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Sheet Metal Box & Pan Brake Tutorial - Grizzly Brake in my home shop

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Creating a 22 gauge sheetmetal box from scratch. Video tutorial includes cutting the sheetmetal template and bending the pieces on my 24" Grizzly Box & Pan brake. Brake used: http://amzn.to/1sHmfFA If you enjoy this NYC CNC video please hit the like button and share with a friend, it really goes a long way! Recent Videos: How I Quote CNC Machine Work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtFi9OQrBjk Control Large DC Motors with Arduino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW-Bf3yjUyE Subscribe For More - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=saunixcomp Follow Me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/nyccnc Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nyccnc Instagram http://instagram.com/saundersmachineworks
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DrAmit Gajeelee (1 day ago)
Finally what i was looking for!
sun rises (23 days ago)
I wish I can make one 😑😑😑
andy anderson (23 days ago)
Love that p.p.e.
Gordon Johnstone (26 days ago)
The time you took to cut that piece of sheet metal i was a pubescent boy and now am hairy ass ape of a teenager 😂🤣😂
Craig Monteforte (27 days ago)
Good video now i am a Woodworker with over 20 years of professionals working in the Architectual Woodworking industry and metal is something i want to learn more about the one thing i wanted to really stress was why no safety glasses I worked most of my career on commercial jobsites and i have had freinds have metal shavings and splinters Stick into their eyeballs and i know it was very painful and the way the Emergency room had to remove them was having a doctor use some very high quality and pointy. Tweezers picking one peice out at a time ! Ive scratched my cornea by having. High winds. Blowing. Sand into my eyes not that uncommon as i grew up in Florida and was riding a motorcycle with sunglasses instead of goggles
Of3r k0ria (1 month ago)
Hi! 16 g it's possible?
Robert Long (1 month ago)
That's cool man I need a box this thin in metal would u make it for me in my demensions for the right coin
Myra Montgomery (2 months ago)
22 Gauge! not for car restoration, why bother.
Husniddin Abdubanayev (4 months ago)
Kross Kross (4 months ago)
I want number sir
MKRBRKR (5 months ago)
Aaah the old days. Still awesome and helpful 10-years out.
Sodabowski (6 months ago)
You've gone a looong way John :) Funny watching this ten years after ;)
movax20h (7 months ago)
Yeah, this style of press break is not great for making boxes. It is not about the size of the machine necassiarly. If you take off the top support (I know it is very heavy and on adjustments screws), and clamp flat bar with long throw and depth C clamps, you can do it.
movax20h (7 months ago)
You mentioned at 5:30 to use notcher instead of band saw. What do you mean by notcher? (I know about shears, scissors, slitting sheers and nibblers, but never heard about "notcher", at least not for this task. I know of the notcher hand tool that is used to create small fingers [about 3cm deep and 3cm wide] on the edge of the sheat and for dovtails). Edit: Wow. Only now I realised this is NYC CNC, and the video is 10 years old. :)
jesse petrella (8 months ago)
everyone settle down about the bare feet, the few grams of alloy will not chop his toes off if he dropped it
Alessandro Sarcia (8 months ago)
What kind of material do you used to do the box? Give me some info, I want to buy it abroad and I need to translate your indications in another language. Thank you
Roy Ackerman (8 months ago)
Man. I wanted to see how the seams were completed!
R Broyles (9 months ago)
Get some work boots on if your going to work with metals or wood .
BioStuff415 (10 months ago)
sequence was wrong. Do the long dimension and the the ends with a smaller dimension
Rotary Addiction (10 months ago)
I would not be bare foot because of the metal shards on the ground.
Star Gazer (11 months ago)
Metalworking in bare feet is a good way to cut your toes off.
Machine Addicted (11 months ago)
I also did plantpots like this. My pots are a little heavier😂 I used 5mm material. The pot is 1meter long. You can check the Video on my channel.
leeroy excavator (1 year ago)
good video. Yeah he is not wearing shoes! so what! he isnt making a safety video anyway! He is also on carpet hello. that piece is very light and small. Its his choice to not wear shoes or safety equipment maybe not a good choice but Im not on here looking for safety tips I wanted to see that small metal break being used.
Dennis Gorman (1 year ago)
thanks so very much for taking time to make a great learning video, thanks to the polite experienced guys also posting like nirotix adding good pointers, nirotix wish you had time to make some teaching videos
MASS RAVI (1 year ago)
ogtommy (1 year ago)
No need for glasses. Engage The Safety Squints!
Edward Alamo (25 days ago)
There's gloves for working with sheet metal, any metal cut can get infected then you need a tetanus shot, I worked sheet for five years fellow worker lost his elbow from metal cut into the bone from a sharp edge
Frydae Beatz (1 year ago)
Are you barefoot? Some people just want to watch the world burn I suppose
Robert E Davis (1 year ago)
To the guy @NYC CNC who made this video...............Great intro for beginners like me........I had Wood, Metal & Machine in high school. I am 65 now, so that's quite along time ago and I incorporate just about everything in building things today. I get information where ever I can. I remember you from a youtube video you made some years ago about building a melamine overlay table and a fence for your Micro-Mark Multi-speed Mini Band Saw..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwbhoQlUDPs I still own the same band saw myself and wanted to make an equivalent of that same table, fence and miter guide but instead use 3/8th or 1/2" 6061 aluminum. However, the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwbhoQlUDPs has something wrong with it and towards the end of your instructions, there is no longer any sound to it......crap! Wish I had all of your instructive videos. Thanks also to Nirotix for the commentary, it's all good for me......I have tons of projects
National Fabrication (1 year ago)
600miles (1 year ago)
I was going to say maybe Shoes & Goggles & Hearing protection on future vids plus clean the dirt blob off your camera lens.
Mohmmad SHUAIB (1 year ago)
Dear Sir kindly give us the quotation for the toast bread making machine aluminum and mild steel.please send to our email at [email protected] thanking you
Arun Zaza193 (1 year ago)
934 505s (1 year ago)
Nice job "safety glasses and shoes" your killing me
WE WILLIE BROWN (1 year ago)
If you have a day job STICK TO IT !!!!
Drone Retrieval Unit (1 year ago)
WE WILLIE BROWN hes a badass machinist now, owns his own shop probably making 500k a year. This was 10 years ago. Spread good vibes in life, you may make progress like him.
Edward Leida (1 year ago)
Can you please tell me what brand table saw you are using. Best Ed
bowlweevil (1 year ago)
to save metal and make corrections draw your break lines on thin cardboard then cut it out with scissors and use a straight edge to fold on lines then if your box isn't right adjust with scissors then unfold box and use as pattern to draw around with fine point marker on to your sheet metal then cut it out and break on lines while you have the cardboard pattern folded into a box you can check the layout of what you are putting in the box this also keeps you from having a bunch of lines on your sheet metal to get confused about when you get to the break  little metal boxes can be tricky so have fun
Geoffrey Mazalin (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice how many chicks are commenting on this? Goooo girls!!!!
Geoffrey Mazalin (1 year ago)
Wow - holy fuck, a bandsaw to notch? Jeez maybe for like 10+ sheets at once....holeee
MrClickbang357 (1 year ago)
Hey an oldie but a goodie I found this one when I was looking for hints on sheet metal box design - need to make a box with a "tonguw" out front for my microwave spot welder not having mush luck - oh well!!! Good job as usual . This must ave been one of the first videos of yours?
Zen Speedmaster (1 year ago)
Wow you have come a long way!! Well done
شكراً جزيلاً . . . .
kkknotcool (1 year ago)
Everyone needs to stop freaking out about bare feet. He is working with a tiny piece of metal. The only reason boots are important, for sheet metal work, is because you are working with big 40 pound sheets that could cut off a toe if dropped. That things like a couple pounds at the most. He is going to get a really painful scratch, in a worse case scenario.
rider660r (6 months ago)
Apparently you never worked with or at least not much with metal. That "little" piece could still take a toe or couple toes off if dropped from chest height.At waist level you'll be bleeding a lot..
leeroy excavator (1 year ago)
kkknotcool .. good points so many safety critics on here! He obviously isnt making a safety video anyway. Safety is good but its really his lis choice. Im not on here looking for safety advice myself.
James Wiskus (1 year ago)
Good video, and valid safety points. I do believe though there is enough stress in life that we could dispense with the gutter talk. You can make your points without being degrading. I've not seen NYC's later videos but I'm sure he's improved and could definitely show me a thing or two. Just remember to be nice to people and treat them the way you would like to be treated. You can encourage those with the wisdom you've been gifted with or learned. Thank you
minskmade (1 year ago)
you were just a little pup in this video :) nice video
ElationProductions (1 year ago)
Oh wow! I remember I used to have the Proxxon branded variant of that same band saw. Wasn't real well built for the price.
J Mack (2 years ago)
Bare feet? Really??
muhammed riza (2 years ago)
Bro try to melt some aluminium
Jimmy's Tractor (2 years ago)
why not just notch out the corners on the Edwards? I see you are still going to the same barber.
Ismael Moncada (2 years ago)
I needed to witness the process of how to make a simple sheet metal box, and your video really helped. Now I know what to do in solidworks haha.
FclefRules (2 years ago)
I'm cringing at the lack of safety precautions.... yikes!
Anupama Ghodke (2 years ago)
Moo Man (2 years ago)
One time I was installing a furnace and the homeowner was Asian and did not wear shoes and we told he there were sharp corner chips on the floor, oh by the way the electrical service was getting upgraded so for a short time we were working by flashlight's, and the owner comes over to see how thing are going and gets a sharp corner right between his toes the guy lets out a Asian WOW!! so yeah wear shoes..
TokamakUK (2 years ago)
Amazing how far you've come in 8 years, John. Many more adventures to come! (and now you wear safety glasses too ;-) )
John McKenna (2 years ago)
disreguard my last comment, I thought that I was still on a previous site. Sorry.
John McKenna (2 years ago)
The welding table you have with all the holes in it, is that home made or is it a commercial product?
IanGeorge88 (2 years ago)
A not to do in a workshop video!!!!. THE NUMBER PRIORITY SAFETY COMPLETELY MISSING.
Strycnine (2 years ago)
Common practice would be to drill your corners before cutting. The drilled hole provides stress relief by radiusing the corner as well as clearance for the bend.
Strycnine (2 years ago)
Look at this scrub ruining his caliper...
ogtommy (1 year ago)
your an idiot.
Spencer Prescott (2 years ago)
your not supposed to scribe bent lines. on aluminum it will cause it to Crack. scribe lines are cut lines
Dustin (2 years ago)
Dislike due to Safety. Hate for you to get a piece of metal in your eye!
Mark Rich (2 years ago)
John , I like this shop better. Your not a real man unless there are steel shavings in your food.
blank stares (5 months ago)
>Runs machine shop in kitchen >While barefoot no less >Shares knowledge and experience >Doesn't afraid of anything -Hero Status confirmed
PhuketBungalow Info (2 years ago)
DUDE!!!! this made me goosebumps... never use a saw like this, metal easy twist and you dont want to buy yourself a half hand, this will cost you really money than. I guess you not worked much with metal in your life...good luck and be carefull mate. the idea is good. nice video
Jacob Benko (2 years ago)
Faisal Alazmy (2 years ago)
The cowards the fools
Sylvia Else (2 years ago)
Having to reach behind to turn off the band saw surely has to be an accident waiting to happen.
ogtommy (1 year ago)
its called a vaccum. the bandsaw is turned off on the left side of the machine with a BIG RED BUTTON
Stan Brzozowski (1 year ago)
She already has enough issues without being nagged.
William Griffith (2 years ago)
Great pup!!!
Hugh Frater (2 years ago)
You've come a long way John since these early days :)
Dirk Smithson (3 years ago)
No safety glasses and your thumb was just a few inches from that blade! I seriously hope you take some safety classes.
Jaime R.t (3 years ago)
what ever the Jackie chan said,
Tommy Arnold (3 years ago)
Can anybody please tell me the name of the machine he's using to cut the sheet?
specialks1953 (3 years ago)
+Tommy Arnold it is just a small cheap band saw. It is a MicroMark Deluxe Band Saw that sells for about 3 to 4 hundred dollars. It is about the same as most any other cheap band saw but it has a slower blade speed for use with thin metals like for hobby. Do your research depending on your desired use and expectations.
sudhammika seneviratne (3 years ago)
slippery carpet?????
Anup Ghimire (3 years ago)
can anyone help me to make circular base
Pete Brown (3 years ago)
Watching you work on the carpet, I kept thinking about cookie monster :)
mikewebb111 (3 years ago)
Apart from the lack of safety measures, congratulations on doing a good job with basic equipment. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.
infinity and beyond (3 years ago)
You obviously don't have a wife like mine! nice bachelor pad...my kind of decor.
infinity and beyond (3 years ago)
+NYC CNC that's good stuff
MrSingh (3 years ago)
Safety, safety and safety!!!!! no shoes, no safety glasses!!!!!!
Justin Crediblename (1 year ago)
ahhhhh your comment is making me feel unsafe! you must go to prison!
Faça você (1 year ago)
Young people hare immortal, we all been there!
Douglas Alan (2 years ago)
Another freedumb loving sheep. Maybe someday they'll have a dept you can call and report him and they'll attack his shop with a drone for "illegal activities" and raid the place. Typical. Go watch Faux Newz.
gustavo ramirez-rangel (2 years ago)
No shoes ok. No Safety glasses very BAD !
Mr Frog (2 years ago)
Sorry-had to unsub-lack of PPE
wxfield (3 years ago)
How long could you run the band saw & vac before the neighbors started pounding on the walls in that old apartment?  :-)
SameoldSameold (3 years ago)
+NYC CNC you could of always "hung" the compressor from the ceiling, makes for much less vibes and the neighbors would never know where the noise was coming from!
noel devitt (3 years ago)
Stick with the day job if you have one my man!!
LXGIK 80 (1 year ago)
Noel you gave the best advice. Look at him now!!!
Jeremy Ardley (4 years ago)
Not sure what metal you used for the box, but if it's Aluminum 22 Gauge it's far easier and probably more accurate to scribe and fracture than to use a band-saw. At least it is with relatively simple shapes. Think of it like cutting glass where you create a tiny weakness with a scriber and then just fracture it. See http://bobhooversblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/cutting-aluminum.html - An interesting site and full of good tips.
Riley Benstead (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Ardley How would you remove the corner pieces using the scribe method. Try using it on glass to cut out corners and see if it works.
1001steve1001 (4 years ago)
No shoes! Jeez, what a dick.
John Caban (4 years ago)
Dude, are you seriously working with sheet metal with bare feet?? Put some steel toe boots on before you have a horrible accident!
おぉぉぉ~( д) ゚ ゚
JT (4 years ago)
Good video of what not to do. No shoes, gloves, eye protector, pants, shirt. Security comes first, specially when you are trying to teach someone how to do a task that can be dangerous.
Mel Gross (1 year ago)
Always wear gloves with sheet metal. The one time I didn’t, recently, I badly cut a finger. And I’ve been doing this for over 50 years. Don’t ever think that it’s a small piece, or it’s aluminum or brass, etc. that’s when accidents happen.
Geoffrey Mazalin (1 year ago)
Gloves? Come on, he's not rippin up stainless or anything! Jeez, grow a pair
Carly101 (4 years ago)
I am wondering why your not wearing protective eye wear? This I feel is very important due to the fact that metal clipping can fly into your eyes. Please take note of this. If your trying to teach someone start with safety first.
Designedbyinstinct2 (4 years ago)
Great tutorial what would work great to keep your material from slipping when scribing would be that rubber material you can buy in rolls for lining shelf's. Your metal would not budge a centimeter on that stuff.  
Petri T (4 years ago)
Tx for sharing, i love to get tutorials as much i need for home, i hate indonesian metal worker, no one can be trusted, once i know how to DIY, i can design & make myself, i used to help mom to make cake boxing since kid i watched what she could. My grandpa didn't love women, so i changed his mind, that i can be like man do as well, sometimes i helped my grandpa to do what he wants, fix his gas fire gun for his stove. He realized, i was smart, i didn't learn from anywhere. I'm happy to find this tutorial, i'd like to open culinary business to help  disability, since i hate workers who are disability betrayed us as chinese, primitive sellers/metal worker liked to rip off my money. And i won't ever give my design to them, they love to duplicate, i have uncle who's expert in design of furniture, & i suggest him to produce metal furniture to beat the wood furniture who make profit like killer, but quality is very low, bug's eggs breed stays on our wood's furniture. I hate uncles who love woods, so i'll wash their brain to safe money to use aluminum metal. I had been thinking for years, has planned to do my mission, but i need doing homemade projects as well, i've so much hate to Indonesian Government who give tax so high for imported fryer electric from china, also kitchen utensils. I'll make box for my bicycles to prevent wet from raining, & also primitive love to steal. I have a heater for boil water, that special to be put on aluminum glass, i'll use it to make CH fryers from aluminum box. I've looked on expo, no one fryer i liked, too small, too large as well, not worth it to buy expensive, I need to build a portable Teppanyaki griller combined with fireproof glass, i can't find size i want.
Mike Condoluci (2 months ago)
sounds like you are really trying your best, good luck be strong
tchágo tavares (9 months ago)
i love you
Andrew Schuetz (4 years ago)
Definitely should have shown every step in making your box. The video is basically worthless without all of the steps shown. :/
Andrew Schuetz (4 years ago)
+NYC CNC OK, maybe not worthless. But not very useful. If someone had no idea what they were doing i don't think they could make a box using your video lol
Nathan Jeter (4 years ago)
I need a 24 inch long 7 inch wide and 5 inch deep stainless steal box...what would something like that cost?
david robertson (4 years ago)
hey 'Nate J' i just realized the post is a few months old but im a certified auto tech. But going on a whille now all i do is custom jobs fabrication, Installing air ride on alot of mni trucks always cuttting/pressing/welding alot of metal along w/ stainless. If you are stil interested in rectangular S.steel box send me a message. I LIKE YOUR STUFF NYC CNC!! it looks like you went a looong way from being practicly nothing in a apartment. Thats awesome i can only hope that one day my business im trying to start turns for that direction. good stuff 
Nirotix (5 years ago)
Nice little home shop. Respect. As a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker that runs a shop (being just me), fabricating everything 5 crews need for Commercial and Industrial aside from generic crap I'll give you some pointers. 1. Get a slide scribe if you want to scribe sheet metal. I used to be a machinist, calipers are NOT what you want to be using. 2. Allow for bend allowance if you want to be so accurate. I can see your box & pan has adjustments for that, most don't. 3. Buy a pair of red and green Wiss Snips, 22g sheet metal is nothing to cut through accurately. I chop through 16g with snips if need be. Best investment for a tool cutting heavier sheet metal, a Unisheer. 4. If you are making a box, hem your leading edges with a 1/2 inch hem for strength being sure NOT TO crush your fold, but just after leaving a tiny bubble. Secondly, leave 1/2" to 3/4" tab's on all your folds that you can 'slip' underneath the 1/2" hem when folded holding it together and giving it strength. 5. You are right, that Box & Pan can only handle about 1-3/4" 90's.. however.. a sturdy table with a sharp steel corner and wooden mallot are mandatory for any sheet metal worker. NEVER use a steel hammer against steel with steel as a backing unless you want to stretch your piece. You can use steel as a backing to hammer against with your piece, but only use a wooden mallot to hammer with. 6. Stop buying over priced steel from Home Depot. Go to a local Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop and buy 1 - 3x8 or 4x8 sheet of metal of every gauge you want to work with.. 26g, 24g, 22g. The cost of a galvanized sheet of 24g sheet metal 3x8 is about $14. Ask them to roll it up and put a tie on it. If they are trying to sell you it for $50, tell them to go fuck themselves because you know the cost of sheet metal. You are welcome
Kristoffer Sapong (20 days ago)
@nirotix hi! I tried looking for information where to positiin brake end to get the inner dimensions of the box with bend allowance.
Josh Seerden (1 month ago)
nirotix how much for a 4x8 sheet of 24g is typical?
Mel Gross (1 year ago)
Nitotix, you may have some knowledge, but don’t be such an ass about it.
Ruben Ramirez (1 year ago)
Japan's school girl
Geoffrey Mazalin (1 year ago)
Hey Nirotix - WISS sucks ass - everybody reading this should buy some Midwest or Klein snips - also, don't disregard the power of OFFSET snips - learn how to use em, noobs, they'll change your life....
Chris Serella (5 years ago)
if you are using 2mm sheet adjust the bend location out by 1mm on each side. this will allow the inside corners to meet up but will also allow your current bend sheet to fit inside the sides, especially helpful on the last bend and will also give you a nice groove to weld in. Tig is great for welding ali, just check you the thousands of videos and you will see the results you get with tig.
Queen Spirit (5 years ago)
hey, would love to know how I can make an aluminium cube, approx 3ft square. With the joins attached, so no gaps, and not riveted. I know you can't weld aluminium, but any suggestions would be great! 
Darin Roberts (5 years ago)
nice use of saftey glasses
davidraymondsmit (5 years ago)
great job but you shoul be wearing safety gear . especialy  eye protection.great video though keep up the god work..how much did u pay for your metal cut saw and set up?
Puranno Lovas (5 years ago)
are you insane? Let me tell excellent stuff its panxcash the best
Mike A Drover (5 years ago)
Unique vid, this is how I started out in commercial photography and becoming a woodworker. As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I currently support this site. ~M~
Puranno Lovas (5 years ago)
are you insane? Let me tell excellent stuff its panxcash the best
Anton Kahoun (5 years ago)
Where are your safety glasses
Bogan (5 years ago)
Where's ya shoes!
HomeBrew_CNC (5 years ago)
Had it for about a year an haven't completed anything yet other than a 304 plate that holds my E-off switch and switch for my smoothstepper. I just keep running into different problems, but It's coming along. I'm working on a set of gaming dice for a friend which are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided. Each requires a set of jaws to be made, and most of it is 4th axis work. Thanks again for taking the time to do what you do. I've tried makings couple videos, an it adds so much time I eventually stop.
HomeBrew_CNC (5 years ago)
From another barefoot kinda guy, thanks for making such great videos showing what can be done at home. You're the reason I bought my taig, and it's a great tool. Thank you for making great videos.
MrStandup2p (5 years ago)
John please- bare feet - drop a sharp corner on that and it can be stitched. But remember safety glasses are for wimps and one eyed guys... Please
Odile Laberge (5 years ago)
what a joke a real smw would use the right tools you are a pin head yes this is 29 yrs in the trade talking s.kettles

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