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2019 Animal Sign Forecast: BOAR [Joey Yap]

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For the EARTH PIG, 2019 is the year for change. Depending on how you react to it, the changes can have a positive or negative effect on you. This year also bring forth your ability to solve problems which will lead to optimistic outcomes. If you have an amazing idea that could go viral, do it! This year is an ideal year for you to go out there and make things viral. You'll be receiving a lot of attention, and this can be to an advantage as it can get you to a more popular. However, be aware of the people you decide to confide it because there may be a chance of people back stabbing or betraying you. If you are generally indecisive try and work towards being decisive as the indecision will not bring forth anything good. -------------------------------- Chinese Astrology is an insightful and fascinating area of Chinese Metaphysics. It is also marked as a popular guide to the prospects of the year. This method utilizes the Astrology of Animal Signs – offering a simplistic annual outlook of an individual. Download the 2019 Thriver’s Guide and watch all 12 animal signs here – http://www.joeyyap.com/2019 P.S. - If you want more information, send us an FB Message by clicking here: https://m.me/teamjoeyyap
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Text Comments (266)
1polymath (7 days ago)
Back stabbing was true! There were a few people I thought I was cool with played me!
1polymath (7 days ago)
+Joey Yap I am grateful and I thank you.
Joey Yap (7 days ago)
Sorry to hear that but I believe with the auspicious star, good things might go to you as well. :) - Admin
Shreyasi Bhowmick (8 days ago)
I'm water pig
Yappie Kitchen (9 days ago)
This is crazy true! I started a new job and also am moving to a new home this year. I just remembered this and thought I should come back to let u know.
Joey Yap (8 days ago)
Thanks for letting us know and all theist in your new job! :) - Admin
BRETT TURPIN (2 months ago)
thank you so much
Kirk Barkley (2 months ago)
Born in 1959 Earth Boar Year: Yes!!!
raven scott (2 months ago)
we love bacon ! lol
Peter Peterson (2 months ago)
I have now seen it all. From telling me my year will be great to telling me it will be terrible.
Aashap (3 months ago)
Immanuel Weaver (3 months ago)
Pig's are my favorite animal. :D
Mrwhatdafcuk (3 months ago)
Hi I have a question about the app. I use joeyyap.com/destiny to plot my bazi chart. I was born on 7th Dec. The chart told me I have a Pig in the month pillar. but I just watched the Joey' s video 2019, He said Pig is 7Nov - 6Dec. I got confusing. So Should I have Rat in the month pillar?
Silly Goose (3 months ago)
dude, this is cool
Tracy Ann Duginski (3 months ago)
It’s about time. 1971. ✨🙏⚡️⚡️
ΛiЯ Siи (3 months ago)
ΛiЯ Siи (3 months ago)
+Joey Yap I really hope there is a relief God.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Those with Boar signs in the chart will experience a lot of changes and might go through some troubles this year. But not to worry, there is Relief God in your chart that can help you solve the problems. :) - Admin
shan sanjay (3 months ago)
year 1971 me too proud what sign of pig ?
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart here at www.joeyyap.com/2019 to know more. :) - Admin
D Walker (3 months ago)
Thank you
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome :) - Admin
Elizabeth Long (3 months ago)
'Year of the Pig' *** *** *** °"◔◔.​◦°˚""¨ ***
No-ble PC (3 months ago)
I’m a pig who’s with me
Kyanite Aura (3 months ago)
No-ble PC oink oink me tooo
Gabriel (3 months ago)
'95 Pig. Let's do this!
Faze Abraham (3 months ago)
Kaitlyn Tsui (3 months ago)
I got the app
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Thanks for your support! :) - Admin
shinzocan1 (3 months ago)
Make room for,the WILD BOARS
dark brown (3 months ago)
Hi Joey, why does your Bezit chart not take into account the place of birth (for correct timing)?
Jay Wagner (3 months ago)
The year of Cody’s mom
TG Huffine (3 months ago)
Perfectly describes Trump. And all the other American politicians!
Ai Cons (3 months ago)
who can give me ideas to become viral..?
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, to become viral, you must first start something. So you need to decide on what you want to do. :) - Admin
Erica Mitchell (3 months ago)
Thanks for posting the link to the destiny chart
Erica Mitchell (3 months ago)
Thank you.. Year of the water pig here. I need a complete positive change.
Beautifullight 1717 (3 months ago)
Hi I downloaded my personal chart , how do I apply this to my personal month , do I have to listen to each video to find out my influence in each month eg for Feb ,March and so on throughout the year or is their and easier way to do this . Would much appreciate if you can let me know as I am looking forward to my pig year and I am going to make the most of it ! Blessings 😊
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, follow your chart and watch the respective animal sign forecast. :) - Admin
athena energy Shine (3 months ago)
I am a water pig
brownpunk (3 months ago)
Me too..high fives✋
Rizki Ferdian (3 months ago)
I am Water Pig :) Xie Xie! Yes! "Duke's arrival" I am already a "Duke". 9:30am. As February 1st 1984 was end day of Year of The Pig so I am also a cusp of Year of The Rat. Indeed half of my life time I spend assisting people, aside its true nature of Aquarius as well, humanitarian. I am double Aquarius (Sun and Moon).
陳振裕 (3 months ago)
Thank you!
navneet mishra (3 months ago)
i born on 9dec 1986 what is my sign
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
To plot your full chart, please go to www.joeyyap.com/2019 :) - Admin
ninoapple an (3 months ago)
navneet mishra Tiger
Mrs Baig (3 months ago)
Please could you do the dog
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, the dog forecast had any been released. Have you watched it? :) - Admin
kaela kaela (3 months ago)
Yep I'm a pig. A metal Pig.
Sinister Child (3 months ago)
Finally I can be proud of being born on the year as the pig
Pat Asar (16 days ago)
Kyanite Aura (3 months ago)
Destinee Williams (3 months ago)
BLACK DAHLIA (3 months ago)
MBN ROBERTS (3 months ago)
Me too 2007
Bewen Xie (3 months ago)
im 1995!
Buddy L (3 months ago)
"back stabbing"--back poking
Nazhat Shaikh (3 months ago)
Thank you sir... Hope this year bring good results of my efforts.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome. Wish you all the best in 2019 :) - Admin
Oran Sherf (3 months ago)
thank u joey
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome :) - Admin
Beautifullight 1717 (3 months ago)
Thank you I am a water pig 🐷 I found the reading very interesting and exciting. Looking forward to my year! 🥰😃😄
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome. Wish you have a good year ahead! :) - Admin
mtronix (3 months ago)
thank you for this bc i looked it up and it said bad things and i was so confused so thank you 🙏
mtronix (1 month ago)
Joey Yap thank u
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
There is no absolute bad or absolute good. So, there will always be something good for you. Hope you can make 2019 your good year. :) - Admin
mtronix (3 months ago)
Shekeal Hagenaars (3 months ago)
Hi pigs and boars🐷🐖 #pigboarfamily
Saber J Lyte (3 months ago)
And I really like your energy! Thank you for being true 😃👍
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome. Hope you've enjoyed the video. :) - Admin
Saber J Lyte (3 months ago)
I clicked on the link you provided and your website doesn't provide the Chinese Astrology Chart that you mentioned. There is also no menu selection on your website. Can you please advise, thank you 😄🦋🌻
Dacia Skinner (3 months ago)
Joey Yap o
Galena Silveroak (3 months ago)
+Joey Yap The site popped up as not secure. I don't feel good about creating an account with personal information when I see this
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, you can also go to www.joeyyap.com/2019 to plot your chart. :) - Admin
William Chew (3 months ago)
Hope i won't transformed this year, like what happened to Chikiro parent.
William Chew (3 months ago)
+Linda Daniel movies watched 1. Howls moving castle. 2. when marnie was there. 3. Kiki delivery services. 4. Princess mononoke. 5. The wolf childrens. 6. Porco rosso. 7. The tale of princess kaguuya. 8. Castle in the sky. 9. Ponyo. 10. Kaze no tani no naushika. 11. Mary and the witch flower. 12 the girl that leap through time. 13. Children who chase lost voices. 14. From up on poppy hill. 15. Pom poko. Failed to download; 1. Omohide poro poro. 2. Whisper of the heart. 3. Neko no ongaeshi. 4. Ocean waves. 5. Mei and the kitten bus. 6. Mai mai miracles.
Linda Daniel (3 months ago)
+William Chew which ones you fail to download? How about those movies you watched..? Maybe I get new references from you ;)
William Chew (3 months ago)
+Linda Daniel you mean the movies i had watched?
Linda Daniel (3 months ago)
+William Chew what r those movies?
William Chew (3 months ago)
+Linda Daniel however 7 ghibli movies i failed to download.
mary poppins (3 months ago)
I have subscribed because I like your information style and you are extremely knowledgeable in this field. Thank you for sharing🐂 I'm an ox by the way😀
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Thanks for your support. :) - Admin
Prosperity Queen (3 months ago)
I was born Aug 19, 1970. Please let me know what is in store for me this year. Thank you.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart here at www.joeyyap.com/bazi2019 and watch the respective animal sign forecast. :) - Admin
Michael Kofi Brace (3 months ago)
Am 4th November, 1988 so tell me about Duke
daniel trustworthy (4 months ago)
Jasmine Powell (4 months ago)
So excited 💕🐷🥰
oenrob98000 (4 months ago)
This kind of reading is goodlah...everything is positive. Not good also good...haha 🐣
Let Companion Birds Fly (4 months ago)
thank you Joey that is fantastic
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. Don't forget to download the Thriver's Guide for more information. :) - Admin
GreenDragon (4 months ago)
Please do rooster and dragon when you have time. Thank you for the videos!
GreenDragon (4 months ago)
Thanks , I will. Happy new year :)
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
They are up ady. Don't forget to check them out! :) - Admin
Yappie Kitchen (4 months ago)
Hahaha I love this!
Yappie Kitchen (4 months ago)
I did not see the one for rooster and dog
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Don't forget to share this with your friends and family. :) - Admin
AshleighFrancess (4 months ago)
Please could you do the dog!
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
It'll be coming soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
Raj Raj (4 months ago)
why chinese made an same horoschop reading type as the white people?? i suggest everyone go search for KRS CHANEL..after watching his video i bet you guys will pui pui any horoschope reading..moon is the boss soon everyone will know it..wake up guys..watch on KRS CHANEL if you wants to know more about yourself..IN GOD WE TRUSR
GOH BOMBA (4 months ago)
It is painful cos I fall down and hurt my toes and it is cures in 3 days but I continues knock something while I am walking and the pains dragged on until I careful where to step, we love be changes in diets cos from eating meats to eating veggies and eventually we become raw vegan to stay healthy and strong cos this year we are 60 years old and 62 a chicken and an earth boar , thank you
M Julian (4 months ago)
I'm a Fire Horse....if I'd been conceived in Asia, I wouldn't be typing this message because I wouldn't be alive...more abortions took place in 1966 in Asia. According to Asians us Fire Horses are pure trouble ! That's why they aborted us. I had a great mother....she was/is my best friend forever....I was born in USA....my Asian rising sign is the Pig so that helps me I feel....
chin yeong neng (4 months ago)
Hi, I was born in 1966 (horse) but in Chinese calendar I was born before Chinese New year which mean I was born in year of snake so your forecast based on Western or Chinese calendar?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
HI, plot your chart at www.joeyyap.com/2019, key in your date of birth according to your birth certificate or so, there'll be four pillars with 4 animal signs in it. Follow that and you'll be alright. :) - Admin
Olly Love (4 months ago)
When will you do the other animals Joey ?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
The other animal forecast videos are coming soon. :) - Admin
Chong Lin Liaw (4 months ago)
Thank you Dato’ for sharing
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. Don't forget to watch the other animal forecast videos. :) - Admin
lemon9132 (4 months ago)
Kaldeep (4 months ago)
How about born October 28 1995 will it be a good year please let know tq😄
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart at www.joeyyap.com/2019 and watch all the animal forecast according to your chart and you'll get an idea. :) - Admin
Depression Of My Cat (4 months ago)
Ah! Thank you, I am excited for 2019 pig earth year! I look forward to your dog video since as a dog my year was very stressful; I really could need some safety this year...(^^; )
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. The Dog forecast will be out soon so stay tuned! :) - Admin
JEFFREY ANG (4 months ago)
white lotus (4 months ago)
I’m 1971 pig and I have been in pain since sept2018 shoulder and neck pain 24/7 no pain killer can help
white lotus (4 months ago)
Joey Yap Thanks, next week we have meeting at work for position change too.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, remember to download the Thriver's Guide to find out which sector you need to avoid for the year, so you will not activate the negative sectors. :) - Admin
white lotus (4 months ago)
Virginia Singleton Hopefully the pain will change for the best for us going forward .
Virginia Singleton (4 months ago)
white lotus I was born in 1971 and have problems with pain in my legs.
Jimmy Tuan (4 months ago)
Is it good for dragon? I work in cyber security and looking to grow my personal brand doing comedy skits
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Stay tuned for the Dragon forecast. Also, don't forget to plot your BaZi chart before watching the forecast videos. :) - Admin
Mimi Love (4 months ago)
I am wood snake, challenging year?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi Mimi, the Snake forecast will be out soon. Don't forget to watch it and find out more. :) - Admin
Huan D. (4 months ago)
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching. Don't miss out the upcoming videos. :) - Admin
Jennylyn Lagustan (4 months ago)
How about year of the horse 😊🙏
shinzocan1 (3 months ago)
How about the year of the Wild Boar
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Horse forecast is coming soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
Kaldeep (4 months ago)
how about education
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
+Kaldeep Yes, it is good. Boar has Eight Seats Star and this star is good for people who is hunger for knowledge. it's a good year to enhance skills and also you might have opportunities for personal advancement. :) - Admin
Kaldeep (4 months ago)
+Joey YapI just want to know this year for pig how about education will it be good
Kaldeep (4 months ago)
+Joey Yap I want to know about student for their education how it will be this year tq
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, what do you mean by this? - Admin
Lia C (4 months ago)
Rooster please
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
It'll be coming soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
rochee corta (4 months ago)
Im a year of the horse 1978 whats mine sir thank you..
Mae Fabio (4 months ago)
Can you read my year Sir?1983 august 31
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
+rochee corta You're welcome! :) - Admin
rochee corta (4 months ago)
+Joey Yap thank you so much .. god bless and more blessings and happiness..
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, the Horse forecast will be out soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
Hello Oppo (4 months ago)
Thank you for the feed back
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome and hope you enjoyed the video :) - Admin
Miles Branch (4 months ago)
I’m the Year 1983 pig .. what’s my lucky this year .!
Mark Shao (4 months ago)
The pig year,you need wear red underwear in case of dangerous thing happening to you. Remember , you must wear red underwear this year
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart at www.joeyyap.com/2019 to find out all 4 animal signs that are in your chart and watch the respective forecast videos. :) - Admin
Razz mn (4 months ago)
Can't believe i'm 24 years old omagad...
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
As the saying goes, "One year older, one year wiser." Try to improve yourself, acquire a new skill in this new year and you can be a better you. :) - Admin
Yang Sherri (4 months ago)
Hello Oppo (4 months ago)
Thank you. I am born on 5th January. Am I a horse or goat? And how is the pig year effects on me?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart at www.joeyyap.com/2019 to find out all the animal signs in your chart. :) - Admin
Hello Oppo (4 months ago)
+TG Batman Thank you for the feedback. I have not the right person until today and I am already 52 years old. So sad
TG Batman (4 months ago)
Horse: it is a good year for u, woman has more luck than man Goat/Sheep:a good year for career, bad for love. Sorry for my bad english. Hope u understand
6424235122774 (4 months ago)
Thank you for the info. And i read some of your books, i like them.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome and thanks for your support. :) - Admin
key em (4 months ago)
How about Dog?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Don't forget to watch the Dog forecast. It's coming soon :) - Admin
TG Batman (4 months ago)
After a horrible year, 2019 is a good year for dog. However this year is not good for ur heath, u should care about this
wwong82 (4 months ago)
Joey Yap makes a living from selling hope to people. I don't know why people buy it but at least make sure you don't spend too much money on this. It does not make sense that people want to be told to have the same fate as the others in a group.
pressieguy (4 months ago)
anyone having issues registering to access the 2019 thirivers guide?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi, if you still encounter issues registering, please drop us an email and explain the problem you're facing at [email protected] :) - Admin
Gavin Cheng (4 months ago)
Kyriaki Zafeiriadou (4 months ago)
Thank you so much dear ! Well the changes already started for me.. ;-)
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Great! Hope the change will bring something positive to you :) - Admin
Am_ Squared (4 months ago)
Hello sir kailan kayu mg uupload ng year of the horse? Excited po aku malaman ang year ko
Am_ Squared (4 months ago)
+Joey Yap thank you sir...
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Horse forecast will be available soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
Daisy llemit (4 months ago)
My son is zodiac sign is pig...thank you
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome :) - Admin
nickpob (4 months ago)
"...when you take selfies, you like attention.... "😆
Max Nova (4 months ago)
Please, how about roaster of 2019? Am very happy if you give me meaning. Thanks in Advance
Max Nova (4 months ago)
Thank You for this Notice, I well try to be positive. Bless you for sharing.
TG Batman (4 months ago)
Rooster has really bad year. U should carefull about heath, money and relationship. If u are single, u will have some good relationship. Sorry for my bad english, hope u understand.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi Leah Shine, the Rooster forecast is coming your way soon. Stay tuned! :) - Admin
Ken Sim (4 months ago)
whataboutlovelife fo r thoseborn in pig yesr?
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi Ken Sim, as Joey mentioned in the video, this is the year to solve your relationship issues. So don't be afraid to talk it out with your partner and you might find a solution together. :) - Admin
Shanmuga Retnam (4 months ago)
Dear Joey I enjoyed your spontaneity and clarity . I will convey this to my wife who is a pig. Have a great 2019 !
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hope you and your family enjoyed this. Have a good year ahead! :) - Admin
T Ravichandar (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing the info. Have subscribed.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Thanks for subscribing. Stay tuned for the next video. :) - Admin
Arnel Sanchez (4 months ago)
Happy new year 😊 God bless
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Happy New Year to you too! :) - Admin
Marie Grace Tingson (4 months ago)
Hi JY! Thanks for sharing and for what you do! Always be a blessing for others! Happy New Year!
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Happy New Year! :) - Admin
Priestess Auset Ra Amen (4 months ago)
I like this upcoming energy, even though I'm a fire goat I'm here for it. I do have a daughter who is a earth pig and she makes videos on Youtube. I am going to show her this.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Glad that you're sharing this with your family. Hope they like them too :) - Admin
favorite songs (4 months ago)
i am a year of the tiger.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Great! Tiger is one of the top 3 in 2019. Stay tuned for the forecast video to find out more! :) - Admin
Winnie Winnie A. (4 months ago)
Thank you Joey Yap and team! Much appreciated!
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. Hope you enjoyed the video. :) - Admin
Rya18260 (4 months ago)
Thank you! I am a 1995 wood pig. I am an adult for the first time as the pig in my year. I found your reading really interesting.
Jacqueline Wong (3 months ago)
Me too here, a 95 pig 🐷. Came across mutual friend instagram, and he mentioned you in one of his post and stories. I’ve been seeing your name all over Popular bookstore since young. & by chance today, I explored and found what it may seems quite important for me in this upcoming year! Thanks, Dato Joey Yap! Bought your fengshui ebook, gotta read em 🤞🏻😇
Dinah (3 months ago)
95 generation too :)
DD .S (3 months ago)
95 Wood Boar here too 🐗🐷
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
+Amy Fitzgerald All the best to your son! :) - Admin
Amy Fitzgerald (4 months ago)
My son is 1995 Pig too! And he is going to be a FAMOUS Graphic Novelist! This is his year! Blessings.... To all this year :)
shulyan (4 months ago)
Thanks Joey
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome :) - Admin
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. Don't forget to watch the rest of the animal forecast videos that are coming your way :) - Admin
sky ng (4 months ago)
Pig are the back stacker character. Lol
Peace Harmony (4 months ago)
Happy new year May your year ahead be of freedom, respect and joy🎶🎶🎶
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Happy New Year to you too. :) - Admin

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