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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Innuendo, 1991. Queen - 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com Taken from the 1991 'Greatest Flix II' compilation.
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tracey o' hanlon (5 minutes ago)
Everyone else: Haha, he looks like me on a bad hair day! Me: Oh look, it’s me. My everyday look. Haha. Ha...... 😭
StarGryphon 6421 (1 hour ago)
I just want to point this out, this was released on the innuendo album, in 1991. This album also had Mother Love, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, and The Show Must Go On. Freddie was Freddie until he could no longer be Freddie.
Kate Zinsmaster (1 hour ago)
eeeeeeeee... why does deaky look so old!?!?!
John Towers (3 hours ago)
That voice...
SHARK KING (5 hours ago)
We will miss Freddie mercury
Geiza Marcelino (6 hours ago)
galileo figaro (6 hours ago)
3:24 *i wAnT tO riDe mY tRicyCLe*
Razzmatazz (7 hours ago)
Is the only thing that the new fans talk about Freddie’s illness?
Gustav Gnöttgen (7 hours ago)
Why didn't I know this song??? That's how my last year went, bad stress induced overworking ... I'm fine now, but loosing control and drifting into uncertainty isn't nice. This song shows me that I wasn't alone
Ruth Crumpton (9 hours ago)
I remember this coming out. Half-loving it for the craziness, half-hating it because he was so clearly very ill.
Loost Dragon (12 hours ago)
Si ponemos la musica al reverso y lo combinamos con este videoclip seria super perturbador
Gasterrific (13 hours ago)
Brian with witch nails...kind of suits him..
bitch lasagna (13 hours ago)
freddie... where are you now?
I'm a banana tree
Ana Silva (15 hours ago)
2:13 John is like 'what are u doing Fred?'
Madcircle Throughell (18 hours ago)
Madcircle approved
jes fxt (19 hours ago)
This last stage of Freddie Mercury is very attractive. I m in love.
Chiara M (22 hours ago)
Ningun gorila o pingüino fueron dañados durante la realización de este documental de la sexualidad de su majestad Freddie Mercury.
Mountain Frost_ (1 day ago)
John deacon- how about John be gone
Leonardo Thordesk (1 day ago)
I love Queen, but this videoclip is too weird.
Émile Andresa (1 day ago)
Nostalgia 💗
Emmalyn Westrick (1 day ago)
3:36 Are those the maracas Freddie yeeted across the crowd lmao (i know they arent but it's still funny)
JTMVision (1 day ago)
1:48 Freddie and Harambe Legends in heaven
Paulo Eduardo (1 day ago)
Parece ser uma música horrenda..... mas mesmo assim é muito boa!!!
Agnieszka Mizerska (1 day ago)
4:05 John's smile is the purest thing in my life We should talk about his smile
Sir Yosh (1 day ago)
john deacon looks like he is a part of the mafia at this point
Wendy BP (1 day ago)
"Roger, what did you do?" 😂❤
Alex Wessel (1 day ago)
One thing I loved about the video is even how sick he was, he didn't play the victim, he went out there and gave it his best shot. Freddie is truly fits the category of Never Give Up. In this music video he indirectly made fun of his AIDS.
Shirley Galea (1 day ago)
love this song <3
KİNG OF BORa (1 day ago)
Ohhh my godddd ı loveee Quenn Quenn is my lifeeee
Brian may was really out here inventing acrylic nails
0:36 DEAKY OMFG 😂😭
Лев Мышкин (1 day ago)
Шикарный клип.Вокал Меркьюри будто вечно уносит по просторам вселенной..
Joker hat Johnny
Ila Lee VLOGS (1 day ago)
2:14 john: what the heck are you doing
Maeve G (1 day ago)
1:07 *my last 3 brain cells at 3 am slowly creeping away from me*
Arthur Schopenhauer (1 day ago)
The Flamboyant!!🌠
Erika Wise (2 days ago)
I just love this so much omg this is what keeps me alive
Cari Lynn (2 days ago)
I love this video. Always have!! It must have been really tough on Freddy to do all these movements though... can't imagine the pain he was probably in.
This is your brain in drugs.......mmmmm questions?
happy birthday :")
Emi愛 (2 days ago)
Lauren Gregg (2 days ago)
What Is The Fan Club Address
Pearlistiq (2 days ago)
As mad as a hatter
Atomic Defaultskin (2 days ago)
"right on the seat. clean that FUCKING seat" -Freddie Mercury
Kittycatgaming 166 (2 days ago)
“I tHiNk I’m A bAnAnA tReE!” Freddie Mercury 1991
뿡 뿡 (3 days ago)
Freddy Mercury. He's a good man.
Bev Cliffe (3 days ago)
I just keep playing this over and over again. Mmm maybe I’m slightly mad. 🤔👍✌️
ТЫ—моя самая самая наилучшая молодость!!!!ТЫ—мои мысли на тот момент.на момент,затянувшийся в целую нескончаемую нескончаемую молодость!!! You are BEST of the BEST for ME!!!!!FREDDY, I so much much much much miss You ,до сих пор.даже спустя 27 лет.......покойся с миром,мой дорогуша....
DrillPlayer (3 days ago)
Lyrics: When the outside temperature rises And the meaning is oh so clear One thousand and one yellow daffodils Begin to dance in front of you, oh dear Are they trying to tell you something? You're missing that one final screw You're simply not in the pink my dear To be honest you haven't got a clue I'm going slightly mad I'm going slightly mad It finally happened, happened It finally happened, ooh woh It finally happened, I'm slightly mad Oh dear I'm one card short of a full deck I'm not quite the shilling One wave short of a shipwreck I'm not my usual top billing I'm coming down with a fever I'm really out to sea This kettle is boiling over I think I'm a banana tree Oh dear I'm going slightly mad I'm going slightly mad (I'm going slightly mad) It finally happened, happened It finally happened, uh huh It finally happened, I'm slightly mad Oh dear Uh uh ah ah Uh uh ah ah I'm knitting with only one needle Unraveling fast it's true I'm driving only three wheels these days But my dear, how about you? I'm going slightly mad I'm going slightly mad It finally happened It finally happened, oh yes It finally happened I'm slightly mad Just very slightly mad And there you have it
Peter Mc (3 days ago)
Interesting,very interesting,It just shows that he still had an incredible amount of Humor and fantastic range despite the rapid decrease of his health and well being, incredible work and talent has been displayed throughout all of these videos and it just shows that if you have that creative drive, determination, aspiration and Talent you can go very far and persevere through life's hardest obstacles as well as trials and tribulations. The people around him were so supportive and encourage and I personally think that this network/framework of close friends and collaborations allowed him to progress and develop as a person and this was demonstrated through his incredible selfless acts and outstanding performances. Well done and congratulations to all of Queen, a rarity of talent and persistence displayed in true colors. Kind regards Peter
Dominic (3 days ago)
David Boye style
Катрин Осма (3 days ago)
Я тоже схожу с разума!От этого голоса,от его вида...Пусть проклят твоя заболевание,Фредди!
Alex 1 (3 days ago)
2:57 clogs
Kasia Muzyczna (3 days ago)
Tim Burton's movie <3
Aukseka (3 days ago)
Im only one who is crying and smiling at the Same time? Im missing him he was a good guy ..
Animaniacs !!! (3 days ago)
I never seen Freddie Mercury act this weird mmmm maybe because aids
D3R DR3 (3 days ago)
Felipe Arteaga (3 days ago)
maddie Smith (4 days ago)
It finally happened, oh dear ...
Lilly W (4 days ago)
“Roger what did you do!?” -Freddie
ECO473 (4 days ago)
I hope at the time when death comes up the stairs looking for me, I hope I'll be just as brave facing it as Freddie was...and my dad and my brother for that matter.
Trish M (4 days ago)
I’ve listened to this song many times but only just watched the video. Absolutely brilliant!! Creative genius on display.
ECO473 (4 days ago)
I'm knitting with only one needle...
ECO473 (4 days ago)
I'm one wave short of a shipwreck...
Marta Zeppeli (4 days ago)
3:32 great sound maracas
AnEasyGoPerson YT (4 days ago)
He’s like the cutest character in a Tim Burton movie
Diego Diaz (4 days ago)
Salty jr (4 days ago)
I think he was secretly inspired by dead or alive when making this mv... *gain +200db*YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND~*
Dreamy Unicorn (4 days ago)
each banana tree we see it's Freddie watching us
K-BYTE (4 days ago)
The intro sounded like this song was going to be a trap or hiphop genre type lmao.
IdleConfusion (4 days ago)
This calls for a celebration, CHEEESE FOR EVERYONE!
Flower Baee (4 days ago)
This song is so strange it almost sounds comforting to me...
Alberich L. A. (4 days ago)
With Freddie's look in this video and Michael's in Bad/Speed Demon, they could be in a Tim Burton movie 🖤
Diego Boeing (5 days ago)
2:22 why freddie is dead
Booo (5 days ago)
Did this video inspire Johnny Depp’s whole career?
Heather Benveniste (5 days ago)
Thet penguin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
DatGamer HD (5 days ago)
2:17 when you do your nails for the first time.
Crazy Spinita (5 days ago)
You can tell that they had a lot of fun making the video clip xD
Lily Cat (5 days ago)
i love john in this music video
Ang C (5 days ago)
Anto Wolf Rude :v (5 days ago)
Bien Gutierrez (5 days ago)
been loving their music since i could remember and I'm only 31, knew of his story when i was in elementary days but just found out that he was behind the songs i love last year when his story was made a movie, i wasn't really interested in who was the band before, i just loved their songs, but now? i can't take him off of my mind... everyday!
Baskoro Janssens (5 days ago)
We miss you my dear….
Radames Boscolo (5 days ago)
The out mind..oh iee.
0;52 he sad because freddie dont do im in love with my car in album
Jessica Nuci (6 days ago)
My mom came in my room and said “what are you watching” and I said “ Queen” and she said “no it’s not” until she saw Freddy Mercy face and I started laughing
PuTaZZu (6 days ago)
i m for spain
Ingrid Schantl (6 days ago)
Wennst denkst, die vier jungen. Musiker haben die. Welt erobert, mit. Ihrer. Musik und. Freddie, längst, dem. Tode geweiht und er singt und singt, warum musste er sterben, er war so voller. Elan und überaus liebenswert, er hat niemanden weh getan. R. I. P. Freddie!
2:20 lololol
키튼kitten .F (6 days ago)
나도 화가 조금 나려고그래....프레디
André Sheckmann (6 days ago)
Freddy Mercury, sempre será eterno, grande cantor, grande pessoa !! ninguem vai conseguir substituir essa grande pessoa.
Velia Beristain (6 days ago)
2 0 1 9
Cloud Dandruff (6 days ago)
mind if i use the music for a video?
Vitória Cristina (6 days ago)
Que musicaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gecko Game (6 days ago)
Why fredie did like that?
Anne Králová (6 days ago)
Our sunny live Forever ❤️ Freddie

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