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Queen + Adam Lambert - The Rhapsody Approaches...July 2019

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The Rhapsody Approaches…July 2019 Queen + Adam Lambert to debut brand new Rhapsody touring show across North America next year with 23 giant shows from July through August 2019 Tickets on sale December 7th at http://www.LiveNation.com http://www.queenonline.com/news/press-release-the-rhapsody-approaches-north-american-tour-announced The Rhapsody Tour - North America 2019 Wed Jul 10 Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena Fri Jul 12 - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome Sun Jul 14 - San Jose, CA - SAP Center Tue Jul 16 - Phoenix, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Arena Fri Jul 19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum Tue Jul 23 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center Wed Jul 24 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center Sat Jul 27 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena Sun Jul 28 - Toronto, ON - Scotiabank Arena Tue Jul 30 - Washington, DC - Capital One Arena Wed Jul 31 - Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Paints Arena Sat Aug 03 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center Sun Aug 04 - Boston, MA - Xfinity Center Tue Aug 06 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden Fri Aug 09 - Chicago, IL - United Center Sat Aug 10 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center Tue Aug 13 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena Thu Aug 15 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena Sat Aug 17 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BB&T Center Sun Aug 18 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena Tue Aug 20 - New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center Thu Aug 22 - Atlanta, GA - State Farm Arena Fri Aug 23 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center Los Angeles, CA (December 3, 2018) – The soaring success of Bohemian Rhapsody – the Freddie Mercury/Queen movie that is set to become the biggest grossing music biopic of all time – has proven that the public’s love for Queen remains as strong as ever. Longtime fans and recent converts will be thrilled to discover then, that Queen – original band members Brian May and Roger Taylor, teaming up once more with longtime frontman Adam Lambert on lead vocals – will return to North America next year. Produced by Live Nation, the epic 23-date arena and stadium Rhapsody tour is set to run from mid-July through late August with an all-new concert experience. Tickets for the Rhapsody tour go on sale to the general public starting December 7th at LiveNation.com at 10 AM local time. Queen and Adam Lambert Fan Club Presales* will run from 10 AM local time through 10 PM local time on Thursday, December 6th. *Pre-sale links and codes will be sent on to QueenOnline.com subscribers and Queen Fan Club Members via email on Tuesday 4th December. Going under the Rhapsody header, the six-week tour will debut a brand new larger-than-life production. Stufish Entertainment Architects’ set designer Ric Lipson says: “Queen + Adam Lambert’s Rhapsody tour will, once again for them, expand the parameters of what a live music experience can be. This new show promises to be their most spectacular yet, an innovative and interactive celebration of the continued power of Queen’s music.” The tour follows an acclaimed run of 10 sold-out shows at the MGM Park Theater, Las Vegas in September 2018 and will kick off July 10th at Vancouver Rogers Arena. Stop-offs include some of the most history-packed venues in the US and Canada, including The Forum in Los Angeles (the last venue the original line-up played in North America on September 15, 1982) and New York City’s Madison Square Garden (the site of past Queen glories, including a memorable performance from Queen + Adam Lambert on July 17, 2014). It will wrap August 23rd at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. Announcing their Rhapsody tour Roger Taylor said: "We are ready for America and raring to get back in the saddle.” Adam Lambert said: “We have been designing a brand new visual spectacle that will reframe these iconic songs and we are excited to unveil it!” With Brian May adding: “This is a great opportunity. Our last tour featured our most ambitious production ever and got us our best notices ever. So we decided to rip it apart and get even more ambitious! Watch out, America! " Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (3220)
Solo Io (11 hours ago)
Levati la corona, scemo!
andrea gonsalves (11 hours ago)
Happy birthday to *Brian* *May* 😘🎊🎉🎂🎸🎸
Frank !GamesPlay Maycol (17 hours ago)
There is no one like Freddie as the stranger is my god of rock, but still lives queen
x mohoz (1 day ago)
Fuck adam lambert
nob everything (1 day ago)
Still fuck you Adam Lambert your ruining the original songs
Teong Kay (1 day ago)
Queen + Adam Lambert - The Rhapsody Tour looks amazing! Really love the stage design, Brian and Adam's outfits, I want to see the show in person badly!!!!!
Jena Pantano (2 days ago)
Wish they had Mitch from Pentatonix instead. I can't stand Adam Lambert.
In South America please
Haz Marsden (3 days ago)
cualquier cosa (4 days ago)
It's just that without fredie it's not the same
Mona Winn (4 days ago)
Some people said Marc Martel is better than Adam Lambert because he can sing just like Freddie. Well, in that case I will just listen to Freddie at home. I really want to watch Brian and Roger so I checked out how is Adam. He did not sound like Freddie but he can entertain like Freddie so I decided to go to the Queen + Adam.
Piotr Wojciechowski (6 days ago)
Adam Lambert to👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩
Cheryl Davis (6 days ago)
Adam has a good singing voice. And he puts on a show. However, I am never moved by his singing, never was, all the way back to when he was on American Idol. Singers, really good singers, are authentic, they reach your soul, they believe so much in what they are singing that you believe it. Freddie could reach the deepest part of the human soul, gave you a sense of belonging. Who else can reach they very back of a stadium concert? None, that I have seen and I've seen some really good shows. There is nothing authentic or real about Adam. All of us that have loved Queen since childhood, like me, and new fans found since the release of Bohemian Rhapsody feel a real sense of loss listening to, and watching Queen hits being performed without Freddie. I cried the day Freddie died. I am still moved by his voice, charm and charisma. Freddie, the real deal. I wish no ill will on Adam, but babe you have to start being real. Be authentic, because man, I don't find anything real about you. Brian and Roger you guys are awesome!! Wish John was still playing with you. Queen my all time favorite band since the age of 13 and always will be. Love you guys, love and miss you Freddie.
MasiaDe (5 days ago)
Listen; please keep those "authentic" comments - to yourself. Those are the rudest things to say- to ANYONE. I would love to see if what would happen if someone would call you not "Authentic." Those types of comments hurt. He is a TRAINED opera singer. Trained vocalist; from Broadway are like him; vocally trained. At least he's nice, and not selfish; and never expect praise. He doesn't mention historic feats he's done or awards in other countries. It's not just his vocals is why he has followers, BUT it is what he has managed to accomplish and most importantly his impact, his career didn't just affect his. It affected many. But because of hate; that was the reason why he left to Queen. I don't think a lot of people know how much hate he has received; not just for Queen but for just being Gay in 2009 has hurt him.- how just what that one performance cost him.. But you need to understand that Adam's impact is why he does have has his own fans; if you're wondering why he does please, please do look up some facts about his career.
DerpySquirtleBoi (6 days ago)
Roger and Brian still so kickass after all these years!
carl johnson (6 days ago)
I miss a freddy
Melhor que funk
Paola Magnanini (7 days ago)
fate schifo,ritiratevi in un ricovero,senza Freddie siete solo delle merdine
Elektra 777 (9 days ago)
Freddie is only one😞
robbie chartier (9 days ago)
I know Queens music mainly from movies that their music has been featured in. I didn't watch AGT when Adam Lambert was on it my friend talked me into getting tickets and I youtubed videos from agt and other Queen concerts after I bought my ticket for this concert and in the 7 month's since I have become a fan . I am very much looking forward to tomorrow's concert with Queen plus Adam Lambert .
Lara Roostalu (9 days ago)
You're so lucky! This is a brand new show, you'll be the first ones to see it tonight!
Myth Seven (10 days ago)
not even close :( Rami Malek is great solution
Terri Bey (10 days ago)
T-35 days until I get to go!!! Can't wait. Columbus and Nashville. Bring it on!!
Polis Ramirez (10 days ago)
Regresense a mexico plis :,v
Svetlana K. (10 days ago)
Josh Hales (10 days ago)
I’m so excited!! I’m going to the Tacoma WA show!!! Can’t wait to rock out!! 🎸
Guy Dubé (10 days ago)
Alexandra Grace (10 days ago)
i just got tickets yesterday and i’m so freaking excited
I’m looking forward to see the tour photos and others!!! I’m excited.
RUBY ROMANE (11 days ago)
WOLProductions (11 days ago)
Come back to Singapore please, miss you guys!
Zugeily Narvaez (12 days ago)
Hi i'm donna (danna) #queen forenber tengo 11 años los amoo
Fam Queen (12 days ago)
He will NEVER replaced Freddie NEVER
Fortnite Master 360 (12 days ago)
Freddie is better then Adam by far No offence
Janusz Cebula (12 days ago)
annie sundene (12 days ago)
10 MORE DAYS FOR ME!!!!!! July 16th in Phoenix!!!!!
robbie chartier (9 days ago)
1more day for me
wickedwendy (13 days ago)
The magic that is Queen is Freddie Mercury, A live performance with anyone else, no matter how good he is , doesn´t even come close! Freddie is a legend, he doesn´t need impersonators to keep the magic he created alive, His magic lives on in every real Queen fan. This just leaves a bad taste
AKOM 20 (12 days ago)
Good job Adam isn't an impersonator then, he's not a replacement Freddie and he neither sounds nor acts like him. Brian & Roger still love to play live for the fans who still want to see them.
EL CRACK 99 (15 days ago)
I prefer Freddy Mercury
Lara Roostalu (9 days ago)
Why can't you spell his name correctly then?
Son Dragon (16 days ago)
No one can replace Freddie not even Adam
AKOM 20 (12 days ago)
As Adam himself has said hundreds of times, that's not what he's doing.
julieta lopez (16 days ago)
adam lambert no canta bien
Roman Kaczmarek (17 days ago)
Rich Vlogz (17 days ago)
Brian and Roger shall dump Adam lambert and add Marc Martel
AKOM 20 (12 days ago)
Not a single chance of that happening, Adam is permanent.
Ellioondra (13 days ago)
Why should they dump their front man of 7 years? Martel is a tribute act he's not fit to front Queen. Queen + Adam Lambert new tour starts next week by the way - get excited!
Saint Cadet (17 days ago)
Got my tickets for NEW ORLEANS! Am so excited to get to see & hear Roger and especially Brian...though they are both incredible musicians! I do believe this will be their last tour as the physical requirements demanded of them gets to be more challenging ( I’m of the same age) Adam Lambert wants to be known for his own music. To be the remaining 2 members of the truly legendary, 1st generation of Rock ‘n Roll ... .they are icons....quite an accomplishment!!! Love’um😍 And it is said their touring company is the tightest and best in the business!! Unbelievable, moveable production!...Props to them too👏👏👏👏 Oh and Brian...you are an exceptional human being, this Earth has been fortunate to have had you💋
Franz Ferdinand Dietz (18 days ago)
Freddie is better
slynnc kitty (18 days ago)
Freddie is dead.
Jordan Jordan (19 days ago)
slynnc kitty (18 days ago)
Brian and Roger are still Queen. "Queen + Adam Lambert"
Bob E. (19 days ago)
I have my tix bought (last November) for August in Massachusetts. This will be 40th time seeing them 35 with Freddie 1 with Paul Rogers It will be 4 times with Adam Lambert
Bob E. (19 days ago)
I really do miss Freddie
FASTER 878 (19 days ago)
Cállate A ti no te sale >:v
Cassandra Curtis (28 days ago)
I’m going with my family I’m surprising my tomorrow poppy for his 70 birthday he loves queen
FerSo (29 days ago)
angel r. (1 month ago)
Not to be disrespectful but.... I dont think they went right with this Adam Lambert guy he won't and will not ever be able to be compared with the great freddie. In matter of fact no one will ever have such a beautiful voice as he did... I feel like they should have just let his voice play in the background as they jammed I mean lets be honest that's the whole reason were all going is for Brian and Roger....
AKOM 20 (19 days ago)
angel r. Sorry but I've seen them live and I went for all of them and regardless I definitely wouldn't have gone to listen to them playing a tape of Freddie while they jammed, I can listen to Freddie anytime I like on recordings but if I'm paying to see a live show then I want a live show with a live singer. Adam sounds nothing like Freddie but he's incredible in his own right and has his own beautiful voice, some of us are able to like more than one singer.
slynnc kitty (22 days ago)
Sorry, what what you think is irrelevant to Brian and Roger. It's their band and they will make their own artistic decision.
chsnytan (1 month ago)
To be frank, this is a great combination of artists talent.
Queen Fan12 (1 month ago)
can someone whos going to the first show or any show before ohio show reply to this and tell me the setlist
AKOM 20 (1 month ago)
They haven't decided it yet they're meeting this week to rehearse etc.
Roko Abc (1 month ago)
We need a 2nd show for The Rhapsody Tour in Vancouver, Canada Pepsi Live @ Rogers Arena because if I attend the concert my life will be changed forever. Please add a 2nd show for Vancouver by Popular Demand!
Paul Rohtla (1 month ago)
The USA/Canada summer tour is sold out full capacity. They underestimated demand, should've played bigger venues!
James W. Smith (1 month ago)
I'm lucky enough to know the band, it'll be a privilege seeing them play in my hometown and hanging out with my old buddies.
winnermo (1 month ago)
Adam Lambert vs Marc Martel
slynnc kitty (1 month ago)
@Paul Rohtla Ummm, because you're an idiot. Adam fans don't diss one another.
Paul Rohtla (1 month ago)
@slynnc kitty You've got not only reading comprehension but paranoia as well. Why would I pretend to be a fan? I am a fan ffs. LOL
slynnc kitty (1 month ago)
Paul Rohtla Repeating again. I was the only one who said anything about a frontman so it’s easy to assume you were commenting to me. You’re no Adam fan so stop pretending that you are.
Paul Rohtla (1 month ago)
@slynnc kitty Repeating again...I wasn't talking to you. Read my comment where I stated that Adam Lambert is the last front man for Queen. Just the obvious. There is no 'vs'. There is no competition. Not in a real world anyway.
slynnc kitty (1 month ago)
Paul Rohtla I think you have a comprehension problem. The originator mentioned nothing about a frontman, but I did. See how that works?
Kate Osayamwen (1 month ago)
2 0 1. 9
Patricio Caro (2 months ago)
no entiendo a los que no les gusta adam lambert, aparte de tener una voz operistica, tiene un encanto parecido a mercury sobre el escenario
Mr. Joshua (2 months ago)
Mark martel would've been a much better pick
Paul Rohtla (1 month ago)
There is nothing better about a Freddie tribute act.
peter pan (1 month ago)
Said no one ever. Adam Lambert is the best singer alive and one of the best ever rock vocalists. Brian May and Roger Taylor call Adam Lambert the Gift from god and a voice in a billion. Imitators don't impress them that much.
Farbas (2 months ago)
J-hope's Hope (22 days ago)
@slynnc kitty I completely agree!
slynnc kitty (2 months ago)
Oh hell no!!!! Brian and Roger don't want an imitator. They will only play with Adam. Marc has burned his bridges with Queen and has no affiliation with them anymore. (Thank God)
Yuri To You (2 months ago)
VIP seats for Washington 🖤🖤
Cristina gabrielli (2 months ago)
peter pan (1 month ago)
Ma sei sorda...
Vianka Camacho (2 months ago)
freddie is best than adam, he is good but I really prefer freddie bby
Auby Besties (2 months ago)
Botman999 (2 months ago)
I am your fan and I want you to play in Spain for Madrid
Star Light (2 months ago)
As John deacon said no Freddie no queen
Kittycomere (2 months ago)
That was before Adam Lambert
slynnc kitty (2 months ago)
Not "Queen" it's "Queen (Brian and Roger) + Adam Lambert"
Yang uwu (2 months ago)
moskaluk (3 months ago)
Freddy Back...
Kittycomere (2 months ago)
Freddie (spell it correctly) Dead … so ...
Megan Gaukroger (3 months ago)
Counting down to seeing the boys in Brisbane Australia February 2020
Megan Gaukroger (1 month ago)
Floor seats section 3 row 4 seats 56 and 57 on Brian's side of the stage
Megan Gaukroger I will be sitting in section 516!
maddie evans I’m Also!
Megan Gaukroger YAY! I’m going to the same show! I’m so Excited
Megan Gaukroger (2 months ago)
@maddie evans Awesome
Raffael Angeles (3 months ago)
This tour is gonna rock 1000% - cannot wait!
Gabriel FSP (7 days ago)
Adam Lambert sucks, would be way better with Marc Martel.
Nancy Holub (3 months ago)
So excited to see the Rhapsody tour! It will be the fourth time I've seen Queen and Adam Lambert, and they just keep getting better and better. Enormous talents....all! Adam is perfect for Queen...and vice-versa. How amazing that Queen has had the good fortune to perform with the two best frontmen of their generations....Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert!
Cecelia Pettigrew (3 months ago)
I'm so Excited for next year I already brought my Ticket for AAMI Park Melbourne Australia 🎉 Edit: Brian just added a second night in Melbourne Because the first night was Sold out.
Tom Plotagon (3 months ago)
I got tickets!
and south america ?????? please
ItzWickey (3 months ago)
Philippines please
Profile Maker RBLX (3 months ago)
Watching this video makes me want Freddy Back
Kittycomere (2 months ago)
I guess not a big fan, since you can't spell his name
Regina Taschuda (3 months ago)
No me gusta para nada
Jerry Tomson (3 months ago)
Came here from Marc Martel to check how Adam sings. I never heard him, I`ve always listened queen songs with Freddie so this was my first time. So many people say Freddie would be proud, that Adam is doing good. Well I can`t agree with that. He behave like he was with Queen from the start, he sings Queen songs like today`s shit pop hits. His voice isn`t that fantastic. And his screams ... man ... thats so distasteful. That`s not Queen for me anymore. Martel feels Queen songs way better, his Freddie-like voice only completes the image. Sorry Adam.
Kittycomere (2 months ago)
You should watch The Show Must Go On, The Queen and Adam Lambert Story on ABC, that will help you out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_HLAvYFoPc
Paul Rohtla (3 months ago)
Adam Lambert's been fronting Queen since 2012, not sure why you never heard of him.....He's amazing. No wonder their new summer tour is already sold out.
slynnc kitty (3 months ago)
Ok, so you don't agree. Sorry, but that's doesn't mean a thing to Brian and Roger who have said they will only play with Adam. They said right from the start that they are playing for their fans who want to see them. For those that don't, they said no problem, thanks and good bye. Considering they've been selling out concerts all over the world for about 7 years, I'd sa there are plenty of fans who want to see them as they are. 👋. (Sorry Marc)
nicolas rubio (3 months ago)
disgust adam lambert
Krista Vibbert (3 months ago)
He cant replase Freddie mercury I miss og queen mainly Freddie
Katie Kit Lam (3 months ago)
Will the tour go worldwide? Please come to Hong Kong! Pleaseeeeee...
I need help because the first show is in Vancouver (which I'm going to) and I want to know the set list so I can prepare for those songs. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME????
Paul Rohtla (3 months ago)
Maybe the movie soundtrack songs? You are so lucky to go to the first show!
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
Not sure they even know yet.
Bassretro (4 months ago)
No freddie no queen
Blackkashmir (4 months ago)
They’re doing a great job but Queen isn’t Queen without Freddie and Deacy :/
Алина Дуд (4 months ago)
Противно глядеть. Перепевает попросту песни. Он задумывается что он похож на Фредди . Но это не этак. Без него нету Квин! Фредди наилучший! Его никто не поменяет. И таких на земле не будет вовек!
Rizkia Dwi Auliannisa (4 months ago)
Why they didn't come to asia.. 😭😭
jason masters (4 months ago)
not even close
jason masters (4 months ago)
@slynnc kitty educate yourself, you sound ignorant!
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
It's not supposed to be close to anything.
Davina (4 months ago)
Adam is not great, the other guy is a dead ringer for Freddy's voice Matt something or other....why Lambert I have no clue. Won't be seeing them since I saw Freddy twice in 1977 and 1982....Matt Martel I think his name is sounds EXACTLY like him.
Davina (4 months ago)
slynnc kitty Lmao I give it to you with “Hun”. Haha... that’s worse than sweetie! Too funny but thank you for making me laugh... 🤘
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
@Davina "When one calls you 'sweetie', they are jealous and angry sarcastic people." I would love for you to share where I might find that rule since I've never seen nor heard that before. So Martel Minion, I'll save the rest of my comment until I have verifiable proof of you claim. Otherwise, don't bother waste me time with your nonsense, Hun.
Davina (4 months ago)
@slynnc kitty When one calls you 'sweetie', they are jealous and angry sarcastic people. IDGAF about Adam WHATSOEVER. OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW THEY DO NOT LIKE HIM. If I like Martel's voice better means I am marketing him? Like I said, the band can pick whomever they want to. Freddy will always be Freddy to me and I think the group need to quit themselves and not turn out like the Stones who are pushing 80 and sound foolish. IT WILL AND CAN NEVER BE THE SAME QUEEN AGAIN WITHOUT FREDDY PERIOD. Get a clue. If you're in love with Adam, you were are not a QUEEN fan. You may have seen QUEEN, but you did not see him PERFORM when he was NOT famous as I did....then again in 1982. John Fogarty yes. Bye Felicia.
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
@Davina Is this a comparison video? No, so why are you expressing your opinion about Marc on a video that has absolutely nothing to do with him? I can actually can answer that, it's because you are a Martel Marketing Minion. who shamelessly pimps the imitator on QAL videos. I assume when you make a statement such as, " Most QUEEN Freddy fans would not waste their time" you can back that up with some verifiable proof, right? I'm here to tell you that Queen and Adam have been selling out arenas all over the world since 2012. The fan and media reviews are stellar. Their new summer tour is also sold out or near sold out with only the super expensive tickets left. That seems like an awful lot of fans spending good money to see them as opposed to "wasting their time". You don't have to like Adam's voice. What is important is that Brian and Roger do and that they would never use an imitator in their band. They've also said Adam doesn't really have to try at all, he is a natural and can sing their songs in his sleep. Sweetie, I have seen Freddie with Queen and now Adam. I've also been around the block more than once so please don't think you've got anything on me. I just saw John Fogerty last Saturday. ✌️
Davina (4 months ago)
@slynnc kitty Great. Adam and his voice are not what I would go and see. Can't you take another opinion??? Whatever the band say great. I can say how I feel. Most QUEEN Freddy fans would not waste their time. I DO NOT LIKE Adam's voice. Tries too hard. If QUEEN wants him to replace Freddy then great. To me Freddy cannot ever be replaced. And as I am a lot older than you seeing ALL the great bands back in the day, Zeppelin, Stones, J Giles, The Who, Credence, list goes on and on.......I know my music. Young people today have NEVER seen what I saw. Now I'm done with this.
Sviatoslav Mikhailov (4 months ago)
You won't listen to Adam Lambert after just one song from Marc Martel - the only person who clearly sings as Freddie did. I'm curious why Queen guys took Adam but not Marc???
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
Sviatoslav Mikhailov I saw Freddie with Queen and now Adam. Both are excellent singers and phenomenal entertainers. I love that Brian and Roger chose an original singer as their frontman. He brings something new to their music. That doesn’t mean Adam will ever replace Freddie. When I want to hear Freddie, I can do so right here on You Tube. I have no need for an imitator.
Sviatoslav Mikhailov (4 months ago)
@slynnc kitty Thank you, i respect your opinion. But I stay with mine :) May be I am also old and get used to hear Freddie's voice on Queens songs. Anyway, namely Roger and Brian founded Queen Extravaganza and let them sing Queen songs.
slynnc kitty (4 months ago)
Sorry, I have no use for an imitator when there are plenty of ways to listen to Freddie. Brian and Roger chose Adam because they would never dishonor Freddie with a Freddie wannabe. Hope this will put your curiosity to rest and you can stop trolling. Brian on why they picked Adam…….."One of the great things about Adam is that he's never an imitator. He always finds his own way with the songs and that's what we all want. We want our music to be alive and dangerous and still open to change. Freddie particularly would hate to have thing reproduced the way they were. We take it to a different place, it's exciting. And I don't think we'd be doing it if we didn't think we were actually going into new territory and every time we work with Adam, we do that so I'm very happy." “Us on the road is because of Adam Lambert. If we hadn't come across Adam, I'm sure we wouldn't be out there playing, you know. To find somebody so perfect and yet someone who's not an imitator in any way, has been incredible. And I call him a GFG – a gift from God.” But though 32-year-old Lambert is 35 years younger than Brian May, the guitarist enthuses about his new lead vocalist: "Found something even more precious than my guitar....a man who made it possible for us to come back and play...the stuff of dreams...Adam Lambert!" Dr. Brian May "We will not work with anyone else after we've worked with the great Adam". "It's been great with Adam – he's a camp Elvis," says Roger, speaking before he stepped on stage in Sydney, Australia. "He's completely different. The last person we'd want is someone impersonating Freddie. He's someone who is himself. "Brian and I never expected to do all of this again, it's been unbelievable. "It's great, except this time we're actually getting good reviews." I'm happy to play with him. You know, when Freddie died, we thought that the end of Queens was beautiful, but that's all. Then we tried with Paul Rodgers, whose voice was good for soul and blues, but not for Queen's style. And then by chance we found Adam, who is an incredible singer, and there is chemistry between us - we like to work with, and loves music. We've been concerts for 5 years and it's getting better and better. With Brian, we've been young again, revived onstage, it's just fantastic! Adam is humble and at the same time very funny, one of the best singers I've ever heard. Of course Freddie was only one, he could not be brought back, but with Adam we can do great tours. We are twice as old. But Adam is already in his thirties, he is a mature personality, and he now belongs to us.
Blanca AAL (4 months ago)
Este.wey canta de la chingada pero por ver a los demás integrantes de Queen. Lo aguanto y México para cuando ?
Bunnicula Vampire Bunny (4 months ago)
I’ve never seen such a happy group of spectators at the Oscars than this year’s opening by Q+AL (QAL), every spectator grinning from ear-to-ear, yes partly due to having familiar music and going back in time, but greatly due to Lambert’s performance along with Queen’s. Lambert is his own, unique individual & artist who does not try to replace Freddy Mercury yet, like Mercury, he is in his prime and element there on stage, and it’s so contagious and such a pleasure to see, witness, and partake in such! That is what Q+ AL does!!
Manuel Cano C. (4 months ago)
Soy mexicano y la verdad es que Marc Martel es mejor que Adán
Sophia Chao (4 months ago)
August 4 😍😍😍 im so excited im gonna cry
Mariam K (4 months ago)
No-one can replace FREDDIE KING of ROCK
super Allison (4 months ago)
Adam lambert 💔👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Ferdinand Saur (4 months ago)
Can change adam? Hes sound verry high and feels like transgender
AKOM 20 (4 months ago)
They won't be changing him, yes he sings high which is a good thing for Queen songs and he's nothing like transgender.
FE4RR. EMO (4 months ago)
Plz tour in Australia because you guys are an inspiration love your work:( :)
Daniel Aguilar (4 months ago)
Adam dont have the voice marc is perfect to queen
karina manyari (4 months ago)
El no es la reina nadie remplaza a Freddie Mercury
Pablo Diaz D. (4 months ago)
Marc Martel!
Sherry Tso (4 months ago)
Please do an Asia Tour :))))))
Nate Whitbey (4 months ago)
Marc Martel would be way better than Adam lambert. He sounds like a metal singer.
Patricia Rosero (4 months ago)

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