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Easily straighten your natural hair without a chemical relaxer and without heat damage using this Press Kit to achieve your Silk Press. The Argan Smooth Silk Press System allows you to soften and smooth your hair with a thermal tool like a flat iron (Chi Air) without permanently straightening your natural hair texture. THIS IS NOT A CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENER. The products in this kit have essential natural oils, moisturizers, and super conditioners to radically soften your hair texture. it protects hair from breakage and damage. soft touchable flowy bouncy hair from root to end. No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, or formaldehyde. Step One: Cleanse with the Sulfate-free Shampoo Step Two: Deep Condition with the Strengthening Miracle Hair Mask Step Three: Leave-In Softening Sealant Step Four: Lightweight, Silk Press Creme This is Dominique's First TIme straightening her Hair since her Big Chop . Watch Her Big Chop to Natural: https://youtu.be/JJW0utX_Akk MORE VIDEOS OF MY SISTER'S HAIR BEFORE THE CHOP Rod Set when My Sis was "Transitioning". https://youtu.be/y5ABfPgEAe4 Flexi Rod Mohawk on Transitioning hair https://youtu.be/MZTrGhZ7jkQ Blow Dry & Flat Iron (super silky) https://youtu.be/g0u9kJ8MC5Y FOLLOW MY SISTER ON INSTAGRAM TO SEE PIX OF HER NATURAL HAIR. @niceuniqueme Find Me! INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @allofdestiny http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny SEND ME SOMETHING: Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 Thanks For Watching, allofdestiny
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Text Comments (72)
Jojo Breez (6 months ago)
Sis that bow dry was garbage
Sondra Wyrick (11 months ago)
I love how she says Dominique 🤣
Brea dames (1 year ago)
How long did the hair stayed str and did she continued using it to silk press hair .
AfricanRose (1 year ago)
Would this work with rollers and sitting under a dryer?
Music Matters (1 year ago)
Not the hype. My hair was sticky and dry! But I love your video cause it is very detailed and does not have annoying music
THE VOICE (1 year ago)
Her curls were beautiful.
martinique brooks (2 years ago)
Ok so what do you use if you are out of the smooth leave in? Or basically when I got my kit the smoothing leave in. Was empty!
ShesDanni (2 years ago)
can you put oils in it to refresh your hair without it reverting back?
Crystal Roland (2 years ago)
Came out beautiful!! This is my first time hearing of this product. I had my hair professionally silk pressed this past May, loved the outcome. I will be sure to try this out to do my own silk press in the future! Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Detra Lowe (2 years ago)
were can I find this
Charlene Wilcox (2 years ago)
how does it react to humidtyy. I flat iron my hair to straighten it. but as soon as it hits the heat and humidity outside is start to fuzz up. Does this product hold up against humidity and heat.
wanna benatural (3 years ago)
I found the product in a beauty supply store. not the silk press cream.
afenismama (2 years ago)
wanna benatural the silk press cream was in the box
T W (3 years ago)
Her hair is gorgeous!!
Alexis Reed (3 years ago)
horrible lol
Jekeira Jackson (3 years ago)
That came out so much better I have to try that
Lakeeva Hill (3 years ago)
+allofdestiny can you use this if you have relaxer in your hair and post 8 weeks
Heaven Goodwin (3 years ago)
what do you edit your videos with? btw loved it!!
Venus 42 (3 years ago)
What was her experience with prolonged usage? Were her curls looser or did the press last longer... Natural hair can be straightened to the same result without anything special. I didn't see any difference in her hair just blow-dried before and after.
Danielle Pritchett (3 years ago)
i love your videos! I started following you when I was relaxed but now I am natural. I love your natural hair videos. Please keep them coming!
Rachel Isaac (3 years ago)
would i be able to get it from a beauty supply store
Rachel Isaac (3 years ago)
would i be able to get it from a beauty supply store
Rachel Isaac (3 years ago)
would i be able to get it from a beauty supply store?
Rachel Isaac (3 years ago)
would i be able to get it from a beauty supply store?
Rachel Isaac (3 years ago)
would i be able to get it from a beauty supply store?
Deborah Buchanan (3 years ago)
her hair looks great
vikingstyle04 (3 years ago)
loved your flat iron technique for the sides
Ashanti N (3 years ago)
can u try it on ur own hair plzzzzz
Aolyvia Cowser McDade (3 years ago)
Can you do a review on the flat iron you used?!
Aolyvia Cowser McDade (3 years ago)
Where did you get the kit from?
Fortune LaQueen (3 years ago)
loll Destiny a DAB REALLY!! cryinnnggg
Ashley Brown (3 years ago)
her hair has grown soooo much after her big chop...its beautiful. I love natural hair..how do she manage to have patience with being natural..if possible, would Dominique be willing to show us her regimen? great video!!!
AbsoluteMdot (3 years ago)
Happy New Year 2016!! Love your videos. Hair looks great. Stretching relaxers is the key!
MakePotato (2 years ago)
AbsoluteMdot happy new year 2017!
Geneva Daye (3 years ago)
very pretty ❤
Minniedemouse (3 years ago)
that was nice
Jbellz321 (3 years ago)
Destiny, what do you use to edit the videos?
Alicia Crosby (3 years ago)
her hair is beautiful & thick and I love the results😍
Stacy G (3 years ago)
i love your videos. you have such skills with hair. i wish u were my sister! lol
Laterria Marrie J (3 years ago)
where did can you buy the silk press from?
Laterria Marrie J (2 years ago)
afenismama Thank you 😊
afenismama (2 years ago)
Laterria Marrie J beauty supply store
Trudy Pickett (3 years ago)
Girl girl you all have beautiful hair and all of y'all hair grow fast keep doin what you do and happy new year and God bless you and your family
Curissa Freeman (3 years ago)
great video destiny 😍😍 as always
Kimi 904 (3 years ago)
Turned out real cute!!
Sumirah Sanders (3 years ago)
where did you find this kit?
Mildred Griffin (3 years ago)
Great as always Destiny.
TMKJG24 (3 years ago)
Dominique looks great that was a great test for the silk press product great job destiny tell boon we could hear her in the back ground lol
Shaquierra Mayo (3 years ago)
Her hair is so gorgeous.
Mellonee Edgeston (3 years ago)
Her hair looks great
ladynefertitibk (3 years ago)
Very nice results.
Carter's mom (3 years ago)
That is beautiful. Great job y'all.
I Am Bianca (3 years ago)
+chanelrule how is this system damage it not a relaxer
TeamOctavia (3 years ago)
nice job Destiny
Karolyn G (3 years ago)
Good Job! Very nice.
Life Of Dezzz (3 years ago)
She had me dead when she said it use a dabb lol
Sage (3 years ago)
RI CULTURE (3 years ago)
Woowwww, she has a lot of hair!
E Diaries (3 years ago)
looks great!
ToriMac (3 years ago)
Very pretty.
Bianca Collier (3 years ago)
Very pretty
sweetfm2008 (3 years ago)
Happy 2016!!! Please try this out when you stretch your relaxer, Destiny. Your sister's results are great!!!
Chanel’ And Baby Z (3 years ago)
+allofdestiny This system could possibly damage her natural hair just hope she knows
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+sweetfm2008 oh i didn't even think of that..good idea!! thanks happy new year!!
MzVita :0 (3 years ago)
Yes, I'd love for you to use it.
Shayla Fields (3 years ago)
Her natural hair is beautiful! !!
Jazxs (3 years ago)
I need to get my hands on that. The struggle of trying to flat iron natural hair. 😩
Briana Jade (3 years ago)
😍😍 yeeees I love her results! And yes I would love to see how it does on relaxed hair!
Sage (3 years ago)
Kiki Hoe (3 years ago)
I died when you said "pre-toll-la-trim" 😂
wanna benatural (3 years ago)
Joneshia Sayles (3 years ago)
Djangooo 😂😩

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