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How to Use Hot Rollers - Hair Basics - itsJudyTime

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Here is simple video on how to use hot rollers. Conair Jumbo Rollers http://amzn.to/1fkmDd1 LINK http://amzn.to/1fkmDd1 Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hair Setter with Super Clips, 12 Count (2 Sizes) http://amzn.to/1fkmDd1 Website / Blog http://www.itsjudytime.com Facebook me your video request http://www.facebook.com/#!/itsjudytime Tweet me http://www.twitter.com/itsjudytime BlogTV http://www.blogtv.com/people/itsjudytime Personal youtube http://www.youtube.com/itsjudyslife Vlogtober - vlogging everyday in october http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrd2i0hZdTA disclaimer: this video is not sponsored *amazon links are affiliate links
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Text Comments (613)
Lisa White-Pagano (1 day ago)
I am 57 years old and was the queen of hot roller sets in the 80’s and I never knew that that the bent side of the clip went on the bottom! 😮 no wonder they always fell out eventually!
cb8504 (24 days ago)
I’m doing this just like she is, putting the curved side of the pin closest to my scalp. My rollers won’t stay rolled! They come unrolled about halfway so then only half of the strand of hair is getting the heat. And hair on the sides of the roller slide off so they’re not getting heat either. What am I not getting?
baby breath (1 month ago)
Is it velvet?
Tiffany Ramos (1 month ago)
Omg thanks for this video. I was going crazy on how to use the pins. Lol
patricia (1 month ago)
Thanks. I never used mine. I thought I had to put water in it.
Audra Inc. (1 month ago)
Aww It's Judy Time! One of the first YouTubers I watched!
a marie (1 month ago)
Omg your hair is beautiful
Kimmy Nguyen (2 months ago)
Anyone buying this on Amazon, the exclusive comes with a clip. The original one has the pin but it's in blue. You can order the one like hers in purple with the wire pin from Target and either deliver it or ship to store.
A.S. (6 months ago)
I like it but it's not easy for travelling.
shauna silver (6 months ago)
how long do you let them heat up for?
Josephine De Smet (6 months ago)
I wonder if you always do your laundry together with your hair? love your video's though... hmm why can't benji do the laundry 🤔😂
Monica Gross (6 months ago)
No curls
4viv4 (6 months ago)
can you explain how to get the pins to keep everything in place?
Esmeralda Sanchez (6 months ago)
I am youre biggest fan and iv watch youre first vid you have grown so much you are just like my daughter
Esmeralda Sanchez (7 months ago)
Omg thank you so so so mutch you are a life saver you do not know how great full i am i am crying 💙💙
Tee Marie (7 months ago)
Do the roller pins come with the set? Or do you have to buy them separately?
Kayla Bear (3 months ago)
It should state on the box if any pins come with the set. If it doesn't state so, then you most likely need to buy them yourself separately.
Walter Teamer (7 months ago)
Black and Purple... What made you start using those colors? Laugh!
Walter Teamer (7 months ago)
Go back to a 90's hairstyle. LOL!
Walter Teamer (7 months ago)
Did I already tell you that?
Walter Teamer (7 months ago)
Looking Good!
Bikash Chakraborty (9 months ago)
I SP (10 months ago)
Kate Challis (11 months ago)
You have lovely hair and seem nice. But your video does a really lousy job of teaching me how to roll these stupid hot things with hair. You spent more time talking about how to use fifteen minutes of time than the one single thing I am trying to learn how to do, the only reason I searched for this video. Total waste of time for me. "Just roll it" isn't working for me. On to another clearer video.
janet turner (1 year ago)
Judy my rollers are old and I haven't used them in a couple years I was wondering how I might be able to clean them. THANK YOU
dianahir (1 year ago)
How do you get so much hair to stay in place on the first few curlers.  I can't get mine to stay in place.  They fall off, but even worse my hair falls out .  What am I doing wrong.  I really don't think that I'm getting too much hair, it's a very small section that I get and the roller ends up half way at the back of my head.
JoJo the YoYo (1 year ago)
So do the rollers come heated or do you have to heat them, and if so how do you heat them
Sara Lopez (1 year ago)
How do you get your hair shiney
Kristina Brown (1 year ago)
What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair is so shiny!!!! Love it
Kassidy Dunnigan (1 year ago)
Awesome, I love how straight forward your tutorial was. I haven't used my rollers since prom 2 years ago, but my mom did it for me. Now that I'm in college, I want to try it myself! Thanks!
Nataly Xoxo (1 year ago)
Does it stay throughout the whole day ?
Nataly Xoxo (1 year ago)
Do the curls last long??????
maria carrasquillo (1 year ago)
is your hair cut a long shag judy?
Connie Beth (1 year ago)
Thanks for reminding me about my laundry! Lol great video 👍😀
lilly roon (1 year ago)
will this work on very thick long hair? because I'm between these rollers or cuarso 🙄🤔
Isabella Gehl (1 year ago)
thank you you seem like a very nice person this was my favorite tutorial out of all of them
April Reno (1 year ago)
i have alot hair but fine hair, i have the reminton ones, and had hair spary and heat protectant in it, and re hair sprayed it, and the end curled for few sec then fell( iam new to curling hair thing)
Wasabi Studio (1 year ago)
You asked for our comments how it's working out so I would say it's not working out too well for me.
Walter Teamer (1 year ago)
Walter Teamer (1 year ago)
jenniferrobinson2000 (1 year ago)
lol plug them up !!!😆
gfhjd fhjdjzjd (1 year ago)
OMG I GOT THAT AND I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO USE IT THX!!! 😆😃 I just h8 it sometimes when I have straight hair
Natasha Hutcheson (2 years ago)
love this. I have the exact same curlers!!
Victoria Richard (2 years ago)
NOOO. This is all wrong! if you do it this way it will seriously damage your hair. You cannot twist your hair like that with the rollers... is not a good tutorial.
Mariam Almatrood (11 months ago)
how though
Victoria Richard heating your hair will damage it...even washing it everyday and using the wrong comb
yxng. brownie (2 years ago)
Victoria Richard yea where is it
bloodsucker123ful (2 years ago)
Victoria Richard then where is the good vid
Pug Pug (2 years ago)
I have the machine for these but I somehow lost all of the rollers
Sandy Dixon (2 years ago)
You have beautiful hair 👍🏻👍🏻
ancientpaths7 (2 years ago)
Aren't the rollers supposed to be hot?? How come it looks as if your hands don't feel any heat or get burned?
Sanya Qadir (1 year ago)
ancientpaths7 I have them they are hot but like not that hot which burns your hands
Simply Chyna (2 years ago)
This is really helpful
Hadleigh Pierce (2 years ago)
Can you leave them in overnight? For tighter curls?
breezinbyyou2 (2 years ago)
Sponge curlers will do that overnight, but watch out. I mean they're great, but we're talking tight curls even if you put them on dry hair before bed. I got all the sizes on Ebay.
Maudelle Carlson (2 years ago)
can you use the curlers on freshly shampooed hair?
shannon (2 years ago)
Dirty is usually best :]
Louise M.E (2 years ago)
My hair won't stay up with clips :/
BMovie Mama (1 month ago)
Maynii87 (1 year ago)
lisa mesa me too ! What did we do wrong ?
Victoria Salek (2 years ago)
You have such gorgeous hair!
Five Dee (2 years ago)
Basics? I'm still stuck on how you got them hot?
Ameer Alnashi (1 year ago)
Five Dee حت
Ujala Gill (2 years ago)
+V I have this $20 "heating box" I got from Ulta with 5 large rollers, 6 medium and 6 small. Really nice deal. And it takes about 5-10 mins to heat up. Really beautiful curls and better than a curling iron cuz you can control the size of your curls :)
Five Dee (2 years ago)
+Ujala Gill Oohh - okay thanks.
V (2 years ago)
+Ujala Gill How long does it take to heat up?
Ujala Gill (2 years ago)
+Five Dee The rollers come in a "heating box" so you plug it in and it heats up the rollers inside
Ashlie Powell (2 years ago)
do you straighten your hair before using the set?
Crista Non game page (2 years ago)
I believe it's best on "day old" hair, they won't last if you have straightened it :)
Catrina Ade (2 years ago)
hair clips
Kate McCambley (3 years ago)
Hey girl! I just ordered this set but it came with plastic comb clips that don't hold the curler in place...it jus flops over. Do you know where I can get the curler clips you use in this video?? Thanks so much!
pandamodium chaos (4 months ago)
Kate McCambley call Conair they sell them
Thy Girl (3 years ago)
I have the same curlers but my hair never stays curled... HELP ME
I'm quite Vexing (2 years ago)
My hair is the same way. I usually don't wash my hair the day before I do this.
Evalin Zhao (3 years ago)
hi can you send me a link for the hair clips in your tutorial? I received the plastics clips in my roller box and they don't stay up well. Thanks!
Kira Abramovitz (2 years ago)
The clips that she used came with the rollers itself! I have the same
Hallie Keezer (2 years ago)
I just used bobby pins to keep mine in place
Kate McCambley (3 years ago)
I have the same problem!! If you find the clips she uses in this video please let me know!!
Melissa E (3 years ago)
Hello, love this tutorial. Can you please let us know where you bought the metal pins? The clips that come with the roller set tend to dent the hair.. I hate it 😕 .. Just want to know how much were the pins and in what sizes did you get them ? Large and medium or medium and small ? Thanks in advance!
Alejandra Valencia (3 years ago)
Please tell me where did u buy the clips you are using :)  Thanks, your hair is stunning!!!
jade k (3 years ago)
wow your hair looks so shiny
Cj Handlon (3 years ago)
I was hoping for some advice? I have short hair and I was hoping for big curls and I only have medium sized curlers. Overall I think this is the best was to curl my hair, since it doesn't take too much tum and I dont have to sleep with them in.
High_Im_Hi (3 years ago)
Omg youre soo gorgeous!!! If you watch or have seen the show, "Pretty Little Liars." (great show btw) you really look like Emma! Thank you for this video. Much appreciated :)
The Weary Chef (3 years ago)
This was SO helpful! Thank you!!
Jade Lewis (3 years ago)
Weren't the hot rollers HOT? Like how were you just touching the middle part? Wouldn't we burn ourselves?
Big Fudge (3 years ago)
They don't get too hot to the touch. I have an old Conair curling iron and I find most hot rollers get about as hot as the HANDLE to that old curling iron.
Elise Harvey (3 years ago)
Hi! I wonder if any of you can help me...  I have this exact set of rollers which I got for Christmas but have just tried out today. It's the first time I've used them, the leaflet suggested to leave them on for 10 minutes, but within 3 minutes the plastic cover had steamed up and it smelt like burning.  I should mention I'm from the UK and am using an adapter plug with the curlers, but the plug itself didn't smell at all, it was the box of curlers itself. When I opened the lid it was like some kind of water vapour/smoke rose out of it? Is this normal on the first time? Thanks!
Magaly Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+ennelee1291 tanks so much! it worked! it doesn't smell like it burned anymore thanks so much you helped a lot
Brianna Penn (3 years ago)
they're suppose to smell like its burning. I just got them and in the box it says its suppose to smell and go away after a couple uses. that and the metal pins come in the box when you buy them.
lai Chau (3 years ago)
I have the same hot rollers as u 2
ennelee1291 (3 years ago)
My Hair Roller Instruction set told me to always leave the cover open during the heat up. I don't know if this helps or not but I haven't had any problems with mine.
Prianka Krishna (3 years ago)
Hi, can i ask if you got these pin clips with the set or did you buy it separately? The one via your amazon link has different hair clips which i hate! Tks
Shunta Allen (3 years ago)
They come with the set
Reyna V (4 years ago)
Did u have thick hair???
Yelitza Davila (4 years ago)
Just bought this!!! A new one but same brand. I'll let you know how I like.
its_gabbystyle9 Gabby (4 years ago)
Love it
GPiggyful (4 years ago)
Where did she put the fourth really big roller?
MISTERIOUSGYRL24 (4 years ago)
did you blow dry your hair or is your hair naturally straight you forgot that little detail so I would like to know!
Carla James (4 years ago)
You remind me of Kortney Kardashian.
abcd12345 (4 years ago)
shit i guess i gotta get this
MissPikklz (4 years ago)
Thanks heaps! I've had my curlers for a few years and never knew how to use them, only just thought to look up a tutorial on YouTube now hehehehe
patricia (1 month ago)
Me too. 😀
Michelle Phuong Nguyen (4 years ago)
where did you get the metal clips to secure the hot rollers?
Deborah Malone (7 months ago)
Simply Emma can you buy or still get these"clips", mine didn't come with any, and how do you hear the curlers?
Simply Emma (1 year ago)
it usually comes with the curlers. Phuong Nguyen
Sophia Kang (4 years ago)
You look like asian mariah carey
Sasha Harris (8 months ago)
Sophia Kang 😂😂😂🙌🏼funny ass
broadcast20081 (2 years ago)
+Geenahgee04 My dear, Mariah's father is a dark skinned Venezuelan man, he speaks Spanish.  He's an immigrant  now naturalized in the States.
Geenahgee04 (2 years ago)
+broadcast20081 No, Mariah, Carey, is not from Venezuela. She is Black and White.
Lamis (3 years ago)
+broadcast20081 lmao Mariah Carey is mixed with black and white
broadcast20081 (4 years ago)
lol... Mariah Carey is latina.  She's from Venezuela.
Dina June (4 years ago)
Brigette C (4 years ago)
Putting direct heat onto your hair does cause damage, just like when using a straightener or a curling iron, but you can help prevent damage by using a heat protection spray before hand :D
Jessica Dang (4 years ago)
How can you hold onto them like that? :O Mine are so hot I just drop them in 2 seconds! Tips anyone?
Stormi Napier (4 years ago)
Also Try "it" Hairspray-stonger hold depending on how much you spray & it doesn't get sticky or hard (& it smells amaze!) <3
knightvision1228 (4 years ago)
This looks so much easier than a curling iron... gotta try it soon, thank you!
shpart (4 years ago)
I love how my hair looks right after taking out of the roller, however the curls last 1 hour tops. I got better luck with curl secret, the curls last all day without any product, although it does not give as much as this one.
vince charming (4 years ago)
mine have clips to hold them in
synorra (4 years ago)
Thank You Judy for all the wonderful and helpful videos you have shared with us over the past 6 years!!
bubmaria (4 years ago)
Yasmine C. (4 years ago)
This Was The First Video I Ever Saw On Your Channel :)
Satawna Stumblingbear (4 years ago)
I have tried this but my hair is soooo naturally straight it never works. :/
E'dah Thibodaux (3 years ago)
My daughters hair is like that.  if you can French braid your own hair do it while its just a little damp with light moose in it before bed and try to start it toward the front of your head.  it turns out very nice in the morning.  and try it on a weekend! 
Sabrina Argumedo (3 years ago)
+Anna Slater it was cool :-) ♥
Anna Slater (4 years ago)
I have naturally straight hair too. Its VERY thick to. Kinda long. Anyways I do overnight curlers. They work amazingly. You just put them in overnight wake up and take them out. Try it out on weekends so you don't look like a hot mess the first time you do it. There is many different methods and there super easy.
kierston ally (4 years ago)
Wait help me out here I have never curled ny hair before so this might sound dumb but what is the product she put in her hair first? Do you have to put that in?
francinemarie (4 years ago)
she uses a heat protectant. not everyone uses it, but it's suggested to protect your hair from the strong heat
Amanda Campos (4 years ago)
I still go back and watch this tutorial. Can't wait for the updated video.
spawn of Medusa (4 years ago)
I was thinking about getting rollers, I hate holding a curl iron up for so long just to get the curl I want so thank you so much!
TheSP1990 (4 years ago)
its so weird to say but you've grown so much in the past 2 years judy! :) <3
gladitsnotme (4 years ago)
This model is only sold with clamps instead of those metal pins now. I hope it still works as well!
ann_ geelaa (4 years ago)
Christina Gerard (4 years ago)
Bought these curlers but there are different sizes and I am not sure where is best to put the smaller ones. On the bottom?
francinemarie (4 years ago)
on the sides of your head & towards the nape of your neck
Alex dure (4 years ago)
Thank you! These rollers have just been sitting here screaming, "use me! Use me!" I just don't know where the manual went! I'm so old fashion that I couldn't understand. Lol so once again, thank you!
Cara Douthit (4 years ago)
Thanks again for this simple post even if it is just common sense lol this weekend was our 5yr anniversary & we renewed our vows. I got hair extensions and my stylist had it curled so cute. I thought I'd never be able to recreate what she did. Love that I can now. Thanks again!
Cara Douthit (4 years ago)
Thank u so much for this simple video!!! Its prolly common sense but I needed it lol This weekend I got hair extensions for our 5 yr vow renewal and she had it curled so cute but I knew there was no way I could do it. Now I can & today my hair is beautiful. Thanks again!
Cara Douthit (4 years ago)
Thank u so much for this simple video!!! Its prolly common sense but I needed it lol This weekend I got hair extensions for our 5 yr vow renewal and she had it curled so cute but I knew there was no way I could do it. Now I can & today my hair is beautiful. Thanks again!
Dálete Morais (4 years ago)
Thank-you. That was so helpful
May Yin Giang (4 years ago)
I couldn't get passed the hot roller part.  How do you roll them on without burning your fingers.  How long do you plug them in for and do you unplug them and let them cool before you roll them into your hair?  Please help. Thank you.  :D
imdaddysbeaniebaby (4 years ago)
I have those rollers but they wobble an don't stay still. Should I straighten my hair first since I have thick wavy hair?

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