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The Blaze - Queens (Official Video)

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The Blaze - Queens (Official Video) The Blaze's debut album "Dancehall" out now (Stream/Download/LP) : https://theblaze.lnk.to/DancehallAll Click here to subscribe to this channel : http://bit.ly/2lfxIjV Click here to subscribe to The Blaze's newsletter : http://eepurl.com/cyfP0P We’re on tour this summer and our North America Tour is now on sale https://theblaze.lnk.to/tour Directed by Jonathan and Guillaume Alric Director of photography: Nicolas Loir Producers: Maëva Tenneroni and Horace de Gunzbourg Actors: Najaa Fazouati Bensaid, Lina El Arabi Stylist: Marion Brillouet Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere Color grading : Mathieu Caplanne The Blaze - Official Videos : http://bit.ly/TheBlazeOfficialVideos The Blaze - Territory EP : http://bit.ly/TheBlazeTerritoryEP The Blaze - All songs : http://bit.ly/TheBlazeALL The Blaze's social media Facebook: http://bit.ly/TheBlazeFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/TheBlazeTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/TheBlazeInstagram
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Text Comments (1090)
The Blaze (5 months ago)
Our debut album "Dancehall" is officially out ! 🔥 Stream/Download/LP : https://theblaze.lnk.to/DancehallAll
julien bonte (7 days ago)
The Blaze. Big Shit very very bad fuck you bitch
David II (3 months ago)
The Blaze bbvvvvcccccccy
SavemY (5 months ago)
... You are my everything♥️✌️thanks.. Great1 ♥️
Alexandre Sales (5 months ago)
Congratulations; track "Queens" is very Beautiful Music, and the Video, I have no comments, is Magnific! Thanks!
Angelica Flores (5 months ago)
Max Kuprik (23 hours ago)
Fucking killer!
miri xx (3 days ago)
If the beginning sounds familiar: Visions of Gideon by Sufjan Stevens
Ayla Seidel (3 days ago)
Words can’t describe how much I love this song🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I fuck with it so heavy✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
loic mouranchon (3 days ago)
J adore ce putin clip tellement puissant en emotion c est tellement beau quand l amitie est si grand qu il egal l amour
Aradhyay sewal (3 days ago)
Direction over music 10/10
Henrique Moura (4 days ago)
I literally always cry watching this
TtarkanN94 (5 days ago)
Eren Y (10 days ago)
2' 21'' started 2' 36'' finished
MrFUNKINKLAB (11 days ago)
Music for this Tuesday with taste to Friday.
Tasya Bintang (11 days ago)
I always get sad every single time the intro plays. My best friend passed away a month ago, and his funeral was something I will never forget. It was surreal for me. Rest in peace Erza.
Motaz Darwish (13 days ago)
this is the third time i want to put a comment but the music just takes me aways till it plays the next song and i get back again. THIRD TIME.. so.. you're Amazing The Blaze, Peace
Adrian Ag (14 days ago)
Estamos locos ?1?!?...menudo temazo...madre mia
kawtar ayoubi (15 days ago)
this is art♥️
Premiere Model Agency (17 days ago)
Thank u for ur music and video ❤️
Mizake The Mizan (17 days ago)
Happiest saddest video ever!
Carlos Freites (23 days ago)
Hi, would you please let me recommend me some similar artist. Or are they unique as I suspect? This is like The Gods' music.
Mohammed Elnekhaily (24 days ago)
So long so long so long forgeeet me ❤❤
Youssef Heddoun (25 days ago)
Top du top L9waaaaada
Felipe Provoste (25 days ago)
I love your music!!!
Rachel Robinson (26 days ago)
The blaze makes the most beautiful music videos I've ever seen. Just pure raw humanity! ✨
Alexandr Melnikov (28 days ago)
Alexus (28 days ago)
Viel zu laut.
Tistofo and Co (1 month ago)
Ma musique pendant mon tour du monde !
capuchx (1 month ago)
Daft Punk, Justice and now The Blaze. One more fanstasic french electronic duo
Eren Y (1 month ago)
This fking blaze hard clip
Léa Mancip (1 month ago)
French Artists 💪💪💪
Ruslan Nakarlo (1 month ago)
probably God is crazy
Lou Rocaboy (1 month ago)
Aunt Jemima (1 month ago)
SOLO! SOLO! --I'm right here Jabba.
camille roy (1 month ago)
☝️Racolage visuel😥🐊
Norswil (1 month ago)
I didn’t even hear the music
Heidi B. (1 month ago)
This is a short video yet it freaking got to me man! .. captured in it so much emotion, this video is both so sad and beautiful all at once. THE BLAZE ❤.
Diarmuid Cawley (1 month ago)
These videos (Queens, Territory, Virile, Heaven) remind me of the films of Tony Gatlif (born in Algeria), Fatih Akin and Emir Kusturica - Vengo, Le Temps des Gitans, Exiles, Transylvania, Head-On etc. All the grittiness of humanity through the lens of living spontaneously and for the moment. Special stuff.
ORIGIN4LS Studios (1 month ago)
-Et si The Blaze était élu à l'Eurovision !? Gros big up !! My favorite music group !!
aj aj (1 month ago)
haut niveau big up from morocco 🇲🇦
Arungeorge K David (1 month ago)
ഈ പാട്ട് ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്ന മലയാളികള്‍ക്ക് ലൈക്കടിക്കാനുള്ള കമന്റ്...😍
Arungeorge K David (1 month ago)
+SUDEEP BANSAL Thanks YouTube suggestions 😊
SUDEEP BANSAL (1 month ago)
Glad to see indian fan of such beautiful artist :)
Спасибо за ваше творчество!
Ayoub El Meskine (1 month ago)
This is magical
p34c3notw4r ** (1 month ago)
populer kültür çatışmasına tepki olarak müzik yapan bir grup olduğunu düşünüyor ve başarılarının devamını diliyorum. olmalı sizin gibi gerçekten müzik icra edenler...
Guilt Azaour (1 month ago)
The Blaze is the best film director I have ever witness hands down... shit, every fucking clip is pure art, acting and emotions
Boris Simovic (1 month ago)
Great song and video
Jaime Navarrete (1 month ago)
Ramil Urazmanov (1 month ago)
The Blaze — you're a genius! Thank you a lot for what you're doing!
Xanga Nasrano (2 months ago)
Titaniume (2 months ago)
l'un des rares groupe ou j’achèterais bien l'album au lieux de le telecharger
Glyphixs (2 months ago)
Stunning both visually and musically.
Kysnea (2 months ago)
i cry ...
Michael Farrell (2 months ago)
Wow< good shiz thanks
virginie adèle (2 months ago)
Silvara (2 months ago)
Los videoclips de Blaze son siempre sobrecogedores. Maravillosos.
Li Santos (2 months ago)
Life has no sense at all...
David Benavides (2 months ago)
So long, so long, so long You were my everything For you, I see So long, so long, so long Forget me So long, so long, so long You were my everything For you, I see So long, so long, so long Forget me (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) (So long, so long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Feels so loud (So long) Forget me So long, so long, so long You were my everything For you, I see So long, so long, so long Forget me So long, so long, so long You were my everything For you, I see So long, so long, so long Forget me
Azumi Art (2 months ago)
Andrea Pietrangelo (2 months ago)
This video is pure art!
Tuaha Badar (2 months ago)
such a blessed comment section i came across :)
bleuenn gouriou (2 months ago)
Je suis la seule à ne pas comprendre le début ? Elle se fait violer ou elle fait des câlins à ses prcoched parce que elle est triste ?
karga (2 months ago)
my armor is broken now 。 ゚
Anne M (2 months ago)
What a message!
Yosmel Araujo (2 months ago)
3:23 Hermosísimo.
MarkovAdam (2 months ago)
I'm totally bought by every single song from you. Amazing!
Mathieu RICHARD (2 months ago)
Encore une grosse claque dans ma gueule !
mélodie melo (2 months ago)
pablo ferrando vidal (2 months ago)
Nice discovery.
Barış Z (2 months ago)
i m really high right now and i just cry after this video, no words.
Niwegundi (2 months ago)
I've made a lyrics video for this song. Please check it on my youtube channel :)
mali s (2 months ago)
<3 )))))))
DarkSagan (2 months ago)
Jonathan and Guillaume Alric ...they killed it.
dana nylon (2 months ago)
Pure emotions....you are probabbly most exciting thing in popular culture that appeared in decades. Every beat, every sound, every picture...makes perfect sense...pure art. Layers of your stories are impressive...friendship, love, minorities, inclusion, sadness, hapiness...you put everything together, but everything in perfect balance. You are kickstarter of memories for all of us born in different worlds....less perfect, but more alive.
Məhəmməd Dərviş (2 months ago)
Good job! Respect from Azerbaijan.
aliceberg (2 months ago)
Faites un film!!!!
Lucien Lachance (2 months ago)
Virile number 2
Ger Bor (2 months ago)
So long, so long..........)))
Catherine Renaut (2 months ago)
Sublime ... Merci ;)
Eclair rayo (2 months ago)
wow hermosas tomas , se me aprieta el estomago
Non pas un King la gauche crasse de pétrole. Pas un king qui tapine avec une queen , pardon une pute à pétrole et à cocaïne.
Caitlin Mathey (3 months ago)
Are you even a person if you’re not in tears rn?
Caitlin Mathey (3 months ago)
Sorry, are you even a Pisces
EwanPainter (3 months ago)
Marco Polo (3 months ago)
Amazing . Is the only word
FREEDUN!!! (3 months ago)
No entiendo por que su música me hace sentir tan melancólico, pero me encanta sus dos discos son un tesoro para mi, siento que dreno escuchándolos...
Christina Polyakova (3 months ago)
I cryyy
Mayonnaise Mustermann (3 months ago)
Was she raped by the men?
khastoo (3 months ago)
You make incredible videos. Consistently!
Flo FPV (3 months ago)
Just beautiful
OnlyShot1 (3 months ago)
I love how the most part of your videos shows the violence of life and young, without a pejorative and negative point, just how it's going.
Thomas et (3 months ago)
Le plan dans la voiture qui dérape déboite Comme toujours quand je regarde du The Blaze l'image m'aspire GÉNIAL !
Mistify (3 months ago)
Why am I only discovering this now!? What a track, wow...
Sans nom (3 months ago)
j’ai pleurer c’est tellement émouvant... dire que ça peux arriver à tout le monde profitez de vos proches😭
Diana E P (3 months ago)
Hola, ¿alguien sabe el nombre de las actrices ?
Gianni Giordano (3 months ago)
Incredibile la canzone ed il video
Pickle Bean (3 months ago)
Wesley Borges (3 months ago)
Emotional 😭 The best song! 👏❤️
Sakina Lamine (3 months ago)
Art + Music = The Blaze = Mesmerizing ! 🤯
Helena Ortiz Farrás (3 months ago)
Omg omg omg omgooooood
Lamila (3 months ago)
The song is so beautiful and this video made me tear up.
David Franklin (3 months ago)
Big Thank u From D J David To ❤️The Blaze 🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽
German Lazarov (3 months ago)
are they Orthodox Gypsies or what?
Ricardo Cortés (3 months ago)
¡Que pasada!
amycanbe (3 months ago)
Nice video
Tina Blanche (3 months ago)
aimons nous bordel de merde

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