Heloísa K (8 hours ago)
Rola rola rola rola
Alex moreno 1 (8 hours ago)
nicki minaj es una copia de lady Gaga .porque nicki minaj es la nueva lady Gaga .
and i OOP (9 hours ago)
Billie is cool (4 hours ago)
Right she 🔥
ماشالله ممخيلات شئ ممطلعاته😕 كبر يانيكي 😕😮😮
سارینا کرد (10 hours ago)
وای عاشقشم
RainbowGacha (10 hours ago)
facundo morales (10 hours ago)
Sadie Adler (10 hours ago)
This would be at 200 mil already if YouTube wouldn’t have cut down her views
Mah gamer (10 hours ago)
Romane Vendredy (10 hours ago)
Cardi is the best Queen Cardi Bitch Nicki
Selena Martinez (10 hours ago)
STREAMING Wobble Up & Good Form 😍😍😍 Life is Good 😍😍😍
thejaydemarie (11 hours ago)
cardi who ? my bitch did that !! this stay on repeat
Cynthia Burgos Beltre (11 hours ago)
I like cardi b
Ry (11 hours ago)
I'm bisexual, and this video made my heterosexual side go up (if you understand me) lol 😂😂
Sra. Harris (12 hours ago)
Rola rola rola rola
Los comodines Oficial (12 hours ago)
La buena Minaj Te amo 😘😘😘 Desde Colombia bebé 😎😎😎
Don Lipski (13 hours ago)
I wonder if I'm the only one who here's ..a bunch of god almighty ...( Jim Carey ) bluesablooomablooglala
Sheck z (13 hours ago)
BARBZ! Y'all still working on getting this to 200 million views!? 👸
Giovany (14 hours ago)
thomas fandres (14 hours ago)
Wayne impact
Ryan Lane (13 hours ago)
thomas fandres Wayne was the worst part of the song and I’m a Wayne fan
Jenster P (14 hours ago)
I do t know if it's Wayne who maybe spoke to Nicki or if it was just her idea, but im so glad this lovely women had gotten back to her original hard rapping ass self. Who ever for what ever reason I dont care I'm just glad cause this song is 🔥🔥🔥
Selena Martinez (10 hours ago)
Yes my Queen still slays
Darrien pennington (14 hours ago)
Thank you, so much Ms Minaj. I want to savor every moment with you 😘😘😘💋💋💋
Steven Lucas (14 hours ago)
Hexada You Fucced UP
joshua fesik (15 hours ago)
Not from space from reality and by the way if it has been ten years get ready that's about all a one hit wonder last there career is very limited unlike the greats been at it for decades lol just because you been rapping a while don't make you good when rap was started it was meant to teach and empower now days it's all that ass that pussy that car that money so on it's not real rap just cause you think it is 💯😂💀💀💀
Роман (16 hours ago)
_so fuckn underrated_
Shaz Minaj (16 hours ago)
We need 200M and above
Mariah Lew (16 hours ago)
Glad to see lil Wayne, we need him back 😩
Alicisa Morris (17 hours ago)
My fucking wake up jam
Aryf Abarca Gutierrez (17 hours ago)
Ho Lala mi amor me siento como Nicki Minaj , y dice ola ola ola laque hoja
Juan Andrés (14 hours ago)
Arifa Boshor (17 hours ago)
188 million to 145? 😂😂😂
Nicat Mehdizade YT (17 hours ago)
you are bitch
Nicat Mehdizade YT (17 hours ago)
you are bich
Marco Medina (18 hours ago)
mmmmm patasssss
AdamsvsTR (18 hours ago)
I did not come for the song 😏
G13 Ghost (19 hours ago)
hello pinkypoo, hows you , up...anyway ,that time again boss.. https://youtu.be/FP7Wiv4ZSjQ quite a racy video .. like it ..I .
Quang Thế (19 hours ago)
Nicki 😘😘😘😘😘
Cover Music (19 hours ago)
At you good form is weight 😂😂😂 wtf
Keyshia Floyd (19 hours ago)
Cody plays (20 hours ago)
wow nikki Thats not photoshop Right? yoh Thiccc!
Zero Zero (20 hours ago)
Зашёл поглядеть кто такая ники минаш, потом выступления Сэй Мо!!! Не похоже по идее , лишь если не читка рэпчика! Сэй Мо краше !!!!
o. oum (20 hours ago)
Dexter 23 (20 hours ago)
Cardi saw that video Cardi disliked it Cardi released Money😕 This woman is a joke
darin Karim (21 hours ago)
Bin ich die einzige die sie net mag
darin Karim (11 hours ago)
+Phong Nguyen ok 😂
Nisa nur Nisanur (13 hours ago)
+Phong Nguyen hahaha
Phong Nguyen (14 hours ago)
darin Karim ja
Yaelle Werckmann (21 hours ago)
trop nul nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul a chier
a ndy (21 hours ago)
Alex Chun Li (21 hours ago)
Why guys compare Cardi with Nicki. Nicki is the QUEEN OF RAP👑
BELLA Minecraft (21 hours ago)
1:39 WTF
*insert name* (22 hours ago)
Still the queen of rap 👑💖
s g (22 hours ago)
Queen of RAP
joshua fesik (23 hours ago)
Look up Nicki steals music and beats look up cardi b same shit and btw Nicki started stealing from underground rappers that you probably never heard cause you just listen to mainstream bs
joshua fesik (23 hours ago)
King Los is GOAT
joshua fesik (23 hours ago)
Thank God Nicki is a one hit wonder in another 5 years she will be forgotten and I won't have to hear this misled misguided bs anymore
Adams Habibah (15 hours ago)
joshua fesik are you from space? Nicki been making hits for 10yrs now
anna sher (23 hours ago)
Nicki minaj smile is beautiful..
Heme Chanel (1 day ago)
Good porn
It’s_ LizziePlays (1 day ago)
Who just Replays This song Cause u love IT #QueenNikki❤️
Tazz Mania (1 day ago)
Penero Jordan (1 day ago)
Brian Pimentel (1 day ago)
1 of the Best rapper of all time
KENOXIDE (1 day ago)
I completely forgot Lauren London was in this🤦🏾‍♂️
Jaclyne Xjaclyne (22 hours ago)
KENOXIDE I even thought I had seen badly haha
Casty Lizzy (1 day ago)
Holy shit how did she rap that fast?
KingKalebDash (1 day ago)
Cause she’s the queen
Shatiyanah Falade (1 day ago)
She got mo surgery dawg.....👀👀👀😐😧🙄
Shatiyanah Falade (12 hours ago)
Ryan Lane well you can be a dumb bitch if you wanna with yo racist ass profile picture 😒😒😒
Ryan Lane (13 hours ago)
Shatiyanah Falade no she didn’t she literally just gained some weight
mami meme (1 day ago)
3:09 what is that
No thank.
Rain Eventually (1 day ago)
This sounds like a rip off from Juveniles-Back that ass up! 🤔 This sounds real familiar, who she rip off? Can’t put my finger on it!!
Bsjsjh Jdjdj (1 day ago)
When you hear '' Uh, aye yo" all know nicki coming 😂❤️
nala beard (1 day ago)
Anyone else peep Ari ❤️❤️❤️
ChimChim's Jams (1 day ago)
Is there a single mv where this hoe dont have her ass out? Who raised you? Jesus... Society has gone down the drain smhhhh
KingKalebDash (2 hours ago)
Pinoy Channel so true there’s so many.. He’s low key a fan of nicki
Pinoy Channel (2 hours ago)
Pills N Potion, Right By My Side, and so many.
ET Do futuro (1 day ago)
Irei abduzi-la em breve, aguardem. #jupter #humanadorabão
Edward Sherman (1 day ago)
Ra17 Cole (1 day ago)
الي من xmossi لايييككك
Be aware of a new kid called asian doll.. She s gonna prove tough
Hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Franco BROWN (1 day ago)
Keyshia Floyd (1 day ago)
Edalf Rezbyp (1 day ago)
Nadie Absolutamente nadie Yo: jola jola ok jola
RIH ANNA (1 day ago)
Lyrics world (1 day ago)
Queen Radio : https://youtu.be/imFRGp5EPzA
Optimal (1 day ago)
auu kak bi ja to jebo, nema ni crnca ravnoga sta bi joj napravio...a ovaj lil moze samo polizat spermu poslje
Summer Fields (1 day ago)
Producer: ok nicki how many butts do you want? Nicki: yes

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