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Purchasing the cheapest 50 amp plasma cutter on Amazon. Is it ANY GOOD? Here is my review. Link to 50 Amp Plasma Cutter HERE: http://amzn.to/2E1mr0J ⇨ SUBSCRIBE to Brandon Lund DIY Builds: https://www.youtube.com/brandonlund THE TOOLS & GEAR I USE 🔴 https://www.amazon.com/shop/brandonlund Any commission earned from the above Amazon affiliate links all goes towards helping to support my channel. MUSIC By: Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud WHAT ARE YOU BUILDING? FOLLOW ME ON ⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunddiybuilds ⇨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LundDIYBuilds For Business Inquiries: [email protected] Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only and as such, you should not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines before handling tools. Seek professional advice and training before using any welding equipment. Never operate any tool without wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Final warning, Do not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing!
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James Holbrook (7 days ago)
Ha i saw on someone else had went to 53 Amps but it is probably kinda irrelevant and i believe they got it for like $200
James Holbrook (2 days ago)
+Brandon Lund ya it is probably all of it regardless but I was kinda suprised the other one went highter i would have thought that 50 would have been the made in software it would be cool to compare them with a kill-a-watt meter side by side and it may just be tolerance in the potentiometer that you could get back with a new one or just adding a resistor
Brandon Lund (2 days ago)
I think some might go a little higher or a little lower but I cant really tell the difference moving it a couple more or less in either direction.
Dan mcgreedy (16 days ago)
I have one on the watch list for $$170 and they are selling fast
Brandon Lund (11 days ago)
Nice! Your going to love it!
ron dill (1 month ago)
Down to $175.00 for 50amp or Cut50 plasma cutter now days and FREE Shipping!!!
Brandon Lund (27 days ago)
t watson (1 month ago)
Are you using a gap between the tip and metal or are you resting it right on the metal as you drag it across thanks.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
t watson I just rest it on the metal and drag it. It shortens the life of the consumables but they are cheap for this unit and it gives a nicer cut in my opinion. Your supposed to hold it off the metal a little but I don't.
Specialized 29er (1 month ago)
Got a Rossi 45 amp for $360 with Tig capability.
Andrew Browner (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund DC tig is about as useful as a knife is for cutting hair, i tried getting a do it all in one machine but ad advise just getting individual machines for each process, one mig, one tig, one plasma, tig machine will do stick but a engine driven stick might be useful if youre tryna start a business
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Nice! How are you liking it so far?
Cindy Seger (1 month ago)
Why doesnt it come with a plug? I would be using house power? How do you put the plug on it or did you change it to a stronger plug? Can you please clarify that. Thank youuuuu!!!
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
+Cindy Seger It's actually very easy. The plasma cutter also came with a wiring diagram to show which wire connects to what. Thanks for the compliment and I appreciate your support!
Cindy Seger (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund I see that makes sense. Is it hard to put the plug on yourself? Great vifeo wish everyones were like this!
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Hey Cindy, My guess is that because this machine can run on dual voltages that they leave off the plug so they can market the same machine to different countries. For instance I have a standard 240 welder plug I attached to mine. It allows me to plug the plasma cutter directly into a standard 240 volt welder outlet. This will give you the maximum power the machine is capable of producing. However, if there is not a welder outlet available, I can plug the plasma cutter into a standard 240 to 120 volt adapter and plug the adapter directly into what I refer to as "house power" or your general 120 volt wall outlet. You will not be able to get the full power output of the machine on 120 volt house power but it still works well. If you were in Europe their plugs and adapters would be different so that's probably why they don't put a plug on the machine. It allows the end user to make the machine standard to their region. Hopefully my rambling was not confusing. Cheers - Brandon
dff fff (1 month ago)
It's been over a year now. Does this machine still work?how much use has it seen?
dff fff (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund - Thanks
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
It sure does. I use it almost weekly. I have not had any problems. It's kind of a gamble with these bargain plasma cutters. There have been a couple that mentioned in the comments section that they got a bad unit but I haven't heard much bad about them other than what I just mentioned. I love mine. The only thing I don't like is that consumables burn out quick but that's probably mostly my fault because your supposed to use an inline air drier and I don't. I just run it. Consumables are cheap enough so I just change them out more frequently. Hope this helps.
garywurts (1 month ago)
Just bought a ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding Machine With Screen Display Dual Voltage 110/220V AC 1/2'' Clean Cut (CUT 50) on Amazon for $170. It also looks just like your $270 model also from China,
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Nice! They are HUGE time saver!
Chris Sartain (1 month ago)
I needed the help you provided! Thank you, one question? What pressure does the oxygen run at??
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Thanks and your welcome. It us just regular shop air from your air compressor. I set mine at 60 psi
ronald broersma (2 months ago)
in europe its sold as Hyunadia cut 40 i doust come with air tubes, but comes with plug, not a clear manual doh, so i look at this video to see how i should install it
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
Hopefully I was able to help you out. If not, go ahead and ask your question and I might be able to give you some guidance.
ivan schafeldt (2 months ago)
i bought one 2017, 20 minutes into playing with it after first sealing all the air leaks i did a 2inch circle cut, set it down, picked it back up to cut again and the circuit board fried itself. i got a new board sent for free but tbh im kinda scared of even trying it now, i wont until i actually really need to use it
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
Sorry to hear your experience was not like mine. Sometimes these can be hit or miss. Mine doesn't leak either, but my combination welder leaked like crazy.
Matti Virta (2 months ago)
and warranty not work, i try many time take contact to seller and factory but nothing.
Matti Virta (2 months ago)
all exterior same i have plasma + MMA+TIG 3 month used ewery day little time and stop working, tig not startat bush button. can use tig same than rod weld, bush rod to steel start, i no know what this come but no good.
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
This is just a plasma cutter. I have had great luck with my MMA Tig units if you want to check them out.
Pun Gent. (3 months ago)
1:40 "everything that 120 volt power receptical..." You're wrong 1- you said it is 220 Volt 2-NEC requires All 220 Volt receptacles MUST Be Dedicated circuits (meaning no other receptacle can be on the circuit) 3- the Current of the plasma cutter is drawing a limiting (high) amount of current. Do not put 2 receptacles on 220 breakers (legally and logically) the excessive draw can cause fires, high power bills, (inaccurate Power Meter).
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Pun Gent. Nowhere in this video did I mention or suggest ganging up a 240 volt circuit. This is an inverter welder which can run on either 120 volt power or 240 volt power depending on the adapter you use. What I did say was that you can not run this plasma cutter on the same 120 volt circuit that your air compressor is plugged into because it will trip the breaker. I am fully aware of NEC requirements regarding residential circuits. If my dialogue was unclear in the video I apologize.
Hector Gerco (3 months ago)
Hi I have an air compressor 115 psi, 50 Liters is it enough for this plasma, my regards hector from Argentina
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Hello Hector, 115 psi is plenty to run the plasma. Worst case you might have to let the compressor catch up if there is not enough volume. The plasma cutter specifications might be able to help you a little more. http://amzn.to/2E1mr0J
Navarrete Knives (3 months ago)
is this a High Frequency or blowback?
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
High frequency
Jon Minnella (4 months ago)
Thanks for making a demo video I've been wrestling with whether to buy one or not after watching your video I'm definitely going to buy this item it is the perfect size for what I need
Jon Minnella (3 months ago)
+Brandon Lund thank you
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Thanks Jon! I have had mine for a while now and I have had zero issues. You will find out quickly that this is a handy tool to have around. You are going to love it.
Conely King (4 months ago)
Thanks for showing...hmn..rough & large burr, question, if you had to cut ones in a blue moon outdoor, something like this or angle grinder?
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
If I was only making small cuts every now and then I would probably just use a grinder. I suppose you also have to look at where you want to go with your fabrication. If you think you might want to take on bigger projects more often, it might be worth the investment
Tahar Soltani (4 months ago)
ما شاء الله
ReviewLife. Pk (5 months ago)
After watching this video I understand that plasma cutter uses just simple compressor air. awesome . Before was in my mind that plasma cutter use oxy acetine propane type fuel. 😂 How wrong was I am
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
ReviewLife. pk I’m glad I could help! Thanks!
S M (5 months ago)
My nephew bought one something like that, but it was red. Then it caught fire a month after he bought it. Great machines...
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
That's not good! I've had this one going on 2 years. I use it almost daily. Zero issues. The imports had all sorts of problems when they first came out.
Melissa Nelson (5 months ago)
Where do I look to find this
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Melissa Nelson There is a link in the description that takes you to an Amazon link showing all the tools I use. Here is the link for the plasma cutter https://amzn.to/2S67dye Thanks for watching! Brandon
tre bushett (5 months ago)
We certainly are lucky in the UK to have 240v 100a household power supply.
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Mike Jarvis you have what’s referred to as a 200 amp service which if residential is 240 volts. You could easily run this machine on what you have for power. In the United States it will either be 200 amp 240 volt or 100 amp 240 volt for 99% of all residential homes. Massive homes will sometimes have 400amp 240volt services.
Mike Jarvis (3 months ago)
+Brandon Lund I'm not an electrician. My mains breaker coming into my main panel says 200 amp on it. Doesn't mean that it is, but I assume it is. I'm not going to go measure, but I'd guess its 240Volt going in too. just a guess. I live in Central TX
Nefaryus Drake (3 months ago)
+Brandon Lund Most houses today have 240v 250a service breaker panels. If you know how to rope a house, wouldnt be hard to make every plug 240/220, but would have to fix power cords on everything that is 120/110v.
Jon Minnella (3 months ago)
Most houses built after the 70s in North America have a 100 amp 208-220 coming in to the braker panels thy call that the service . service consists of 2 hot leads 110 vac and a neutral and a ground lead if you take the 2 hot leads put your meter across it you get 220 if you put meter across 1 hot lead and the other to neutral you get 110 it is how the transformer are set up at the poll I believe thy call the a wye configuration if I'm not mistaken in UK dont you guys use delta configuration
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
+Mel Gross I never said 100 amp plugs. I said 100 amp service. The "service" being the distribution center.
Morten Eide (5 months ago)
Do You support USA or china? I am from Norway. I boght a Lincoln PC 210 today......
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
I would never discourage anyone from buying something they could afford. Hardly anything made in the US is actually made here. The parts arrive from overseas and then we assemble it in the US and call it "Made In The USA". I believe you should buy what fits your needs and your budget. Congratulations on you new purchase. That's a nice machine.
HOTSAUCE (5 months ago)
It’s not the volts it’s the amperage. Hence 50AMP machine. So the 110 volts I doesn’t mean as much as the size of the breaker. It could be a 10 amp breaker and still trip the breaker without any other load. A lot of receptacles are 15 amp. But some are 20 amp. So again 20 amp is twice what 10 amp is but not even half of the 50amp the 220 volt supplies. So yes it’s best to get the full 50 amp. But if you run it on 110 volt house power or shop power, use the highest amp circuit you have and if using an extension cord, while in most cases isn’t recommended, use the appropriate gauge cord to carry the load.
CavemanJoe (4 months ago)
50 amps is not the drawn amperage, but the output. And it is VOLTAGE that determines the type of plug and the power that is put into it. You can have a 115 volt circuit with a 30-amp breaker, if you wanted to, it'd run this just fine. Bad correction attempt on your part.
Camron Boldenow (5 months ago)
As of today on the wish app it is $186 + $12 shipping
Mark Thomas (7 months ago)
I built a cart for my Mig and Plasma cutter.. it has one 50amp 220v feed running to it, with two 50 amp plugs(One for the Plasma and one for the Mig).. I never use both at one time, although one is still sitting there with the fan running, waiting for me to grab it.. I also made a ground block underneath it for both ground clamps to sit side by side.. Made it where I could remove one nut, pull it out, clean it and put it back, but, have not needed to yet.. Then, I have one long ground cable with a magnet and clamp as an either/or choice of which to use.. The extra length is nice.. I keep the magnet on the leg of the table, and I can move the clamp to my vice quickly if I need to tack something in the vice.. I've been using the shared Electric and ground system for a couple of years now.. No issues at all.. Several times, I have had buddies helping build with me and I am sure we have been welding and cutting at the same time, but, probably not using the max on both machines.. I don't even think about it being shared any more.. I scarfed some heavy gauge extension cord 100' and put ends on both of them, so, I can drag it wherever I want to, to weld a trailer, etc and leave it on my driveway, etc.. I show the underside of the welding cart at the end of the video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HGzsOkiwuY I unloaded the cart one time to do something and I did a better video on the shared system, but, I have yet to have time to upload it.. Might save you plugging an unplugging or running an extra circuit.. Cheers.. I also made a super cool Oxy/Acetylene rig with the tanks in front of each other with 50 foot of hose and two boat trailer hubs/tires, and you don't have to hustle and pick up the heavy damn tanks either... One day, I'll take some time to post the video on that. I have a lot of footage sitting in my /Todo/Videos folder.. Ha..
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Very nice! I'm looking forward to those videos when you get them uploaded!
ACIM222 (7 months ago)
Ordered mine today and mig welder do my 61 double cab vw bus bitchen
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Very nice! Be sure to post a pic on FB!
Daniel Denman (7 months ago)
Will this 6mm mild steel?
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
+Daniel Denman I'm using a homeowner grade Craftsman 30 gallon 5 hp compressor. It puts out about 5 CFM and the compressor does not run out of air while cutting and I cut with 60-70 psi of air.
Daniel Denman (7 months ago)
Awesome what size air compressor is need to run this smoothly mate???
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
EASILY! This will cleanly cut 1/2" (12mm) like a hot knife through butter.
JasonVladimir (7 months ago)
Good show, thanks for sharing!
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Thanks Jason!
Weelittlefarm (7 months ago)
Hi Brandon, Since this is a high frequency cutter does it need bare metal to work. Looking at cutting old propane bottles to make yard art. Thank you
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Yes. For painted metal like a propane bottle you will need to grind a spot for your ground clamp and a spot to get your arc initiated. After that the arc will burn though anything, including rust.
Weelittlefarm (7 months ago)
Brandon, is your cutter drag or pilot arc. How many cuts would you say you have made with yours. Thanks for the video
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
It's high frequency. You make initial contact with the work then you can keep a gap and drag it along. I've probably made around 500 cuts so far.
CORVAIRWILD (8 months ago)
$290 as of Sept 9 2018. Chinese tariffs. What air pressure do you use? What happens if you don't use air? Or a very low pressure? What do the consummables look like? Thx bro...
Brandon Lund (8 months ago)
Around 60 psi. If you run the air low it doesnt cut as clean. I have never tried cutting without air. It would likely not cut or it would destroy your consumables. The consumables are cheap and there is a nice picture of the ones I use on the Amazon link down in the description. Just click on the "tools I use" link. Cheers and thanks for watching!
Tim Derr (8 months ago)
Thanks for the review.. i believe i will try one of these cutters. // TD
Brandon Lund (8 months ago)
Your welcome! I am very impressed with mine! Enjoy!
First Last (8 months ago)
So the machine can be hooked up to 240 or 110?
Brandon Lund (8 months ago)
It sure can! This specific unit does not come with a plug installed. I put a 240 welder plug on the end, and if you need to use it on 110, you can use a readily available welder adapter that often comes with most inverter welders (or you can buy the adapter separately listed in the tools section in the description) and then plug it directly into a 110 plug. The machine figures out the rest! Pretty neat huh!
Tank Soldier (8 months ago)
Looks like a good one and after two years still going strong .
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
+Gary Coker Sorry Garry, I'm just seeing this.. Mine are approximately 8 feet long and the leads are the smaller style Dinse connection.
Gary Coker (2 months ago)
How long are the leads. will it work plugged in to my welder?
neogovernment (9 months ago)
Had it for 2 years and never cut 1/2"? The first thing I would do if I had it would be to see what it is capable of! Useful video though. Thank you
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
neogovernment thank you. I still haven't cut 1/2" with it yet. The largest I've cut was 3/8. I think 1/2" would probably be pushing it.
DerRick Marrero (9 months ago)
Cielo means sky in spanish
Manoo42 (8 months ago)
You mean Italian...
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
Thank you! I've wondered what that meant!
Joe Briggs (9 months ago)
What size breaker for the plasma and is your air compressor on a different breaker?
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
Joe, I have it setup a couple ways. When it's plugged into the 220 volt plug, it's on a 30 amp breaker. When it's plugged into the 110 plug it's on a 20 amp breaker. If I have it plugged into the same 110 plug as my compressor, it will blow the breaker as soon as the compressor comes on. You can plug in both to the same plug while on the same breaker but it's a pain because you have to keep stopping while your cutting with the plasma cutter to allow the compressor to recharge. Your best bet is to have each on their own breaker.
robert reavley (9 months ago)
cheers for this review its set my mind at ease as to weather to buy one! im gonna order one now!!! thanks again!!!
robert reavley (9 months ago)
mine comes this friday will update the post when it dose thanks again
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
I was very skeptical at first also, however I purchased mine then started reading all the problems people were having. It looks like they got the problems sorted out with the newer ones. Mine is still going strong and I use it regularly.
Highdealist (9 months ago)
I see you just added a 220 plug. Did you have to do anything inside the machine to run 220 instead of 110
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
I didn't have to do anything inside. The machine is dual voltage and it does everything automatically :) You could put a 110 plug on the end and run it that way but I put the 220 plug on it and if I only have 110 power where I'm working, I use one of the 220 to 110 adapters that came with one of my welders and plug it in to that.
Aaron D (10 months ago)
I know quite a bit about electronics and theory. Im just diving into the world of welding (110 flux). But you gave some great beginner advice concerning connections.
Brandon Lund (9 months ago)
Aaron D thanks man, I'm glad I could help! :)
nxtgen AUTOMOTIVE (10 months ago)
Thanks for the update. Cool video
Brandon Lund (10 months ago)
Thanks! Cheers!
Kath1998 (10 months ago)
I have the same cutter but I dont know if this plasma cutter can be cutt on the steel plate direct or he need a distance? I had tested and the ark start but don't cutt anthing😒 Thank
Brandon Lund (10 months ago)
You can do both but I tend to hold it against the work piece. I use the contact tips that allow you to do this. If it's not cutting you could have the consumables installed wrong, bad ground / earth or you don't have air supplied to the unit...or it could be defective.
brian.dudek (10 months ago)
No gloves, rock star, great info on power needs!
Brandon Lund (10 months ago)
brian.dudek thanks man, glad I could help. I probably should be wearing gloves but thin material doesn’t get hot so I usually don’t wear them lol
Jack Hudler (11 months ago)
$290 now.
Mike Moore (1 year ago)
I paid $191 dollars for mine on EBay. It is a Zeny and it turns up to 56 amps. It's a terrific deal for a plasma cutter. It's just crazy how cheap they are.
Brandon Lund (11 months ago)
Mike Moore I love mine...i was a bit worried at first because I've heard horror stories, but as others have mentioned, it seems like some of the older complaints have been fixed. I've run mine for about 2 years with no issues
JDKCARS (1 year ago)
It doesn't trip in the UK 😊
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
JDKCARS that's because you guys do power the right way!!!! Thanks for watching brother!
Douglas Rodrigues (1 year ago)
This looks exactly like the one I bought off eBay. The first time I went to use it, upon pushing the energizing switch, what sounded like a loud firecracker popping inside the case sounded. The 50 amp circuit breakers tripped. The 6 gauge wires to the circuit breakers felt warm. A small amount of smoke drifted out of the vents on the case. Eventually the seller refunded my money. I was going to toss this dead machine into the trash, but decided that one day I would dismantle it to see what went wrong, and then throw it into the trash. The local repair shops wouldn't touch it.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
So what did you find wrong with it?
73 SUPERGLIDE (1 year ago)
What's part number wearing parts
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
73 SUPERGLIDE (1 year ago)
Brandon Lund if your speaking of the ones under your channel I when to them be for I comment
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
73 SUPERGLIDE click the link in the description. It will take you to a link with the consumables that are used for this unit.
Naoufel Melayh (1 year ago)
hi brandon ,could it be installed to cnc , thanks
Tau (6 months ago)
You'd want a pilot arc machine for that, Primeweld makes those on amazon for around 300 bucks, Though the primeweld machine uses HF, so remember to shield sensitive electronics. Have not owned one myself, though i plan to.
Cesare Vissani (10 months ago)
I'd be worried about the duty cycle.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Naoufel Melayh I don't know much about cnc machines so I'm not really sure what's required to adapt it to that
Brian Kreh (1 year ago)
What air pressure do you use?
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
B Smith it should not be sputtering. Your going to want to use consumables that are recommended by the plasma cutter manufacturer. You can find a link to the consumables down in the descrition titled tools and gear i use. If the flame is blowing out at an angle, it sounds like your consumables are messed up. Change out your consumables and make sure your air pressure is set around 60.
MANBEARPIG 7734 (1 year ago)
which tip do you use? how do you know what tip to use? I bought this and the flame kinda sputters to the left and right, couldnt cut through a piece of 24 gauge aluminum
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Brian Kreh I leave it set at around 60
LAFOLLETTER (1 year ago)
$172.00, + $16.00 for 85 piece consumables set on eBay. Around 90% of the things I've ordered are cheaper on eBay. Informative review. Thanks.
Mitch Thompson (1 year ago)
LAFOLLETTER make sure you are getting the pilot arc instead of the scratch start though. Cheapest cut50 ive seen on ebay that is pilot arc is $225ish.
Rick Powell (1 year ago)
What about the tips can you get them at a weld supply or do you have to buy them from them?
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
They are fairly common, but the best part is that they are extremely inexpensive if you order them online. I've attached a link for you to check out https://www.amazon.com/shop/brandonlund
code name H A V V O K (1 year ago)
I ve been looking to buy one. I have an abrasive 14" 15 amp chicago. It does a fair job, but Iam use to a commercial abrasive cutter 24 " remnants of larger blades. 4 belt driven o.p.(OVER POWERED) electrical motor. IT CUTS like a hot knife through butter. It's 30 years old. It was my Dad's at his welding shop Sierra Nevada Trailers. I love that machine it made my cutting jobs so easy, but I have no room at my home for it. Thanks for the review.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
That thing sounds like a beast! My personal recommendation would be to run the plasma on 220 if you can. They work really well on 110 but they really shine on 220. Thanks for watching!
Michelangelo Lavagno (1 year ago)
interesting video ....ciao brandon
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
+Michelangelo Lavagno Thank you very much!
brandon needs to protect eyes using glasses
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Good eye my friend! I went back and watched and your right. If I remember correctly, this was early in the morning and I probably just woke up and was still half asleep! :) take care my friend!
just at the beginning of the video your eyes are watering and I thought that you are a plasma torch polzueshsya without a helmet
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
I'm using my welding helmet set on shade 4.
Jaques Daniels (1 year ago)
Stuff to know about the Cut 50s, they were hit n miss at first, pot luck as to if you got a good one or doorstop.Now, pretty well sorted.For the trip out problem, it is possible to load up compressor till she cuts out, switch her off, make a few cuts, then tank up the pressor again and switch off, and cut again, how many times depends on how many amps used for material. Most of the Cut 50s are drag tip, this is great for cutting out designs in sheet metal, you can do some real nice stuff. Note: plasma will cut steel/copper/brass and Al you mini um. Anything that conducts electricity I think (Brandons hair and beard??). Plasma-git one, go crazy with new toy, cut up all scrap in shop,cut up anything, get bored and quit, find you have cut your work bench in two and given your wifes car a sunroof.No sex and sit on the naughty step for a month.
datingsas (11 months ago)
Are you running yours at 120v to have to turn the air compressor on and off. I am thinking of getting one but only have access to 120v in my garage.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Jaques Daniels Spot on! and as usual your comment had me chuckling about cutting your your bench in half! It's true, cut every damn thing you can find just because you can! Be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy when you cut the hole for wife's sun roof ;)
Joe Briggs (1 year ago)
Nice Brandon is this model noisy?
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Joe Briggs when your not cutting it just has a quiet fan that runs. When you cut it gets louder from the air running through it
OGAREW (1 year ago)
The first like from me! Hello, Brandon, good buy, congratulations !!! I also have another purchase in the queue! Check the mail. Good creativity, desire and opportunities!
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
OGAREW thank you and congratulations!

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