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Disco Curls Hair Tutorial Á La Mode - EN

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Nicolas Jurnjack Hair Tutorials DISCO CURLS Á La Mode Hair Tutorial, Duration 18:32, Level : Advanced 🌟How to use a curling iron to get this look. 🌟Step-by-step technique with infographics, details, tips and tools. [Anything but] straight from Studio 54 – this classic ‘70s hairstyle has kept its editorial edge for decades. Pure volume freely grazing your shoulders, these big, fluffy curls offer the perfect combination of relaxed…and chic. ▶ 0:09 Intro. Magdalena, before and after ▶ 0:26 Tools you will need: to create this style: Tail comb, styling comb, paddle brush, small curling iron, hairspray, claw clip. Tool Kit: http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tools/ ▶ 0:50 STEP 1: Preparing the base ▶ 1:23 STEP 2: Hair sections. Starting at the back. 🌟 Detailed Instructions step-by-step with with infographics, tips and technique. Separations, how to use a curling iron. 🌟 ▶ 1:53 STEP 3 : Curling the back and sides Details with visuals and tips. Using a small curling iron. ▶ 4:53 STEP 4: Curling the front / fringe / bangs. Four sections of hair. Detailed instructions how to for best results. ▶ 7:32 STEP 5 : Creating the shape. Opening and brushing the texture to create volume that is light and fluffy. ▶ 9:57 STEP 6 : Fine tuning the look. Envisioning the look. Achieving the shape you want. ▶ 12:29 STEP 7 : Perfecting the finish. Precise detailed instructions and tips to get the look you are aiming for. Brushing, backcombing, teasing. ▶ 18:03 : The look glam, fabulous rocking 70s style disco curls Level: Advanced - http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/levels/ The most dexterous of hairstylists… looking to learn, add to your repertoire of styles, try out a different technique. After all, the best know — to stay the best, never stop learning. #disco curls #howto #hairstyles ▶ See more tutorials in English, Français, Español, Portugues
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