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DIY SPRING PEDICURE Tutorial 2019 (soft feet) | White Gel Polish | Gena Pedi Kit

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Spring is almost here! Get prepared with this easy DIY pedicure tutorial. I'll show you how to get perfect pretty toes at home. White is my fav but you can usr your fav color polish of choice. I purchased my Gena Pedi to go kit last year at Sally Beauty. it's not available anymore but I've linked their newest Kit below. #FootFetishFriday #FootFetishNation #Feet #FootFetish ____ SHOP PEDICURE PRODUCTS here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/allofdestiny?listId=ALVG9KJF1XBO&ref=idea_share_inf The link above is an affiliate link. At no additional cost to you, allofdestiny will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. ____ PRODUCTS USED: Conair Foot Spa w/ Bubbles, Massage & Heat https://go.magik.ly/ml/lhmw/ Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt https://go.magik.ly/ml/lhma/ Gena Pedi to Go Kit https://go.magik.ly/ml/lhmf/ Steel Chrome Cuticle Pusher https://go.magik.ly/ml/kecs/ Gena Pedi Pro File https://go.magik.ly/ml/lhmh/ Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil https://go.magik.ly/ml/lhmj/ Leopard Print UV Lamp Madam Glam Base Gel Coat Madam Glam Soak off Gel Polish - Perfect White ____ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/allofdestiny ____ ✦WATCH THESE VIDEOS NEXT✦ ⇣ PRETTY PINK PEDICURE https://youtu.be/okAZaKpZWdk I WENT TO A BEAUTY SCHOOL FOR A PEDICURE https://youtu.be/jlzINBiyIGg DIY MATCHING MANI & PEDI https://youtu.be/lFhRlvgTpjA _____ FOLLOW DESTINY Instagram: https://instagram.com/allofdestiny Twitter: https://twitter.com/allofdestiny ____ ▼ COUPON CODES ▼ I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: https://www.magiclinks.org/rewards/referral/allofdesti/ ____ ❤F A Q'S & CAMERA EQUIPMENT❤ Destiny 27 | Memphis, TN Canon G7x Mark ii https://go.magik.ly/ml/eiqu/ Neewer LED Ring Light Base Desktop Tabletop https://amzn.to/2CVUWHK ____ ✉ SEND ME SOMETHING✉ ⇣Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 ____ DISCLAIMER: This video Is Not Sponsored. The description box may contain affiliate links. if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Text Comments (291)
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
These are my graduation heels ...so theyre 2 years old. Worn once but i dont remember where they are from.
ANNA Lewis (17 days ago)
beauti babi (1 month ago)
Oh ok it's beautiful
Gary Zhou (1 month ago)
allofdestiny black French pedi please
Shuntrelle ROBINSON (2 months ago)
They are sooo cute....yeesss Destiny...
Michaela Collins (2 months ago)
Amazon has some
AllthingsDiana&Beauty (4 days ago)
🔥🔥🙏🏾Iwll never west money to go to saloon again
People R. Animals (7 days ago)
Pretty tootsies👣
Nayakia Bates (10 days ago)
Great video, always love white polish for my spring/summer pedi. Looks neat and clean, matches with all my cute outfits 🥰Thanks again
Victoria Robinson (14 days ago)
your accent is too cute! and i appreciate this so much, I've been trying to cut salon pedicures out of my budget, they average $30-45 for me ugh
Gigi Williams (17 days ago)
Gurrll u can model those feet
Aries (18 days ago)
Awe man, i love my hairy toes🙊🙈... Now u got me feeling some type of way 2 shave them😩. & i can never get that super straight edge ,my nails curve too much because my toes are juicy & round
Hani Hani (19 days ago)
Please make a manicure video
MalaysiaMarie (21 days ago)
I love these kinda videos because there so realistic like i can go to Walmart or Sally’s and get the supplies and not feel like i need to buy a whole nail salon to get the end result
Miaaa (23 days ago)
Yur voice is so relaxing and calm yu should do like some asmrs x would be amaballs 😂❤️
lottgaming xp (24 days ago)
Ur feet is so beautiful 😘😘 I wanna just show them love
C for Chi (24 days ago)
It's so relaxing to watch😴😴❤👌
tyler coleman (24 days ago)
And when you file make sure to file one way.DONT SAW!!!
tyler coleman (24 days ago)
Ladies!!! Always cut toenails or finger nails before soaking. That’s how bacteria is able to get in your skin.never file,pick or cut toenails after soaking,always do it before
Melanin Casanova (17 days ago)
tyler coleman The nail shops I’ve been to always soak my feet before cutting my toenails. I’m confused now.
Fractal Visions (24 days ago)
Wow that looks so soothing and refreshing for the feet. Love the gel polish too ☺
Ikie Jones (26 days ago)
How do you remove the gel polish?
Carol Machiatto (27 days ago)
the 50 dislikes are from people with ugly feet, jealous of yours and not willing to do the steps in the video 😂 lmao ! I will look for those products you showed from your previous pedicure. thank you for this video, your accent is amazing
Praveen Sriram (3 days ago)
Carol Machiatto agreed! 😉
Moonlit Balcony (1 month ago)
The pedicure came out beautiful. Using white on the toes is such a great idea. It's like a neutral. Btw, where did you get the feet jewelry from? It's so pretty. Tfs❤
cecilia villarreal (1 month ago)
Best pedi video ive seen!!
Keria/keke Fobbs (1 month ago)
Your toe nail came out cute destiny
Maggie Baidoo (1 month ago)
Miquisha King (1 month ago)
NY Vibe (1 month ago)
Your toes look very nice.
Whitty Hutton (1 month ago)
Girl! I love your voice and accent! Amazing videooo
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
Thank you
Rick Lowery (1 month ago)
great feet
enaruvie (1 month ago)
Love this. Thank you. Just subbed.
Gabrielle Elliott (1 month ago)
Cammy B. (1 month ago)
Hi Destiny. This pedicure looks beautiful. Have you tried the body shop foot kit? If not, can you review it?
My Imani (1 month ago)
I wanted that uv lamp
My Imani (1 month ago)
White is my favorite for my toes. Once I had it nothing else looks right! Thanks for the video! I’ve been thinking of doing this and now I have to try this. I used to always do my feet and I need to pamper me more.
S af (1 month ago)
Should of used a dehydrator before you applied a base coat
beauti babi (1 month ago)
Yo feet always on feel no cap!!
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
Colly McDonald (1 month ago)
Wish I could .... pregnant so I can’t :(
Nijilove78 (1 month ago)
Same problem here lol
My YT (1 month ago)
Just commenting for good ratings! Super cute
ASH baby (1 month ago)
We got a foot fetish
Skyy Blu (1 month ago)
I love this video, thanks girl.
Kristine D (1 month ago)
Pretty feet😭 I’m so jealous! My feet are wideee af, can’t fit in any sandals with heels 😂
Just Me (1 month ago)
My feet are wide also. I can't wear certain shoes, and some sneakers make my feet hurt.
No Madge (1 month ago)
I came for the shoes
Willine Joseph (1 month ago)
Since your diy pedis videos, I've been doing my own for a year now.. and I am very happy
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
Im so glad to know that. 🤗🤗🤗
VibesByPeach (1 month ago)
Girl yesss! You did great. Definitely going to be purchasing these products soon! It’s worth the investment! ❤️❤️
Tashie Tyler (1 month ago)
great job. i just dont think i have the patience =) saves lots of money though lol
ADOS Hebrewess (1 month ago)
Pretty feet thanks for sharing!
DashEight (1 month ago)
Such pretty feet
Danielle Child (1 month ago)
I need me a foot spa!!!
Do not watch this while eating
A Day With Shay (1 month ago)
Love this! I tried this and recorded my routine. Check it out if you have time!! 😊
Jennifer Mendez (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this video. I am ordering a kit soon too because pedicures are very expensive. I rather invest in buying some tools to be able to do them myself.
MissLady Bugg (1 month ago)
do u have have a license to get this kit
sugar puff (1 month ago)
MissLady Bugg (1 month ago)
yesss i am waitin on this coniar
{A}{v}{a} {w}{e}{s}{t} (1 month ago)
I’m putting this in my pamper day 😇💚❤️
Maria Life (1 month ago)
White toes nails are life 😍😍😍
It's Tashey (1 month ago)
Dangg girl you have such pretty feet
sizza hepburn (1 month ago)
sis u have the perfect summer feet
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
Thank you
sammi garr (2 months ago)
Hi! If the bubbles are starting to overflow, you can spray alcohol on them and they will go down 😎
ShesABeautyOMG (2 months ago)
So cute💖
Mrs.Indian Monroe (2 months ago)
Your feet so pretty 😍 I definitely could save some coins myself so I'm definitely going try this out! I'm a little eiffy on the UV but it's not long setting where I have to have them in there. What's your intake on powder? Nail powder 😣😊 🌺
Mrs.Indian Monroe (1 month ago)
+allofdestiny ooops I meant dip powder lol sorry. But with acrylic will that effect my toes? Or just not do them all the time give them a breather with just regular paint or gel nails.?
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
I love acrylic powder. I just uploaded a video doing my acrylic nails. Whenever I chip the nail on my big toe i always rebuild it with acrylic to get my shape back. I don't think I'd ever apply it to all 10 toes though. Too much work. Gel or polish is enough, for me since im not trying to extend the toe nails.💖
romeo parsons (2 months ago)
Where did you get your uv lamp from
allofdestiny (1 month ago)
lazydebra (2 months ago)
Loved this video!! The heels are from Charlotte Russe!! I have the same ones ❤️❤️
Ashley (2 months ago)
I got this same machine on amazon and just realized I got ripped off 😩 when i turn my on, it does not vibrate the water that hard
Crystal Denise (2 months ago)
She's back, love these videos even though I don't do my own nails or feet, I get them down twice a week lol
Aya (2 months ago)
Foot fetish has entered the chat
Mary 92 (2 months ago)
In my Destiny voice “I meannnn....😂” but no you did that. This is very cute.
Latasha Love (2 months ago)
What can be use for thick Callus
Laporsche La Belle (2 months ago)
I would do that in the bathroom not on the carpet lol
honeybun33 (2 months ago)
I like feet 😍
Shantell Poole (2 months ago)
Love videos like this from you ❤️😍
Quietbeest (2 months ago)
Yo, your future husband's a lucky man, Destiny. lol Straight up.
Sheen Boo (2 months ago)
Very nicely done
ThatChickTee (2 months ago)
You have the prettiest feet. I don't like you 😋😂.
Chassity Oubre (2 months ago)
Love it💕
Lakeisha Griffin (2 months ago)
Girl you did a great job as always love it
Sandra Smith (2 months ago)
Im ash city...😊
Kimberly Natasha (2 months ago)
Cute ! Fabulous job!
Young Badman 876 (2 months ago)
Now them toes need to be sucked on and kissed on...all day and all night. I hope my girl don't see this.
Taneka Roberts (2 months ago)
Wow...calm down, ok
Sasha AM (2 months ago)
My feet used to be like this but since I’ve had a baby, my feet hasn’t been getting any love....1 year and counting. I really miss my pedi 😓 Loving yours tho! ❤️
Pam Gibbs (2 months ago)
Does this foot spa actually heat the water? I have been searching for one. Thanks..
Pam Gibbs (2 months ago)
+hunny blush i already have that. Lol. I want a heated one..
hunny blush (2 months ago)
Pam Gibbs Old school however a basin filled with cold water first and a kettle of boiled hot water to top up when the water starts cooling works just as well too.
Pam Gibbs (2 months ago)
Sooo pretty..wow..its amazing how refreshed your feet look. Thanks for the great tutorial..
Taneka Roberts (2 months ago)
The foot fetish dudes are about to flood the comments, with all type of nasty thoughts...but then again I think , Lowkey she likes it
Taneka Roberts (2 months ago)
Lol...knew Destiny was a freak😊
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
#AllViewsMatter 💖
AccordingtoChloeC (2 months ago)
Watching this video while looking at my ashy feet every two seconds. SMH I feel attacked. LOL I need to do my feet ASAP!!! Love this video! Destiny is getting all our feet right this spring and summer!
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
Lol and Yesss Girl! 💖👣
Tayy Elizabethhh (2 months ago)
Your heel are bomb 💖
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
thelions den (2 months ago)
Love your nail videos 🤗 I bought myself the same footspa for Christmas... Tfs
Lauren Caldwell (2 months ago)
Love love love😍😍😍 Like a damn pro every time🙏😘👑🙆
jay_passion (2 months ago)
First of alllllll those heels tho😍😍😍😍🤤
renee collins (2 months ago)
I already ordered it from Sally. Can't wait to use it! Thank you
Lovely Genise (2 months ago)
White toes always a good choice
Jenny Oyster (1 month ago)
Lovely Genise ALWAYSSS, lol....
Wajihat Nafiu (2 months ago)
Love it!!!!
Kersha Beaver (2 months ago)
Going to get supplies tomorrow to do my own
Nikki Brielle (2 months ago)
White is my favorite for my toes too lol only color I ever wear on my toes
Cedrica Daniels (2 months ago)
Does the cuticle trimmer hurt? You do such an amazing job, watching you makes me want to do my own pedicures but I'm so afraid of hurting my cuticles 😔
Cedrica Daniels (2 months ago)
+allofdestiny Thank you so much for replying! Girl, I'm start struck ⭐⭐⭐
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
No. I didn't cut my cuticles. I just gently push them back.
From Darkness to Light (2 months ago)
Great video👏
AbsoluteMdot (2 months ago)
Self care is the best! I have been thinking about doing this at home.
Godsladie (2 months ago)
Definitely going to incorporate this routine. My foot tub died as well. Investing in another will save me some $$
Myss Tish (2 months ago)
Destiny gone help put these pedicure places out of business 😂😘😘😘😘
tabitha1275 (2 months ago)
I have the same one & I love it. Research the Tammy Taylor 12 Step Pedicure. I noticed a great difference in my feet. Just a suggestion. But thanks for the video. Looking forward to the Nail Series.
Cassandra Contreras (2 months ago)
you could also do normal nail polish with a gel top coat so you don't wait for them to dry!!!!
Nova Skye (2 months ago)
Great video!
Ebony Bailey-Jackson (2 months ago)
Where did you get that blue thing you used at 5:25?
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
Sally beauty or Walmart . Products linked in description
Tylenthia Larkins (2 months ago)
Yes I bought the kit from sally beauty it’s nice‼️💛
Moonlit Balcony (1 month ago)
+allofdestiny how much is the kit?
allofdestiny (2 months ago)
Taiesha Abrams (2 months ago)
Always on point 😍😘
Brownskin2001 love (2 months ago)
U are killin it!!! 💣👏🔥Those shoes OMG! Off the chain!!

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