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New Minutemen Forum PatriotsSoapbox Upade by PamphletAnon

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PamphletAnon from #WeThePeople Patriots Soapbox Live Stream - tells us a bit about the brand new The Minutemen Forum at https://www.patriotssoapbox.com/forums/ While there were a few minor kinks - I just signed in and everything seemed to be working - that is awesome! Here is one of the FIRST COMMENTS/POSTS "READY TO RESPOND at a moment's notice! We are a group of independently organized social media messengers pressing for the truth of the story! Lets get Kraken." Let's get #Kraken" = oh yea. Sent a reply Hello Patriots! #ReleaseTheTexts #NoRedactions Hello FireKraken1776 and D3M0 Austinon! Just wanted to stop by and test the NEW MINUTEMEN Forum. Looks awesome! Great job to all involved. I have a video that I'll share wth you guys in Discord. See you soon. looks good indeed!
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Sunshine Wyndhawk (1 year ago)
Thanks to ALL you Anons who are helping to organize us Patriots! Where We Go ONE, We Go ALL! Much appreciation!
derek starkjr (1 year ago)
Im new call me tHeTick .

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