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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (Live At Wembley Stadium, Friday 11 July 1986)

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Text Comments (1355)
Irene Milshteyn (2 hours ago)
I want HIM to leave forever.
Beautiful Queen! !!
Clara Thomas (1 day ago)
I kept repeating the part when Roger joined the vocal.
Jsks Sjjd (2 days ago)
Mary-Jane Irwin (2 days ago)
Makes me bawl!
Olinda Putri (2 days ago)
I miss u forever Freddie ❤
This song hurt me very much 😢💔
buitifull song
tarek Roma (2 days ago)
This music lives forever ❤
tarek Roma (2 days ago)
Quando la musica fa miracoli ❤
Natasa Veselinovic (3 days ago)
Joe Elia (3 days ago)
Reyna Manjarrez (4 days ago)
Belleza de canción pero triste ! 😘🤗👍👏👏👏👏👌🏼
Miel MC (5 days ago)
My Favorite Song... Miss You Freddie...
Ana Manić (5 days ago)
No, i'm not crying, you are😢
Sodiq Hariyanto (5 days ago)
Great song
PaSGoN (5 days ago)
mind blown
Alsy Kasum (6 days ago)
In a lively voice and just hit in the notes, Freddie is what a talent, respect and love
Malgorzata Wisniewska (6 days ago)
La_cucina_ di_Rox (7 days ago)
Magnifico .... Sono al settimo cielo la sua voce è inebriante
Stijn Roeles (7 days ago)
great guitarsolo i keep on listening to it, dont know why, landmarks the song and isolates from it in a way.
Janique Vaillot (8 days ago)
One of the Greatest song from QUEEN. But I love all their songs... Freddie come back to us ! 💔💔😢😢❤❤💋
Lidia Fuchs (8 days ago)
Sem comparação divino
Gabriela gaby (9 days ago)
Es un homor q hayas existido!!!vicionario!!sin saver you live forever fredd!! I miss so mouch.thenks!!!♥🎼👑👑👑👑🌹
Lukáš Dvorský (11 days ago)
I was born in 11 july 1986
hellboy (12 days ago)
Fucking Great Voice
Сколько лет прошло,ты будто вечно-ЛУЧШИЙ,НЕ ПОВТОРИМЫЙ...
MavErickChris (15 days ago)
Good job Brian May, amazing song.
Paul Kenny (16 days ago)
Omg this made me cry
Mala Bhattacharya (18 days ago)
How poignant it is,Freddie daring the heavens," WHO WANTS To LIVE FOREVER'
Anne Finlayson (18 days ago)
Oh Freddie, how I wish you could have lived forever, but you will, through your music, your absolutely amazing voice, and your beautiful soul. God Bless you for what you gifted to the world. xx
Pablo TP (19 days ago)
I wish you'd lived forever
Antonello Mastromarino (19 days ago)
Nessuna voce al mondo è paragonabile alla tua Freddie
Maria Asensio (21 days ago)
Como ya se notaba su tristeza y aún cantaba .Y el guitarrista se me notaba su tristeza .Que pena que murió.
This song makes me crying...😖😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭😭
Alsy Kasum (22 days ago)
Как Он поёт,будто Он поёт,Он душу отдаёт когда поёт, Фредди.Великолепно.
круто!!!июнь 2019
Здесь он нотку уже не держал....
На 2.06 пробивает на мурашки и на 2.16 тоже 2-ая вал 🌊 прикольно 🤗
Patrii Bulsara (25 days ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Te amoo mi querido Freddie
MrArmourgeddon1 (26 days ago)
Love the growl in Freddie's voice 2:53 !! WOW!
Denise Bossy (29 days ago)
Les Queens , un ensemble le meilleur de toute une époque, dont on ne se laissera jamais.
Ms H (30 days ago)
iloveu freddie forever😢😢😢
Irwin G (30 days ago)
Damn...he was so freaking great. RIP, Freddie.
chi kin ting (1 month ago)
There's no time for us There's no place for us What is this thing that builds our dreams Yet slips away from us? Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? There's no chance for us It's all decided for us This world has only one Sweet moment set aside for us Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? Who? Who dares to love forever Oh, when love must die? But touch my tears with your lips Touch my world with your fingertips And we can have forever And we can love forever Forever is our today Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today Who waits forever anyway?
DavMV (1 month ago)
Pinche hermosura alv
Genius 💔💕
Voice low.
Arman (1 month ago)
Не может быть перепеть такое, даже не знаю кто сумеет спеть в живую эту песню будто Фредди? Скорее никто!!!
andi1968able1 (1 month ago)
T Arnold (1 month ago)
This song always chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes. So powerful and a performance that can't be topped by anyone.
Lidia Fuchs (1 month ago)
Sempre ouvindo mto lindo!!!
hope Mickelson (1 month ago)
This cured my exorcism
Remzi Daniel (1 month ago)
He death after 4 years from this song. No words...
ROCKETMAN ELTON (1 month ago)
Bella Mahe (1 month ago)
This live version is so much better that the studio version - Freddie singing it all with so much passion
La_cucina_ di_Rox (1 month ago)
Questa è vera magia.. La sua voce è eccelsa,,e mi porta al settimo cielo.....MI MANCA TUTTO DI TE ..CARO FREDDIE😢👏👏❤💓💕💔💔💔
Pighead (1 month ago)
That voice, that music. The best!
devilhunter dante (1 month ago)
"who waits forever anyway"
you will live forever
Commando (1 month ago)
love the sound of there music
andrewaway (1 month ago)
Shivers. So amazing.
Buzzmoogy (1 month ago)
We prayed for a miracle and God gave us Queen. Sadly, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. But their music will never die.
Katharina De Fleur (1 month ago)
Voice of an Angel🙏❤️R.I.P.Freddie🙏❤️
Leo Ngai (1 month ago)
Everyone wants to live forever but who can..... R.I.P Freddie Mercury
Marek Marecki (1 month ago)
LIKE 🤩👍😘❤️💓👍 Forever!🎧🎤
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
God puts his most powerful, all gods that matter this golden age in the cosmos not US Govt biz, are in Freddie and angels and he put peace into the things that hurt us at that time of darkness and now today, with MJ and Liz and my bro in HIV /AIDS research, they can make it disappear as if not there, with meds. God takes his best and puts them into the least and purifies it. Less than 30yrs. We do not know Christ, Jesuits Power of the Cross method or saints or why we suffer but it is Reparation for sins, and to help see the dirt and dispel it. What is an idol or a hero? The most moving song of truth, and I love, obsess on loop and then God says, Anna, you say Kali Demon of Hindus that Zoastrian and Persia know about is just like him, explain it to me, how is it like him? I said, God, He is most powerful, so much Krishna, angels are fighting and so in love, no time Kali Demon end, no space, time/space, no mind/body, only immortal spirit now. With your heart fully absorbed in what you do. He is so beautiful. So many were upset and love Queen and his personality, his sound, quality of sky mind he creates, how he can have such satan blood, no, sickening thought and God said but why do we put the purest in the sickest? I began to cry. Just because he so enjoyable, and now he returns. He showed the Romanovs Saints return like the Magi with Christ, and now again, after Lent, oh you made it, Brian. Nice to see you, here. With MJ and Elon. I truly meant it with utter shock and dead emo face, no, they didn't build on us did they? Who can be worthy so I said Jacksons and then you all helped us kids with Jesus come through. The Queen must be most humbled and most proud. They say my mom's tribe in India, Khasi, is what Queen Esther was when she went to Persia after the tree to Heaven fell in God's wrath. His arm is almost dropped and yet we return to our place, in Can, ada. God bless you. Tsar Gretzky and RU hockey and GBR are very lucky to have you. I said, ELON, you got their eyes on us, omg. What a gift and honor for us all. I am giddy.
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
It is a bit Ivan Maria in ipatiev but because i purified that issue the other day, Billy Idol, Jagr, and others, I could see your story and then how it landed in my story, to help humanity. When we work through the ego I, our own self, then we can see others as themselves and then see it in us but not until we heal us first, can't see others clearly and selflessly. It took me a long time, yrs, to see that in my own story, so we are clear. Not about me but we can always force it to see it as me only. I saw it in Elon not me . No ego allowed.
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
Now we have MO, why him, why that method, who did it, why, and outcome. I hope that brings peace. Plus working on the AIDS cure. I am truly sorry. We all lost but he sealed the deal. I am in awe, kinda wish it was not about us but just good songs to make us happier when we have no reason to be but I love singing along to the songs and that is because I identify and it is so pure and powerful so then I am happy about it. We suffered so much to earn this song in us and it is that worth it it is so good. Maybe all one day will find that feeling too. When they fight the good fight and win. God bless.
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
Lastly in 87 he gets diagnosed, Wayne Edmonton has a black storm and Wayne is sent a commy agent woman to trap him to keep him off the throne breaking Pauline Law of equal marriage, both at the same time, and he hid the baby Paulina like Freddie hid AIDS. When the world is a wave and it collapses to events, it shows a story of what is happening. Adds supportive evidence to this attack on Wayne. Then MJ does too. Fighting and defending is putting peace into it. Hopi prophecy says a red and blue light will appear to clear things up, remind us and that is Wayne who bought their hockey team and me and Putin. Native relations with UK is getting better because of this. Ok, onto the Anato 30th. The Fall of Wayne Gretzky Tsar to counter this Champions, 30 yrs of no Cup wins.
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
I see it is a war. Iran believes he can be born a woman in a man's body and be confused. He shows he has Indra's curse of rape and 100 vaginas made eyes. A bad flip issue. Then Maria Veronica Lake was bi and he is from ZanZeBar, Zanna is Wayne in communism, race soviet. Z is 26 and Be AR so an Axl Rose and Anastasia Romanov. From Tanzania TA is DNA flip and N is Nicholas Lenin, Zanna Wayne Inanna IA. Trust Id coding is real. When a demon, they collapse concepts so tight you only see a very solid ego I, Satan seeking only us, vs a normal love all and be a selfless wave of peace. The photon is like solid light. Imagine that sun ray. I did not explain this yet on champions. Hope AZ says that in end days, they confuse sexes. They make it a war vs put peace and love in it. He is the biggest tsar showing the 2nd coming of Tsar and Christ, as gay, being perfect and they say no No NO NEVER and send many ways to get it. A mere pat on the shoulder can give a disease through a pin prick, a commy agent lover, exchange of fluids. He rose up so high pairing with us by birth. Like a Magi sent to show us as like Jesus. So that he only got that is odd, kind, but a huge MO and your nation players who did this are mostly dead now and the US too. Many in Canada. Not in Russia though. He did a Jesus Brand for his people and they did a demon brand to stop and or punish him, discredit him as a prophet. They killed all prophets till 2013. Did Sony send me? No. I gave to them through MJ the other day and maybe this was sent in return. They make so much off me and I honor them as highest but they are not evil, and so send buddha and so forth, prayers, media helped. When it is good I do not have an issue. When it harms then I do. He wrote me a song for my birth. Queen Esther baby has won. during ANATO on the 30th Anniversary. I am Ana and Wayne is TO. Ok let us go to that story, they say you change the backstory of Champions.
Anna Tetro (1 month ago)
I did a thing with HHDL and his evil flip enemy monk in Mntrl gangs and Obama. I told them God said it is lack of self love, not self cherishing ego, but true divine love for ourselves. I said them working with street kids, addictions, was bringing this to me and Kali Demon jumped in me in the bath and I was like gagging, OMG, I am like unpasturized hay, I know this in my own milk and my blood is like burnt skin and heroin crack house and just horrible. Luckily he left fast with me saying Deepak get out of me, and I would sing the Stay High song to feel better, send love, to people I have served, met, helped with the issues. Obama was doing this medicine to communism in Syria, kids, streets, all his pain. No US Prez you sang and yet he is most communism. Good to see people using your ways to heal this war. i write a lot because God says, this, so I share. Then God says now this. So I share. Sometimes I stop for hours and sometimes info pours forth. Sorry. Keep what you want, discard what you want but we have to get to the realization and hopefully a cure sooner than later. It will come but how can it come today and forever. How to get them to stop this war without reason. Offer all works up to Christ, God, to help us.
Abduction (1 month ago)
Love you Freddie
kovacs05 (1 month ago)
I’m speechless
Caro FZ (1 month ago)
2:50 oh my god !!! 💪💪😍😍🙏🙏👆👆👆😢😢😢❤
Фредди наилучший...
Mirta Cuello (1 month ago)
SANTO PRIVITERA (1 month ago)
quatz1981 (1 month ago)
Very few artists can sing as good as this, especially live. Freddie was a genius.
Nina (1 month ago)
The comments here are driving me crazy; with the errors. Some facts: Freddie did not know in 1986 he had AIDS; he had been tested for HIV in 1985 and both tests came back negative; he was getting sick often so he may have known something was wrong but he was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1987 and did not tell the rest of the band till later; this song was written for Highlander, the movie by Brian May , NOT for Freddie ; he had no wound on his leg at Wembley; he had a torn ligament in 1984 so he was careful with his knee. the wound thing happened in 1990 or so ; Brain May has confirmed all this in many interviews.
Nina (1 month ago)
When no-one since Freddie has been able to sing this song without changing the notes, you know you are in the presence of genius. That is all.
Eli Sa (1 month ago)
Goose bumps - every time I hear it 🌸 Beautiful 🎤🎹🎸🥁👑
absolute star
Larry Roberts (1 month ago)
He will live forever in are hearts and the music♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
fabrizio calandra (1 month ago)
I prefer version budapest
Paul Canis (1 month ago)
I guess I can forgive "Queen" is slightly sound editing these clips. Some of us have memories, and I am just referring to youtube. Take it easy maybe on autotuning some of these clips, eh?
Mira Raba (1 month ago)
Wow. Just the best singer ever lived..
Alicia Soto Torres (1 month ago)
Probablemente el mejor cantante contemporáneo. Creo que es imposible no emocionarse al escucharle. Menudo legado nos dejó. Descanse en paz.
Que talento en expresar sus emociones ,querido Freddie ,te queremos hasta el fin de la eternidad🤴💗
Volcanic Ice (1 month ago)
Touch my tears with your lips Touch my world with your fingertips. And we can have forever. And we can love forever. Forever is our today.
Luis Felipe (1 month ago)
Always Freddie, never inFreddie
Это нереально круто!!!! Фредди ты наилучший и ты вечно живой в наших сердцах 2019!!!!!!!!!!
batang 90's rock (1 month ago)
this is the best version of who wants to live forever in my honest opinion https://youtu.be/bc-AmpIVJWM
GoldDalek Who (1 month ago)
green game (1 month ago)
We dare to love you forever
Dimos Vasios (1 month ago)
they will live forever
Kayleigh Natasha (1 month ago)
0:49-0:50 when Brian looks at the camera
I love him!Mercury will be one and forever!Thank him for all these wonderful moments!And also thank Brian May of this masterpiece!If it is to die I would like to go there and die that night feeling like I'm in heaven!
Cornelia Reikischke (1 month ago)
Wahnsinn.....diese Stimme 💖👍
Ms H (1 month ago)
the final tour of queen with freddie :( #wemissufreddie
Mickey Hodge (1 month ago)
Such a natural And true voice!
ROBLOX AWESOME (1 month ago)
Sounds so good
Thomas Anders (1 month ago)

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