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The MOST POWERFUL Chinese Zodiac Signs of 2019 - Know Everything

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Which are the most powerful chinese signs in 2019 and what makes them so powerful among all signs? #know everything Subscribe to the channel know everything https: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeUsLvRxC8vfY9rK4g0hzVg?view_as=subscriber Follow Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/118067373748218761748 Thank you for watching. Have a nice day ! Subscriptions know everything https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeUsLvRxC8vfY9rK4g0hzVg?view_as=subscriber Videos may contain content that contains original copyright-based content Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/...) All books policy, please contact us directly email: [email protected] Subscribe our youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeUsLvRxC8vfY9rK4g0hzVg?view_as=subscriber
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Text Comments (56)
dheepan 28 (9 hours ago)
Kristofer Scott (13 hours ago)
So if I am a Libra and Dragon why is it that I have the most horrific luck out there when nothing goes my way?
chito elijah ano-os (15 hours ago)
Me ox and me PICES
Rina Monterde (1 day ago)
Brody Rockefeller (1 day ago)
This is very incorrect.
James Maturan (2 days ago)
I'm year of the pig😊
Therese Howlett (3 days ago)
Yes ox
Ema Wahnon (3 days ago)
I’m Horse!!!!!
yo mama (5 days ago)
Bruce lee is dragon
Karee Clark (5 days ago)
Je Sus (6 days ago)
The year of Tiger is the best!!
Miao Ee (8 days ago)
trust in God and not to man's sayings...
Miao Ee (4 days ago)
you're very sick in your head if you will still reply...aufwiedersen
Miao Ee (4 days ago)
+Judith Pinkham I don't know what kind of bible you're referring to,but its sure is detestable and very twisted...just like you...I don't wanna waste time on the likes of you pathetic ungrateful soul...I'm so thankful I have my God our universal sovereign who gave his only son christ Jesus so I may have a chance for his grace...
Judith Pinkham (4 days ago)
@Miao Ee: Here you go, I do the work for you: Question: "Why are both Jesus and Satan referred to as the morning star?" Answer: The first reference to the morning star as an individual is in Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (NIV). Further more, God Jehovah knew, and I know also, that Jesus was predestine to die at age 34. It is in his astrological Chart. I gain nothing, whoever you believe does not profit me.
Judith Pinkham (4 days ago)
@Miao Ee This poor hmongs is so sure, and never got out of slavery, after Investing so much in their untested theory. You would be in suspension for so many billion years for Calling God Jehovah as pagan. He is so much higher than your Jesus, who may be equal to Satan, read your 7 bibles, search for the falling angel and morning star connection, before you rush to judgment. The biggest question is, how R U fighting with the USA trying to deport you back to your jungle?
Noor Nasalun (9 days ago)
Jerous Mail (10 days ago)
Furricane (11 days ago)
Alkael Callao (10 days ago)
Horse ako
Alkael Callao (10 days ago)
Evelyn Crueldad (11 days ago)
If you work hard & good focus you'll be successful..
Jun Jun Gatbos (5 days ago)
Depending HOW BAD you want it
KNOW EVERYTHING (9 days ago)
yes. Try to do your best, be confident and add a little luck. You will succeed. Good luck.
aimee alexis (11 days ago)
Jack Urbaneja (11 days ago)
iloveumore Smile (11 days ago)
1978 Horse yeheeeyyy
yram salb (11 days ago)
Year of the horse
Ema Wahnon (3 days ago)
yram salb I’m horse too
stevie agustina (11 days ago)
Grace Albaran (12 days ago)
Wow goat thanks
Anne Alvarado (12 days ago)
Yes! Tiger!
rosario damgo (12 days ago)
Ernesto vidal jr (12 days ago)
1978.. horse
driftlama23 pump (12 days ago)
Blurr ox
Vivian Tinio (13 days ago)
Exactly, i am DRAGON.
Jonar Lapeseros (13 days ago)
Year of the snake!!! Oh yes!!!
SSS .950095 (13 days ago)
july 6 1974 what sign pls,
Maria Cielo Soberano (6 days ago)
KNOW EVERYTHING (9 days ago)
+JD B and @SSS .950095 good luck
JD B (13 days ago)
Cancer Tiger
JD B (13 days ago)
Nomulin Dj (13 days ago)
What the fuck they only included the cool looking ones . Not the ones like rabbit or the rooster
Judith Pinkham (15 days ago)
The Chinese are terrible in predictions.
Judith Pinkham (5 days ago)
+Jun Jun Gatbos I did, I analyzed you Chinese for 50+ years. Not long enough?
Jun Jun Gatbos (5 days ago)
Speak for yourself😜
Virgin LOve 8 (15 days ago)
Yessss The GOAT....greatest of all times
Aleeza Khan (16 days ago)
Tel me about Leo marriage
KNOW EVERYTHING (9 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjHUPW61Qro&t=2s You can look at this video link and see more articles in our channel. good luck to you
Đoan Quang (16 days ago)

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