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The RAT - 2019 Astrology Year of the Pig

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In this video, you will learn how the Rats will fare in 2019 year of the Earth Pig. I go over the pros and cons the Rats will have in their business, career, relationship, health and wealth! This is the 2nd video in a 12-part series about the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac and their behavior in 2019 from my Annual Event in January. Make sure you download your free astrology chart to see what animals are in your chart, including the Rat at: http://www.freebusinessastrology.com Get the full event video where I also share the top trends in Astrology, Feng Shui & Favorable Timing with the TimeBlazr® at: http://www.bit.ly/earthpigreplay For more tips and goodies throughout the year, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when a new video comes out! Follow me on: http://www.5elementsgroup.com http://www.facebook.com/kathleenzemansky http://www.facebook.com/timeblazr http://www.twitter.com/kzemansky http://www.youtube.com/kathleenzemansky http://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleenzemansky http://www.illuminatingfengshui.com
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Stein Aron (3 months ago)
Hi , i want Dragon :*
Kathleen Zemansky (3 months ago)
Hi Stein Aron - It's coming soon...stayed tuned! Thanks for watching

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