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TIG Welding Aluminum Fabrication - Sheet Metal Forming - 2 Ovals into 1 Round - Y-pipe

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Learn how to TIG weld and fabricate here http://www.6061.com Some of the hand tools I'm using: https://youtu.be/piOrpK0CgfQ
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6061. com (25 days ago)
Please read this before commenting: This is a one-off part, and this was the fastest way to make it with the tooling I have available at my shop. No, I should not have used CAD, it would have taken longer with no benefit. The ovals intersect at compound angles (rotated inward and downward), and the round tube is offset to one side. Measuring and drawing this all up perfectly to make templates on a computer would take a lot of unnecessary additional time. And no, this is not a part that would be practical to 3d print. It is going on an engine, so it is exposed to heat cycling and vibration. There is a full article write-up on the website about this video: -Welder settings -Material selection -Reason behind all the techniques -Etc... If anything on the website isn't clear, feel free to email me. Http://www.6061.com/ Thanks for watching [email protected]
Harry Growler (2 days ago)
jobsagoodun. Nice work, much prefer thinking hat hands on fabrication than sitting at a computer pissing around with maths. Cheers for sharing.
eloyex (11 days ago)
if ANYONE criticizes this , is just an asshole !!!!! probably there are several ways to achieve this, but your craftsmanship is impeccable !!!!
lee jones (12 days ago)
Anton Tanchev (18 days ago)
It's a piece of the art!
GnosisMan50 (19 days ago)
Zen Master Fabricator whose action speaks rather than words....excellent work
Ramon Martinez (3 hours ago)
what is the part for? n ever cease to amaze me when i see a craftsman at work
Torq 2000 (16 hours ago)
3rd time watching..........
Elliott Blood (22 hours ago)
13:19... the calculator has 6061 on the screen!😆 ten seconds later it flashes “.com” next to it! Brilliant!😆😆😆
Phil Rudd (1 day ago)
Amazing skill, i have tried to learn the art of welding, and found it to be difficult to achieve.
Mike Adkins (1 day ago)
Most excellent
HENRY BARTLETT (2 days ago)
Absolutely fantastic!
Vendetta (2 days ago)
nate tremblay (2 days ago)
Alot of work for a dryer vent...... LMAO! J/k Great work!
2j_nelz (3 days ago)
Masterpiece 🔥😎
Doug F (5 days ago)
Wow! I don't know anything about welding, and don't pretend to, but those look like some beautiful weld joints to my untrained eyes. I would never use that piece for its intended purpose. Instead I'd mount it on a shelf and display it as art. Simply gorgeous, sir!
John T (5 days ago)
Dang, that was amazing.
eddiezamora1986 (5 days ago)
AMAZING BRO!! this was very good... from the start to the end nice professional job. Its Hard work takes lots of passions good calculations, i can tell you have lots of experience keep it up :)
Med Sousane (6 days ago)
*That's nice* ❤❤❤
Juan Carlos Munoz (6 days ago)
Regarless what anybody say I think you did a amazing job
C List (6 days ago)
A work of art , as usual. Very nice work
Mc Salto (6 days ago)
ETC (7 days ago)
what the hell, it's fantastic, never see that in my work place, you are master bee
Ian Valerio (7 days ago)
Thats some extremely sexy metal!
inox agadir (7 days ago)
That of the love of this profession, it is very wonderful work! I wish you to share with me on my channel so that you benefit from you
Alazium (7 days ago)
Great job. Work of the true professional. My respect man, you're awesome.
Alan Dyjak (8 days ago)
great show mate dont dother to listen to the wingers
Alan Dyjak (8 days ago)
briliant video i do fabrication but my only tool is the ball pain hammer what i coild do with those tools. well filmed i apreciate o fuck i think i just got arkeye beta get my helmet on.
Ernesto Terrazas (8 days ago)
Congratulations you are a master working aluminum . And Im, sure a lot of other thingas.
I'm On Time (8 days ago)
Good fab. I liked the clay trick.
Atomik Laser (8 days ago)
Nice.. wish I had your skills / gear! - $1000+ part ?
Arthur Borrego (8 days ago)
I hope that thing goes on a spaceships engine ..... Anything less would be an overbuild . .... Not only did i learn a lot watching... I laughed everytine that error horn would sound .... At first it was like errr....then it wa slike ERRR EEERRR EEERRR HAHAH fukn funny ....good job
Astrid Kaiser (9 days ago)
You had me at Play Doh !!!
joshua ngige (10 days ago)
Brilliant work
Max Carter (10 days ago)
Gen. Snoball (10 days ago)
Nice beads!
Neill Wylie (10 days ago)
Loved how you built up that weld across the gap.
R7 Kelley (11 days ago)
This is cool as hell and amazing skill but damn that's just too much work
djkremer (11 days ago)
6061 on the calculator, nice touch...
eloyex (11 days ago)
6061 ..... hehehe !! an Aluminum grade alloy ...
Kev K (11 days ago)
Nice work!!
B (11 days ago)
2 careful minutes later.... I'm not the only one who find this hilarious am I? Amazing work man. Inspiring more than anything. Thank you. Edit: 11:30..... Thought you'd build that up.... I saw them nickels you'd laid down already.... Jeez. Inspiring.
Icepacalypse johnson (12 days ago)
This video defines "the goal" of many fabricators. Thanks for the schoolin'
Robert Green (12 days ago)
Lovely work. Tig welding is an art form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Robert Green (12 days ago)
Nice trick with the play doh^_^
Robert Green (12 days ago)
N͛i͛c͛e͛ f͛i͛l͛l͛e͛t͛s͛ (^o^)v
Robert Green (12 days ago)
ԹҽօԹӀҽ ահօ ϲɑղ'Ե աҽӀժ ժíՏӀíƘҽժ ԵհíՏ ѵíժҽօ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shane Delgado (12 days ago)
You like the color green i see. Green play doh, green marker......So do I. Great work on the part. Well done.
Alexander N (12 days ago)
john casari (12 days ago)
you are a master craftsman buddy. pragmatic and efficient....
James Hastings (12 days ago)
Came out nice. Like the use of play dough. From the thumb nail I thought you were using it for back purging.
Jaxson Hastings (12 days ago)
nice 6061.com subliminal message
Hilton Modesto (13 days ago)
Aphony66 (13 days ago)
I do love your "brrr" sound everytime a mistake is made, it made me laugh everytime.... Ali is a pain in the arse to TIG weld. I can do it but I'm no expert at it. this was a very good job. Well done to you Sir.
Mike Anelundi (13 days ago)
Speechless! Like a robot, what workmanship.
John Ratcliff (13 days ago)
Absolutely a master craftsman at work.
Josh (13 days ago)
this was theraputic
ToastyBBQ (13 days ago)
Only one word: Awesome
edward ortiz (14 days ago)
True fab, nice work
Rick Ryatt (14 days ago)
Amazing!! Thank you.
Dr4g0nW00d (15 days ago)
You are great in geometry
Gary Finnstrom (15 days ago)
i dont weld would like to however this was a great video keep up the great work cheers
আবুবকর (15 days ago)
excellent work 👍👍👍👍
Rahmat Abadi (15 days ago)
What does "Touchdown (6 points)" mean?
angelo finzo (14 days ago)
I would assume he dipped the tungsten into the weld pool.
Simeon Petkov (15 days ago)
More videos, please!
Mr05sti (15 days ago)
were the fuk u ben!?
Headles Norseman (16 days ago)
i thought i was the only person that used the play doh and paper method to make parts. i do this with wood work but i definitely see how helpful it could be here
rexhep NIKQI (17 days ago)
notchbackgta (17 days ago)
Damn man, I love your videos
Evin Ubel (18 days ago)
very nice!
Maax Dee (18 days ago)
lol that buzzer sound effect was a nice touch
James Rhodes (19 days ago)
I have just purchased a PrimeWeld 200 machine and have not plugged it in yet. And I am 69-yr-old Vietnam Veteran and watching these videos will be an awesome replacement for some of my PTSD classes. The more I watch the more excited I get. You are inspiring. I have never tig welded before and I hope to do a lot of it. Thanks for the display of talent and intelligent thinking.
Warren Mells (19 days ago)
Dude. You are an unbelievable Craftsman, Mechanic and Out-of-the Box Thinker. Thanks so much for your display and presentation. Warren
SansearMcMuff (19 days ago)
I´ve seen every of your videos. Doin some metal works by myself here in Germany, but you Sir getting it to another level. Respect. By the way, i like that "fault alert". Makes you a little more human. ;) Keep up the good work. ;)
Albin Vading (20 days ago)
Awesome work! I need to learn how to master my skills like that. Wow!
Patrick (20 days ago)
Wow. Well done.
Rod G (20 days ago)
That's a lot of buttering up
fly15levy7 (21 days ago)
Incredible! Wise plan to build into shape and Y-Pipe look much professional. Thumbs up
ChristianCohn (21 days ago)
IT was for a 55AMG with larger Throttle body. I would be interessted in one of those aswell for a 82mm TB.
Ron Weasley (21 days ago)
right - - - I'm giving up . . . :-) :-) :-)
Henry Morgan (21 days ago)
Ant artist with so much talent!
ctrl z (21 days ago)
This was amazing! Play-Doh and paper technique is simple yet very effective.
mobseen69 (21 days ago)
Pro welder here nice pools bro
Wow! Very talented!
Dana Schoen (21 days ago)
I have never been a fabricator. I was a machinist for a number of years and I have come to this conclusion. All of this CAD and Solid Modeling that has come along has dulled our edge a bit. working with tools and materials in real time teaches one to find solutions that would never occur to the CAD Pilot. As an example, the play dough thing is one I just recently saw for the first time. THAT my friend is a MASTER STROKE! I will surely add this to my tool box soon!
pistol kit (21 days ago)
Damn. Shyt was good to watch.
mrbigg7255 (21 days ago)
Simply bad ass.
trollinU (21 days ago)
mr fancy pants over here
Trent Loshe (22 days ago)
2:14 Ha gottem lmao😂👌
FastSlothVideos (22 days ago)
I gotta ask. How many hours and how much would you sell something like that for (yaknow if its a oddball 1 time 1 piece thing).
andy m (22 days ago)
real time pleeeease dude!
andy m (22 days ago)
elegant man! thats beautifull!
Olivier 14DO171 (22 days ago)
ras !! chapeau MR
CrossWood (22 days ago)
Super mesmerizing. Cheers! Chris.
Hugh Rendle (23 days ago)
I spent 30 years doing sheet metal fab and instal I especially liked the stainless fab and tig...miss the trade
TNSamShiner (23 days ago)
great job you put a lot into it. Great Video too. I like your work. you take proud in it. i like that.
Zachariah Baldwin (23 days ago)
Dude as a journeyman mechanic I feel at least somewhat qualified to comment on your work and you sir are a bad m o f o. If your ever in need of work which I'm sure you'll never be look me up
Michael Clark (23 days ago)
Damn that was satisfying, great job
jfleser88 (23 days ago)
That buzzer... lmao
Bret Bradbury (23 days ago)
It's your dick, your soap. You wash it however you choose. Great work, I say! You didn't pass 900k views because you should've done it in CAD! We wouldn't have watched it then.
guns and guitars (24 days ago)
I have a Miller syncrowave 350 LX and it sucks for welding 22 gauge aluminum, (and yes everybody it is partly me) haha. what the hell are you using ? good hands by the way I hated to see you grind It Off thanks for the visual *
José Carlos (24 days ago)
Ok, thats great! Do me 1000 more, please.
Terry C. (24 days ago)
I'm trying to figure out just why watched this entire video, but when I realized I didn't need to, I had to watch till the end. Nice job, even though I have no idea what it's used for. I have one question since there was a LOT of work involved in the fabrication of this. What would you charge for this if you were to sell it??
DownUnder Mike (24 days ago)
Daimi Fethi (24 days ago)
300$ tool ; nice job

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