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2019 Animal Sign Forecast: DRAGON [Joey Yap]

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For the DRAGON, 2019 is the year for relationships, problem solving, personal endeavours, and business and career. All these things will help make the year amazing and filled with opportunity for growth. There is a chance that you are aware of important or vital information that can be both good and bad that can put you in a complicated situation. Also make sure to look after your health as there are indications of you having some kind of common illnesses. -------------------------------- Chinese Astrology is an insightful and fascinating area of Chinese Metaphysics. It is also marked as a popular guide to the prospects of the year. This method utilizes the Astrology of Animal Signs – offering a simplistic annual outlook of an individual. Download the 2019 Thriver’s Guide and watch all 12 animal signs here – http://www.joeyyap.com/2019 P.S. - If you want more information, send us an FB Message by clicking here: https://m.me/teamjoeyyap
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An9elsky George (11 days ago)
Wonderful, 5 months into 2019 all of the things you said I literally went through all of it.. keep up the good work.. evolution on The new kind of feng shui reading
Joey Yap (8 days ago)
This is related to BaZi instead of Feng Shui. If you're interested to learn more about Feng Shui, feel free to join our discussion group here: www.joeyyap.com/fb :) - Admin
Mohammed Alhaddad (1 month ago)
Make me a cat
L Shadap (1 month ago)
Damn everything is true😱😱 especially the heavenly secret & red matchmaker etc,etc... I'm a Dragon 💖😘
Soh Calm (1 month ago)
You are too much speed when you speak... Slowly...peace!
Joey Yap (1 month ago)
Hey, thanks for your comment. Don't forget to download your Thriver's Guide for 2019 here: www.joeyyap.com/2019 :) - Admin
yonies gonzales (1 month ago)
thank you very much,sir for information .acctually all ure explanation about dragon is I really I encountered..realize bout life...u are 100% correct...😊😋I followed u..thanks again.
Lexx303 (1 month ago)
I am a dragon in the third generation)) my grandmother gave birth to my mother, and then my mom gave birth to me, who knows what will happen to me in the up coming dragon year.
Joey Yap (1 month ago)
Subscribe to our channel and you can watch the animal signs forecast every year. :) - Admin
USBSwLOCK (2 months ago)
Very good info, I hv 2 tiger in hour n year. kindly advise. tks.
basudev kc (3 months ago)
Thank you for giving knowledge 👍👍👍
Syed Zada (3 months ago)
Hello Master! how can I get contact you for my birth chart..... I'm in Pakistan sir... please reply
Syed Zada (3 months ago)
ok sir, I'll
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, please drop us an email at [email protected] :) - Admin
Malisha Maharjan (3 months ago)
Hello Joey yap how to know day of birth please..
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, go to www.joeyyap.com/2019, key in your date and time of birth, and you'll get your BaZi chart. :) - Admin
SparkleinSac (3 months ago)
The destiny chart was not there.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Plot your chart here at: www.joeyyap.com/bazi2019 :) - Admin
gengdragon 88 (3 months ago)
Anyone have dragon for hour,day and year? I do.
Cheryl Busch (3 months ago)
Heavenly Secrets?
sara sera (3 months ago)
Thank you sir....love from india❤❤❤
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Thanks for your support. :) - Admin
James Hero (3 months ago)
whew, i guess i can get laid this year... finally!!!
Astrid A (3 months ago)
mount (3 months ago)
Hello, how do I know my animal sign? Nov 10 1973
First Last (3 months ago)
Have you heard of Google?
rashvinks 88 (3 months ago)
+Joey Yap hi
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart here: www.joeyyap.com/2019 - Admin
Akani Deka (3 months ago)
My date of birth is 10/04/2000 and the time of birth is 4:33 PM . ... How would this year be for me? Actually life has become very uncertain for me. It would be helpful if I get to know something about my life ! .....🌼
Akani Deka (3 months ago)
Joey Yap thanks ☺☺☺
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, plot your chart here: www.joeyyap.com/2019 and then watch the respective animal sign forecasts based on your chart. :) - Admin
Akani Deka (3 months ago)
India... I was born in Assam(a state) in thr north eastern part of India.
First Last (3 months ago)
Where were you born?
No more (3 months ago)
Watch out for the crazy sjw women this year!!
Crystal 444Crystal (3 months ago)
I'm year of the dragon but 5 days after is year of the snake, so I'm on the cusp. Do I check the snake as well or am I strictly dragon?
Scaly Soul (3 months ago)
I don't believe that the 'cusp' concept is relevant to any East Asian astrology.
Nobody c (3 months ago)
If your in the next year your that year even if its a day. Its not like your a mutt.
Benjamin Haha (3 months ago)
Is this for those born in january ?
Kliey Barlaan (3 months ago)
My mom said the year of the dragon is lucky
Kliey Barlaan (3 months ago)
I am year of the dragon
Drew Jounson (3 months ago)
Is this for those born in May
K R (3 months ago)
Spending money means I have money to spend.
Queen Dev (3 months ago)
Strangelove101 (3 months ago)
I consider Lesser Consumer as a lucky star, as it means you'll buy certain big ticket items that you don't usually buy, and you buy them because you have the cash to buy, meaning cashflow is going to be good this year.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
It depends on how each person perceives the star and how they act upon it. So, yes, what you say can be right :) - Admin
abella benigno (4 months ago)
Love love love.. more love for me this year. Hopefully i find the one
Govinda Neupane (4 months ago)
Hello Joey Yap Namaste! Thank you so much for sharing wonderful information! It´s really outstanding!!!
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
You're welcome. Hope that you've enjoyed the video. :) - Admin
l b (4 months ago)
Dragons are Soo friggin lucky in life. Wish I was born dragon.
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
All animal signs has its good and bad. So don't worry, I'm sure you will have good things coming your way too. :) - Admin
Luqman Marinus (4 months ago)
Omg why so cham dragon this year? Only 2star...
Joey Yap (3 months ago)
Hi, don't worry about having less stars because it can serve great purpose as well. So make good use of them and you can have a great year ahead. :) - Admin
EternalNaga187 (4 months ago)
Dragon people are Unique people :)
Nobody c (3 months ago)
oh come on don't beat around the bush... we're better then all those goofy animals! Earth dragon for the flippn win! Amarigh? Fire can hang out too. And... I guess metal can come along if he's not annoying at the time.
oni one (3 months ago)
as said by the year of the dragon. - im a rat, and im not always getting along with my sis who is a dragon. but true, she also talks the same thing. like she is the best. lil humility, here and there.
Red Opera House Boat (4 months ago)
On which day appears the dragon? It wasn't in the video mentioned.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
HI, it's April 4 to May 4. But to be more precise, please plot your chart at: www.joeyyap.com/bazi2019 :) - Admin
Bryan Luong (4 months ago)
What is the interpretation if dragon appears in both year and day at the bazi chart ?
Drake Sung (4 months ago)
Joey Yap Doesn’t self-punishment apply when the two dragons are side by side or in the luck pillar in bazi chart?
Bryan Luong (4 months ago)
+Joey Yap thank you for the explanation.. is it mean that it's not a good year for my relationship , whether being single or married ? :)
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Hi Bryan, if there is two Dragons in your chart, it means self-punishment. You might be feeling trapped or sometimes self-contradicting. :) - Admin
SUN TZE (4 months ago)
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. :) - Admin
eugene thean (4 months ago)
Snake forecast please
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
It's out in the playlist, check it out! :) - Admin
Charlie Ting (4 months ago)
Thank you
Yosa Rina (4 months ago)
thank you 😘
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. :) - Admin
JEERANAN J (4 months ago)
Your comments for my zodiac give me a good guide for my destiny in year 2019.. Thank you very much Mr. Joey Yap and God bless you for wonderful life
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Thank you for your support and hope you've enjoyed the video. :) - Admin
MsRenee Diat (4 months ago)
Finally 😁 been waiting for this, thank you.
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
You're welcome. :) - Admin
Pwint Pwint (4 months ago)
Heavenly secrets, keep its my mind ,that its Right decision ,my animal sign its not Dragon but in my chart have these animal sign ,After finished watching videos ,I'm Happy and, thank you so much Joey.
Summeyah Manzoor (4 months ago)
sir can you please tell me about lion
cecilia lee (4 months ago)
Thank you for the good news (finally!) Wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead 😊👍
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Thank you and wish you all the best in 2019 too. :) - Admin
Hann Hann (4 months ago)
My year pillar !
Thank you very much
SCOTT * PILL ENEUCHE* (4 months ago)
Men You are Granded with knowledge... Wish You All the Best 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
Joey Yap (4 months ago)
Thank you and all the best to you too. :) - Admin

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