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Periphery- Live at The Regent Theater 8/13/2016

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August 13, 2016 - Periphery perform live at The Regent Theater, downtown Los Angeles, California. http://www.periphery.net/ https://www.facebook.com/PeripheryBand/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Periphery_(band) https://twitter.com/PeripheryBand Genre: Metal / Progressive / Rock / Experimental Hometown: Washington D.C. Members: Spencer Sotelo - Vocals Twitter - @SPENCESOTELO Instagram - @thespencersotelo Misha Mansoor - Guitars Twitter - @iambulb instagram - mishaperiphery Matt Halpern - Drums Twitter - @Matthalperntei Snapchat - @Matthalperntei Instagram - @Mattperiphery Jake Bowen - Guitars Twitter - @JakePeriphery instagram - jakeperiphery Mark Holcomb - Guitars Twitter - @MarkPeriphery instagram - markperiphery Adam "Nolly" Getgood - Bass Twitter - @NollyPeriphery Instagram - nollyperiphery
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Text Comments (128)
NEIL SAEL (1 month ago)
23:34 Bow down to Lord Mrak!
haidan mcculloch (3 months ago)
29:30 the security guy likes it and doesnt wanna show emotion xD
Jalyus James (3 months ago)
TheOddLifeOfZhawk (4 months ago)
I started moshing in my seat at 27:30
James Pyngrope (5 months ago)
Pretty much Blending.. So tight, neat and clean live performances..
Josef Brosef (8 months ago)
worst sound ever no doubt
Cooper Drums (8 months ago)
Sick show! Really good audio too.
Coffee And Bible (9 months ago)
Chris Rodriguez (10 months ago)
No absolomb ? :/
NEIL SAEL (1 month ago)
They don't have Nolly. Therefore no Absolomb. :(
Alex Raja Gajah (11 months ago)
Fuck, Spencer got so good
Satria Septa Wijaya (11 months ago)
I love periphery !
Vini Beber (1 year ago)
absolomb :(
OutlawStarkiller (1 year ago)
Periphery should open every show with Four Lights
Ben Lehman (1 year ago)
I so wish they played luck as a constant when I saw them, but they played lune so can't really complain
Stenlund Video (1 year ago)
Spencer went from being one of the weakest vocalists live and on album (periphery 1) to being an absolute monster in studio and on stage.
Martin Riojas (1 year ago)
I just won tickets to go see periphery and animals as leaders!
Martin Riojas (1 year ago)
Its so sick that they ended it with Four Lights
DrSmatt100 (1 year ago)
Lol Mark played in slow motion at 5:36 ha!
I love the security guard getting into the music through the concert. He was working but having fun too!
AyJ3y (2 years ago)
0:35 Scarlet 4:49 Luck As A Constant 10:10 The Way the News Goes 14:23 Marigold 19:42 Remain Indoors 25:37 The Bad Thing 27:50 PURE INSANITY 31:02 Flatline 36:38 Interlude 39:41 MAKE TOTAL DESTROY 43:40 The Price Is Wrong 47:30 22 Faces 51:22 Four Lights
Brandon Kelley (1 year ago)
AyJ3y what a fucking set list
hollowminds (2 years ago)
53:01 Oh my gooooood 💀💀💀
Christian Nelson (2 years ago)
41:28 Mark's back-up screams!!!
Logan Lee Grim (2 years ago)
53:02 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!
Wubber (2 years ago)
when they're all lined up with their foot on their risers 33:00, i imagine them being the four horsemen of the apocolypse
deathbastardable (2 years ago)
Why's Spencer dressed like a lesbian hobo?
ChudCitySchmeg (2 years ago)
34:48 teehee
Luan Ventura (2 years ago)
Spencer is definitely one of the greatest metal singers now a days, man... the guy fucking rules!
Daniel Sun (2 years ago)
It's insane how much better Spencer got live
Joe Hernandez (2 years ago)
wanted to share my son doing a Periphery drum cover.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16OqYT66r2A
Akshit Jha (2 years ago)
20:45 lmao Jake going totally bezerk. XD
Eduardo Navarro (2 years ago)
Brandon Thomas (2 years ago)
love periphery!!! just cant do the vocals... Ive tried and tried. good vocalist just not for this band. there instrumental album was amazing. wish they would release the rest of there albums in an instrumental format for people like me that are periphery fans. but tend to shy away from there new material due to the vocals. that way everybody gets what they want :)
Cameron Craft (11 months ago)
Tyler Rowe agreed, his vocal performance on p3 should be acclaimed
Tyler Rowe (11 months ago)
Lol what, the vocals on p3 are about as perfect as they come for a metal album.
DCD Chango (1 year ago)
Brandon Thomas the reason P1 is such a fantastic instrumental album, is because thats what it was meant to be; an instrumental album. spencer was dragged along near the end of the recording process to add vocals. the rest of Periphery's albums sound empty without spencer.
Sam Carter (2 years ago)
you can buy the producers pack of the last two albums and mute the vocals
Mike Guitar Player (2 years ago)
I wasn't saying where there from I was only saying it sounds like west coast metal clown boy🎪! Anyway Spencer is from San Diego in case you didn't know
AkiraSpectrum (2 years ago)
bajigurwedangronde (2 years ago)
Love that white Ibanez JBM that Jake used, looks very neat!
Mike Guitar Player (2 years ago)
Love this west coast Cali metal!
MrInglouriousbasterd (2 years ago)
michael imasa they're from Maryland clown
bguth12 (2 years ago)
Where's Nolly?
Devisson Vander (2 years ago)
Got it. This is sad 😢
Gabriel Landim (2 years ago)
Yeah, they posted in official FB fanpage. He's dedicating more time to musical production.
Devisson Vander (2 years ago)
Gabriel Landim really?
Gabriel Landim (2 years ago)
Nolly is only a studio member now.
Ghostnotes (2 years ago)
Spencer is one of my favorite vocalists but honestly when he does stuff like 53:02 it ruins the vibe for me.
Martin Graham (2 years ago)
Rody from Protest the Hero does that a lot live too. Almost too much.
Ghostnotes (2 years ago)
just joking around probably.
Brian Hardy (2 years ago)
why did he do that? first time i hear it from him
Hello yes (2 years ago)
I definitely could never be a security guard at these concerts
Hayden Saul (4 months ago)
I could. You get payed to listen to music. doesn't sound too bad to me.
Will Vaughn 6.3 (2 years ago)
As impressed with the guitar work as the drums insane
Nolan Vernon (2 years ago)
41:05 tosin abasi
SantyxD09 (2 years ago)
Nolan Vernon lul
Jay Mad (2 years ago)
cynic wannabes+gay vox=djent
Popabuddy1 (2 years ago)
cynic is awesome and all but periphery is pretty damn good as well, all prog is great imo
Unabashed (2 years ago)
Love these guys so much. Thank you for sharing this. They did a different set in NYC a few weeks later. I wish their sound engineer would turn up Spencer's mic and lower the bass (which is now computer-generated since Nolly doesn't tour with them anymore). Every time I see them, the sound is overbearing and distored and you can't hear how technical and gorgeous it truly is.
takisloutca (2 years ago)
Dont they have a bass player live? I read somewhere that nolly would only play in the studio, but thought they would have someone else play live
Eli Miller (2 years ago)
Yeah Nolly doesn't tour anymore unfortunately. They said they weren't quite sure as to what the future holds regarding a bassist, so for now they're using backing tracks.
SabastianVG (2 years ago)
ill never forget, at the vip preshow thing with the band, i asked misha who was filling in for nolly on the tour since hes back in the uk. mishas response was amazing. "um... steve jobs son, apple mac book" lol the funniest group of guys honestly
Brad Thomas (2 years ago)
having experienced a meet and greet recently I wholeheartedly agree with this comment <3
Unabashed (2 years ago)
Their meet and greets are always the best. They are just so funny and personable. I have flown to London to meet them and will probably fly to Bangkok on February to do it all over again. Love them so much.
J LE (2 years ago)
I thought that at 20:45 Jake's body was going to hit the ground
PhuchopH (2 years ago)
It's something new. After you've played a riff a couple hundred, if not thousands of times, the potency of it will fade a bit.
Unabashed (2 years ago)
I've never seen him rock out like that before. HAHAHA. He's usually more laid back. That was a rare moment right there.
Claw (2 years ago)
Spencer's just ridiculous
Pedro Machado (2 years ago)
langhamstyle (2 years ago)
Lol at 53:03
Nick F (1 year ago)
langhamstyle wtf😂
Popabuddy1 (1 year ago)
I thought that was pretty cool, reminds of of something an old school rockstar would do
DCD Chango (1 year ago)
langhamstyle wtf spencer lmao
Josh Herman (2 years ago)
thank you SO MUCH! I had a ticket for this tour during a road trip, but plans changed and i had to miss it. :( but this is pretty good quality!
Diego García Gonzalez (2 years ago)
All hail Jakey's glorious beard, also, I can't die without going to one of these guys' gigs.
Joe Law (2 years ago)
Misha actually has a signature model with Jackson. He used it on Scarlet and through out. It has a really cool Periphery P inlay at the 12th fret. Seems as though he doesn't use it as exclusively as the others use their signature models.
Diego García Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Also, I love how, like everyone has their signature model with a specific brand, like Jake and Ibanez, Mark with PRS and Nolly and Dingwall... And there's Misha.
Owen Khan (2 years ago)
After 49:53 the security guard finally started to nod his head!
Martin Graham (2 years ago)
You could tell leading to that moment he wanted to. He kept turning around during the first part of 22 Faces and you could tell he was getting into it.
Unabashed (2 years ago)
HAHA. He held out for a long, long time and finally gave in!
Filip Czarny (2 years ago)
This is an amazing recording! Great sound and video! THANKS ;)
Neil Hubac (2 years ago)
I was just a couple of feet away next to you! Glad my yelling didn't bleed into the vid haha
fredtrox (2 years ago)
Holy shit, Spencer! :D
Harta (2 years ago)
0:35 Scarlet 4:49 Luck As A Constant 10:10 The Way the News Goes 14:23 Marigold 19:42 Remain Indoors 25:37 The Bad Thing 30:57 Flatline 36:54 Memento 39:44 Make Total Destroy 43:40 The Price Is Wrong 47:30 22 Faces 51:23 Four Lights
Husker (4 months ago)
Well done 👍🏻👍🏻
ewatford (2 years ago)
You're the real MVP.
Brent Solomon (2 years ago)
Brent Solomon (2 years ago)
wipe0utpuls3 (2 years ago)
There's a special place in heaven for people like you
WakeeWakee (2 years ago)
I saw them at Showbox in Seattle, They were Amazing!
Rajesh SunChild Madhav (2 years ago)
Misha Sounds supergood, unfortunately he was on the other end .. !!
EmoMarshmallow76 (2 years ago)
EmoMarshmallow76 (2 years ago)
EmoMarshmallow76 (2 years ago)
This should be way more popular smh
Dave Wilson (2 years ago)
One of the best gigs I've been to, seriously INCREDIBLE!
JOEY BOD (2 years ago)
Same dude I saw them opening night
Rajesh SunChild Madhav (2 years ago)
Same here
Kyle Salaiz (2 years ago)
I was there as well. Periphery never disappoints.
Joel Cookman (2 years ago)
I think Spencer's probably the only vocalist i know of that can absolutely nail his parts live
BionicleSaurus (2 months ago)
Thank goodness someone finally mentioned Dan!
DCD Chango (7 months ago)
Daniel Tompkins is an absolute monster, too
AJ Larsen (1 year ago)
Myles Kennedy doesn't miss a damn thing either.
Jacob Cox (1 year ago)
chris martin August burns red sounds amazing live
Brandon Kelley (1 year ago)
Joel Cookman - Lucas from veil of maya. Also the guy from gojira
j102srf (2 years ago)
18:39 dat crowd
alessandro campos (2 years ago)
Lucas Silva (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing! ! that's awesome!
Carlos Hiram Trevino B (2 years ago)
Thanks for this amazing video!

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