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Important: Brand New Youtube Community Forum, Lots of topics, i spent a lot of time on this

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http://z13.invisionfree.com/youtube_users_forum/index.php? please check it out and register, this could be the largest Youtube based forum on the web but, it takes you to start posting, this will be a one stop shop for everything...
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skateboarder85205 (4 years ago)
What happened to this idea?
marcelstjean (7 years ago)
gonna go now.
omarsuarez73 (7 years ago)
Just registered
alldrunkedup (7 years ago)
i was into forums before i discovered youtube.
crazyrussian86 (7 years ago)
just registered!
yellowgroove Pyro1 (7 years ago)
A one stop shop to get the latest on everything basically, this forum will be updated constantly. i will be taking requests and will be updating this board on a regular basis, but it takes people to post in the forums to make it happen... i really worked hard on making this forum happen. please let me know what else you all might want added, we can make this big. please like this, link to it via facebook and tweet the link out, remember, this is YOUR FORUM, please link this or tweet it out.

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