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Pink Floyd - Julia Dream (1968)

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Pink Floyd - Relics (EMI Japan TOCP-8792) - 1995. Animações excelentes: "L'anima mavì" 2009 by Julia Gromskaya (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hArG7ukz-uU), "Piccola mare" 2003 by Simone Massi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkZeQwWFO5o), "Trichrome Blue" by Lois Van Baarle & HKU (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY8ODmqCJDc). Link (Flac) http://thinkfloyd61.blogspot.com.br/2014/01/pink-floyd-relics-1972-emi-japan-tocp.html
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Hanna Marin (22 hours ago)
my dad used to sing this to me when i was little bc my name is julia ❤️
Кто мне вернёт пора,где всё понятно?
Hermoso y sublime.
Antoniu Ille (3 days ago)
How can you dislike this song?!....for real...
F B (5 days ago)
Its been awhile. A real while
Franka Bozickovic (5 days ago)
What's The Story behind this song ?
Nonow (7 days ago)
Sublime... que ce soit l'image ou la musique ♥ j'adore l'image de la jeune fille qui dort avec le chat !
H H (7 days ago)
#7054-ON/10025 (NYC)
FlexibleAtheist 696 (8 days ago)
Never heard this song before; what a pleasant surprise. Amazing video for this.
Eerie, dark, beautiful, ...I weep.
ME (9 days ago)
Animation captures that far off time so beautifully...........................I am almost there..........In fact, I close my eyes and day-dream......and I am there, again, forever.................
Thank u very much! I'd be looking your clips couple of mouths and will waiting for another ones... This movie is reminding me myself and my experience. So much love Syd and his songs...
Fazn OG (9 days ago)
Dedicated to my queen of my dreams 🌹Oksina🌹 Alejandro.
Flávia Santoro (10 days ago)
Wow this video looks sooooo new
Garret Roland (10 days ago)
Walter white (10 days ago)
christophe nadolny (11 days ago)
It's Fred World !! (french comics= Philemon)
Marisa Mammino (11 days ago)
Es tan bello!!! En mi 💙 siempre!!
Etienne ROUX (11 days ago)
Great moment
A GG (12 days ago)
Is this a official video?
Rog Nick (12 days ago)
2019 still feels like the good old days
Израэла Israel (13 days ago)
Beautyful song
Luna Lux (13 days ago)
In love with the animation.
Tonmoy Ghagra (13 days ago)
It's about 'Julia Dream'
Emma Colin (13 days ago)
beautiful flute <3
Internauta Aleatório (13 days ago)
Amir Amirie (13 days ago)
Lorena Vergara (13 days ago)
Muy buen temazo y la animación genial
adam lowry (14 days ago)
Why dont I have this? Where did this come from damnit?
adam lowry (14 days ago)
Someone explain this to me. Pink floyd means more than the world to me, where the fuck did this come from???
marc barnils riera (14 days ago)
Pink Floyd is my favorite band.
Sonia Crémona (14 days ago)
whaou!!!!! c'est magnifique !!!!! 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
남성이진구 (15 days ago)
goooooooooooooooooooood i
NatureNate&3FtSnake (15 days ago)
Hello Julia’s of the world
Dani Soldier (15 days ago)
Piscoldelia <3 BR's?!
Eryck Owens (15 days ago)
How have I never heard this before!?!?!?!
karisma3211 (14 days ago)
Nery Juárez González (15 days ago)
Es demasiado arte ♥️
MATTE Genovese (16 days ago)
this song is amazing
Elisa Vieira (16 days ago)
Beautiful xxx
Joe Peaceman (16 days ago)
Wow. Amazing animation. Never listened this track, I’m instantly in love with it now.
Jedi Bunny (16 days ago)
My aunt had a stroke several months ago~ in her mind it’s the late 1970s— her sons are little boys and her parents are alive. Pink Floyd is her favourite band. Her hair is flowing and fiery red; her eyes sparkling green in her mind, but when she looks in the mirror she is an elderly woman lost and alone. Her sons live far, far away and haven’t seen her in decades. Neither have I. She moved away when I was little and never really kept in touch. In the years prior to her stroke, she began painting vibrant, beautiful art, very similar to the art in this... I wish I could show her this video.
ahmed had (14 days ago)
Oh yeah!!
Juan Jose Perez (16 days ago)
Surrealismo = Pink Floyd
contrafax (17 days ago)
Sunlight bright upon my pillow Lighter than an eiderdown Will she let the weeping willow Wind his branches round? Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams Every night I turn the light out Waiting for the velvet bride Will the scaly armadillo Find me where I’m hiding? Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams Will the misty master break me? Will the key unlock my mind? Will the following footsteps catch me? Am I really dying? Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams (Please save me!) Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams (Please save me!) Julia dream, dreamboat queen Queen of all my dreams (Please save me!)
Julia Kot (17 days ago)
Piękna piosenka Karol. Ale chodźmy już spać proszę.
ploom cake (17 days ago)
Is this a single? If not from wich album is from?
STDNT (18 days ago)
I really hate the delay on the vocals but this is a great song
Beyza Uyanık (18 days ago)
Alıp götürüyor sanki 💜
actaeruce richie (18 days ago)
very nice song . sung by gilmour. from album Relics very nice reverb and slid guitar with the echos en Mellotron flute simple song with arrangement with many echoes and reverb and the bass arrives after. in the late 70s early I listened to song 10 times a day .we feel the esprits of cyd .it is very strange that this song is been written by waters
Dime TheDude (18 days ago)
Greatest rock band of all time
Слава Украине даже здесь кушать
Shirley São Paulo (19 days ago)
⏺ Um Bonito Poema!❗ (Inspirado no Original da Obra Musical do Pink Floyd - objeto da presente apresentação) Julia Dream Ela sonha com os olhos da noite. Ela é a Julia, a menina que sonha. Ela quer buscar as estrelas e pregar nas paredes do seu pequeno quarto. Julia sonha e risonha é.  Ela quer voar, ela quer.  Ela quer sonhar com isso!  Ela fecha os olhos, risonha é.  Julia é um sonho, ela quer ser. Viver de nuvens e sobrevoar  ao invés de apenas sobreviver.  Por isso é que ela está a sonhar! Sonhadora, menina, Julia é.  Julia é o sonho que eu sonho. Suponho, não vou acordá-la.  (dorme meus olhos da noite)  Juan Vieira.
Edilson Campêlo (14 days ago)
nossa que lindo
GOLOSO massas Fos (15 days ago)
Obrigado !
GOLOSO massas Fos (15 days ago)
Obrigado !
Debbie Padilla (19 days ago)
alik ivasiv (19 days ago)
Great project
Elmir Elmir (19 days ago)
SEÑOR X (19 days ago)
SnipeZeroes (20 days ago)
The cat is cute
Hunter Graciano (20 days ago)
Gives me chills every time
SLOUDLY 808 (20 days ago)
Imma sample this !
FoxWolf666 (21 days ago)
Homero Elizondo (21 days ago)
roger waters is an asshole, a total asshole
tanvir ahmed (22 days ago)
2019 ? No one ?
Anna Angela (23 days ago)
I'm okay
Piękna animacja w kolorze marzenia Julii dziękuję bardzo
1111starseed (24 days ago)
this song is so pretty
蔡俊賢 (25 days ago)
kamila (25 days ago)
i promise to sing this to my kids every night before sleep when i have them
Beyzanur (26 days ago)
Sen ne güzel bir şarkısın yav bambaşka alemlere aktım dinlerken..
Yulchatay (29 days ago)
My name is Yuliya😺
π о /\ u нa (29 days ago)
Here it is, real music
Scooby Carr (29 days ago)
Even though Roger Waters composed this piece, it was David Gilmour's first foray as the vocalist along with backing vocals by Richard Wright.
MrMaffuccio (29 days ago)
senza Syd Barrett i pink forse nn sarebbero mai nati .... pace alla sua anima <3
Iris Rise (29 days ago)
Слушаю уже какой один. Это восхитительно, теплая прекрасная мотив, увлекательная анимация. Просто завораживает!
Julio Criollo (30 days ago)
I wish I were woman
josh zalewski (30 days ago)
Theres another floyd song that sound kinda similar to this but I cant remember what it was called...
josh zalewski (30 days ago)
Remember a day is what I was thinking. It has a similar summer chill vibe to it
Pepe (1 month ago)
кушать кто от Хесуса ?
PochLe (1 month ago)
i killed julia
ölecek yaştayız (1 month ago)
Amına koyim atakan.
Mani Vasu (1 month ago)
When this song reach billion likes that's the time world would be out of crimes
Mani Vasu (1 month ago)
When this song reach billion likes that's the time world would be out of crimes
Bruno Viana (1 month ago)
Amo esse nome, amo essa música. =)
the real koishi Komeji (1 month ago)
Back when music could actually make you feel sad
RevealtheReal (1 month ago)
Made a playlist for my little girl, Julia. She falls asleep to it so fast sometimes.
uphollandlatic (1 month ago)
Great treatment. Well done,
FLASHAHOLICS (1 month ago)
There is a version where Rick Wight sings the chorus.
0-Level UNIX Monk (1 month ago)
Julia Dream - Pink Floyd (1968)
Martha Grey (1 month ago)
William Arnold (1 month ago)
This was the very first song David Gilmour sang lead vocals on in Pink Floyd
Alive (1 month ago)
Lascia una traccia se passi di qua
Mani Vasu (1 month ago)
Somehow I come here followed by comfortably numb , everytime
Mani Vasu (1 month ago)
What's wrong with me on every sunshine I need to listen this song, else my sun is getting doomed
Love the animation , top tune
Marko Djondras (1 month ago)
Don Fogerty (1 month ago)
Mani Vasu (1 month ago)
Wish you were here, comfortably numb and Julia's dream are master piece which cannot be cracked for another million years
Courtney Joplin (1 month ago)
My drug
Bob Hope (1 month ago)
Fuck you nd your ads idc if you said it was their song u shpouldnt be able to monitize their work

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