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Sheet metal working machines.wmv

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hand made restor (19 days ago)
ನವೀನ್ K (2 months ago)
Hi I want more details Sheet Edge Beading thickness Flange height? Available in india Cost of the machine? Thanks Regards [email protected]
Hessien Elsabaa (2 months ago)
I want to communicate with a company representative
novack freitas (3 months ago)
qual o valor destas maquinas entregue no Brasil
Chin Nguyen (3 months ago)
Pestology Combines (3 months ago)
Can you contact me +91 8296426663
Asd Qwe (4 months ago)
عاوز اعرف أسعار الأجهزة دى عشان عاوز اشترى
m. subekti (5 months ago)
what´s the name of the machine in minute 1:29?, i need it this for my drill
Fateh Haroune (4 months ago)
m. subekti bourdouse fesouse
Jorge Vargas (6 months ago)
En bolivia donde se puede adquirir
Marulloh Tambun (7 months ago)
jacketing pipe insulation https://youtu.be/_ytaBwQLSCU
Ramakar Singh (7 months ago)
Hi This is Ramakar Singh I am looking Slotted angle Storage making machine in similar way
Roll Former (9 months ago)
Good working machine
Iron Jackson (10 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the adapter at 1:28?
Ibrahim Ansari (11 months ago)
Pankaj Desai (11 months ago)
Pl send more videos of modular m.s.box machine
QuAnG♡▪Cáo (1 year ago)
I want buy
QuAnG♡▪Cáo (1 year ago)
I vietnam
Lalit Kumar (1 year ago)
ryan mcconnell (1 year ago)
this is the smallest viewer to commenter ratio i’ve ever seen
Sir i want bending roling cutting mws machine 8970011661 please replyme
باحالترین کاردنیا
NIRANJAN SAHOO (1 year ago)
I Niranja sahoo I am interested that mechanic please call me mobile no 9938312701 / 9090980249
raj kumar (1 year ago)
what's the name of the steel
Arshad Nazir (1 year ago)
I need elbow maker machine 0506210068 if uu have contact me
Cristian Diaz (1 year ago)
Hello. What is the name of the machine on 1:55. Thanks.
nitr0 (1 year ago)
This is Flanging Device from Schwartmanns. It's accesories to SMA 56/80
Ictcs Ltd (2 years ago)
how can we get machines in india. Please give cost price and detail.
foreigner 503 (2 years ago)
hi do you have dealer in el salvador or centro america
Kellie Wood (2 years ago)
Wow I really like these machines. I doubt I can afford any of them but maybe I can make simpler versions for myself with my everlast and some elbow grease.
Zebedeu Pascoal (2 years ago)
é possível fazer a entrega destas em Africa (ANGOLA)
tania arias (2 years ago)
Hola Buenas Noches, estaba viendo este vídeo y estoy interesada en la cortadora de lamina tipo cola de caimán que aparece a un principio, quiero saber si me puede brindar el precio, que espesor de lamina corta y cuanto tiene de largo, si me puede dar información se los agradecería mucho, espero respuesta porfavor. Gracias
very nice
JACKIE_UC (2 years ago)
what´s the name of the machine in minute 1:55?, i need it
nitr0 (1 year ago)
This is Flanging Device from Schwartmanns. It's special accesories to SMA
PAULO LEAL (1 year ago)
JACKIE_UC in Brazil name is Frizadeira chapas
Abu Ahmed Bin Sadiq (2 years ago)
dealer in pakistan
Adilson g alencar (2 years ago)
qual o valor dessa maquina posto brasil com todas despesa
Yai Big (2 years ago)
Do you have dealer in thailand ?
Noel Basil (2 years ago)
Yai Big
Rajendra Durgad (3 years ago)
Do you have dealer in India?
Vaibhav Jadhav (3 years ago)
Do you have dealer in India?
عبد الحكيم (2 years ago)
PEPE SALINAS (3 years ago)
khan kasim (2 years ago)
hi sir I am in India work is GI duct fabricator 918879257353
Noel Basil (2 years ago)
it would be better if u mention the name of the process.....any way nice work
T3 PRESSNPRESSTECH (4 years ago)
please shear drgs if you can
T3 PRESSNPRESSTECH (4 years ago)
L Cruzier (4 years ago)
me interesa saber sobre la maquina de cortar circulos de lamina' como la consigo'
L Cruzier (4 years ago)
@Luis Cruz me gustaria Q' fuera manual chiquita.. para hacer el circulo como de 3 pulgadas'
Tomáš Prachař (4 years ago)
ten nástavec na akuvrtačku je božíííí !!!
Frank The Rabbit (4 years ago)
Dude awesome!! Cheers from texas.
Bill Dong (4 years ago)
Manufacturer here: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/10-Price-off-Shearing-Machine-with_2009833534.html     
Aymen Faras (2 years ago)
Bill Don g
Apolo Ayag (4 years ago)
Do you had Dealer here in Manila Philipines? I was interested to Buy your Product...
Fabian Ledesma (4 years ago)
Dealers in Ecuador ?
Paulo Farias (4 years ago)
Sou representante de Vendas de máquinas no Rio de Janeiro ( BRASIL) Tenho cliente para justamente estas máquinas deste vídeo. Podemos fechar uma parceria. E-mail: [email protected]/ Tel: (21) 99607-2002 / 98461-1807 / 3837-1745
PAUL GUEVARA (2 years ago)
Qué tal Paulo, si tú vendes estas máquinas por favor comunícate a mi whatsapp 593 990 715485.
Harpreet Sahni (4 years ago)
can any body send the information,how round shaped sheet metal doors are made.
Sunil Patel (5 years ago)
send your price list
Ande Ltda (5 years ago)
Me podrían indicar el valor y forma de comprar el taladro portátil rebordeador (DeWalt) y cuales son los accesorios de piezas que contempla. Soy de Chile y espero atento su respuesta.
Russ Hsu (5 years ago)
Hi Sir Can I have your e-mail and contact people. I am very interesting for your machine,
Hola me gusto cuanto cuesta gracias
quisiera saber el precio de la pestañadora y cortadora circular y como es posible su compra soy de peru...gracias..
Suresh dt (5 years ago)
i want these machine price list send me
And how can these machines can be purchased? do not tell me?
melkamu taye (6 years ago)
i like to this kind video
trespire (6 years ago)
Wow, what a mouthful ! Haha. Googled it, learned something new. Cheers
Tib Qu (6 years ago)
Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft o_O google it, i won't explain =D
Javier Vidoza (6 years ago)
Increidible, these worker don't use gloves,
trespire (6 years ago)
Perfectly logical. What would be the longest real "word" in German? or a really long one !
Tib Qu (6 years ago)
well, "sheet metal working machine" is one thing.. so we write it as one word. kinda makes sense right? =D
maxdeniel (6 years ago)
0:01 german language WTF?
Suresh dt (6 years ago)
i am in India i want buy this machine price of sawing how by were i get it [email protected] .com my mail i d send the details. thk
Thanh nguyễn hữu (6 years ago)
Thật hoàn hảo?Bằng cách nào để có sản phẩm nà[email protected]
Dhepak Murale (6 years ago)
humzathecreator (6 years ago)
me to !!!!!
Steven Jennings (7 years ago)
Cool stuff informational yes!!!

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