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Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Innuendo, 1991. Queen - 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com Taken from the 1991 'Greatest Flix II' compilation.
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Helen Lucas (1 hour ago)
great song great video of you Friday and queen
So am I Freddie, I’m going slightly mad hearing you’re a banana tree...
Mr. DerpyDirector (8 hours ago)
I find it interesting that how many screen time did Deacy get
P V (11 hours ago)
I can't imagine how much fun they must've had in this video, it's like four friends messing with expensive cameras and props, it's sweet!
Jackie Carter (12 hours ago)
3:30 It's like we get a glimpse at what Roger looked like in his very young years as a child on a tricycle. Makes me giggle every time to see that childlike devious grin on his face.
be neferet (17 hours ago)
He would had been a great actor, so nicely expressive!💞
Lucy Studio (20 hours ago)
Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo en todas partes: I think I'm a banana tree
kevin kalkhuis (22 hours ago)
i actuly like this song more than before
Марадона 1973 (23 hours ago)
Да он и умирающий тут наилучший!!!
Kei Kiri (1 day ago)
This is a bop honestly
Richie Toaster (1 day ago)
Stop what you’re doing and help us get to 1B on borhap
houston t3xens (1 day ago)
Me and bois in the mental hospital
Bohdana Tymchuk (1 day ago)
Тт Только если ответите, что вы там лицезрели
Markus Daxamouli (1 day ago)
"This kettle is burning over, ai think I'm a Bananna treeeeee" lol
Markus Daxamouli (1 day ago)
Very odd cadence and tune..but like all music from this band, it's always something New and different...but in a spectacular way. FREDDIE is arguably the best frontman in Rock and Roll..too bad he didnt have another 40 years to entertain and supprise us.
Jordan Mcallister (1 day ago)
Islam disowned him, they were ashamed of him .......
LPS Yui (2 days ago)
2:12 Deacy's just there like: "What the hell are you doing"
RajneeshShalini garg (2 days ago)
Mercury-I am a banana tree. May-I am a penguin. Taylor-I am a boiling kettle. Deacon-Umm...errr I play for a band called queen.
m. affan hasyif (2 days ago)
Its a record voice
tricey bear (2 days ago)
All his vids are slightly 1 billion views
안녕tv (2 days ago)
2019 7?
Diana Wheatley (2 days ago)
I just can't comprehend Queen being without Freddie!! I know they felt that they needed to get back out on tour but it just isn't the same without Freddie Mercury!! His music goes on in my mind and my heart!! We still love you Freddie!!
Diana Wheatley (2 days ago)
@TheaterPup This is true!!! Thank you!!
TheaterPup (2 days ago)
Of course it's not the same. Doesn't mean it's bad. They pay tribute to Freddie frequently in the show.
Samir Sarbassov (2 days ago)
Banana Reee
Martha Mendoza Oros (3 days ago)
Nunca olvidaré lo maravilloso que cantabas, tu voz es única. Un beso hasta el cielo.
Vespertili Kildem (3 days ago)
This video and this song are ingenious. And people don't understand shit.
Kieler 112 (3 days ago)
R.I.P. my big hero
Me only in street
Em D (3 days ago)
Idk why but this song gives me a sense of being high and creeped out at the same time, feelings only queen can give me.
Fortnite account Gg (3 days ago)
I like that queen made the lyrics of songs so rock and Roly back then and then 91 came and... I THINK IM A BANNA TREE!!!!😂
Fortnite account Gg (3 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue the penguin shit him self (TOGER WHAT DID YOU DO?)
cardemom wolf (3 days ago)
2:01 Freddie: I think I'm a banana tree 2:06John, Brian and Rodger: oh dear
Vasja Gajšek (4 days ago)
Jond deacon is cloen 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TULIK (4 days ago)
2:00 I think i'm a BANANA Tree
miyana (4 days ago)
i want this to play in my funeral
María Paz (4 days ago)
2:22 roger chokes Freddie and I wish he would choke me like that
Claudia Mariola (4 days ago)
Nonostante il bruttissimo periodo che stavano vivendo, i Queen hanno realizzato il video più bello in assoluto! Freddie è bellissimo! 😍😍😍❤❤❤
HypeR Hex (4 days ago)
me seeing this video: WHOA Freddie is so mad! 😂lol Freddie in the heaven: no queenie, i'm not mad... i'm SLIGHTLY mad😘
Lion king fan 1994 (4 days ago)
Brian is a penguin 2:55 wow
DiegoQuiereVisitas (4 days ago)
Lion king fan 1994 (4 days ago)
Good yo yo skills deacky
nicolas michalski (4 days ago)
la France voudrait un artiste comme Freddie !
stefania (4 days ago)
semplicemente....stupendo sempre fino alla fine dei suoi giorni terreni ..e oltre !!
liza Nagy (5 days ago)
It is very strange but good...
Yannick El Manssouri (5 days ago)
Why is this not performed live?
chloe Ottem-O'Connell (5 days ago)
The bike maracas mans face at the end
chloe Ottem-O'Connell (5 days ago)
When the outside temperature rises and meaning is oh so clear One thousand and one yellow daffodils begin to dance in front of you oh dear Are they trying to tell you something, your missing that one final skrew You certainly not in the pink my dear, to be honest you haven’t got a clue I’m going slightly mad I’m going slightly mad, it finally happened happened it finally happened oh wo I’m slightly mad! Oh dear I’m one card of a full deck I’m not quite the shilling One wave short of a shipwreck I’m not my usual top billing I’m coming down with a fever, I’m realy out to sea this kettle is boiling over I think I’m a banana tree oh dear I’m going slightly mad I’m going slightly mad it finally happened happened ohwohwohoo it finally happened I’m slightly mad! Oh dear OOh ooh ah ah ooh ooh ah ah I’m knitting with only one needle unraveling fast it’s true I’m driving only three wheels these days but my dear how bout you? I’m going I’m going slightly mad it finally happened happened happened happened it finally happened oh yes it finally happened I’m slightly mad! Just very slightly mad! And there you have it.
chloe Ottem-O'Connell (4 days ago)
No thank you!
e sato (4 days ago)
ImaStewBdooooo (5 days ago)
Brilliant!!!! R.I.P. My Dear🙏♥️
Kaydn Lula (5 days ago)
I love queen so much love you so much
Gabriel Fischer (6 days ago)
1991: Inside my heart is breaking My make-up may be flaking But my smile still stays on 1991: I think I'm a banana tree
upashya pathak (6 days ago)
his face and voice dont match
he had bronchopneumonia that time
KittyALevin (6 days ago)
"Brian . . . you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."
rαínч rínα (6 days ago)
Freddie: *I identify as a banana tree.*
Sapheira Mew (6 days ago)
Friend 1: Omg have you heard?! The Jonas brothers are back together! Friend 2: Omg Friend 3: Omg Me: Did you guys know that Queen- Friends: 1:07
ruttep II (2 days ago)
You should get new friends then.
Nick Bell (6 days ago)
Wow Freddie was sick and still doing great things he was beautiful smart and wonderful love you Freddie always and Prince you guys was my all time best and no one will top you guys Rip
🌠 _Freddie seems like a good character for Addams family lol_ 🌠
Ah Dollar (7 days ago)
I still remember in mid-2016 when this had about 8,000,000 views. Man, how time flies.
Welcome to the inside of my mind... On a good day
annye (7 days ago)
freddie predicted the black eyebrows trend
Sciarrive (7 days ago)
Team 3 (7 days ago)
This really doesn’t look like a queen music video
С 1975 года и навечно!!! Люблю!!!
Iva Jovic (7 days ago)
He is banana tree right?But....HE ATE BANANAS IN NEXT SCENE...*Faints*
ruttep II (2 days ago)
Freddie Mercury is a cannibal confirmed
Roger:🥁 Brian:🎸 Deaky:🎸 Freddie:🎹+🎤
Dancin' Queen (7 days ago)
I just LOVE Freddie's voice in this!!
Howard Pernoja (8 days ago)
I want a banana from the Freddie banana tree
Maria Helena Preiman (8 days ago)
So many people are finding this video funny which I admit superficially is, but imo in reality it's a facade on the serious pain, deteriorating mental health and other health issues (like cancer he had). Worsening mental health he was suffering due to AIDS is really what this song is about... Also, this is the last video with considerable creative input from him. And he wears extra layer of clothing to hide his weight loss, thick makeup to hide lesions on his skin and a wig to hide his receding hairline. If you look behind the scenes what was happening at the time, I think it is very sad, not funny as it might initally seem :(
Jelmar (8 days ago)
I have the idea that this videoclip was Freddie’s idea
tapsa nelikettu (8 days ago)
Guess who was Liza Minelli fan :)
Aleksey S (8 days ago)
Обожаю творчество данного человека, это предпоследний клип Фарру́х Булса́ра, какой, к огорчению, всю свою разумную существование был конкретным гомосексуалистом и наркоманом и помер от СПИД-а в полном рассвете сил, проебав всю свою существование и будущее. Вопрос: будто бы певец не был бы неплох, в данном случае, стоит ли ровняться на него, а?
Иди лесом отсюда, прими пилюлю и слушай Юру Шатунова.
Cedrick Mendoza (8 days ago)
Oh dear!
tiziano stable (8 days ago)
muy bueno amigo la verdad que me encanta
AndraeloviK (8 days ago)
2:01 "Plátano Chiapas a 5.90 el kilo" xdd
Lord Vader (8 days ago)
An example of meaningless music video
Infinity Playz (9 days ago)
2:01 best part
Name Name (9 days ago)
00:36 : me, looking back to how I came to my mom when she called me to dinner, knowing exactly that it wasn't ready
nameless h (9 days ago)
My favorite Freddie smile is right after he said "my dear, tbh you havent got a clue:" 😊
StrongBoy (9 days ago)
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MG (10 days ago)
1:25. This face... is awesome!!
Simply Matthew (10 days ago)
For peoples who want to be successful in the future, here's a quote from Freeddie Mercury. 2:00
Maddie Hubert (10 days ago)
Mom pick me up I'm scared
Daniel Garcia (10 days ago)
Excelente como siempre freddie...
Kenleigh Bailey (10 days ago)
My fave song!!! HUGE fan of queen and rami malek
amos cutesy (10 days ago)
This is my mood in math class.
Freddo Mercury (10 days ago)
I t h i n k i m a b a n a n a t r e e 🍌
Nina Nike (10 days ago)
Freddie Mercury genio eternamente bello
Romina Donati (10 days ago)
Freddie un artista, attore, stupendo fino alla fine. ❤️😘🇮🇹
Romchikthelemon (11 days ago)
Насколько люд отупели в комментах за 10 лет. Всё, на что их хватает - угарнуть над banana tree.
Orlando Morgado (11 days ago)
grande fred nada mas que decir.
AM or FM? (11 days ago)
3:10 RoGeR wHaT dID YoU dO?!
aurora sara (11 days ago)
dat's the makeup I like!!
HawkyPlays (11 days ago)
Freddie’s final form: Banana Tree
Calliope Stevens (11 days ago)
brian may at 2:18 - PERIODT
Matt Murdock (11 days ago)
wey ya se veian bien viejitos ಥ_ಥ
Jill Koerber (11 days ago)
This is my theme song
Claire Kimani (11 days ago)
brian out here with the *_acrylics_*
Simon Comstedt (11 days ago)
This is Queen's most memed song
ObjectManiacLewis 27 (11 days ago)
27 million views. Haha, inside joke.
Steffan Hoffmann (11 days ago)
This is BLOODY awful
Madison McKinney (11 days ago)
at 2:04 I have a gif that says thanks a bunch that I sent my mom and her response was not your welcome or not a problem but that is sooo creepy.
Ronzo Lembo (12 days ago)
Feel_free_freddg Freddy

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