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Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

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Text Comments (97610)
Ivi Gon (21 minutes ago)
*i love you*
Yulei Anahi (40 minutes ago)
Raslan Omar (57 minutes ago)
When your gf just dumped you
Azul Garcia (59 minutes ago)
alguien mas viene por L de death note?
Major merc (3 hours ago)
Who is still here in 2019?
D Puch (3 hours ago)
July 2019 💗💖
SUPERNOVA (4 hours ago)
Im walking down the line, that divides me somewhere in my 🅱️rain.
sarah jae (4 hours ago)
Felt like watching the music video and went to the comments section to find area 51 comments wtf is going on
When your bestfriend doesn't come to school
Itz_Nia22 (5 hours ago)
When the teacher says to pick pairs in class and you look at your best friend but they're looking at someone else
that one girl 09 (7 hours ago)
If you walk alone then why tf are there two other people!?
Central Comedy (7 hours ago)
Music like this needs to come back
THE_EIKEL7_YT (7 hours ago)
WindBlaze Anims (9 hours ago)
That one quiet kid in class be like:
Mako LoveWeeDD (9 hours ago)
[hsty] xNick (14 hours ago)
When your the new guy in the hallway
{melanie mejia} (14 hours ago)
¿what os my name
Patrice Borchert (14 hours ago)
arrivederci_sanya (15 hours ago)
*G R E E N T E A*
ᅳsimplicitx. (15 hours ago)
Random_ _Content (16 hours ago)
Virgílio Netto (16 hours ago)
Saudades 😭😭😭
Francesco Sardella (16 hours ago)
i am punished just for beeing myself, everyone leaves me alone just because my desires are not convenient for them, my ideas of justice, humanity and equality are punished just because are not convenient for them, but it's known that to make everyone be ok you have to make scrifices....
Daniel Martínez Mena (16 hours ago)
Robert Breezy (17 hours ago)
John Cena Vive en Mí. 🙁💓
Sandra Čížová (18 hours ago)
UmShitposterQualqer (18 hours ago)
edgy .
ill eat yo children 667 (19 hours ago)
Yosh Yosh Yosh Yosh Yosh Yosh!
jesus santana (20 hours ago)
Ralfs Virkstenis (22 hours ago)
first song that i learned to play on drums. still love it
Pandicornia XD (22 hours ago)
Samu k (22 hours ago)
David Scott (23 hours ago)
Here cause jojo stand names
Danil Khamitov (23 hours ago)
Leon Contra (1 day ago)
When you rush b (CS:GO)
Still Listening On 20 July 2019
Gavin Kirby (1 day ago)
When ur the only one who didn’t get ur permission slip signed
Akshat Saurastri (1 day ago)
ProjectAwesomes (1 day ago)
rip censoring the Fucked Up part
2019 Thailand ❤
RadiuMOp (1 day ago)
Can i get to 100 subs help guyz ✌🏻 Have a great day Now this doesn't mean im begging If u like ma video then sub 🤗
Scott Lussier (1 day ago)
It's been a long while since I heard this 😳🔥👽🍻👏💯
irgendeinleben (1 day ago)
John lennon (1 day ago)
The vocalist of green day looks like christiano ronaldo the soccer plaryer😂😂
Wicca Bessa (1 day ago)
Good music but is not your best...
Auran Crash (1 day ago)
This singer's a liar. We can clearly see his shadow walking besides him. How is he alone?
When your friends play apex and you on fortnite
ashwin 350z (1 day ago)
Utterly TIMELESS !
Filmer Pardave (1 day ago)
Lo maximo me gusta es extraordinario
vCloo (1 day ago)
Chandrika Tomar (1 day ago)
Yes mam I would like a ticket A ticket down MEMORY LANE
Syaiful Cleopatra (1 day ago)
Kendrah Terrell (1 day ago)
I love green day 2 but I love this song the most;)
Léo Winkler (1 day ago)
Mötley Crüe Iron Maiden The Beatles Queen
Oh, seems like someone already knows how my [ *G r e e n T e a* ] works
John Nimitz (1 day ago)
.......... be cool to hang with this dude for a day. ")_~~~
Duey Ledbetter (1 day ago)
hate your politics, love your music.
Ailton Souza (1 day ago)
Música linda ❤️🇧🇷
Ry Ramos (1 day ago)
the office sent me!
Ry Ramos (1 day ago)
its my new fave song
FaZe Frazzles (1 day ago)
im only here cause of GabzitoHD
Decipher #193 (1 day ago)
It looks like a nuclear wasteland
Decipher #193 (1 day ago)
And he and his two friends were the only ones that survived in this area
er1ctorre5 (1 day ago)
When you’re the oldest cousin at the party
Rafael Mesa (1 day ago)
When you make a comment and no one replies.
The_Cannibal (1 day ago)
almost august 2019 and still listening to it ...
es kayy (1 day ago)
After 8yrs
Nikh Breezy (1 day ago)
I grow up listening dis song my dad's fav n my fav 2 love dis song ...
Shekh Sagir (1 day ago)
When you are out of petrol and the nearest petrol pump is 10 km away
Danballas 《》 (2 days ago)
Why is comment section full of memes (i mean im not complaining dont get me wrong)
KarlCraft playsKC (2 days ago)
I call this the "Walking home from school" song
Hmingthansanga Ralte (2 days ago)
Rin ai in an zai thiam 😁😁
Gabe Al-Akkawi (2 days ago)
I wear cologne
Best Product New (2 days ago)
very awesome song some are still listening in 2019
Sebby GR (2 days ago)
Codfish Anyone?
Justine GuænciÆ (2 days ago)
I found out this song in osu! And i suck ye dirhhfjehrhfjrnf
Jeon's Kookie (2 days ago)
Memories man memories
lively animations (2 days ago)
When your the only one who showed up to area 51
majid alfonso (2 days ago)
I miss this song so bad😭i remember everything because of it
snorgisborg2 (2 days ago)
I only like the end
Osmar Perez (2 days ago)
Quien escucha este temaso en 2019
Adam G (2 days ago)
I use to walk home with this song blasting from middle school acting as if I was in the music video lol
Annabel Attridge (2 days ago)
When you're on the edge and are doing everything to not jump
Seb V (2 days ago)
This song is my childhood, my mom used to play it for me <3.
Jose Martinez (2 days ago)
Green day marco mi juventud en México viva Green day viva México fuck d sistem
Weirdo_chald xD (2 days ago)
Who’s listening in 2019?
Tucker Adolph (2 days ago)
Dude shut up with like scams
Weirdo_chald xD (2 days ago)
Lg Mayes (2 days ago)
Where the city sleeps and I walk alone..
DARK SECRET (2 days ago)
Vejo que poucos Br sabem oque e música de verdade
Matias Block (2 days ago)
If this song doesn't play at my funeral I'm not going
Tucker Adolph (2 days ago)
Before you copy a comment make sure it isnt the top comment
Pimpdaddy 445 (2 days ago)
When all your friends go to the movies but your parents dont let you go
Your Name (2 days ago)
When you get ora'd for seven pages only to be punched into a garbage truck
Shortclips 101 (2 days ago)
I’m going to Area 51 y’all want sum ?
milan balen (2 days ago)
When u ..
Tucker Adolph (2 days ago)
Friends wanna play pubg but your poor
MwM99 (2 days ago)
When the dunder mifflin christmas party gets back on track. Iykyk.
eli and ella plays (2 days ago)
who else is watching in 2019
strangxrkid (2 days ago)
This is the song where you go ahead of your parents at the beach but you can’t find them and your friends are lost too.
ruse_ didi (2 days ago)
3 piece never old
Cristian Carvajal (2 days ago)
when all your friend´s have girlfriend and you continue alone
[HELL GOLD] GamesHub (2 days ago)
:v ta bueno
Little LUCKY (2 days ago)
Old but gold
Ricky Amos (2 days ago)
I here that

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