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Blondie - Dreaming

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Music video by Blondie performing Dreaming. (P) 2007 Capitol Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Chrysalis Catalog,
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Text Comments (950)
けた (1 day ago)
I knew this song by “Trainspotting 2”.
Art Vandelay007 (1 day ago)
The one-and-only Clem Burke on drums, ladies and gentlemen!!!
Jason Morgan (2 days ago)
Heard this live last year and loved it
Spencer Barnett (5 days ago)
Debby is hot
Philip Juarez (6 days ago)
Sopranos, Gene wicked that guy in the diner.
Neil Edwards (8 days ago)
The greatest drummer in the world. NOW
John D. Dodson (7 days ago)
1:26 to 1:56 Thirty seconds of high energy. This was a glimpse of the 80's in the 70's.
Morrigan Ravenchild (10 days ago)
Gary Singlewood (11 days ago)
I forgot how many fuckin brilliant songs she sang a touch of class
Paul Powell (14 days ago)
love it! so sexy, so glam, so late 70's early 80's
Commander (17 days ago)
Just look at good ol' Clem bangin' on those drums @ 2:32... looks like he's having fun. That's if you can manage to take your eyes off Blondie bouncing around.
karl alton (20 days ago)
Clem Burke is a Drum god 👍👍👍
Tony Capachino (20 days ago)
WOW she was so hot back in the day boy
brindfan (21 days ago)
The album "Eat to the Beat" is a masterpiece.
Robert Dickson (25 days ago)
Blondie are just awesome Best drummer and the hottest front woman ever .....
MrLuckyLucan (25 days ago)
Anyone know, where and when this was filmed?
Helix Moore (26 days ago)
Her and the late Ben Orr from the cars wouldve made beautiful babies
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
I'm totally straight, but.... Ben Orr was pretty. (can't believe i just said that)
Mike Onusko (30 days ago)
Who is the chick at 0:57? Wooooo
Commander (17 days ago)
She is HOT!
Sister Cyclone (1 month ago)
For Gia.
James Linden (1 month ago)
The first four lines of this song are so damned good! They immediately pull you into a story and set up the dynamics between two people and get an unforgettable rhythm going. Few can do this.
Lucky Chole (1 month ago)
Sorta sounds like The Jet Baby song from parappa rappa
Steven Campanali (1 month ago)
After watching the drummer i want to take a nap. LOL
Fernando Camacho (1 month ago)
God I wish I was part of that generation
John Rogan (1 month ago)
Baba Yaga (1 month ago)
ZACK and MIRI mahe a P💋rno!!
David Moran (1 month ago)
nice synch
dixie deans (1 month ago)
After Debbs.That fkn drummer WTF.Awesome ffs
R_ Reveley (1 month ago)
She became or always was a Satanist
flower lilac (14 days ago)
+carcar jinks but you know in the same time maybe that telling things in a more discreet way is more efficient because people are not conscious about it and therefore vulnerable
flower lilac (14 days ago)
+carcar jinks I agree with you and this song is so pretty it would be such a shame to miss listening to it
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
think about it: if you can resist the OVERT influences that you see every day telling you do indulge in immorality, then it is 100 times EASIER to resist the SUBLIMINAL influences telling you to do the same things. if you can ignore a giant billboard, then you can easily ignore a scribbled message on the bathroom wall.
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
+flower lilac -- i wouldn't worry about it. a subliminal message is NEVER stronger than your own moral convictions. if you are unwilling to do something under any circumstances, then a hidden message in a song will never convince you to do it. if your deeply-held beliefs tell you "thou shalt not commit adultery," then no message in a song will EVER cause you to sneak around with the neighbor while your husband is at work. your faith and your internal belief system are stronger than any external influences.
flower lilac (14 days ago)
+carcar jinks no I don't know , when you guys say that she is a Satanist well it feels like she is evil and I've heard about subliminal message in songs and things like that. I might sound crazy😁 but I really heard people think this way. How do you see it?
ufster81 (1 month ago)
1:23 Richard Hammond's Dad
Dennis Sweeney (1 month ago)
I am not sure but I think it might have been recorded at the saint the old Filmore east.
Austin Centolella (1 month ago)
Yes Debra
richwiz2 (1 month ago)
Anyone know where and when this concert was? The Apollo, maybe? What a great band!
Fuktrumpsupporters Tj (1 month ago)
This was the time, the look, and the sound that will never happen again. I was 14 going on 15. Blondie changed my life.
LUCKY MAN (1 month ago)
English spirit.
LUCKY MAN (30 days ago)
Punk movement which began from 1976 in London is including them.
Pixelated Icon (30 days ago)
this is an american band?
gerald 413 (1 month ago)
Back in the day she was a hottie! I think she still turns heads. 💐
Michael Riitano (1 month ago)
glen the drummer,would make almost every band sound great,love watching him play
Michael Riitano (1 month ago)
standing up while playing drums ,WOW I would like to see more of that,BLONDIE picked a good band of musicians.
HWB ZALPACH (1 month ago)
for those who don't know, - if you like Clem, - you should check out the Iggy Pop live San Francisco 1981!!!
Priscilla O (1 month ago)
alivia alexander (1 month ago)
Wow. Clem Burke. One of the best drum beats of all time.
ottowes (1 month ago)
Holy mackeral! Chock full of talent and beauty they were! So great to see this clip!
mandii ramiiez (1 month ago)
The year i was born ❤💋
david miller (1 month ago)
the movie!
Ray Wade (1 month ago)
2:14 did she say "I'll build a road and go" ?
Ray Wade (14 days ago)
+ft55555 Ah, thank you.
ft55555 (21 days ago)
I'll build a road in gold.
iscmarkiemark (1 month ago)
zack and miri anyone?
artificiallycolored (1 month ago)
Jim Harkins (1 month ago)
CLEM!! Would've loved to see a drum-off with him and Keith Moon.
Ernst Eck (2 months ago)
Debbie is White Heat. Wow.
steve hewitt (2 months ago)
FAB !!
Marshall T (2 months ago)
Love this song !
Vee Cee (2 months ago)
Every guy’s crush in the late 70s early 80s
Erica (2 months ago)
One of my fav songs by my fav female artists..
multipleman78 (2 months ago)
They are a great fucking band especially when they were in their prime like in this video. Is this their best song? It may well be but i change my opinion on that a lot. Union City Blue is another contender as is the fabulous Heart of Glass.
7th Fire Generation (2 months ago)
I feel bad for the kids today, they have nothing to cling to but technology. The 70's were the shit, rock, punk, disco, new wave. What an incredible time to be young. I wouldn't trade it.
mcdonalds1499 (2 months ago)
omgoodness, just class
HarryPotter87 (2 months ago)
Since Hollywood has spawned biopix such as "Bohemian Rhapsody," and planning on releasing films about David Bowie and Celine Dion, would LOVE to see a movie made about Blondie!
Metal Michael (2 months ago)
2019 listen up, this is music.
David Frederick Baldner (2 months ago)
chilling on the scaffolding, rawking out to Deb and the boys
Christian Boyle (2 months ago)
Anyone here from Trainspotting 2?
Dwane Yocum (2 months ago)
It's funny how what was crazy at one time is mild by today's standards.
Hubert Vale (2 months ago)
Clem is a madman!
Jai Chhabra (2 months ago)
Sounds like a Abba track? Hmm
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
I can see the similarity. Kind of in the same vein musically. Very upbeat and happy.
Pat (2 months ago)
geezz...has there ever been a more beautiful woman? smh...it's almost unfair to the rest of the female sex....the female version of Elvis.
Ardent Shrew (2 months ago)
Love this song but the two idiots in the audience sat in the scaffolding hand jiving are irritating and out of place.
Julie Caudill (2 months ago)
I like this song it was a hit in the 80 1/ 21/ 19/ 👍
Cant wait to see Clem with Bootleg Blondie at Lowry this Wednesday coming 23rd Jan 2019
lunsmann (2 months ago)
Fun fact - not one person in that audience is under 55 years old today - most would be hitting 60.
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
yep. we're the ones who start every sentence with "Well, in MY DAY....."
aXis of music (2 months ago)
Guillemo Dred (3 months ago)
shell shock super sonic blonde jet eyed glitter child queen of the underground
Michael Bragg (3 months ago)
My favorite Blondie song because of the drumming.
Mad Jack (3 months ago)
Genius music - sound, lyrics, all of it.
Si ScotlandSAS (3 months ago)
That drummer and brum beat is unreal! TS2 💚💚💚
Flynn Taylor (3 months ago)
A great song but the melody seems like a rip off of the monkeys a girl i knew somewhere from the album headquarters. Ironically, the first breakthrough album where mike, mickey, peter and davey did all their own vocals and played their own instruments. Mike neismith wrote it. From there the monkeys finally proved their worth as musicians 💖
James's Fallon (3 months ago)
Look at clem Burke knocking the shit outta dem drums ...
Chris Danby (3 months ago)
Clem is playing the heck out of those drums!
Nikkki (3 months ago)
Still mad that pearl won
Thomas O'Donnell (3 months ago)
Though gay, had the hots for DH!!! Still do!
carcar jinks (14 days ago)
Just because you're gay doesn't mean you can't appreciate feminine booty -- oops -- meant to say 'beauty'
mya (3 months ago)
[Verse 1] When I met you in the restaurant You could tell I was no debutante You asked me what's my pleasure A movie or a measure? I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my [Chorus] Dreaming, dreaming is free Dreaming, dreaming is free [Verse 2] I don't want to live on charity Pleasure's real or is it fantasy? Reel to reel is living rarity People stop and stare at me We just walk on by - we just keep on dreaming [Bridge] Feet feet, walking a two mile Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile I never met him, I'll never forget him Dream, dream, even for a little while Dream, dream, filling up an idle hour Fade away, radiate [Verse 3] I sit by and watch the river flow I sit by and watch the traffic go Imagine something of your very own Something you can have and hold I'd build a road in gold just to have some [Chorus] Dreaming, dreaming is free Dreaming, dreaming is free Dreaming, dreaming is free Dreaming, dreaming is free
its yeshau not jesus (3 months ago)
Once someone said Blondie was punk rock lol I almost killed that person.
R. Brooks Williams (3 months ago)
Debbie looks like she just escaped from a nursery - in her blue rompers!
TRASH KING (3 months ago)
Trixie was robbed in this lip sync
Oklahomann M. (3 months ago)
Wolvarine Solid X (3 months ago)
She is so beautiful!!!
LUCKY MAN (3 months ago)
Tension of the band is very good. The whole band is very good, not only Debby or drums. They are very good live band even though their songs are very good.
jlo96f3 (4 months ago)
@1:12 Cocaine is one hell of a drug
Lalu Unggul Aliamri (4 months ago)
Chrìstoρhεr (4 months ago)
John Quick (4 months ago)
My teen crush. She was so beautiful.
eight inches (4 months ago)
Deborah Harry was hot back in the day.
thee4thdoctor (4 months ago)
I was 10 years old in 1978, and my oldest brother who was 18, had Debbie Harry posters all over his room...and I didn't understand why? A few years later I figured it out! CUZ SHE WAS HOT!!!
captain waleed (4 months ago)
So exciting era 🙏
niuza pires (4 months ago)
damn god she was totally perfect hot
stuart rusk (4 months ago)
Clem burke on drums on dreaming was amazing
D Me (4 months ago)
Debbie is more interesting to watch & listen to with her basic singing than any of the over-emoting performers of today.
all the time I dreaming if i could back in time to 1978 a time I was very happy.
Philip Gennuso (4 months ago)
What a great band! The seventies could be so depressing, no jobs, etc, but Blondie gave everyone some hope for the future.
John Kieffer (5 months ago)
I have a feeling Debbie could kick my ass Even when I was young. Don't laugh She can kick your ass too
Marshall Lancaster (5 months ago)
Probably my favorite Blondie, which is saying a lot. Power pop masterpiece.
Guy Larrivee (5 months ago)
I loved Blondie in high school. The drums make this song!
randy scott (5 months ago)
Clem Burk , one of the greatest drummers ever born !
Ngaiterangi Boy (5 months ago)
Great party song! looks like fun back then!!

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