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Roger Taylor - Gangsters Are Running This World - Purple Version (Official Lyric Video)

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Text Comments (939)
BigRatJoe (1 hour ago)
I am officially alive while Queen is still making music. 2005 and I've been listening since 2014
Alex Animations (6 hours ago)
I Love queen
Adan Rocha (8 hours ago)
Here in 10 k
The 213 dislike are from Paul Prenter darlings
sofia krist (15 hours ago)
Thatoneautistickid (17 hours ago)
Thank you for helping my hard times
Gerard Pantosin (18 hours ago)
This is not queen I remember
millo y compañía (21 hours ago)
Is like a michael jackson song but better
G MM (22 hours ago)
Freddy Yoh (23 hours ago)
Mon Ampli ! A dis oui Encore !
MAUL PRINGGO (1 day ago)
Not The Coffe Machine!!!
Cb Zuala (1 day ago)
Full respect king
ElNaim 845 :v (1 day ago)
Ugh Idk (1 day ago)
I Stan
Compilado Gasolero (2 days ago)
Muy bueno. Saludos desde Argentina. me gusta su canal
Jan Slowhand (2 days ago)
This one and The Waterboys - Where The Action Is are two best rock songs of 2019. Rock and roll is still alive. Hooray!
K E (2 days ago)
This song is epic! Really swell, love the beat.
Tomas Velasquez (2 days ago)
Queen singing of gangsters horrible
Jan Slowhand (2 days ago)
1) it's not Queen 2) You're probably gangster himself if you that's why you think this song is horrible
harlim oy (2 days ago)
Soy Fan ❤❤❤
Stephen O Neill (2 days ago)
Roger Taylor!
CoCo Queenie (2 days ago)
That's the kind of song that you can groove to. Roger, you're awesome!🤩🤩♥️♥️
Sayuru Nanayakkara (2 days ago)
Never have I ever liked a video faster
Panduh (2 days ago)
This song is perfect for literally any spy movie
Unini Gboyah (2 days ago)
Next time I watch this I am going to drink water every single time Roger says “ Gangsters”
JustASmallOtter (3 days ago)
SEIPEG go go go (3 days ago)
Woooo que en is legendary
wowpokemon100 (3 days ago)
all i can think of is James Bond. and i have never watched it (though i have listened to live and let die, which i know is a bond song)
Kaixoo Aeri (3 days ago)
I love your song Rog😍
퀸에 다시 새로운 멤버 왔나요?
Dr. Puggles (3 days ago)
This makes me kinda sad because I miss Freddie and this is nothing like his music and he started this band. :(
riri vhena (3 days ago)
Rubena Ust Soblas (3 days ago)
me gustó mucho más que la anterior! la anterior era más lenta ysi
Natalia Villena (3 days ago)
Ohhh!! You still create gods music!!!🥰🥰🥰 You’re perfect guys!!!
Evelyn Cornwell (3 days ago)
It's got mid 80's feel to it. With that said. I can't day that I hate it. It's a great new song to listen to these days. Oh, thank you. I am not one to enjoy anything current. It's a sound that I have been craving.
feather (3 days ago)
Roger still goes off <3
FRIZZY- CHAN (3 days ago)
Cool long life of queen
Run 69 (3 days ago)
Roger Taylor great singer and songwriter for Queen.He can't songwrite for himself to save his life though.
Mr. Fahrenheit (3 days ago)
This sounds like an entirely different song
eilen napuri (3 days ago)
quien quiere que roger cante estoy enamorado de mi auto este 2019 yooo quiero
Shskulllady -1 (3 days ago)
I wonder if he had to convince Brian to release this
Keston Decker (3 days ago)
This song is great. Roger Taylor has such a great voice plus he's a great songwriter. I'm glad to see he's still writing and singing
Keston Decker (3 days ago)
I absolutely love this song
Me gustan las dos versiones.. Te amo Roger eres lo maximo😘😘😘
NARUTO UZUMAKI (3 days ago)
Queen is not queen without Freddie Mercury
JW Stuff (4 days ago)
Much better than the other version, imo.
Alicey HangInThete (4 days ago)
AHHHHHHH love this purple version!!!!
Sayaka MAEDA (4 days ago)
Love you both! Btw I want you to check this out, Japanese high school dance club members become 81 Freddy perform your songs pretty good: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fAy8tLUfjcs
Jon Mortimer (4 days ago)
I wonder if its him on guitar? Sounds like him. He probably played everything. Talented bugger! Bravo! Album please!
agosclays neko fuyoji (4 days ago)
Me encanta y me sorprendí mucho Creo que lla era tiempo de algo de rock Queen por siempre Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Stanislaw Krupski (4 days ago)
Nice good job
Barbara Hoffman (3 days ago)
Love this version better than the original. Hope Roger sings this on tour this summer! I find it ironic that this was released on tax day in the US.
Clara Martins (4 days ago)
Yaeli Gallardo (4 days ago)
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Esto. No. Es. Queen. Demandó. Al. Falsificador. De. Queen
AbandonxdPlaces (4 days ago)
now THIS is what i expected
Isaac Gamer YT (4 days ago)
Did you remember something of freddie mercury
TC Arnold (4 days ago)
Aw man! It's the Cross sound all over again! It's been too long Roger!
Rocío Cerca (4 days ago)
keep making music Roger, please!!!!!!!!!
Chick-fil-a Ms. jr (4 days ago)
How different would it be if Freddie was dead? Like if they never have Peter in there group? I think it’s Peter’s fault Freddie’s dead. Like i’m pretty sure he showed Freddie those gay clubs in New York
Elena Rossetti (4 days ago)
Absolutely AMAZING! seems to come back in the 70s with this track (even though I was born in this millennium ahah). Thank you Rogerina💕
Elena Rossetti (4 days ago)
+Kayla Cohn no no sorry, I was wrong to write ahahah
Kayla Cohn (4 days ago)
This decade? You'd have to 9 years old or less
men2alan Mendoza (4 days ago)
I love my car
Mccortez 7v7 (4 days ago)
sorry I am a fan of queen and I am Mexican sorry for the bad concert of mexico I am ten years old
Grace Ketland (4 days ago)
No, gangsters aren’t running this world, QUEEN is running this world!
The Tatman (4 days ago)
Omg this is better!!
Pinoluthf (4 days ago)
This version sounds so different, but its amazing! This sounds straight out of an action movie. Seriously great song. More people need to listen to this. Good job, Rog!
Mairead Maguire (4 days ago)
This is fucking fantastic
Anna Pellikaan (5 days ago)
This is absolutely my favourite song for the moment (until I listen to the old Queen albums again but I truly love this, it's very much like Roger to write an awesome song like this!)
Mike J. Jackson (5 days ago)
1:05 My God I looove this part !!!
티브이언레알 (5 days ago)
song is very cool
Wow!I love this😻😻😻
soo (5 days ago)
I like it! I
443.7ml tea (5 days ago)
Purple version is AWESOME!!!!
Waaaa amazing!! It's quite dancy, I like it! Thank you thank you thank you
Ivy Miller (5 days ago)
Roger makes my insides explode. I love him so much.
Ivy Miller (5 days ago)
Tigr. E. (5 days ago)
I love it!!♥
Pablo Contreras (5 days ago)
Roger and Brian must make a new album with just the 2 of them singing all the songs !
Paulina Sarahi (5 days ago)
grettag19 (5 days ago)
Such 80s vibes from this, love it!
Isaac Guadamuz (5 days ago)
Dylan Beck (5 days ago)
So when’s the green version coming out
Fede Carreño (5 days ago)
Por fin Roger...temazo y rockero carajo.
CLAU ELE (5 days ago)
wow i love the new track i hope a new album!!! roger is always amazing!!!
Nicolasa Diaz (5 days ago)
love it, but I liked the other version better
Maximiliano Dalgo (5 days ago)
Who like queen put a like ⬇️
MsCreative777 (5 days ago)
I absolutely love it! This is so much in Queen style! Freddie would love it! I imagine him smoking a cigarette, listening and smiling:)
Julie Clapfish (5 days ago)
I don't really know what purple version means but I still love it
sally kilby (3 days ago)
@ Julie Clapfish. I agree with you there Julie just as confused 😕 about the " purple" bit but like it anyway, and the other version too.🙌👏🎶✌💖😀
Rostislav Komárek (5 days ago)
0:55 Stejná myšlenka už nic nemusím hledat.
Lucifer Ward (5 days ago)
I miss the old queen I'll remember the summer of 1985
S.M.M MMS (5 days ago)
Blazeisafire (5 days ago)
Is Brian on guitar??? Or is it only Roger
Bob Riedel (5 days ago)
Gary Taylor (5 days ago)
Awful song cheap video ,will be no 1
LeroyBrown84 (5 days ago)
Just WOW ! 👍
%0 naked girls %0 drugs %100000000 talent %100000000 good music I love Queen❤❤👑👑
Rain Bow. (3 days ago)
Eso es porque no escuchaste fat bottomed girl, bycicle race, body language y muchas otras
Faraón_Chávez (5 days ago)
Wow new video
A. L .A (5 days ago)
Wow I didn’t know queen still released music. I’m ecstatic at this find.
One dump one turd two tits JOHN DEACON One.......s*x position CHICKEN FEET BABE This is why I love Queen😂😂👑
Dark 88 (5 days ago)
Siete i miei idoli

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