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Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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▻ Instagram // @daceecash ▻ Twitter // @daceyhapa ▻ My recent videos ▻ MARCH 2015 FAVORITES! http://goo.gl/NEgE9k ▻ Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks swatches http://goo.gl/7A84Oj ▻ Daytime Smokey Eye http://goo.gl/iaMSDW ▻ DIY Gel Nails http://goo.gl/tpSJw3 ▻ I loved Kendall's look at the Justin Bieber roast! It is the perfect classic red lip :) ▻▻ Products used ▻ Glossier Priming Moisturizer http://goo.gl/vxhJhY ▻ Shu Uemura LightBulb foundation http://goo.gl/I4y3Ij ▻ Revlon Photoready Skinlights http://goo.gl/taiYyq ▻ Anastasia Banana powder http://goo.gl/9xa1Fa ▻ Bare Minerals Original http://goo.gl/1vSXsf ▻ Benefit Hoola bronzer http://goo.gl/Cya0Hb ▻ Toofaced Endless Summer bronzer ▻ Tarte Exposed blush http://goo.gl/xLqszR ▻ BECCA Opal highlighter http://goo.gl/A4bfSf ▻ LORAC pro 2 palette http://goo.gl/OwgGil ▻ Maybelline Colortattoo http://goo.gl/47kKxC ▻ Eyeko browliner http://goo.gl/RZQvDS ▻ Gorgeous Cosmetics iLine http://goo.gl/7zOaX0 ▻ L’oreal Miss Manga http://goo.gl/xT8UTB ▻ Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara http://goo.gl/f53Cuy ▻ Buxom Call Me eyeliner pencil http://goo.gl/oaNviH ▻ Kiss 03 lashes http://goo.gl/S1msxy ▻ Anastasia Beverly Hills bloodline http://goo.gl/7nFYNJ ▻ MAC fix + http://goo.gl/uJV0cK ▻ Keywords // Daceyhapa, Daceyhapa makeup tutorial, Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup, Kendall Jenner Makeup tutorial ▻ FTC // This video is not sponsored. All Amazon links are affiliate links, all other links are not.
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Text Comments (417)
Rana Tash (9 months ago)
You've been a YouTuber since 2013& you're really good I'm surprised you dont have more followers
Marlene Dias (1 year ago)
Sensacional !!!
Martha Arlene Sanchez (1 year ago)
I would never in my life EVER complain about anything if I looked like this
NINJA GAMING (1 year ago)
Can u tell me how to remove black heads and white heads from face.I am your biggest fan.Plz Plz tell me.😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Email Goose (1 year ago)
kartik Singh (1 year ago)
When she said "Justin Bieber roast" My heart beat stopped
tammy johnson (1 year ago)
love this I'm basing my prom makeup off of this look ❤❤
Zafar Iqbal (1 year ago)
U r nor pretty that's just a makeup
Thainara Filgueiras (1 year ago)
Gosh, you look Like me when I was eleven hahahaha
sanjay chandaliya (1 year ago)
Hi 🌼
naani (1 year ago)
Kinda weird to say but she has such a cute nose
Clara Martinez (1 year ago)
OMG this look is amazing!!!! And it looks so so good on you! loved this tutorial!!!!
Very nice
You have the prettiest nose.
Dutchess beauty (2 years ago)
this is by far ur best makeup toot
Camila Molina (2 years ago)
what is your colour hair in this video 😩 pliss
liz solis (2 years ago)
Adriana Lima (2 years ago)
How ols is she?
Sharolyn N. (2 years ago)
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Sharolyn N. (2 years ago)
This tutorial likewise assists me modifying my make up design.
Yna Santos (2 years ago)
She looks like Pia wurtzback!! So pretty 💖
Bird (2 years ago)
she looks 10.000.000xtimes better without her make up and hair curled . like... whatttt so pretty
ashlee lopez (2 years ago)
Your so pretty and could you put a winter makeup tutorial
Izabele Renata (2 years ago)
Wow!! She look like Hailee Steinfeld . Maybe they're sisters XD
Jillyrosytoes (2 years ago)
Great tutorial! Your skin is flawless
Michael Choo (2 years ago)
ur teeth is so white. wat do u use?
ashlee lopez (2 years ago)
I love the makeup 💄
Francesca Taddia (2 years ago)
I can't find makeup tutorials made by people of my same "race" bc I'm so weird, I have light yellow undertone skin with dark brown eyes and brown hair with copper reflexes
Francesca Taddia (2 years ago)
@Laila Kinney thanks it helped a lot xoxo
сепин (2 years ago)
+Francesca Taddia hey i know it's late but check this website out http://www.savvyist.com/beauty-guru/
Francesca Taddia (2 years ago)
can somebody suggest beauty gurus similar to me? 😂lol
Francesca Taddia (2 years ago)
I can't find makeup tutorials made by people of my same "race" bc I'm so weird, I have light yellow undertone skin with dark brown eyes and brown hair with copper reflexes
keshita sunkur (2 years ago)
i really like tht makeup ..😍😍it looks natural😍😍
lydia garrett (2 years ago)
I love her lips
Athena_94 (2 years ago)
she so pretty......
Diana Arcalas (2 years ago)
Sharon Rakotovao (3 years ago)
Beautiful! Just the look that I had in mind. I'll be attending a formal wedding soon, so I can't wait to recreate this look! 💋
Kezia Kirsten (3 years ago)
pretty 💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤✌✌✌✌ i need the lipstick ahdkdbfhsjdjdbhejdjdb 😭😭😭😭
De tout Et de Rien (3 years ago)
the lipstick <3 <3 is there any dupe in the drugstore ?
zara gul (3 years ago)
You are beautiful! ♥♥
Denise Servanez (3 years ago)
You look like agent carter red lip or not
becky15707 (3 years ago)
Ur makeup is so neat and light weight looking unlike those instragram drag queenish makeup gurus here on YouTube
The Lily (3 years ago)
you are so pretty
Drescher Karla (3 years ago)
The Red Color is so good
GULNAR REHIMOVA (3 years ago)
FloralChicGirls (3 years ago)
We have the same name lol. And its pronounce the same way. But in school this one teacher called me Darcy and I was like. There's no r in my name. She crazy. But omg I never thought someone would have the same name (spelled as mine) as me lol yay
Margherita Ventriglia (3 years ago)
You look like hailee steinfeld,omg. You're so beautiful
Greta (3 years ago)
I'm obssesed wirh you 😍😍😍
Maryjean Baguio (3 years ago)
very very nice i like it...my idol
Andie Lim (3 years ago)
I know that Anastasia no longer sells bloodline, so what would be an alternative? Maybe a dupe even?
Please make a video about how you whiten your teeth🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Lainey Copeland (3 years ago)
Your sooo pretty😍😍😭
Nadia Imran (3 years ago)
sOoooOoo happy to find your channel. Have a lot of expectationsss
Kayi Chin (3 years ago)
she looks like Miss Universe 2015
Teyxxiinvb (3 years ago)
Teyxxiinvb (3 years ago)
Mei Akira (3 years ago)
lol she looks so pretty without makeup
Nardjess (2 years ago)
Mei Akira thats What I thought too
Arlene Chavez (3 years ago)
You're so gorgeous!😭💕💯
Nicola (3 years ago)
Girl, you make it look so simple and easy! Imma give it a try and hope it'll come out well like yours <3 and you're totally gorg i swear! Subscribe awayyyy
Wanya Veea (3 years ago)
you look sooooo sooo young !!!!!!!!
Kyara (3 years ago)
I used this makeup on new years eve!!. Thank you!!
Advice for you Darling (3 years ago)
Love thissss <3 I just subscribed, love from Puerto Rico!
Silke Hoffmann (3 years ago)
seva glam on Youtube :)
aqilah ahmad (3 years ago)
What is her ethnicity??
Aina Idris (3 years ago)
you're so heart eye emoji
quirkyteal (3 years ago)
Love this tutorial! Maybe next time you could add music during the application process so it's more fun to watch! Great job I loved this! :-)
Nazlı Can (3 years ago)
which hair color??
Daeseungri (3 years ago)
You remind me of zendaya a little
Novita Harumsari (3 years ago)
you look like kendall
luna zeisler (3 years ago)
What is the name of the color of your "Maybelline Color Tatoo" ? btw your makeup tutorial is really great ! <3
Yasmine Scholte (3 years ago)
nice job but please fix your eyebrows they dont look nice at all
Aylin ipek (3 years ago)
15 to 22 real quick
Tonima (3 years ago)
Flawless Naturally... Amazing 💯♥👌
ohsnapitsvik (3 years ago)
amazing, loved it
Samantha Jungkim (3 years ago)
you look exactly like kendall :O
Andrea gloria (3 years ago)
OMG!! Can you stop being so pretty😍😍😍💕
Myles Acosta (3 years ago)
Pretty!! You remind me of Demi Lovato! ♥
Nadia Nanu (3 years ago)
Wonderful 😍
Nadine R. (3 years ago)
You're gorgeous!!!
Mer Polat (3 years ago)
How are your teeth so white? And you are beautifull ☺️☺️☺️
Jetski Israel (3 years ago)
so pretty even without makeup
Mirela (3 years ago)
I love that you do a close up of your face, and you have the most gorgeous face and teeth ever! lol :)
in style of Emily. (3 years ago)
Love this make-up look, it's so flawless! I might have to re-create this tutorial, love the lip colour! xx
Jasmine Jaffar (3 years ago)
just found you here on youtube! so gorgeous. love this look. :)
Alexandra Halton (3 years ago)
I'm a new subscriber and I've just been having a marathon of all your videos hahah you have a new fan <3
carpediem (3 years ago)
Your face is literally perfect.
punkpearl (3 years ago)
You are so pretty! And this makeup look is IDENTICAL to kendall's, you look so much like her!xx
Sharmeel Kaur (3 years ago)
You are soo beautiful !
Annie Miffy (3 years ago)
This tutorial is amazing! ☺️☺️
Rosmilani Martinez (3 years ago)
Nicole Madrigal (3 years ago)
You look so little without makeup 😱
Julia Dalum (3 years ago)
just discovered your channel and I love your videos!!<3
Mariko Tsuemoto (3 years ago)
it's perfect! im gonna try this! 😍
basicallysam (3 years ago)
You are so pretty 😩😍
Amme flores (3 years ago)
May si si (3 years ago)
Oh girl stunning!!
Mikaela Julin (3 years ago)
omg you are soooo beautiful!!
Lynette Fen (3 years ago)
I would KILL to have perfect teeth like yours. Gorgeous!!!
Resh (3 years ago)
I've honestly watched this video 30 times and im just waiting for bloodline to become available at the Macy's near me >.< I love this look!! honestly the best red-lip tutorial I've seen!!
Sandra Faria (4 years ago)
I from Brazil and i like your video.
Hayley Lynn (4 years ago)
what picture did you use for this inspiration?:)
Itla Tamayo (3 years ago)
just search kendall jenner bieber roast on google
megan turner (4 years ago)
Your skin is gorgeous
Bridgeth Martinez (4 years ago)
Im new to your channel ! Love this look im definitely going to try it out I was wondering do you already have a video on how you keep your teeth so white?! That would be great (:
Karina Osses (4 years ago)
amazing look !!!!!

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