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Knxwledge - Live at The Hi Hat, LA 4/14/2016 pt.2

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April 14, 2016 - Knxwledge performs live at The Hi Hat, Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA, opening for Samiyam Album Release show. https://soundcloud.com/knxwledge https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Knxwledge-131329740261841/ https://twitter.com/knxwledge https://www.stonesthrow.com/knx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knxwledge
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Text Comments (24)
Sam Wallagh (1 year ago)
whats thats Westside?
AJ (1 year ago)
Kevin Williams (1 year ago)
anyone know the song title that The Lox is?
fvasquez21 (2 years ago)
yo whats the first song?
DaPatinador (2 years ago)
started off with that tuamie maan
Jiovanni marshall (1 year ago)
do you know the song name ??
yuri (2 years ago)
whats that track @ 2:34
ThisIsNotMyID (2 years ago)
Set list anyone?
Squirt Preston (2 years ago)
what is that shit that comes up at 11:33 man cmon
Michael Joy (2 years ago)
1sammyboy100 (2 years ago)
what's the song playing at 5:45 ?!?!?!? or sample even, i'v never heard that rihanna song
b4 gbns (2 years ago)
rihanna - james joint // knx - idrathrb_ (its on HEX 9.8)
Mac Mountain (2 years ago)
tha Gawd
Kamal Ali (2 years ago)
knowledge x westsidegunn...omfg
Bryen Copper (2 years ago)
what song is playing at the end?
amy c (3 years ago)
anyone know the song at 9:06
Kamal Ali (2 years ago)
westside gunn and mach hommy-gold pots
godjira (2 years ago)
i don't know what track that is but thats westside gunn
IV IVII XX (2 years ago)
It's unreleased... smh
Stanley Star (3 years ago)
What's the beat that came in at 6:47 ?????
Quake SRK (2 years ago)
cutfather cut the check roc marciano
Quake SRK (2 years ago)
is it out yet?
IV IVII XX (2 years ago)
It's unreleased... smh
artvandelay̶ (3 years ago)

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