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How To Make A Concrete Turn-Table or Potter's Wheel

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A turn-table or potter's wheel is often used in pottery to shape round ceramic ware. Modern potter's wheel uses a motor or crankshaft and flywheel to turn the platform. Traditional pottery wheel uses a pivot system usually in the shape of an inverted cone and attached to the platform. It's hand-powered. My potter's wheel uses glass marbles acting like ball-bearings and ferro-cement for the platform and base. I created this potter's wheel or turntable especially for my ferro-cement projects. It helps me turn the project assembly around as I work on it rather than walk over the other side.
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Text Comments (3)
Randip Kaur (1 year ago)
did it work easily for you?
james robinson (3 years ago)
this is amazing stuff. can you make more videos?
david field (3 years ago)
An interesting technical video. I feel that the interval during which each image is visible is too short. It's hard to follow the process as the video moves along too fast.

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