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Mount Eerie - Live at FORM Arcosanti 5/14/2017

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May 14, 2017 - Mount Eerie performs live at FORM Arcosanti 2017, Arcosanti, Arizona, Apse stage, Sunday 2:45pm. http://www.pwelverumandsun.com/ https://pwelverumandsun.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MountEerie/ https://twitter.com/PWElverum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Eerie FESTIVAL FOR THE FUTURE: FORM ARCOSANTI http://experienceform.com/social/ https://www.facebook.com/experienceform/ FORM Arcosanti is hosted annually at Arcosanti, seventy miles north of Phoenix & south of Sedona in Arizona’s high desert. An “urban laboratory” focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability, Arcosanti was built by 7000+ students since 1970, under the direction of the late visionary architect, Paolo Soleri.
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Celso Russomano (1 year ago)
1. Distortion - 0:00 2. Real Death - 9:11 3. Seaweed - 11:43 4. Ravens - 14:40 5. Forest Fire - 20:20 6. Emptiness Pt. 2 - 24:36 7. Toothbrush/Trash - 26:46 8. Soria Moria - 29:59 9. Crow - 36:11 10. Tintin in Tibet - 38:40
Gym Knopf (1 year ago)
Luh you
Celso Russomano (1 year ago)
True, my bad! Thank you
Mateus Murozaki (1 year ago)
Hey dude, thanks for this. Just a quick correction, the name of the seocnd song is actually "Real Death".
terrorhawk0752 (4 months ago)
idk how the draw was so small, album of the year or century... the most honest songs on earth. he turned misery into music and it hurts but is also so beautiful. AMAZING
lanwards cashmoney (7 months ago)
what the heck is with this audio
Hoodie Ee (8 months ago)
I can’t even listen to seaweed without crying. I’m not sure how he plays this live.
CryYourselfToAsh (1 year ago)
"And the next thing I knew I was standing in the dirt Under the desert sky at night outside Phoenix At a music festival that had paid to fly me in To play death songs to a bunch of young people on drugs Standing in the dust next to an idling bus With Skrillex inside and the sound of subwoofers in the distance I had stayed up til three Talking to Weyes Blood and Father John Misty About songwriting in the backstage bungalows Eating fruit and jumping on the bed like lost children Exploding across the earth in a self-indulgent all-consuming Wreck of ideas that blot out the stars To be still alive felt so absurd"
CR4GETH (1 year ago)
I just checked the lineup for this festival and Skrillex and FJM were both playing
Clontbandicoot (1 year ago)
This is heart wrenchingly beautiful
James M (1 year ago)
Is this the gig he writes about where he's leaning on Skrillex's bus and talks to Father John Misty?
GangBlud (1 year ago)
John Tanner (1 year ago)
I can't believe he's able to play some of this stuff live, it's inspiring
I knew these birds were omens, but of what I wasn't sure..
Lukas Taylor (1 year ago)
I really hope distortion and tintin get on an upcoming record
SmytheSmythe (1 year ago)
Lukas Taylor they did, and boy are they great
Connor James (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what kind of guitar he is playing? Thanks!
Slippery Dad (1 year ago)
rks0507 pretty much any guitar worth asking about is a Martin anyways (they're just so damn expensive not that they aren't worth it)
Connor James (1 year ago)
Sweet, thanks very much, appreciated
Abdul Munye (1 year ago)
Yup better live somehow
embersee (1 year ago)
heart wrenching stuff
RedPugie (1 year ago)
Tintin In Tibet. *fuck*
Lukas Taylor (1 year ago)
RedPugie the way he talks about getting woken up :/
Simon (1 year ago)
looking forward to seeing him in a couple weeks, but also more nervous than I've ever been about a concert
Sleeping childhood (1 year ago)
what a nice place to play
J A (1 year ago)
Something about Forest Fire really kills me.
kp (1 year ago)
i love him so much.
Chittakone Baccam (1 year ago)
Elle Winchester (1 year ago)
thank you for uploading this my friend
Feels (1 year ago)
Ravens is one of the greatest songs ever written
Steve Faure (1 year ago)
I understand he played 'Twist and Shout' for the encore. Crowd went nuts.
Monty Uhde (1 year ago)
Steve Faure gtfo
Steve Faure (1 year ago)
Why the hell aren't these people dancing? Just sitting there all oh-so-serious. Come on, let's boogie!
Kit Palmer (1 year ago)
J A thank god you were there to tell him what is and isn't funny
abbyooooo (1 year ago)
Steve Faure tbh not cool to troll about something like this
Autism420 (1 year ago)
If I was there I would have twerked when he sAID DEATH IS REAL
Cam Knopp (1 year ago)
Bruh nobody on youtube ever understands a joke
B T (1 year ago)
J A That's great man. You should do your thing and we should do ours and we can all get along for the fact we have found this great music when so many others have not. Or can we not?
Alex Kent (1 year ago)
man I just wanna give Phil a big hug.
Fano Ya know (1 year ago)
Alex Kent Right! Poor guy
phpordie (1 year ago)
let's all hug him
Neel 2000 (1 year ago)
He seems like such a huggable person.
David Longman (1 year ago)
Just an amazing collection of songs on this album. Listen to more than is healthy.
Kobbe (1 year ago)
Thank you SO much for uploading this.
666 chikin (2 years ago)
everyone was crying.. such an amazing performance .... most moving thing ive seen in real life
The Purple Atlas (2 years ago)
I started crying after the first line
sonofnothing (2 years ago)
You are the sunset. I'm done I can't go on. this is way too heavy, way too beautiful and I'm fucking balling.
HIGHTONE (2 years ago)
Man I don't if I' could make threw the whole show
Yahaira Soler (2 years ago)
David mundial

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