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Queen - Scandal (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the official Queen channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from The Miracle, 1989. Queen - 'Scandal' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Scandal' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Text Comments (4370)
LikeBoss BR ™ (1 hour ago)
Sad that he cant perform a lot of songs in live...
shots fire (2 hours ago)
3:14 how to get the effect Speak into a fan loudly
shots fire (2 hours ago)
The beatles:98% Queen:100%
Tony de Figueiredo (5 hours ago)
There will NEVER be another voice like Freddie's...musically he was too far ahead of his time...
Silvana Ivone (6 hours ago)
Ready freddy? Been love him
dyziu82 (6 hours ago)
Kocham Cie od 1989 aż po życia kres .....
Priyanka (1 day ago)
Dear Freddie , You are an Angel.. every time i watch you in videos and i recharged with 100% pure energy .
Isabela Jiménez (1 day ago)
Freddie 0:40 😍
Killingman Gaming (2 days ago)
This is best track from The Miracle album next to Breakthrough.
Vane Mercury (2 days ago)
Freddie are the best 😍🧔🏻🎤🎹🎼🎧🥇🏅🥇🎖📸📷🧭🕰💎💎💎💎
Emily Ackerman (3 days ago)
June 2019?
Fuffy McBuffy (1 day ago)
Actually I’m in April 20th, 2069
Фредди ты наилучший!
resireg (3 days ago)
10 million views in 2019. That is a feat for an oldie s band
Queen Brian May, You are awesome... Someone really special who can play the pain tone of our heart..... The greatest guitar player and a kind hearted man... Lots of love Freddie Mercury ❤️❤️ and Queen
TheaterPup (4 days ago)
I love that the video ends on someone reading the gossip rag. I mean that’s ultimately who is to blame, the people who buy that trash and keep it in business.
Cube Girl Felis (5 days ago)
1:46 oh god roger is so sexy😭😭😭
Cube Girl Felis (5 days ago)
0:21 lol roger😂😂😂😂
Anto Jnk (5 days ago)
Music starts to play: 🥺 Freddie starts to sing: 💔😭🥺❤️♥️
The Behr Sisters Band (5 days ago)
Moonwalker 4ever (6 days ago)
Like to sacrifice Adam Lambert for Freddie
Antonio Pereira (6 days ago)
Instrument Player (7 days ago)
Freddie Mercury: Still a bada** diva Roger Taylor: Looks like a grandpa John Deacon: Still dancing Brian May: Hell no
Patricia Bilinkas (7 days ago)
Oh my Freddie...gone too soon!!!💔😢
Magnolia Macosi (8 days ago)
Handsome, talented men untill the end , we love u queen forever💓💓💓
Bohemian Moonwalker (9 days ago)
My favourite bit is today head lines tomorrow hard times
Bohemian Moonwalker (9 days ago)
The bit that hurts me the most is today heart lights tomorrow headlines I think I got it right idk
Bohemian Moonwalker (9 days ago)
I meant today the headlines tomorrow hard times
Naomi C (9 days ago)
Seriously love that guitar solo
Felipe R (9 days ago)
Unico hablando español? Si
иван иванов (9 days ago)
Божесственно ...
Malcolm Hutchison (9 days ago)
Using a song to stick two fingers up to the press Really these guys are legends 👍 Who agrees??
Музыка навечно ! Браво, мастера !!!
Leigh Lyric (10 days ago)
Just imagine the pain Freddie was going through shooting that as well as the rest of the band as they watch Freddie in terrible pain. So much respect. Why are there people who's job is just to destory someone else?
TheaterPup (4 days ago)
Leigh Lyric And why do people buy gossip rags in the first place?
layla kelly (10 days ago)
Freddie looks so lovely here he could my dad with the beard! 💕
Night King (10 days ago)
How different things would be if Freddie was still alive
Darkchief117 (10 days ago)
2019, I miss Freddie :(
Rogerina Taylor (10 days ago)
Why does this just scream “Roger Taylor”?
Adil RAZA (11 days ago)
Freddie forever 🙂
Gabriel Lezcano (11 days ago)
Que cantantr que se perdio este mundoo 😭
Ира Ханюков (11 days ago)
Ира Ханюков (11 days ago)
Песню-scandal написали квин
Пажылой (10 days ago)
Ну это и кушать канал Квин
Jakub Novotný (12 days ago)
Best guide how to deal with press
Mariana Jimenez (12 days ago)
Como me gusta esta banda!!!!!!! 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️
Szymek 700801 (12 days ago)
984 dislikes :( I like Queen's songs!
Ellinor Å. (12 days ago)
My favorite song❤️
Fati Janco (12 days ago)
Me enamora ver cuándo Freddie se desliza por el Piso jjj mis Reinas Bellas!!! 😍😍
Jakub Novotný (13 days ago)
Best middlefinger at press
113vinnie (13 days ago)
Its such a shame when such talent goes too early😭
Hannah Summers (13 days ago)
Play this whenever there is YouTube drama.
BELINDA TARCA (13 days ago)
He had his aids but he sounds 10 times better then he was without them
James Dawson (4 days ago)
Megan Kaufmann (7 days ago)
Wow .... there is a special place in hell for you mate
Elizaveta Xamdi (14 days ago)
И не нужно на нас наезжать, кинофильм- обида Фредди, Мэри получила то, за чем гналась, дебил хаттон пробует войтиив историю квинов-Фредди, хоть будто-то, хоть каким местом.... Меж тем Фредди обычный чел и мужик, а аосхищаться фильмом, приписаннвми голубыми отношениями, циничной мери я не собираюсь. У меня свое мировоззрение и право мыслить будто желаю, и конечно, грозная существование обучила созидать всё будто кушать, а не эти "ох и ахю какая влюбленность" ..... &#&#[email protected]
Radames Boscolo (14 days ago)
On air flug-press..
Jesse Heard wrestling (14 days ago)
2:17 So fucking hot. Also 3:23 your welcome.
gabriel (14 days ago)
Diego Oliveira (14 days ago)
Esse top
Celeste Gzz (15 days ago)
Este hallowen me disfracé de Freddy ...
Haya panda (14 days ago)
*de Freddie
Шикарный глас ) снутри все переворачивается! Огромное почтение за его лепта , за работу до последних сил!Таких примеров в наше пора дудки!
over and over and over again...
Maëna Mercury (16 days ago)
The real scandal is that God took Freddie away from us, but Freddie is a legend so he will never be totally dead❤️👑
liz calderon (17 days ago)
ni aun enfermo dejaste de brillar, tu voz hermosa y perfecta,sos lo mas grande de este mundo y del infinito...................
расул агаев (17 days ago)
Фредди ты вечен...
Eleonora Paglia (17 days ago)
Francesca Longo (17 days ago)
Eleonora Paglia Sì Freddie sensazionale... ma diamo merito anche agli altri 3. I Queen non erano solo Freddie, questa canzone ad esempio l'ha scritta Brian, così come tantissimi altri capolavori dei Queen. 😉
Dariusz Polak (17 days ago)
Jeden z wielu Hitów
Szymek 700801 (12 days ago)
Też polakiem jestem! zgadzam się jeden z hitów
No Name channel (17 days ago)
57k likes compared to 976 dislike.
Austinitsua (18 days ago)
Fake news...fake news everywhere
denny greeney (19 days ago)
God this was on MTV every freaken afternoon. No fail off the bus and it was on.
Fernando Bowie (19 days ago)
Intro is beautiful!!!!
Fernando Bowie (19 days ago)
Freddie i love you!!!!!! :(
selah johnson (19 days ago)
freddie’s voice is so untouchable
Maria Tornatore (19 days ago)
NUMBER ONE come te non c’è nessuno
Willq yt (20 days ago)
who listen in June 2019 ???
DR Yaola (7 hours ago)
Willq yt me
freethrice (20 days ago)
When my son was in middle school, the teacher asked the students to bring a song to class. My Chris brought this, they wouldn't allow it played. Why? It portrays all of this countries humanity. Communism is here and now. We are not allowed to express ourselves. My Son took his own life for just this reason. Now i try to go on. It get's harder every day.
На протяжении долгого времени в плйлисте Queen, другие, попросту,вне конкуренции! Фредди - взрвы чувств, обажаю каждую песню, каждое движение😍😘тошно декламировать о том с кем он спал, неужели это главное, его глас, энергетика, то что он потом себя оставил вот главное!!! Меркьюри-предание !!!!!
DiegoS Florian (21 days ago)
Now that is a guitar solo guys
Juliana (21 days ago)
Come back please💔
3:31 this second never “seen” before 😋
Adruša (22 days ago)
I love you Freddie Mercury
Naweed Fruzi (22 days ago)
Heyyy scannnndaaal❤️😍
the2dcore 32 (22 days ago)
The most underrated song and music video by Queen
Maria Tornatore (23 days ago)
Sei un fenomeno, ti adoroooooooo👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄
Nastya Ivanova (23 days ago)
SWB (24 days ago)
2:26 - 2:28 DAMMNN LEGENDD
Kotey85 (24 days ago)
2019 may
Entian Blue (24 days ago)
This has been my favorite queen song for over a month and im trying to be careful so i dont listen to it too much and get sick of it
Labradora 55 (24 days ago)
Who listen it in mai 2019?
Janique Vaillot (24 days ago)
Malade à cette époque et pourtant toujours aussi génial, sexy et talentueux. Miss you so much Darling Freddie
Nata Mercury (25 days ago)
Фредди и кушать сама музыка ,он жил музыкой ,отдавал себя без остатка ей и сцене !!!! Король 👑 на века !!! Я восхищаюсь этим человеком ,он стопроцентно заполнил мой рассудок, ни одинешенек мужик не слышал столько слов от меня ,сколько я пишу для тебя ,мой родимый Фредди 😍 ,ты навечно в моем сердечко ,мой возлюбленный мистер Меркьюри 😍😘😭
heathersyer (25 days ago)
Seems very apt right now @JamesCharles
Triborn (26 days ago)
Queen had more ideas for songs the last years then ever before!
z Mark Anthony (26 days ago)
This music video needs an HD remaster.
Nazhimah Putri Rizanti (26 days ago)
Oh i'm in love with this guy 😗
Great ❤️ hit of the miracle ...
Tiziana Maggio (27 days ago)
FREDDIE my idol my love ❤
Fedor Guseynov (27 days ago)
May 2k19
Irina Lavric (27 days ago)
Zo E (27 days ago)
Zo E (27 days ago)
This song is so POWERFUL
Alvin Retieffe (27 days ago)
Imagine the live concerts today if Freddy never died love!!!
Lana Teramae (28 days ago)
Sorry, I love this song!!! However, can we talk about Roger letting his hair flow at 1:47?!?!?!? THAT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!
Xenia Mathers (28 days ago)
Brian wrote this because of his "scandal", getting Togheter with Anita, a Well known actress, and leaving his wife and Mother of his children for here. Media did him truly dirty. But nobody could sing this more then freddie mercury, Brian knew this and also wrote it for him. His health, his sexuality, the Partys. SCANDAL
OSKI PL (29 days ago)
Most underrated Queen song Keep yourself alive too

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