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Brand New - Quiet Things - London Forum 09

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Brand New at London Forum "Quiet things That Noone Ever Knows" Very shaky camera because the crowd was that intense, I tried very hard to keep it steady and on JL but... obviously it's a very intense song. :)
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Weezie25 (8 years ago)
Haha silly video, great recording :)
bhc1 (9 years ago)
I've been to 2 other gigs.. Sigur Rós at Westminister Central Hall and The Roots at the HMV Forum (I know you can't really expect moshing to go on there lol) .. I have to admit this song was great with everyone singing along but there are some that I just really wanted to hear Jesse Sing .. I actually saw loads of people who were getting fed up of getting pushed so much that they couldnt enjoy the show.
rocket1039 (9 years ago)
I can see both points of view. I mean we all went there to see Brand New right, not to listen to ourselves sing? And at one point I saw Jesse look at Vin like 'wtf' at the volume of the singing. BUT the atmosphere in the pit was electric and I was singing along as loud as anyone! There was this awesome unity about it. Maybe the answer is to just turn up the band even louder!
AlistairIsCool (9 years ago)
I agree there were moments when the crowd sang along when they shouldn't have, like the end of sowing season.
bhc1 (9 years ago)
Thats fair enough.
Adam Keppel-Garner (9 years ago)
Of course the downstairs kept moshing - thats why we all went to the gig - to dance and sing along. We didn't wanna just sit and watch Jesse and the rest perform, we wanted to enjoy it and be part of it. Like the guy below/above says - if you wanna listen you have a CD. Personally, I thought it was intensely amazing, the best gig I have ever been to - and the crowd added to that.
Nikki Xaysanasy (9 years ago)
if you want to hear brand new listen to their cd, if you want to enjoy the emotions of a show, go to it and move around don't stand there
bhc1 (9 years ago)
The downstairs kept moshing and everyone kept singing along to every song. I went to hear Brand New.
rocket1039 (9 years ago)
Good times! I think it was just to your left.
Adam Keppel-Garner (9 years ago)
Fucking awesome gig!
Adam Keppel-Garner (9 years ago)
How did the audience ruin the gig?
bhc1 (9 years ago)
anyone agree that some of the audience ruined the gig?

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