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How to get sponsored as a small channel

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Can we get 10 Likes????! gaming,sponsorship,xbox sponsorship,sponsorship,sponsorship gaming, blackops 2 gameplay Want a new controller? Scuf to expensive? Check out Cinch Gaming- http://cinchgaming.com/ Use code ALLIANCE for 5% off Get your own minecraft server from astral game servers! http://billing.astralgameservers.com/aff.php?aff=103 Use code ALLIANCE Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/mrdeathsparky?sub_confirmation=1 Minecraft Server! My twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/mrdeathsparky zypher youtube- http://www.youtube.com/zypher634 Tanner youtube- http://www.youtube.com/tanner2shots Kontrol Freak- 5000 subs, top 18 team ladder Scuff Gaming- top 12 team ladder Remember to stay determined! Don't get down on yourself if someone says no! Keep at it. --- How to get sponsored How to get sponsored How to get sponsored Gaming sponsorship youtube sponsorship controller sponsorship server hosting
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Text Comments (52)
Bemvys (4 years ago)
Nice vid man this helped I subbed
AwesomeGamer13 (4 years ago)
Do they pay you or do you have to pay them?
SB (4 years ago)
How many subs do u need to get Astros sponsor
Blxmo (4 years ago)
And can you get me some subs like give a shoutout
Blxmo (4 years ago)
What are the codes for and can I get your code
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
all codes are in the desctiptions!  They are for a discounted price on all products.
Blxmo (4 years ago)
I'm only at like 15 or 16 subs is there a Sponser that might pick me at this level?
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
Just keep working hard at it, as he said cinch has no reqs. so you can try them,  but keep working at it.
Arzis (4 years ago)
No requirements for CinchGaming, just go to their website and you get an instant coupon code for yourself.
nicholas white (4 years ago)
Critical Gaming (4 years ago)
Hey thank you for making that video hopefully I can get sponsored if you can can people that watch this video sub to me to cause that will benefit for all right? And I'm a way smaller channel too so if you guys can help me out I would be very happy and thank you spark yes I just came arctics your video I subscribed and like and yes I did enjoy if you can give me a shout out I can give you one too?
Critical Gaming (4 years ago)
what do you mean?
Rainbow SheepFTW (4 years ago)
What's the email of the company
BeastFilms (4 years ago)
200feet away form the mic ....
Diogo Esteves (4 years ago)
Do you have any sponser that you could present to me
Red mcKnight (4 years ago)
That sound doh
ManthiiGaming (4 years ago)
i liked your video helped me a lot thanks. Your videos are quality videos.keep it up
IndecisivePug (4 years ago)
Hey buddy I have a small gaming channel, I play minecraft only at the moment and would like to invite you to my private server please respond with your minecraft user name or private message me, thanks sir out
Lazyy (4 years ago)
what should i do for getting sponsered? my dream is to be sponsered anything that is what i want but i need help pls help me
listerial (4 years ago)
@MrDeathsparky do you have any others??? Thanks.
Lazyy (4 years ago)
what do i get sponsered by cinchgaming
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
try out www.cinchgaming.com
MuchScrubGaming (4 years ago)
Do you no of any company's that need exposure that would be willing to sponsor a small channel with about 100 subscribers? Thanks!
Cap Capington (4 years ago)
I really appreciate the message you sent out. Not to get discouraged when you get turned down and to keep doing what you like, and keeping consistency. This video is pretty helpful. Hopefully your channel will really take off soon! It's got lots off potential!
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
Thank you man, I really appreciate your kind words
Brendanator (4 years ago)
im your 414th sub! lol
Brian Quiroz (4 years ago)
I've got sponsored
Brian Quiroz (4 years ago)
@MrDeathsparky thanks that means alot and congrats to u
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
congrats man!
ChupChupTv (4 years ago)
XD lol better than optic that voice was so hilarious XD +1 sub! Bro
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
Thanks man I appreciate it
Bleu (4 years ago)
Should I try razer
imImpuhlses (5 years ago)
what's your skype?
JustinSTeam2 (5 years ago)
Nice Video thanks for the tips but im only at 910 subs and so im having trouble getting sponsor ship 
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
@JustinSTeam2 Thanks a lot!
JustinSTeam2 (5 years ago)
@MrDeathsparky ok i just added you
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
@JustinSTeam2 sure thing man, if you need anything else, feel free to dm me or add on skype
JustinSTeam2 (5 years ago)
@MrDeathsparky thanks also wanna add each other to are featured channels list?
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
@JustinSTeam2 glad I could help out man.  Keep up the good work.
TH3L0N3W0LF (5 years ago)
Great job man I just made my channel and was searching for different tips and tricks and this definetly helped me out keep up the good work
MrDeathsparky (4 years ago)
@SG-edits ?
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
no problem! good luck with everything!
Jon Stark (5 years ago)
no problem! good luck with everything!
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comments everyone!
MJL (5 years ago)
The Blazing XIII (5 years ago)
Thx for the tips

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