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Anthony Jeselnik - Live at The Regent Theater, RIOT Fest 1/31/2016

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January 31, 2016 - Anthony Jeselnik performs Stand Up/ Crowd Work at The Regent Theater, downtown Los Angeles, for RIOT Fest 2016, "The Bullshit Artists". http://www.anthonyjeselnik.com/ https://twitter.com/anthonyjeselnik
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Text Comments (93)
KJ Grey (1 month ago)
He's a Great White Snark
gps 2019 (2 months ago)
Sit down!!
antonio berrun (6 months ago)
real bart Simpson😂😂😂😂
Gregory Krug (8 months ago)
One of the top ten comedians of all-time IMO.
Doogness Monster (8 months ago)
Nice RTJ shoutout!!
Gary Winehouse (9 months ago)
Damn, to be able to do that on the spot?! And be funny every single time? That’s amazing. Comic genius. I’m not sure any of the other greats could have pulled that off so swift and smooth.
PAUL COSTA (5 months ago)
Doug stanhope
PAUL COSTA (5 months ago)
Bill burr
Alex Sava (9 months ago)
Gary Winehouse Jimmy Carr is a genius at this. Look him up.
Prateek Kumar (10 months ago)
I was waiting for someone to ask "How was it like dating Amy Schumer". Bummer.
Prateek Kumar (5 months ago)
@WSD333 they dated before she blew up. He helped her career a lot. I guess Anthony Jeselnik giveth and Anthony Jeselnik taketh away.
Alan Lloyd (10 months ago)
He sounds nothing like Walken
Eileen Difrancesco (1 year ago)
Fk yes
greenspringvalley (1 year ago)
"hilarious in the face of adversity" ha ha.
Alan Lloyd (1 year ago)
i swear this guy is the best stand up comedian. what other comedian has literally no unfunny jokes? makes you realize how overrated Eddie Murphy and richard pryor and chris rock are
Stephen Piper (11 months ago)
I'm sure he's very pleased to have a lovely fan like you #kkk
james dean (1 year ago)
lol, getting laughs at just answering questions from the audience. not many can do that
Comedic genius....
Jeremy Waters (1 year ago)
What’s your name, I died laughing
freshpajamas (1 year ago)
Ted Talk girl thought she was clever. Nobody told her she was in the audience I guess
Zip X (1 year ago)
kaiser sozay (1 year ago)
when good comics stop giving a fuck.(in a bad way) not good at thinking on his feet. if you want good crowd work watch the great Dave Attell, Jim Norton, Ron White, or Jimmy Carr. then you'll realize how bad this performance was
Ampwich (1 year ago)
Tam Pham (1 year ago)
Calm, collected, doesn't give a fuck. I love it.
Jeremy Solomon (1 year ago)
2:30 Star wars memes!!! hahaha
Jon Wiseman (1 year ago)
Jeselnik's stand-up is always good, but this format is so much better. He should do shows like this more.
Mr. Bigglesworth (1 year ago)
He is flawless every performance.
J C (1 year ago)
That Norm McDonald bit was hysterical. Two super talented comedians not getting along on a show literally fighting every episode and they don't air any of it. Is that show still on NBC cuz that's classic NBC
J C (1 year ago)
He is so fucking awesome! Love this guy! This stupid show is like every drunk guy and stupid girls dream where they can just yell out without getting thrown out.
J C (1 year ago)
What's my twitter handle? My name. I'm a fucking comedian. Perfect heckle response: "Relax, I got this" Hell yeah he fucking does guys
J C (1 year ago)
Fuckin Cassie! stop tweeting
Orlando Molina (1 year ago)
This was flawless... pure gold.
Boss Hog (1 year ago)
"Tell some jokes" from the dumb bitch as the rest of the audience laughs at all his jokes.
No Comps (1 year ago)
GlassShardFilms (1 year ago)
"You know I could fuck anyone right?"
Joe Kerr (1 year ago)
He's effortlessly savage
Stephen Turley (2 years ago)
Change the title! Anthony Jeselnik gets owned. Is this a TedTalk! Amazing!
Evan Williams (5 months ago)
Lol. Owned... for real? What a gross perspective you have . If you think he got owned.
Paul Andrew (1 year ago)
Yeah Ted talk is not genius at all
Sean Snodgrass (1 year ago)
Stephen Turley that joke has been used before by other stand up comedians, she must have just watched Jim Jefferies or Chris D'elia on Netflix the night before. She isn't funny at all
Zoes World (2 years ago)
Does anyone notice that his shoe size is the same at the length on this video
Kevin Collier (8 months ago)
I pledge allegiance to Zoes World
Rum Ham (2 years ago)
That room's idiot-to-normal person ratio is astonishing. Unless the normal ones were dead quiet. 70 percent of this was shutting down idiots.
Shane Hallam (1 year ago)
The idiots are always the loudest.
Preston Wagner (2 years ago)
Favorite superpower: being hilarious in the face of adversity. Fucking genius
tyler fkin 1 (2 years ago)
Rumor has it that woman is still asking him questions to this day
Professor. Badass (7 months ago)
tyler fkin 1 u dumb
FecalMattur (2 years ago)
I want to hear his unedited shit on Goodell. That's gotta be golden
CerebrumNigthmare (2 years ago)
this is how actually not giving a fuck looks like
dk6024 (2 years ago)
Leaving no doubt that he's got the chops.
H Dellamorte (2 years ago)
WHAT! They gave me shit last time for recording "you NEVER RECORD a comedy act" they said!
Daniel Zarate (7 months ago)
Brook Jolley honestly. I think the lock bags aren’t for bootlegging or reproduction. It’s because a lot of their jokes are super offensive. Saying the word “fag” or jokes that are racially insensitive or just offensive period. People like Chris rock or Dave Chapelle have more fame and people forget that comedy is comedy and is offensive and that part of what makes it funny. But imagine a video of Chris Rock saying a super offensive joke. Guaranteed it would make TMZ and he’d get flamed for it.
Savage_Gaming (1 year ago)
H Dellamorte you really aren’t supposed to. It’s really hard to come up with material constantly so uploading acts on here hurts comics. It ends up hurting their ticket sales if people just watch them on YouTube.
No Comps (1 year ago)
H Dellamorte you asked for permission?
Brook Jolley (2 years ago)
Depends on the comic. Doug Stanhope is pretty famously for people bootleggings all his shit, because he thinks it's good marketing. I agree with Stanhope on that. Anyone wants to come even record me bombing, share it, whatever. It's a style thing, a business choice, etc tho, there is no right and wrong. Some people however, want tightly controlled image/sets for recording and don't like it, it's just a matter of the comic's opinion. Chris Rock had lock bags for phones when I saw him the other day, Chapelle did the same thing.
Vincent Adultman (2 years ago)
We've all said terrible things about Roger Goodell, and his family.
Rafael artiga (2 years ago)
lol Anthony is hilarious
Mark Wolf (2 years ago)
This guy thinks like me so much... It's why he's my favorite comedian
domydishes (2 years ago)
his type is two of you, no wonder he dated amy schumer
Rafael artiga (2 years ago)
domydishes buuuuurn
TPFG (2 years ago)
That girl still doesn't know where she is.
Green Envy (2 years ago)
When they asked him "what's your least favorite topic?" he should have said "ice cream."
blackice7317 (4 months ago)
Also when they asked who his least favorite person. he said that guy, but it would've been a nice pull to say Bradley. Remembering stuff like names on stage is probably pretty tough
Evan Williams (5 months ago)
I think it was least favorite topping. Like ice cream topping.. have you seen his stand up... I doubt abortions would be his least favorite topic.
Rafael artiga (2 years ago)
HubsDrunk ha i was thinking the same thing
Dena Redford (2 years ago)
Funny stuff
Brandon Hewitt (2 years ago)
He's challenging himself by having to react to random shit from the crowd. His next special is going to be so fucking sick.
Bk6HXwD9DYK57jWm (2 years ago)
Yeah this is practice for him. I could tell.
Brandon Hewitt (2 years ago)
@Supreet Sahu Alllright, my comment still stands. Lol
Supreet Sahu (2 years ago)
Next special? Thoughts and Prayers was just 8 months ago. There'll be at least a year till the next special.
Ninjaveli (2 years ago)
That was amazing lmao
KidKarnage187 (3 years ago)
ice cream is whack. so are those dudes questions
Rob Ellis (3 years ago)
Jeselnik is a comedy mindfreak.
fanofeverything (3 years ago)
He can't improv worth crap
Cableguy818 (8 months ago)
You may have turned your hearing aid down instead you of up. Try it the other way bro
Baron Of Hair (10 months ago)
He can't improv worth crap Wouldn't say that he was awful(I laughed more than once)nonetheless I also found myself thinking "AJ isn't entirely in his element here, operating without his writing". Not a criticism, just an observation; worthwhile comics-which Jeselnik undeniably is-are those who rake in the dough by dishing out hilarious utterances and thus don't function at the their most optimal when not working from prepared material . Contrasted with comedians(think Robin Williams and Kevin Hart),who generate laughs less from any of their content and more from an amusing character. Not surprisingly. the latter can pull off several minutes worth of only crowd work with more ease, while the former generally make for a more entertaining hour overall
Enlightened Idiot (1 year ago)
Did you even listen?
No Comps (1 year ago)
Yeah, no video proof of it whatsoever. The audience totally didn't laugh their asses off the entire time. Good call bro, good call.
Paul Andrew (1 year ago)
Obviously not everything
REDEX SUBZERO (3 years ago)
dane cook comedy is limited and mostly gross and weak jokes this guy is amazing
jeremy p (3 years ago)
he kind of seems like a dickhead so arrogant. dane cook wasn't even this arrogant and he sold out madison square garden twice and people paid him out saying he was a douche.
Savage_Gaming (1 year ago)
Who the fuck still watches Dane Cook? He’s basically the Diceman of the 2000s ok for their time but pretty fucking lame in retrospect
The Sock (2 years ago)
It's part of the act
Ragna The Bloodedge (3 years ago)
Oh, and the dickhead personality? The arrogance? All fake. It's for the use of dark humor. XD He nailed it well.
jeremy p (3 years ago)
i saw the roast
Ragna The Bloodedge (3 years ago)
+jeremy p Should've seen what he told Donald Trump.
fucking great lol
Karl Saxell (3 years ago)
This is good. Cool concept
1980HiphopFunkHouse (3 years ago)
Thanks , good stuff !
Dawg Gawd (3 years ago)
run the jewels
OussyChang (3 years ago)
thanks for uploading :)
Brando Montes (3 years ago)
This was so great! Thanks for uploading.

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