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Natural Contouring and Highlighting tutorial

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Text Comments (215)
kathy196 (3 months ago)
You look so cute girl
Bilda Uribe (5 months ago)
Love 💗 it it looks so natural
Ultravioletx1 (10 months ago)
Very natural. That's shocking on YouTube haha
Okay this is from 2 years ago but i love love love this technique definatley be using more for my own videos, thanks for the tips!! xx
Jacen Starheart (1 year ago)
Fantastic Tutorial, Very Entertaining!⭐⭐⭐⭐❤👍👍
Jacen Starheart (1 year ago)
Absolute Perfection Dacey! ❤
LheeAnn Dps (1 year ago)
Love it. You make it look easy. =) What eye liner do you use? Better yet how did you do your eye on this video. =) Thank you 😀
Rae OR (1 year ago)
Finally someone that doesn't look like a drag queen when doing contouring!
Harriet Shearsmith (1 year ago)
I wish I could contour!
Tatiana Friese (1 year ago)
GIRL YOUR COMPLEXION IS BEAUTIFUL. Literally when you said that you were going to put on foundation I was shocked since I thought you already had. Shocked!
iel Xas (1 year ago)
You’re so good!!! Im looking for a tutorial on how to curl hair and i saw yours and i noticed your natural look make up and i told myself damn this girl will be my tutor from now on..and you didn’t fail me because i learned a lot especiallywith contouring,bronzing even applying foundation naturally! Wow 🙌🏻 keep it up dacey hope to watch more videos from you
iel Xas (1 year ago)
*natural make up look
Lilly Craig (1 year ago)
This is by far the most informative and helpful natural tutorial I've watched. Thank you so much! <3
Autumn (1 year ago)
Not only is this a great video, you also have a quiet confidence to you! It's very nice! Thank you for this vid
Anushkaaesmay _ (2 years ago)
Having lines on your face and nose is so unattractive! Thank you for this !
Anushkaaesmay _ (2 years ago)
This is how hightlight and contour should be.
giselle (2 years ago)
very beautiful. Love the natural light weight amount that you use. Glad i bumped into your channel.
nati vt (2 years ago)
Hi! What are you using in your lips? love the color
maria elvinia (2 years ago)
you are so beautiful!
Alexandra Crist (2 years ago)
Thank you for all the explanations behind what you were doing! It helped convey your concept much more clearly!
Kim T (2 years ago)
you made so much sense! You're just a natural beauty...makeup enhancing your beautiful skin!!!
Shansa H. (2 years ago)
I love this! It looks so natural also, your so pretty!!!
Julie Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Finally one that looks natural
giulia livanu (2 years ago)
You have perfect skin😍😍😭how do you?
nama Saya (2 years ago)
Good tutorials, i subscribed u 👍
200lizlizzy (2 years ago)
I have a question: can you use the real technique setting brush in combination with the whatts up benefit highlighter or will that not work? see I have a liquid highlighter do you use a brush to blend that in? thanks in advance for the reply
PLUME 1 (2 years ago)
Best contour tutorial ever with great explanation and tips!
Oh hi again (2 years ago)
Seriously enjoyed this tutorial, thanks!
Katia Eva (2 years ago)
so nice to see a natural/ not scary contour video! i actually think i might be able to do this at home haha thank you xx
Ana (2 years ago)
u r so pretty even without makeup
hutch inson (2 years ago)
I'm learning and this is the best video on YouTube on contour. the others are way to much 😅
Leafgreen1976 (2 years ago)
: )
lachaneyx3 (3 years ago)
Like all the other comments have said, I love that you actually stick to classic makeup techniques that focus on natural beauty! Love seeing more natural brows and soft contouring. Keep it up
Gena McGlone (3 years ago)
Awesome video. So natural looking. Thanks for your help! I love your channel :-)
Shayla Sims (3 years ago)
Girl your makeup is so bomb I'm so glad I found you
C A L L Y E (3 years ago)
Such a great video! Finally a natural contour tutorial... And I love how you explained everything so well! Subscribed 🙌
Kay Bell (3 years ago)
Leanne Navarro (3 years ago)
What lashes are you wearing in this video? Looks so natural!
Joyce Quiambao (3 years ago)
Looks very clean and neat
Celeste Madrid (3 years ago)
She's just naturally beautiful, the makeup just defines it much more! I've been looking for something like this, not caked up face, just defined features, something I would actually do❤️😁
Hannah (3 years ago)
You remind me so much of ayexmadeline😱👌
you look adorable 😘😍
IN H (3 years ago)
I love this so natural!!
anjo c (3 years ago)
how did i not know about you sooner?????!!! you are really good and detailed in explaining your techniques...its super helpful!!! its rare to find gurus who believe in "enhancing" instead of "covering up". thank you! :) keep it up!!
Alisha Todd (3 years ago)
Very pretty and natural.
Johanna Cardona (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot. Is a great help for me.
przemosbabe (3 years ago)
Excellent. Hard to find highlight and contour videos that don't make you look like a completely different person wearing tons of makeup. This is truly just enhancing beauty that is already there. Bravo!
Annabelle Henry (3 years ago)
winged liner tutorial pleaase!
Karli (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for making this video! i want to start contouring but i dont like how most people do it. I love how you did a natural way of doing it. I honestly cant stop watching it. Its such a good video. Thank you for tips for us not so great at make-up people like me. I just like the natural make-up look, like this one. Love you videos Dacey!
Andie Lim (3 years ago)
Ah! I've been looking for a video like this! This was so helpful! Thank you so very much!
cielamour88 (3 years ago)
I love the way you explain things! You make it so easy to understand :)
Paloma Hansen (3 years ago)
you are GORGEOUS and your skin is perfect but i love that you like doing makeup so much! gets me motivated to try harder :)
Georgia Damianakis (3 years ago)
which daniel wellington watch do u have? trying to decided what one to get!
Hana O'Glatison (3 years ago)
Someone who actually does contouring / bronzing naturally, I'm getting fed up of beauty gurus throwing heavy & dark shades everywhere around the face to contour; you want to make your features more defined, not create a fake & muddy look to the face. Fantastic video!
Bryanna Marquez (2 years ago)
Dacey Cash (3 years ago)
+Hana O'Glatison Thanks so much! That's so nice of you to say :)
Kirsti Short (3 years ago)
Omg this was exactly what I needed!
Brenda Silveira (3 years ago)
Girl! You don't even need foundation! You're flawless
Martha Zoluaga (3 years ago)
What can I do when my foundation turns out to be pink instead of the color it was ? it's usually seriously always pink or dark rose color.
Rowan (3 years ago)
How are your teeth so perfectly shaped and white? Like how did you actually get them to look that way? xo
chellymrdillon (3 years ago)
I mean wow. You have been blessed with the gene pool. Structured nose, full eyebrows, full lips, PERFECT SKIN, beautiful eye shape, perfect cheekbones and silky hair. Not to mention how obviously intelligent you are by the way you articulate yourself. Girl you are flawless!
Yoo Rachel (3 years ago)
Your make up so amazing.. I like this
brinavlogs (4 years ago)
You're my favorite!!!! So beautiful 👏👏👏
THENIKITAW (4 years ago)
Plz reply
Denisse Montero (4 years ago)
Makeup collection PLEASE!!!
Denise Fincher (4 years ago)
Finally a natural look with contouring!! Thank you
Melody Wardak (4 years ago)
Really loved this. SOO much more practical and natural then like every other contour and highlight video on YouTube!
THENIKITAW (4 years ago)
Cn u plz plz suggest a good concealer for my bad dark circles..which comes in budget in Asia/India?
M York (4 years ago)
Your hair looks so healthy. What do you do with your hair?
Marieloo (4 years ago)
You are very pretty😍!! Love your videos
Your skin is so beautifulll !! What is your face care?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Бубка Лозанова Thank you :) I have a skincare routine up! x
Ashleyxox (4 years ago)
I really liked how you explained everything. I've been looking for a step-by-step video like this for soo long! Soo helpful
dhia zahra fauziah (4 years ago)
heey, can you do a fierce look tutorial ? ;)
rslzr22 (4 years ago)
great tips! ♡
Arabella Ashton (4 years ago)
Why did you delete your vlogs?
M*chelle M*chelle (4 years ago)
Your so sweet love your videos :)))))
Putri Surya (4 years ago)
oh my goodness, you are gorgeous!
First Impressions (4 years ago)
Very well done! As A Makeup Artist I can say this is really great!!! Subbed :) Big Hug
Valeria Garcia (4 years ago)
WTF omg I thought you were already wearing foundation before you put it on....flawless
Kasey Chou (3 years ago)
+Valeria Garcia haha same! so jealous
luna (3 years ago)
I'm super late but omg so did I! I was so mad like how ???? ahaha
KendallxBerry (4 years ago)
I know right! Flawless!!!
Jamie Marcelo (4 years ago)
I love how natural and effortless this look is! You always do such an amazing job with your tutorials xo
Reweena G (4 years ago)
She's the lost sister of rhea estelle bruh
Jaz Ale R (4 years ago)
Hey D! How do you color your hair? At home or at a salon? I am having a hard time getting my dark hair to get lighter.
k jamison (4 years ago)
Loved this!!
naj kahliya . (4 years ago)
I love this. Super soft and pretty :)
Michelle He (4 years ago)
did you read my messages successfully dear? i am looking forward for  hearing from you!
Chloe Rose (4 years ago)
Domenica Rodríguez (4 years ago)
With out makeup
Domenica Rodríguez (4 years ago)
What do u use to make your skin so perfect ??
Carlijn Sikkema (4 years ago)
great tutorial! & you're gorgeous!
Raquel Lee (4 years ago)
Love that natural contour i dont like harsh contouring
Keys Keys (4 years ago)
MelBell (4 years ago)
I love how informative this video was!
Tanya du Preez (4 years ago)
This is the best contour/highlight video I've seen, thanks! :)
Hunter_Rose (4 years ago)
Hey Dacee! Could you please do a video on where you film your videos, your lighting set up ect. And how you edit please?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@gatleylove I plan on doing that video one day when I actually have a legit set up, but my production and equipment is nowhere near where I want it to be. I am sloooowly investing in more and more.
BionBeauty (4 years ago)
Sooooo amazing! Definitely trying this soon!:D
Ayesha Begum (4 years ago)
Can I be you? xx
Katarzyna Grzejda (4 years ago)
you're sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!
Genavieve C (4 years ago)
What color are u in the foundation too?:) thanks!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Genavieve C Direct links to both of my shades in the description box. I always try to link the shades I use!
Genavieve C (4 years ago)
What color is your mac skinfinish natural powder? :)
Kayla Lopez (4 years ago)
I always get so excited when you post a new video! I love you 😍
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Kayla Marie Yay!
Samantha Rose (4 years ago)
For complete beginners, what would you recommend? I have never used makeup before.
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Samantha Rose Benefit Hoola - a nice neutral toned bronzer.
Marthe Lemeire (4 years ago)
I love it! it looks absolutely perfect
Maddy- Madeline (4 years ago)
Wow I just discovered your channel and really love it. The tutorials are really helpful and you are gorgeous!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Maddy- Madeline Thanks so much!

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