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Mild High Club - Live at The Echo 8/30/2016

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August 30, 2016 - Mild High Club performs live at The Echo, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, record release show for their sophomore album on Stones Throw, "Skiptracing". https://soundcloud.com/mild-high-club https://www.facebook.com/themildhighclub/ Members: alexander brettin alyson kennon andrew burt maxwell nitch mat roberts Hometown: Chicago/ Los Angeles http://stonesthrow.com/
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Text Comments (56)
Iván Céspedes (2 years ago)
0:33 "Windowpane" 5:20 "Skiptracing" 10:27 "Homage" 13:35 "Club Intro" 17:30 "Timeline" 21:17 Jam 23:20 "Weeping Willow" 27:38 "Tesselation" 31:00 "Head Out" 33:58 "Undeniable" 37:35 "Cary Me Back" 41:48 "Kokopelli" 45:32 "The Chat" 49:28 "You and Me" 53:55 "Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Roy Ayers Cover)" 58:55 "Keep It Warm (Flo & Eddie Cover)" thanks for sharing <3
eric lee (2 months ago)
benjamin veliz barra (2 years ago)
te la jugaste
asstrailean (1 month ago)
jerry paper is groovin
vere ena (2 months ago)
Skiptracing is a-ma-zing and homage ofc !!
kingkrimsonkrazed (4 months ago)
Free Weed is LA's best kept secret.
Luide Sousa (4 months ago)
Eu amo tanto essa banda
ZonkyKong (7 months ago)
Perfect setlist, just missing Chapel :/
EF WB (8 days ago)
ZonkyKong that would kill the drummer lmao
Sidney (Tiki) (8 months ago)
21:15 looks like a echo and the bunnyman
antibiotike387 (9 months ago)
Albar Juarva (11 months ago)
Keren banget
Noharu Turner (1 year ago)
Wish they could've gotten the saxes in Head Out
ShaneTheOutlaw (1 year ago)
I know Tyler gotta be going crazy watching him cover Roy Ayers
Launchpad McQuack (1 year ago)
Whats the effect they have that like makes it sound like their guitars are in reverse i dont even know how to describe it
Bennett Wyler (10 months ago)
Launchpad McQuack a reverse delay. They have chorus and reverb on top to shape the tone of course, but the reverse delay pedal covers what effect you are describing
Vincent L. (1 year ago)
My guess is a heavy chorus and phaser/flanger effect
Sammy Neff (1 year ago)
windowpane has to raise the volume to hear him
Asiah Doyle (1 year ago)
I see you on the drums back there Jonathan Davis of Korn
Trichome Dome (1 year ago)
This show was awesome! Jerry Paper killed it too! Thank you for posting this!
Derrick Flores (1 year ago)
Knowing this dude doesn't hit every note spot on gives me faith as a musician.. he's still the shit don't get me wrong just good to know he's only human like us lol
Vision Momentum (1 year ago)
Derrick Flores i was notticing that, and left me at gawd damn! Even if can do it we can do it too
juansux (1 year ago)
Of course, jimmy page couldn't even bend a note on pitch if his life depended on it lol
The Dannasaurus Rex (1 year ago)
23:11"Free Weed"
来泽立 (1 year ago)
Zach Edgar (2 years ago)
Shout out to Jerry Paper joining in on the vocals for Keep It Warm!
Timothy Brozowski (2 years ago)
the performance of "Cary me Back" is so magical
go-rey speakers (2 years ago)
The Roy Ayers cover is perfect
Fine Wine (2 years ago)
Im the guy who yelled free weed in the begining c:
Mando (3 months ago)
Cool story bro. Legit no one asked.
PacoTheLeader (9 months ago)
You're the guy who should shut the fuck up next time lmao
Paul Parkes (1 year ago)
fuck you
davick1 (1 year ago)
that dude should never have to roll his own joints ever again.
pmalbec (1 year ago)
once Alex Brettin came out of the hotel grinding weed with his hands and made a joint so all the fans could smoke <3
tage (2 years ago)
is that weyes blood on vocals? the girls i mean ofc
Daniel Lee (1 year ago)
Chico the Kid (2 years ago)
It would be really dope to see a Summer Madness cover by these guys
Skove Stove (2 years ago)
these guys seem so rad
Eric Sandoval (2 years ago)
Fedro C (2 years ago)
The girls :)
rahuljoban (2 years ago)
The jam after timeline is amazing, very Grateful Dead inspired.
Pink Kudu (2 months ago)
@Logan Murphy suh dude, this is one of my favourite videos on you tube, i'm going to return to my mild high club roots, they are the best around.
Logan Murphy (4 months ago)
Any specific songs? I am trying to get into them
Beatlelaura (1 year ago)
rahuljoban grateful dead? Really?
AC DC (2 years ago)
free weed!!!
Fine Wine (2 years ago)
Nicolas Jeremias that was me !!!
Matheus Coelho (2 years ago)
a banda do ano, po
Lo mejor que se puede rescatar hoy en dia. Saludos desde Argentina tan lejos xd pero amo esta banda, me hacen recordar un poco a mi banda favorita The Beatles
Alejandro Rueda (3 months ago)
si la propuesta de mild y 420 3n bs as me sumo!
AC DC (2 years ago)
aguante, vamos a juntarnos a quemar flores y escuchar mild locoo!!
Luciano Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Acá estuvieron hace un par de semanas, estuvo terrible para mi fueron uno de los mejores del festival!
+Alejandro Quiroz ?
Alejandro Quiroz (2 years ago)
➫♫【kаlцмдsтɛʀl】 ♪♫ fuck off
John Blutarski (2 years ago)
Great! Going to see them tonight! Who's the guy on the left keyboard?
Zach Herzer (2 years ago)
John Blutarski how was it man? I saw them in Austin last September. Got so high, was a magical night.

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