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UPDATE: How I Blow Dry & Flat Iron My Relaxed Hair | Slick Edges & More!

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Updated quick video on how I Blow Dry and Flat Iron my shoulder length, relaxed hair! This video was recorded on Saturday April 4, 2015.! I'm 13 weeks post relaxer in this video! Products Used: Organics by Africa's Best Shampoo Organics by Africa's Best Deep Conditioner Smooth Shine Silk n Sleek Polisher TRESemme Heat Protectant ORS HEAT PROTECTANT SERUM Mega Care Plus Vitamin E Oil Isoplus Hair Sheen Spray MORE HELPFUL VIDEOS: First Use | Red by Kiss: Detangler Double Layer Pik Blow Dryer https://youtu.be/ffQ1QYHsHSI How I Wrap & Unwrap My Hair http://youtu.be/gVMBmub4pvM Wash Day Routine: http://youtu.be/xJx7uZsrV3M Find Me! INSTAGRAM & TWITTER allofdestiny http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 thanks for watching!! allofdestiny
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Text Comments (429)
AllthingsDiana&Beauty (2 days ago)
Wow so nice I will try to do
Niyah G (5 months ago)
This girl is so cuuuttee😍😍
Ieisha Smith (5 months ago)
Her accent is LIFEEE. Great video I Love it ❤️❤️
Meka Riddle (9 months ago)
On fleek for Easterrrrrrrrrr 😂😂😂
Cheyenne Hogan (11 months ago)
I love your personality, it makes people want to watch your videos 😊
allofdestiny (11 months ago)
Oh how cool. Thank you
Sabrina C. (1 year ago)
I just stumbled across this vid, you are too funny, had me crackin' up.....thanks so much for posting. :)
Amaya Singleton (1 year ago)
if that's shoulder length I guess mine ear lenth
kyle n (1 year ago)
Your cute
Veronica Nichole (1 year ago)
I luv the way she talks
bri No love (1 year ago)
I love how u talk and get straight to the fucking point 😘
Nakaia Janese (1 year ago)
my mother tells me your the only person I should watch cause we have the same hair length and we look alike 😂
Kita Renee (1 year ago)
Lol too cute 😂
Claudiann Carr (1 year ago)
My hair is breaking out what should I do
Claudiann Carr (1 year ago)
My hair is breaking out what should I do
Tristan14578 (1 year ago)
I’m loving your videos. I’m finally learning how to do this thanks to your videos
Sorena J (1 year ago)
I wish you were my big sister😭 you're videos are sooooo amazing and I'm so glad I found ya, you're so helpful ❤️❤️❤️
Tina Stephens (1 year ago)
Your hair is so healthy love it!!!
Courtney Michelle (1 year ago)
"I ain't got no type, yes I do" 😂
Shayna Koempai (1 year ago)
What 2 flat irons did you use? -Thanks in advanced
Maria L CaloDHLc (2 years ago)
I want more vids. i just love watching your vids they are so much fun .whip that hair.
Chezney (2 years ago)
LOL you go girl!
Lovely Ayona (2 years ago)
GALLL! Your glow came a long way
Kimberly Hubbard (2 years ago)
Pretty excellent job.
nobungcwele moyo (2 years ago)
How often do you do this on your relaxed hair?
nobungcwele moyo (2 years ago)
What temperature was your flat iron at?
Ikea Boyd (2 years ago)
very beautiful
Lasean Joyce (2 years ago)
She sounds like Bonnie 🙂
Princess Osifo (2 years ago)
I love her accent and thanks for this video. helped so much!
Autumn Jackson (2 years ago)
"I ain't got no type - yes I do" ✊same
authentic Vibes (2 years ago)
Pretty self 💜😍👌🏾
Delovely 1 (2 years ago)
I am natural and wear my hair in this style when I straighten in. Pin curls kept it in place every night. Nice vid❤❤
Alphonso King (2 years ago)
omg country ass😍😍😍😍
Erriana Rhyne (2 years ago)
where u from
Payton Smith (2 years ago)
She's from Memphis,Tennessee
Daj Bae (2 years ago)
I don't have make up on my whole face Cuz idk how 😂😂😂 I do that some times too
Daj Bae (2 years ago)
ohhhh look at that 😍😍😍😍
Destiny Johnson (2 years ago)
I want to learn how to do that bang it's beautiful also when I straighten my hair it's never that straight..... what flat iron is that???😭😭
ms hello /indy girl (2 years ago)
love your hair
Ricky Ross (2 years ago)
Yu use too much oil. Oil weight down yo hair you should use a light weight serum
Janelle 15 (2 years ago)
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HAIR && YOUR VIDEO'S!!!! My hair is your length but I hate it because it's so thin. What do you recommend for thickening hair???
Later's baby (2 years ago)
Loved your video, and you made it so much fun...It wasn't boring at all😃
Stern Fan (2 years ago)
Pretty smile
x Maria x (2 years ago)
Her hair isn't like black people's hair.
Jennae’s Life (1 year ago)
What is black people hair? Plus she has a relaxer which chemically straightens the hair
Keke Petite (2 years ago)
Bre Allen (2 years ago)
was your hair permed ?
jamesha kye (2 years ago)
Bre Allen yes her hair is.
Choclate Dimplz (2 years ago)
I love your accent. You sound like my cousins in Memphis 😊 RIP to one of them 😢
CrispyMani (2 years ago)
i really love her hair tutorials , but when i do my own , all hell breaks loose . lol
Sharon CherryOnTop (2 years ago)
beautiful! AS ALWAYS
beautiful Queen (2 years ago)
Like your hair
Shamiyah Smith (2 years ago)
"where the toenail clippers?" so real😂 i love it
NuNu Huda (2 years ago)
You need your own talk show or do modeling. You're so awesome. Post more.
kellie whitelow (2 years ago)
Can you have a q and a
Meredith Thibodeaux (2 years ago)
Talyrics Marshall (2 years ago)
i loooovve the lil rymes you be doing just makes the video wayyy more fun to watch 😂😂❤
Mariam 11 (2 years ago)
Skylar Aaron (2 years ago)
I love her accent 😂😍 .. Where you from ?
Payton Smith (2 years ago)
She's from Memphis,Tennessee I love her accent too 😍😍
Makayla Young (2 years ago)
what kind of edge control do you use?
aarrone99 (2 years ago)
a new subbie..i love your vids
aarrone99 (2 years ago)
if u love shine...youll loveee chi silk infusion
destiny keller (2 years ago)
Put more videos up cz I'm that type of girl that don't know what to do with my hair
allofdestiny (2 years ago)
many more hair tutorials and styles for relaxed or natural hair. check them out
Mrsjb512 (2 years ago)
"Pause dat and look at it" adore this girl!
ToyToy008 (2 years ago)
You are so enjoyable to watch..with your fleeking hair.
DAjah Ridley (2 years ago)
I love the way u talk wear u from?
SuperPhdiva SRB (2 years ago)
Dajah Ridley Memphis
Lauren Patrice (2 years ago)
where r u from
Ken Ken (2 years ago)
So glad I found this . 😍😍😍
starwolf757 (2 years ago)
Great job. Happy Growing!
Yris Jossy (2 years ago)
hahaha omg
BellaBeauty XO (2 years ago)
BellaBeauty XO (2 years ago)
its kaaeee (2 years ago)
i love the way she talks and she's funny u earned a new subscriber
Hazmatic (2 years ago)
That's not an insult i love that girl
Hazmatic (2 years ago)
she sounds like the white girl from princess and the frog movie
Stephanie Albert (2 years ago)
Your funny
Stephanie Albert (2 years ago)
Taelor Pittman (2 years ago)
Her accent 😍😍😍😍
Lee Jinki (2 years ago)
Lol I like how you said "It's the only lip gloss you wear on your lips" XD
Laquieta Olson (2 years ago)
she makes it look so easy
Tiana Mitchell (2 years ago)
love her
Something Weird (2 years ago)
Your so pretty <3
janise DANAE (2 years ago)
yes that shine is life i love it.
Tom Atos (2 years ago)
you're so freaking adorable I can't deal with this XD
Juss Gorgeous (2 years ago)
😂 she so goofy. That's good though!
LaRay Koti (3 years ago)
Atlanta or Alabama😙
Maid ree (3 years ago)
why r u so adorable its a sin!
TheLovelyShally (3 years ago)
Omg your accent ❤️❤️
Gorgeous Chrissy (3 years ago)
you're so cute ... you're hair looks so nice
Kaylan Richardson (3 years ago)
I Just Subscribed And I Love your Videos
Hollye Tyler (3 years ago)
Hello :) What's the temperature of your flat iror when you staighten iron your hair ?
Lola Jones (3 years ago)
I love your videos and my name destiny too 😂😀😍😍😍
Ashley Rose (3 years ago)
I love it...u look precious
ariana (3 years ago)
she's so cute omg
Hypednigga 123 (3 years ago)
You are so cute when you talk always know that ok.
Hamilton.Is.Life (3 years ago)
I wanted to relax my hair but I'm scared that it'll ruin it
Hamilton.Is.Life (3 years ago)
ur so funny
Danielle LaRosee (3 years ago)
watching this on Easter 😍😂
yuhfavbrownskinn ! (3 years ago)
your voice is so cute 😂
Safiya Young (3 years ago)
I know this is an old video but what nail polish are you wearing?
Khristian Dinkins (3 years ago)
she looks like the girl from fat albert
Skylar Aaron (2 years ago)
Kyla Pratt 😍😍 ! She does
saniyahmirah (3 years ago)
kyra pratts?
Lexxi03 (3 years ago)
Omg she do a little!
Khristian Dinkins (3 years ago)
she looks like the girl from fat albert
T W (3 years ago)
I agree! Her and Kyla could pass for sisters!
Janasia Lewis (3 years ago)
😍 in love with your hair
cross out day
this was made on my birthday day
kayla thomas (3 years ago)
Why he bussed up Ina bathroom like that lmao 😂
Hutchins Shy (3 years ago)
Your so funny and your cute 😍😂

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