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Chappers TV ft. Marty Friedman - Episode 32

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Chappers TV - Episode 32 Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0 Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars. I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo. Twitter: twitter.com/robchapmanmusic Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialrobchapman Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0
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Text Comments (103)
Heath Brinker (3 days ago)
im rich person and cool boy
Paul C (4 days ago)
The head and the boat got everyone I think, it deffo got me......I was 8 :-0
thrashfan4ever (5 days ago)
thrashfan4ever (5 days ago)
you say your mom aint home just dont play with me or you might get burned wouldnt u rather have a toasty fire mr ROB +
Ute Castronoova (5 days ago)
Fuck what a sausage fest.....wankers.
Randy Willcox (5 days ago)
Welcome to the Chapman family, Andy! I love seeing Martin casually tear up a fretboard. It's so great to see an amp builder who can really play! 🙌🏻
Gary Heighway (5 days ago)
Marty Friedman's picking style is so damn unique
Brazen NL (5 days ago)
Doing good things with good people. That's my motto. Good luck with the new job!
Timothy Mueller (5 days ago)
Big trouble in little China shirt for the win. ❤️
Dark Side of Synth (5 days ago)
Holy flaming smokes! Marty MF*in' Friedman!
Dustin Mink (5 days ago)
Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN70OHktQAY Brendon Small Prophecy of the Lazer Witch if you like that tapping harmonics stuff. The intro is killer.
Sarklord (5 days ago)
congrats for finally having met Marty!
David B Berg (6 days ago)
Congrats Robb on the new miracle coming your way!! If the old man here can offer some sage advice...above all give them your time, they are your greatest treasures, and need it like air to breathe. Take it from an ambitious man and empty nester, record everything you can and evey moment you can, because they are priceless, and there are no replays. Be espcially careful not to blink your eyes, or you'll find them tear filled at their graduation ceremony, wondering where the time went from when you brought them to Kindergarten until then. How exciting Mr. Robb! Cheers!
Chris Poore (6 days ago)
Thanks for the lesson. I’m leaning heavy towards buying bea sig. but I really want a L.P.
Chris Poore (6 days ago)
I’m feeling great bro. Thanks for asking.
Garth Zoller (6 days ago)
Marty Friedman, geez-louise, what in the world?! Other-worldly guitar powers, actually... so awesome! I have a theory Marty doesn't actually know how to play the guitar all that well... instead, he gets mostly bum notes, bends them all into sense, and thus developed his "signature sound." jk... :-) . #loveMartyFriedman
Bat77100 (6 days ago)
Congratulations on the new kid .
Ryan Bazail (6 days ago)
i love the scenes album too rob. tibet and angel are especially amazing tracks
Perfecto De Castro (6 days ago)
I smile broadly everytime I see Martin Kidd play 😁
guitarrock58 (6 days ago)
Rob please update us on new Dorje material!!!
LangsfordMusic ltd (6 days ago)
a "cornucopia of lickery".....haha....a most excellent description Rob.
Zsolt Sápi (6 days ago)
Probably I'm the only guy on Youtube who didn't tremolo pick the notes at 14:23. Turns out I was right the whole time, yay.
repsid (6 days ago)
Was there when Marty played Tornado for us, will be etched in my memory till the day I die. Good to see you and the Captian too!!!!
Mark Shields (6 days ago)
I remember enjoying music for speeding too. Marty's incredible. Speaking of Marty...and Martin (who was playing quite well i might add) Marty sounded pretty amazing thru whichever countess, duchess, thinga-ma-doodle (technical term) that was.
6inline (6 days ago)
Love your work Chapelle, however MF's ToS solo made me wet myself. Watching for a fourth time. Fifth.
JohnJ Gibson6 (6 days ago)
Definitely and Awesome Dude, Keep Doin What Your Doin And Never Change 👍👍🎶🎶🎸Chapman Rocks World Wide. The Chapman Experience Nothin Finer.
Michael Mitchell (6 days ago)
Great video as usual man!... God bless with the new baby comimg
CodyAlushin (6 days ago)
Ah...this is the Chappers we know and love :)
Lasse Huhtala (6 days ago)
Now I gotta go watch Jaws... O.o
Ehrmann Gregsson (6 days ago)
Chapman's videos should be in 3D to watch those beautiful pick throws
Visceral Abomination (6 days ago)
I should look up 10 shred licks by Marty and let his influence shine in my filthy fingers
I love it!
chhau123 (6 days ago)
damn, Martin can play
Joe Olsen (6 days ago)
San Luis Obispo is the area where I live. I've lived in SLO county for the past 18 years and just got myself a ML1 Standard to start playing some electric guitar (been mainly a bass guitar and acoustic guitar player). Thanks for what you do Rob.
The Fixation 500 (6 days ago)
I just found your channel a few months back. Your guitars sound amazing. Love the blindfold andertons videos too!
RockerRobin (6 days ago)
Cosmomusic.ca has there Chapman guitars half off grab em while you can 971$ CAN on the ghost fret pro 7s for example
Zach A (6 days ago)
Are you away from family often or is it about equal to a 9-5?
Paul Rodrigues (7 days ago)
Robthony Chaptano, the internets busiest guitar nerd
Kkorkykatt (7 days ago)
Hey Rob, i discovered you( well your channel) a few months ago & i have been going through your videos, very informative & entertaining . (sneak in off topic question here) Ok i used to play bass years ago and was at best passable, now in my later years , i have more free time & i wanted to continue playing, BUT this time i wanted to learn the guitar (masochist, i know), so here is my question: I have visited my local store and they have a brand new in it's box candy apple Standard strat (SSS) for about 200 euro cheaper that the newer equivalent player series strat, should i go for the standard or shell out the extra dosh for the player model?(i know the differences between the both models-i've done my homework) I also know about the theories with regards to buying a cheaper guitar etc, BUT i agree with you on the point that if one can afford a more expensive model, JUST GET IT IF YOU LIKE!. That having been said, i would be interested in your feedback. Look forward to hearing your reply sometime soon, many thanks.
Kkorkykatt (6 days ago)
Thanks very much for your reply-much appreciated. They are both strats-its just im trying to tap into your VAST experience with regards to buying the cheaper Standard strat or the more expensive player version :
Rob Chapman (6 days ago)
Kkorkykatt Buy the thing that makes you most excited to play :-)
Sean Anderer (7 days ago)
Best day of my life, when Marty Friedman followed me on Instagram.. worst day, when he unfollowed me
Ethan Ballard (7 days ago)
I know right 😂
Hawkeye83627 (7 days ago)
I love Marty Friedman. Especially because he made my favorite anime opening.
Hawkeye83627 (6 days ago)
+Topkek M8 Perfect World, opening for "B, The Beginning"
Topkek M8 (7 days ago)
Which one?
evilution (7 days ago)
Marty is an absolute legend, such a nice guy.
Wesley Harding (7 days ago)
Anyone else here especially for Marty Friedman?
pug party!!! (7 days ago)
Yeah. Marty is a legend. He is basically everything you wana play in your head but he actually does.
lyrasimo (7 days ago)
only one guitar club member here , feelsbadman.
Squidward's Testicles (6 days ago)
Only 2 guitars club here, feelsSlightlyLessBadMan
Andrew Tschuta (7 days ago)
Honestly for all the love the solo in Tornado of Souls gets the solo in Five Magics is where it's at for me.
André Johansen (6 days ago)
Lucretia, Tornado and Family Tree are my faves....and a shitload of others.
Andrew Tschuta (7 days ago)
Also Marty and Dave sound completely unlike each other it would be difficult to confuse the 2 in my opinion. Where as Dave is more of the traditional rock n' roll type of guitarist Marty is very exotic and out of this world he's unlike anyone I've ever heard before.
Andrew Tschuta (7 days ago)
+Laurits Kaaber No I mean this orgasmic little bit right here. https://youtu.be/Ctic1jq__u8?t=177
Laurits Kaaber (7 days ago)
Andrew Tschuta the last solo in that song is played by Mustaine if that is the one you are speaking of
Chris ACT (7 days ago)
That Marty Kid can play. Really tasteful stuff there. He could probably make a career in music. ;)
PLAYERS FIRST (7 days ago)
I refurbish guitars for a living really got a feel for what people want and Chapman is doing it from the factory!! Love you guys, I would love to work for you in the states. Or get you in some smaller local shops here in the US. I think if Randy Rhoads were alive he would have advanced his academics in music and then went off to running a guitar company like Chapman. You are awesome from a Rob to a Rob CHEERS !!!
John Sturm (7 days ago)
Another Chapman offspring arriving in the world? Congrats to you and the (expanding ) family. That's awesome news Sir!
Scott Link (7 days ago)
Chappers, you rock!!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!
Andy Lord (7 days ago)
Martin Kid's got a great touch and feel. first time i've ever seen him play
RoathRipper (7 days ago)
HINT: better title, Chappers Chatters.
Brian Para (7 days ago)
“Scenes” is an epic album. 👍
Ell Leigh (7 days ago)
It’s pretty fascinating that ghost fret really inspired what chapman is now. When you made that smaller bodied explorer with awesome pick ups and a kick ass headstock, you could tell it was immediately everyone’s favourite chapman, just from all the docs and other videos filmed. Always interesting to see the company and brand grow, always excited to see what’s coming despite still not having bought a mainline chapman haha.
Yoseph McJoe (7 days ago)
Hark! The heralded return of Chappers TV has been fulfilled, what a joyous day! Rob, I was just wondering, do you still own the ES Les Paul, Georgia?
Robbi Rose (7 days ago)
Andy seems like he was in the army or a copper.
BAM Mözzi (7 days ago)
I bought Scenes when it released - such a great instrumental album and very different from Megadeth...
ParaNatural Podcast (7 days ago)
Man, Chap, I'm DIGGIN the Lo Pan shirt, gotta get one of those! Did you see the "Big Trouble" comics? Of course you did, lol... What did you think of 'em?
Alex Ainsworth (7 days ago)
Awesome 👍👍👍
stanislavmigra (7 days ago)
The more I hear people playing thru Orange amps, the more I like them <3 More love for Orange please :D
Jack Muskrat (7 days ago)
Massively warm welcome to Andy. Here's to seeing more of him in the future...or not? I think some sneaky ninja filming of Andy will be required.
Paul B (7 days ago)
tornado is probably one of the top 5 metal solos ever =0 had the same situation in Luxembourg at the masterclass where the same situation came up but someone basically wanted to hear it, there's no escape i found it really interesting to see the amount of hybrid picking he actually does to accentuate certain notes, very cool dude in any case, Paul Gilbert next? ;)
Stef K (7 days ago)
Andertons already did an interview with Paul Gilbert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PxX7plLKIc
Jimmy Jonsson (7 days ago)
Thumbs up for Marty kid!
RonDicken1971 (7 days ago)
Hell yeah! Jaws is my favorite movie as well!
Jaws is a classic film, Andy has taste ("here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women")
+stanislavmigra I would also call BTILC a classic.... :) not kidding! Not the best though.
stanislavmigra (7 days ago)
Everyone knows, that the best film of all films is Big trouble in little China :D :D :D just kidding ...
theqrokz (7 days ago)
That ambient tone with the Mesa and the ML2 is pure gold!
b a d s o y (7 days ago)
Vidar van Amstel probably the inbuilt one
Vidar (7 days ago)
+Rob Chapman what reverb did you use ?
Rob Chapman (7 days ago)
theqrokz That’s the clean channel with a Snake Oil “The Very Thing” :-)
Aura Guitar Music (7 days ago)
Hi friend, great video! Greetings from Barcelona
Frank Meffert (7 days ago)
I like how you put your Victory cab into your fire place :D :D :D it's almost as if Victory was there before you moved in to check all the fire places so that their cabs fit perfectly
Squidward's Testicles (6 days ago)
It really does fit perfectly lol
nicodabastard (7 days ago)
Hey Rob could you do a cover of bring me everyone by mustache please I have a feeling your voice would be fucking epic for their songs.
9wen Wilson (7 days ago)
you should call these a "fire-side chat" , since your at the chimney stuffed w/ a smoking amp, ha !!
Mark G (7 days ago)
Interesting vid as always Rob. One question though. Where did you get your t-shirt (The blue one with the face)? I love that!
ParaNatural Podcast (7 days ago)
Oh, yeah... I'm diggin that... It's Lo Pan from "Big Trouble In Little China"... My favorite movie... If you've never seen it, look it up...
Aaron Novotny (7 days ago)
When are you gonna upload a video of you playing the indestructible guitar?
Rob Chapman (7 days ago)
Aaron Novotny in a few days :-)
Boss_Guy26 (7 days ago)
He's got some ugly guitars lol
Not Sosig Ramsey (7 days ago)
WhatSideOfTheBed DidYouWakeUpOn that is also your oppinion
+Not Sosig Ramsey Ibanez is the best.
Not Sosig Ramsey (7 days ago)
WhatSideOfTheBed DidYouWakeUpOn That is your oppinion
Jone vettu (7 days ago)
have a good day sir!
Guitarded (7 days ago)

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