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Chinese Horoscope 2019: Oriental horoscope for all signs of the Chinese Zodiac for 2019

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http://www.gotohoroscope.com/2019-horoscope/ CHINESE HOROSCOPE 2019 🐷 Eastern astrological forecast for the 2019 year. 2019 Chinese horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs
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Jack Crouch (7 hours ago)
I have a green pig ?? Money, money, money, money, green, Los Gatos, granite bay country club, 8,000sqft house in country club, corvettes and BMW's and Bentleys, im a Rat- may29th Gemini, gated community, water fall drive way, 60.million dollars win California lotto, 911911911911911911911911911911911911911911911911 Angel !!!!!!!
A* Sta*R (2 months ago)
DOG 37:41- n I'm watching this on 4/18/2019 @ 2:37am
Hot Spot (4 months ago)
Fire 🐅 tiger in the house.
Narges Bahar (4 months ago)
I’m a pig Singh, I’m gonna bee an millionaire 🙏😇😊🥀🌹💐
Sandy Greenleaf (4 months ago)
I was born in the year of The Pig-1959. So was my husband.
that thumbnail tho.
yo tengo eso
Enzo Cruz (5 months ago)
Big roar for the TIGER!!!!!
Astu (5 months ago)
Fire Monkey❤🖤💚💛
Laura Hammond (5 months ago)
Year of the Dog!
Maria S (5 months ago)
Dog 3:00pm
Manuela Cavazos (5 months ago)
I’m the 🐷
Aicha Sinayoko (5 months ago)
Hello Osemar (5 months ago)
Pig 🐖
Annabelle Cutamora (5 months ago)
Fire rabbit here😙😙😙
Alex San Buenaventura (5 months ago)
I welcome 2019 will full might Help me get thru this year im a rabbit and i will do my best to get everything in place for good of everyone
Kwt Str (5 months ago)
Mee Lango (5 months ago)
Jasmin Manandhar (5 months ago)
What's is my Chinese zodiac 🤔🤔 2001.01.21 🎂
Nadia Ramkarran (5 months ago)
Thank you
Jaculina Gomez (5 months ago)
You may be Interested in "What Each Month of Your Life Will Look Like In 2019 Based On Your Zodiac" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7891Y0vKBog&t
Jena S (5 months ago)
Dragon 1976
Janet Tao (5 months ago)
Mary Williams (5 months ago)
I am a rat. I love helping people, bargains, making people laugh.
Jack Crouch (7 hours ago)
True !!!!!
julie nye (5 months ago)
I thought it was a Brown Pig year?
Shilpa Bhalla (5 months ago)
Dog 37.40
shadoww 1613 (5 months ago)
Dragon 15:20 👊
sanen lemtor (5 months ago)
I AM a Tiger.
Janet J (5 months ago)
Mrs. R_28 (5 months ago)
I'm a Tiger (& Leo)! Getting my own business has been on my mind for awhile now!! 🤔
Crystal Mall (5 months ago)
I would love to know more about this😊
Janeth Farnendo (5 months ago)
I'm Taurus please.. Thank you so much. God bless you !
Sweet Mine (5 months ago)
Leonor Prado (5 months ago)
Im a metal pig.. Born oct. 12 , 1971 hoping it will become a more blessing ..more than 2 yrs. nothing happened esp. love life & career . May God bless me to pay my debt . thank u for your reading
noly padera (5 months ago)
i am fire tiger
Mhi_ Shan (6 months ago)
Nellie Villafuerte (6 months ago)
Scorpio lucky 😍😍😍
Will Be Soon (6 months ago)
Human voice please.
ADITA MIHAELA LUNGU (6 months ago)
I am a RAT
Jack Crouch (7 hours ago)
May29th Gemini
pablito adriano (6 months ago)
I am yr of d horse i beleive that i will win in any kind of career in chess karate and body building and body language
Missy Chrissy (6 months ago)
This was soo nice thank you 💖😊
Tino ricky zagor (6 months ago)
Alpha Centauri1966 (6 months ago)
Marilou Diemsen (6 months ago)
High Priestess (6 months ago)
Goat !
Precious Queenie Jemina (6 months ago)
L E N (6 months ago)
luz mata (6 months ago)
rooster here
smhk aga (6 months ago)
Asuncion Perez (6 months ago)
Welcome Yellow Pig!
MilesAWay V (6 months ago)
nutella 11 (6 months ago)
Horse 23:07
Rizzle jean Balaoro (6 months ago)
Snake 😊
siva hami (6 months ago)
Kill pig in cruel way barbarisns
California (6 months ago)
Yes! We Welcome you lucky yellow pig! Let us declaire to have a better year! All good things are going to happen in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Greetings from San Francisco Ca.
Im ♎ 🐑
jaira ramos (6 months ago)
am a pig and water element
zoey card (6 months ago)
Lucky two shoes, If you do not bet on horse races it is the horse.
mc clemente (6 months ago)
kedriczayne beltran (6 months ago)
Dhenz Allado (6 months ago)
Horse 🙏🙏🙏
Low Heng (6 months ago)
Eddie.. RABBIT!!😎
John John Mactal (5 months ago)
Hore horse hors
Jo-an Custodio (6 months ago)
I'm am dragon....
Arlyn Bigay (6 months ago)
Tina Dailey (6 months ago)
S A (6 months ago)
Many Chinese astrologists said it’s not good for rat the year of 2019 specially the health .what do you say in that
tita liit (7 months ago)
Henei Baite (7 months ago)
I am a 1996 liner but my zodiac is capricorn so am I rat or ?
Helen Patterson (5 months ago)
Good grief... 95 was year of the pig...what comes next ?
Zoomzoom 7777 (5 months ago)
Your a bird
Helen Patterson (6 months ago)
Capricorn is easy. The Chinese new year always begins on the first new moon in Aquarius. You are at the end of a year not straddling it.
Carmina Tandog (7 months ago)
Ashley Clifford (7 months ago)
June Mix (7 months ago)
I'm born in year of the dragon
Aireen Wong (7 months ago)
im ox....thanks
Mj Libre (7 months ago)
Rexanne Myka Lunag (7 months ago)
Xinger Lee (7 months ago)
Thank you!!im a goat !!!👍👍👍
Xinger Lee (7 months ago)
Samsung Grand Neo (7 months ago)
Mongkey 2019 ❤️
Jennifer Davis (7 months ago)
Thank you . I'm a 🐶🐾🐾🐾
Ethan Ethan (7 months ago)
I'm Dragon 2
H BG (5 months ago)
Marieta Nicolas (7 months ago)
I'm Lebra
Lani Cosme (7 months ago)
Adriana Moreno (7 months ago)
Dragón 🐉 2019 here we go Capricorn dragon very good combination
Palamirtam Marimuthu (7 months ago)
Babe l luv you!!!😃😃😂😂😍😍😘😘l heard the pig is a very intelligent mammal!......pig milk anyone?????l am a rat!!!!hardworking!!! Great!!!!😍😍😍
Laura Fim (7 months ago)
I'm water OX 1973
Emma Pegara (6 months ago)
Really me too same age😃
Azunpe Jaze Parentela (7 months ago)
Iloveyoudad1 9 (7 months ago)
Hey Goats.... 26:41 :)
Jose Fernando (5 months ago)
Thanks buddy 😎
Kylie David (6 months ago)
Goat here as well
Val O Brien (6 months ago)
Thank you for time stamp
Anamika Likes (6 months ago)
Thank you for the time stamp lol ❤️
Irene Maquito (7 months ago)
Im water rat
adele clough (7 months ago)
I'm a piggy! So is my sister - sounds like a good year ahead for us!🐖xx
Ellen Set (7 months ago)
11:10pm Dragon taurus...dynamic fundamental... AMEN FOR THE YEAR OF YELLOW PIG...
Miss Tery (7 months ago)
The only act that will radically change my family will be my death 💀
Miss Tery (7 months ago)
3 ppl only... good riddance everyone else! The only act to be witnessed will be my end from cancer 👌🏻... peace at last
Miss Tery (7 months ago)
Snake 🐍 here... I will NOT be doing any of this and my enemies will be punished for all eternity... I will die 2019!... and there's nothing anyone can do about it lol
Miss Tery (6 months ago)
I never said where I was going just that I will die in 2019... and that is enough for me! The assholes who don't even respect me in a time with cancer can be left behind and punished for making my last time on earth miserable.... their karmic debt will be outstanding and I will go bitter but TRUE to myself! I'm an athiest and I don't give a shit for your pathetic prayers... they don't mean anything to me! Don't push your repent bs on me! This is what I can't stand about religious nutjobs like you..., STOP ✋🏻 telling others how to behave and how to live... not everyone believe the garbage you have clearly been brainwashed with
Kenny G Gauthier (6 months ago)
@Miss Tery I hope you will have to forgive those you feel did you wrong. Don't want you to die bitter. The place you said you are going, do not accept bitter people. Please, while you have time repent yourself to enjoy this eternal life, where they will be no souffrance. Will pray for you Miss Tery.
Ella Cañete (6 months ago)
Miss Tery Treasure every moment while you still can...enjoy! who knows you might even live longer than you expected. Karma will takecare of those who bully you. You just have to forgive them no matter how difficult it may seem to be
Miss Tery (6 months ago)
My enemies are wealthy and are using their wealth to play in my life... I want them to fuck off and leave me alone, even now I have cancer they STILL have zero conscience or respect ✊... well, they can play their sick Truman show but CANCER doesn't PLAY and it will take me out of their sick game and no amount ignorant moneynin the world can buy them out of that... their harassing me is going to end!!!! And that is out of their hands. Their game will go on when I'm long gone and I hope it will be worth playing for them.... Karma will get them when I pass away... CHECKMATE ASSHOLES!
Miss Tery (6 months ago)
well where I am going nobody will have a chance to hurt me EVER again!
Jocelyn Flores (7 months ago)
Helen Peck (7 months ago)
Maria Pereira (7 months ago)
Rooster 35:03
Elsa Amistad (7 months ago)
margie goden (7 months ago)
Rooster 15:58
Tracy Weston hunter (7 months ago)
Luciana Mabugay (7 months ago)
Sunshine Love (7 months ago)
26:42 Goat
faith quo (7 months ago)
I'm Rabbit 💋

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