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Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

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Text Comments (96056)
Kelly Da Cat ツ (31 minutes ago)
Maisha Tasnim (1 hour ago)
I was thinking, today I'm gonna try to listen some soft pop music. After 0.99 seconds- "I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one, and I walk alone" I tried a lot, but I can't listen to the pop things. I've born in a wrong generation...
kalkku kliru (2 hours ago)
When you're The last one to Be chosen to a team.
camelo (2 hours ago)
What part of the world do you come green day
Dipayan Dey (3 hours ago)
You will never walk alone with Liverpool
Octo David (4 hours ago)
Someday soon JoJo fans will be here
Rouge one (5 hours ago)
Looking back, this song was INCREDIBLY emo but I don't mind
Faiyaz Ishraqmasud (5 hours ago)
Billie Joe: *I walk a lonely road* His 2 band mates: *Pinches him*
The true Cthulhu (7 hours ago)
I’m paralyzed in my legs so I roll alone😂🅱️🅱️😐
Lord Tullus 9 (7 hours ago)
Soon, they will come... Soon... This Boulevard will have one dream: To Rise above the Boss of Passione!! (That's Jojo-speak for Look out, the jojo fans are comming)
TheLennyChannel (7 hours ago)
1:18 When someone shits on the pool just for attention.
Iqbal Fitri (8 hours ago)
Why is everything moulding from the ground up?
GN Oliveira (8 hours ago)
*BR 2028* ???
Justin Kreuser (8 hours ago)
Who else listening in 2024?
My fav song from green day bois!
Succy Succ Succ (10 hours ago)
This comment section will soon be taken over by the Jojo gang
Survival Team (10 hours ago)
Todos hablando del ayuwoki y se olvidan del poderoso wakalon
GuidoMista (11 hours ago)
why is there mold on me ????????!!!!!!!!!!
DunklerJägerZach (12 hours ago)
when berd post the betrayal video
Pixicron (12 hours ago)
Discovered this song a couple weeks ago, it sounds so freaking good
Spongebob Matrix (13 hours ago)
Itay Fishler (13 hours ago)
My favorite song ever
Damar Fauzi (14 hours ago)
Nice Song
Priyanshu Panwar (14 hours ago)
satansleftnut25 (14 hours ago)
I didn’t know Ray William Johnson was the lead singer of green day
I came because of the emo vibes and reasonably good instrumental I left because of an unknown reason I came back because of Berd Like if you came back because of Berd.
British Buffoons (15 hours ago)
When you're the walk a lonely road and it's the only road you've ever known.
Kristalyn Heath (16 hours ago)
#realible I’m lonely
Alessandro Zipponi (16 hours ago)
fanculo Consoli, va a succhiare i cazzi
Rivers Channel (17 hours ago)
Dudes behind u be like am I garbage to you? Btw u guys are my fav band and American idiot is my all time fav song!
Anthony Hardaway (17 hours ago)
Hey Hey!!! C’mon Greenday!!! 2019
Leon Scholl (18 hours ago)
Stop making jokes of this masterpiece!
Marcus Reasor (18 hours ago)
we you go to get a cup of coffeeand its empty
Commander Costas (21 hours ago)
WARNING People who enjoy Green Day and people who are here from old-school memes In a few weeks this comment section will be taken over by the JoJo fandom, brace yourselves
Yugi Tan (22 hours ago)
i am different, i walk alone
hendri suprapto (22 hours ago)
2099 ?
Vic Gomes (1 day ago)
I walk alone 😞
BlueStrom Gaming (1 day ago)
Who hears this in 2019 LIKE 😂
Jose Rdz (1 day ago)
Prepare. In a couple of weeks, this comment section will become property of the Jojo fandom.
Pixicron (10 hours ago)
+Jose Rdz Ooooh ok thanks for explaining :)
Jose Rdz (12 hours ago)
+Pixicron Green day and Oasis fight will be soon.
Pixicron (12 hours ago)
Why ?
Samantha Moreno (1 day ago)
Luke todavia duele demasiado que ya no estes
Brenda De Jesus (1 day ago)
I'm in that time of my life where I learned to walk alone.
renee singh (1 day ago)
HELLO I AM THE 315,058,000 viewer woo
Am I Dead Yet? (1 day ago)
When you have to walk to school alone.
Rohan Naqvi (1 day ago)
Dwight sang it better
Triandika 01 (1 day ago)
Codfish cover with beatbox It so cold
Adarsh Kotian (1 day ago)
The most emo song ever.
Zacharie Zacharie (1 day ago)
Everything below me is turning to mold
Ratticus Finch (1 day ago)
This song makes me want to go to Italy and become an insane surgeon. Gaining a giant muscle-bound watermelon ghost than can create a flesh-rotting mold. Then get a human pet who wears a yellow gimp-suit he calls "Oasis" that swims through the ground.
ivan Z (1 day ago)
2019 like
HgOST music (1 day ago)
Hello codfish fans
Jurxnator 27 (1 day ago)
Daylyt? Anyone?
jasmin rodriguez (1 day ago)
cool me encanta
CarlP DARK (1 day ago)
actualmente sigo escuchador esta canción ( 2019 ) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
soonho kwon (1 day ago)
Dogs: bark! Bark! Cats: meow! Meow! Retards: 2019? 2019?
Manuel Escalona (1 day ago)
2019 first time that i see the backdrop green (croma) hahaha
TK (1 day ago)
Y’all ever realize that’s the same car from the holiday video? In that video they rode it so crazy in holiday that it broke down
mangoose gaming (1 day ago)
Green Day: I walk alone 2 Dudes next to him: Am i a joke to you
turkey smiles (7 hours ago)
Uhh you mean mike dirnt and tre cool
I love both of your comments
Just Jack (15 hours ago)
Green day: I walk alone The two guys behind: *scoffs* turns around
Pirát silnic Tary (1 day ago)
A J Russo (1 day ago)
when your only love calls to invite you to her house, after previously telling you to drop dead, and you knock on the front door holding flowers while she opens the door wearing her wedding gown... ! !! !
Arntzlegi's Music (1 day ago)
When Ur the only fat guy in your school
Arntzlegi's Music (1 day ago)
When u have 0 subs
Azeneth Yumiko (1 day ago)
Quackid (1 day ago)
*I'M 13 AnD i StIll LiStEN tO ThIs*
Ashly Reyes (1 day ago)
BlueKnight 0310 (1 day ago)
Princemd Halarfowa (1 day ago)
Stufford (1 day ago)
2019 !
TheLightning Ro (1 day ago)
When you're the only kid who goes to school in the day before the Holiday
Yee Haw (1 day ago)
Me when I’m not invited to party’s
AirElytraDude (1 day ago)
When your girlfriend isn’t at school
When your hobby is dating the severed hands of your murder victims but you can't live a quiet life
When you don’t want to betray the boss but your homies beg to differ. RIP cheese man, already forgot his name.
Delta Sans (1 day ago)
MadScientist Sunovabitch Killa Queen daizan no bakudan: BITES ZA DASTO
Shawn Chu (2 days ago)
This tune really mesmerizes me 🎸🎵🎶😉🙂
Lonely Ghost (2 days ago)
When you have to endure a 7 page beatdown and end up dead in a trash compactor
Lavender Lavender (2 days ago)
Spoilers When the boss tells you to go take out the rogue mafia team but you end up in a garbage truck with a beetle in your head
panconlechuga :3 (2 days ago)
Mi mente memera no puede soportar ver tantos "when" lpm
roze Scott (2 days ago)
Cutting She want to cut But she can't So she draws fake cut marks on her. Body It is not the same thing Not do it everyone says She tried to resist it But she does it anyway It numb the pain for a bit In the long term it just scares her And does nothing   For the emotional pain She is saved for life Now hides my scars with tattoo So what am I to do Keep getting more tattoo  till I feel no pain at all So this is the true me just hide behind a mask and tell everyone I am doing well When deep down I am not On the inside I want to just cut more and more They say it is just a fase I will get over it How and when​ will I
Googoo101 (2 days ago)
When all the comments start with when... damn I fell into the trap too.
knew this song at 5 im 10 now and flipping still love it and im kinda a goth now
Speed Cola (2 days ago)
Cat: meow Dog: woof Pig: oink Retards: 2019? 2019?
Boom_Shakalaka 2625 (1 day ago)
Hotel: trivago
Boycott can vote, they are absolution "Adultries and Treason Treaties Analysis, have broken eggs for shoes, man-boycotted Show-man-Diesel-Writes-Along-with-A-pencil-Crayola during F.M.M's Heat-Wave" #XavierPictonReconnesianse #FvkTheAvrilzMachineIIX
Triston Powell (2 days ago)
When you forget where your classroom is.
Aiden Schwazrty (2 days ago)
city sleeps? there are fifty people in that one frame!
Aiden Schwazrty (2 days ago)
so you have two shadows, in full color, 3D, and that look nothing like you?
Viderxルイス (2 days ago)
See parece a gara
*BLACC* *PEPPPR* (2 days ago)
I walk a lonely road My two best band friends behind me
And also with dense population too!
ikra247 (2 days ago)
Will never stop listening to this 🧡
ThisIsSeals (2 days ago)
Mind.1.000Likes come on 😘
Snald (2 days ago)
Enjoy the normal comments while you still can
『Grumpy Jotaro』 (2 days ago)
I'm here before the anime only.
Blank Blank (2 days ago)
When you walk a lonely road, the only one you’ve ever known
Necmettin Aslan (2 days ago)
MaxPlaysGames (2 days ago)
That one moment when you don't start your joke with "when"
MaxPlaysGames (1 day ago)
Pineapple Videos and more that one moment when it be like that sometimes
That one moment when you get dislikes because you didn’t fit in the normie
Peuguin Guy (2 days ago)
Does anyone else hear i wore cologne
Elián Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Delta Sans (1 day ago)
Elián Gonzalez YES YES YES YES, YES!!!
Marco El Korashy (2 days ago)
When everyone keeps saying *"WHEN"* at the start of every comment.
Theodore Warren Jo (2 days ago)
When u walk on the front and other walk in different way
SxulCxllectxr (2 days ago)
Esta cancion es la ptm
Izhar Karim (2 days ago)
When my family plans for social gatherings
Tohru (2 days ago)

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