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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down A Dream

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Music video by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers performing Runnin' Down A Dream. (C) 1989 Geffen Records
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Text Comments (6740)
Lieutenant Dakota (19 minutes ago)
Feels like something straight out of little nemo
Kauã Oliveira (4 hours ago)
Kauã Oliveira (4 hours ago)
Ícaro bisturiiiii poraaaaa aaaaaaaa
Milos Games (5 hours ago)
RIP Tom Petty but I'm late.
Kauã Oliveira (10 hours ago)
Ícaro bisturi gta san Andreas K-DST
ShitLord Humungus (20 hours ago)
0:57 Best part.
Grande Tigre Gareca
Josué Asencio (1 day ago)
Driving through the desert while listening to this song!
Sky Surfer (1 day ago)
Tom & Del Are " Runnin Down A Dream"!
Steve Crow (2 days ago)
God needed a little rock and roll. rip Tom.
Dragon Beast (2 days ago)
Pé de Cabra (2 days ago)
Which song came first, this or Madhouse by Anthrax ?
kиza (3 days ago)
3:11 I have no idea what's happening but... Oh, it's happening alright!
Eduardo Montoya (4 days ago)
I love this song and Is popular in las venturas
Hotline Hero (4 days ago)
Keep running down that dream Tommy. Always.
xxMintoStarxx (4 days ago)
Family guy? XD
Weijie Jiang (4 days ago)
Even the DJ didn't interrupt the ending of this song.
Muy buena
Ahmad Azeez (6 days ago)
Brian Griffin
cujoedaman (6 days ago)
My thoughts while watching this: 1: I never knew there was a video for this. 2: I shouldn't be surprised there was a video for this. 3: I always imagined if there was a video for this, it had something to do with driving (cliche', I know). 4: This looks like it's a page torn out of a Beatles "Yellow Submarine" animation directed by someone from Monty Python.
Greg Ines (6 days ago)
The very best ''cruising song'' heading to St. Augustine. ''A1-A, Beachfront Avenue!'' Gone Gator, but NEVER forgotten, T.P.
Brian Reusser (7 days ago)
Ok thanks for mom Michigan Brandon conscious being naughty Lakers basketball tomorrow
Marc Espi (7 days ago)
Feels good to finally be a grown up man and drive on the highway to this tune.
Michael Sorrells (8 days ago)
RIP Tom Petty
Piratas Club (9 days ago)
Dirigindo um carro em las venturas escutando k-dst💜 Gta SA
Putin (9 days ago)
İt’s sad that we are losing good musicians like Tom Petty one by one in these years.
Jacob Higgins (10 days ago)
Warning don't watch this high or else you'll find out everything about the universe.
Ruan Hazard (11 days ago)
Quanta Suadades Tom Petty !
yo mama (12 days ago)
Tell me all about yourself, Boy. :')
Wojti 2000 (14 days ago)
"My ride!"
N0RBΞRT ツ (14 days ago)
San Andreas
SuisBlog (14 days ago)
Found it
Purple Haze (15 days ago)
Rip Tom petty
Gerald Goldsby (16 days ago)
Love the song. But the video seems like white domination. It happened, so hey. Rock on!!!
Jesse Klok (16 days ago)
3:58, best guitar sound part
Kyle Byrne (16 days ago)
Great song such a shame hes gone 😔
DHMHTRHS MALAKOS (17 days ago)
StHeEm0rE’s DaNk (18 days ago)
I can’t believe that they removed this song from gta San Andreas Rockstar why
millions of years ago
Nathan White (20 days ago)
I'm telling you man, the end solos in Tom Petty songs are perfection.
MIKEUNIX94 GAMER (20 days ago)
Rest in peace Tom Petty in memories
Jimmy Carter (21 days ago)
There are few things in life that are more satisfying than the guitar solo at the end of this song.
tonisha beck (22 days ago)
My favourite song
Dula Palafox (22 days ago)
Me encanta esta rola...
theflaminskull 500 (23 days ago)
This is such a weird video
theflaminskull 500 (20 days ago)
+Nathan White I have a whole suitcase of casettes in my car, and thought I was cool for it.
Nathan White (20 days ago)
I mean considering I get called old for still listening to CDs I'm going to go with a yes on that one
theflaminskull 500 (20 days ago)
+Nathan White Time of cassettes? did they go out of style?
Nathan White (20 days ago)
theflaminskull 500 Chief you gotta remember this was from the time of cassettes... Could represent the interest in lucid dreaming around that time.
DLPictures (24 days ago)
A beautiful tribute to a master of animation.
Michael Heins (24 days ago)
63 year old Australian here - nothing to do with GTA either. Mainly the riff :)
Lamby00 (25 days ago)
Runnin' Down ..... 2019!
Jogador 777 (26 days ago)
If the police cant stop you... You must be on... ...the dust
King Simba (26 days ago)
Those riffs lasting from 3:12 to the end had no business being so damn epic...
Jason .C (26 days ago)
Nick Hill (27 days ago)
I've been a Beatles fan and a Tom Petty fan my whole life, but I just put 2+2 together...is Tom Petty sort of an American Beatle? Hear me out: lyrics that are sometimes trippy, sometimes deep, but almost always clever; chord progressions heavily influenced by early rock/R&B; able to simultaneously crank out top 40 hits as well as deep albums that aficionados like to spin beginning-to-end. Obviously, not saying Tom Petty had the level of cultural influence or astronomical commercial success that the Beatles had, but I can definitely see some strong parallels in their style. It also all strikes me as pretty organic too - Petty's music has never struck me as being overtly derivative of the Beatles, it always sounds to me like it's Tom being Tom.
Zuzu Covert (27 days ago)
Oh, because he was IN a dream....I didn't get it until the end. lol
Peter the Man (28 days ago)
this song is SO beautiful.. it makes me want to drive freely and peacefully somewhere. ^^
samuel smith (28 days ago)
2019 R.I.P
Archer Stern (29 days ago)
I feel like everyone has a dream like this one once in the lives. I liked the music.
Fede Ocampo (30 days ago)
*Palabra* *de* *gol* ?
Masacarman BiH (1 month ago)
elcivilista (1 month ago)
We miss you Tom...
super justice (1 month ago)
Is this gta san andreas cj and big smoke are look like Sherlock Holmes lol
BiG_Cerrote5150 (1 month ago)
Bone county
Smrdosi (1 month ago)
Gta San Andreas thank you rockstar
GarbageCanGabe (1 month ago)
We miss you Tom!!!!
thoric thunder (1 month ago)
Let's goo COWBOYS!!!
Willgregg10 (1 month ago)
I’ve heard this song probably 400 times and I still haven’t memorized the lyrics
Fabrizio (1 month ago)
T Lee (1 month ago)
What kind Of Dope Was He smoking
jorge juan luna vinces (1 month ago)
Un temon..... gran cancion de Tom Petty.... que en paz descanse
L. P. (1 month ago)
Raurry MX (1 month ago)
Mr. Kenny Petrie brought me here
TheSty2000 (1 month ago)
i'm here because youtube algorithms brought me here by chance
Brian Berlin (1 month ago)
I was in 11th grade in High schoo l heard this on the radio on The Bus ride home. What memories
John McGlasson (1 month ago)
One night at a Sunday night jam session a couple years ago with my friends I grabbed my friend's Jazzmaster which was plugged into a Vox AC15 with a Rat pedal, I hit a chord and the sound was familiar, then for some reason I played the opening line to this song, I'd never played it in my life or even thought about how to play it, I just played it, and right on cue everyone joined in and we all just knew this song, every word, every change, it was just so obvious. I even played the solo at the end 80% accurate just from hearing it so many times. At these sessions we ONLY improvise, nothing planned, no songs, we don't even discuss what key we'll play in, this was the only song I've ever played there, and the only time I've ever blasted thru an entire song spontaneously with a full band and had never even tried to play it before then. I love you Tom, RIP buddy. I think we had a moment that night, thanks.
Olegario De Leon (1 month ago)
All time favorite!!!
Mr Blonde [Houston] (1 month ago)
wtf big smoke appeared next to me when I started playing this
Ambe' Toraya (1 month ago)
Gta san andreas is best from all gta
Tundo 666 (1 month ago)
Gta sa in plane :')
Joshua Korynta (1 month ago)
3:01 and 3:12 are when I truly start running during a cardio workout.
COton Channel (1 month ago)
I remember hearing this while I was doing a hydra dogfight.
Sacky Chin (1 month ago)
Tommy “The Nightmare” Smith
HEAVY METAL (1 month ago)
RIP Tom Petty
VirtualDewd Official (1 month ago)
A Tom Petty cartoon would be actually pretty cool
clayton silva santos (1 month ago)
Guitar hero 5
monzy tsander (1 month ago)
Pinku Mawile (1 month ago)
This has nothing to do with Little Nemo, or Slumberland... At all. EVER.
M4rty (1 month ago)
If the police cant stop you , you must be on The Dust
TheShaqDukes (1 month ago)
Had to come back after hearing this legendary song during the Washington/Ohio State Rose Bowl game.
Gatolf (1 month ago)
Flying an hydra in San Andreas Desert
Eric Ortega (1 month ago)
I heard this while cruising with my dad and uncle.my uncle leaned toward rock and played this.i was 20.
andyg256 (1 month ago)
Kick ass song
Cynthia Lynn Valerino (1 month ago)
R.I.P. This would be so fun to watch after some shrooms! LOL XOXOX
W Z (1 month ago)
Still miss you Tom, happy to have your music with me.
Noah The Texan (1 month ago)
Nascar returns to NBC
Noah The Texan (1 month ago)
Nascar on nbc
xxxCrackerJack501xxx (1 month ago)
Rest in peace, Tom, the world's a shittier place without you :/
Chris RJ (1 month ago)
My knowledge of animation history leads me to believe this video was inspired by cartoons of the 1910s... Maybe a little bit of Little Nemo?
Marcos Hc (1 month ago)
Soggy Dog (1 month ago)
Brian’s runners high brought me here
No Content Andrew (1 month ago)
i love this song

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