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2019 Fortune for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

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First off, 新年快乐! 恭喜发财! 心想事成! Since the year of the earth boar or brown pig is finally here, let's take a look at what kind of fortune is coming this year for each animal signs. But before we do, a little disclaimer first: The things that will be mentioned in this video are those with higher chances of happening, but doesn't necessarily mean that they will actually come true, with 100% certainty and accuracy. That means we still need to make an effort to achieve our goals for this year, and if this isn't your year based on the Chinese stars, it doesn't mean that everything is already hopeless and you can't do anything about your fate. Just like with Western and Vedic astrology, and even tarot cards, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui only serve as tools to guide us on what things to focus on, and what to watch out for--- something similar to a professional gambler using card counting to boost his chances of success. Whether you believe in Chinese horoscope or not, it's up to you. But this is video is also just for entertainment and general information, and doesn't replace an actual consultation with a Feng Shui master. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's proceed to what kind of luck is coming in each Chinese zodiac in the year of the Earth Pig 2019. Music: Youtube Audio Library Tags [just ignore]: #happychinesenewyear #2019chinesehoroscope #unlockarcana 2019 fortune based on chinese horoscope, 2019 chinese zodiac animals, 2019 luck color, 2019 chinese zodiac signs, happy new year, chinese new year, 新年快乐, kung hei fat choi, 2019 fortune cookie
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Unlock Arcana (4 months ago)
Timestamp for each Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Rat - 1:16 The Ox - 3:20 The Tiger - 5:24 The Rabbit - 7:31 The Dragon - 10:09 The Snake - 12:38 The Horse - 15:08 The Ram (Goat/Sheep) - 17:24 The Monkey - 20:10 The Rooster - 22:37 The Dog - 25:44 The Pig - 28:01
your doing gods work, thank u
pixie dust (4 months ago)
Snake 🐍😄
Irene Ng (4 months ago)
The dragon
Kate Taylor (25 days ago)
Wood rat 🐀. You described me perfectly and it's about time thinks picked for me.
Rose Known (29 days ago)
I’m a horse 🐎 is that good sign ?
Deuce of Diamonds (30 days ago)
June 2019 readings by zodiac decan are up on my channel. Check out your sun, moon, and rising energy with some predictions! Thanks, Love & light!
RoseEllen carlson (2 months ago)
I am tiger born 1950
allexandre ramsey (2 months ago)
What about the Rooster, more specifically Fire Rooster?
Yuhara Wattson (3 months ago)
God bless everybody and I'm the year 1976 the years of the fire of the Dragon. Thanks for sharing this amazing cool world of art and believe in our life and happiness with our love one another and our inspiration for our best wishes for our best love each other in our love one and God bless everybody amen always [email protected] com.👍🎶❤✌🐲🦀
Edda Justice (3 months ago)
Rat 🐀 here thanks for the reading
Marc Akuma (3 months ago)
Holy shit mine came true. As an Ox, my contract has not been renewed but I am excited to start college in September
Tim Francis (3 months ago)
...depressing, couldn't finish it.
Tim Francis (3 months ago)
Unlock Arcana (3 months ago)
Hope all is well..
Sonya Cole (4 months ago)
I am a 1971 metal pig. This resonates with me.
R9ZSPACE (4 months ago)
Thank You ,, Wood Horse.
Miss Tery (4 months ago)
Snake 🐍 lung cancer lol
Miss Tery (3 months ago)
I just hope I can save my daughter and I will die knowing I I did the most important thing. I'm ready to go to god, just don't want it to leave my daughter in a bad place with her ex if I see her safely away from him and moving onto a better life without him I will be ok
Unlock Arcana (3 months ago)
:( hope all gets well soon..
Miss Tery (4 months ago)
Snake don't care for succes just my family
Remco Harms (3 months ago)
@Miss Tery Yes, hahahaha 😄
Miss Tery (3 months ago)
I like zodiac stuff regardless of the crap
Remco Harms (3 months ago)
@Miss Tery Well, those are very good values...,(you could be my type) but apparently not all people from one Zodiac sign are the same? Or maybe this whole Zodiac thing is just a load of crap. :-) Have a nice Sunday
Miss Tery (3 months ago)
Well I am a fire 🔥 snake 🐍 and I care only for peace and privacy and a quiet life. My biggest aspiration in my life is my small family and enjoying our time together. I don't value success at all? What is success really? Ego? Success doesn't give my life or anyone else's any meaning in my opinion
Remco Harms (3 months ago)
Not true...my former girlfriend was a snake...she was all about being succesfull.
Aleksandra Veble (4 months ago)
Thanks, from Rat Earth, .
Remco Harms (3 months ago)
Earth rat
Remco Harms (3 months ago)
Eart rat.
Ani Dudu (4 months ago)
God bless!
Cinthia 9 (4 months ago)
Sounds good
Orphan (4 months ago)
Water 💦 Rat. Lol
Jennifer Smith (4 months ago)
Fire Tiger 🐅 very nice 👍
Vele Gjorgiev (4 months ago)
What am i a rat i im in 2007
Vele Gjorgiev (4 months ago)
Ok thanks!
Unlock Arcana (4 months ago)
It's pig for 2007, also your year now :)
Klara Rotik (4 months ago)
Vicki Henderson (4 months ago)
Thamk u
Æx Chua (4 months ago)
Great video
Unlock Arcana (4 months ago)
Thanks dear! ^^

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