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Testing Weird Hair Rollers from WISH (Pulled out my hair?!!) - KayleyMelissa

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Today we're testing weird hair rollers from WISH, and yeah, I may have lost a chunk of hair in the process 😩 Keep your hair game strong, subscribe! → http://bit.ly/2p3RSRk My biggest question when I saw these rollers on wish.com was "does it work??" so I'm putting them to the test in this video with a series of heatless curls! We've got everything from waves to super tight curls here, so let's see how it goes! ---⟣Follow and Chat with me at:⟢--- ❈ My Website: www.kayleymelissa.com ❈ Instagram: KayleyMelissa ❈ Pinterest: kayleymelissa ❈ FB: @kayleymelissa ❈ Twitter: @kayleymelissa ❈ SnapChat: KayleyMelissa ❈ For business inquiries: [email protected] ---⟣Mailing Address:⟢--- Kayley Melissa 4441-106 Six Forks Rd #165 Raleigh, NC 27609 FTC: This Video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you purchase through the link.
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Text Comments (1998)
Kandi Turner (16 hours ago)
I want to see more of your hair vids
Camila Alejandra (23 hours ago)
Omg! You should get a perm! Love the little curls on you ❤️❤️
Cathy G (1 day ago)
the second i give it a ten always and everyday
Jackie Joseph (2 days ago)
hair only has to be a little bit damn like if it's any more than damp, it's not going to drive if you would have kept it a little damper, I think they would have come out nice, I honestly think all of them are pretty good if you would have kept them a little less wet cool video though
I would need like 120 of those hair curlers just cuz my hair is like, x10 the amount of yours 😭
Victoria Echevarria (4 days ago)
try using the curling part without blow drying it first.
PugLover 101 (4 days ago)
My favorite was the strawberry curlers
jojo ozuna (4 days ago)
You sound like Rosanna
Gracie Kemp (4 days ago)
Day 2 her hair is so pretty
Crystal Lowden (5 days ago)
Can you do a video showing how to do high and low lights on yourself
Scarkett Carty (5 days ago)
I think the strawberry won
Tatiana Anymous (5 days ago)
Bridget mendler vibes
Amayrani Cruz (5 days ago)
I got strolls in my hair for my moms wedding
Budyniara (6 days ago)
N1 your hair luck like my natural hair 😅😂👌🏻
Victoria Lamaster (6 days ago)
Can I have the straws and the things
Michelle Ball (6 days ago)
I love you dude dollar tree hall on her rollers
shorty savage (6 days ago)
This is the first vid ive seen of you..but..i cant find a natural make up tutorial....so can you do a natural make up tutorial?please?😄
Breanna Lewis (6 days ago)
Can you please do a tutorial on how to get curls like the very last ones you had💕
The true Goldie locks
Faith Lawton (6 days ago)
Why do u sound like LDshadowlady?!
stacy king (6 days ago)
Her daughter
stacy king (6 days ago)
This is sanhi and I like your video but you talk to much😬😴😴😴😴
Brianna Cross33 (6 days ago)
For a upcoming video u should try recreating 5 minute crafts and try the hacks
Burner Fire (7 days ago)
A video where u curl a long hair dogs fur
Cutygirl2007 (7 days ago)
Is it just me or did you just get serious “You Belong With Me” vibes
isayra perez (8 days ago)
When she put the first suction cup It reminded me of Hell Boy 😂😂
Missy Abby (8 days ago)
YOU SOUND LIKE rossana Pansino (Soz idk how to spell her name)
Jes Marquez (8 days ago)
I like to see you buying some more buying wish beauty products
kekes land sunny (9 days ago)
The bumble ball
Nini LaRouge (9 days ago)
I know this may sound weird but I love your arms! 😍😅
kaylie Vanallen (9 days ago)
Danielle Miller (10 days ago)
can you do a video on how you use that curling iron without burning your arm (especially hair in the back of your head)?
Ashlee Ball (10 days ago)
You look like tori kelly
Hailey Franklin (10 days ago)
Doesn't anyone think that she sounds like Rosanna Pansino
Rockyyy (11 days ago)
If u try to curl ur hair ,well good luck Charlie
Alissa rosenbaum (11 days ago)
Kassidy Carreker (11 days ago)
My hair is naturally curly and way more curly then all of those curls combined
Neco WOLF (11 days ago)
6:40 sHAKIRA is that you??
malak elmufatish (12 days ago)
Why don't you do more buying for more online shops
ZesterPosey (12 days ago)
I do my hair with pencil and a straightener and it takes me 5-8 hours . Hate using heat but turns out great!
ZesterPosey (12 days ago)
Loveee this! First time watching , subbed !
Nikita Jain (12 days ago)
I think you good look in curls
the ladys (12 days ago)
Hi my name is kailey to
Sarah DeHart (13 days ago)
Super cute tight curls and loved the strawberry look too!
chloe charbonneau (13 days ago)
you are pretty
Luis ordones (13 days ago)
On the 2 one u look like shakira 🤣🤣😂😃😄😅
Dancing Princess (13 days ago)
Pls keep trying heat less curls and find out a way of heat less hair curling that is comfortable to sleep with and is budget friendly
Tyler Dake (14 days ago)
ya more heatless hairstyles
Blanca Barrientos (14 days ago)
Who else think she sounds like Rosanna Pansino
Jessie Jodzio (14 days ago)
i want to see part two
Awesome Abby (14 days ago)
You look like Sofia dossi
Karol Lynna (14 days ago)
c16h20n8o4 (14 days ago)
Yeah strawberries
Ivana (15 days ago)
Who else came here bc she looked like Teddy in Good luck Charlie (Bridget medler)
Persia Daye (15 days ago)
She looks like DJ from fuller House 😂😂😂
Carolin 6429 (15 days ago)
you looked best best on #2
Rainbow slimes (15 days ago)
I have the strawberry ones and it works okay.
Sue Keoboupha (15 days ago)
The second curlers that you used made u look like taylor swift and tori kelly mixed
Ellouise Fullard (15 days ago)
The suction cup ones look like tiny pink hats.
tonia marlow (15 days ago)
Bumble ball
ilo ilo (15 days ago)
6:14 Shirley Temple curls
JakesClay (16 days ago)
Who else is in 2019
Caroline Jacobson (16 days ago)
The suction cup looking ones, they make those in a style where you heat them up first, put them in dry hair, and wait for them to cool and then take them out. My mom uses them a lot.
Benet Wilson (16 days ago)
Brooke Farrington (16 days ago)
i want to see more wish clothes try ons
SLIME ASMR (16 days ago)
Usally you would brush the curls out not use your hands that’s a tip 👍
Raeesah Riyajuddin (17 days ago)
The struggles are real 😉
Adrieanne Knight (17 days ago)
U look like Sofie dossi
I'm lucky as hell to get natural curly hair I have like the second tight ones but not anymore I cut my hair and straightened it so.
faze locks (17 days ago)
Is it juts me or does she kinda look like teddy from good luck charlie??
sldeyo (17 days ago)
The second set are called spiraled perm rods.
Zuri Luna (18 days ago)
#newhere!!! I made sure to sub and turned on the post notifications and and liked this vid🙂
Clo Clo (18 days ago)
I think the tight curls suited u
Dakota Blanden (18 days ago)
More hair care and stuff to do with hair xo
Elizabeth Becker (19 days ago)
The pink curlers are just like the ones that Midge uses in "Marvelous Ms. Maisel". The ones she uses in the middle of the night when her husband is asleep.
josie826 (19 days ago)
OMG! The pick suction cup things used to be called SPOOLIES! My grandmother used those all the time. That is major old school.
Mi M. (20 days ago)
“I BOUGHT something from Wish for FREE” 😂 tf I can’t
Isabella Fall (20 days ago)
so many wasted straws tho... like you can´t reuse them..
Sassy Red DIY (20 days ago)
I like the southern accent. I am really southern. Love the tight curls!
Camarie Brooke (20 days ago)
You don’t have to dampen your hair with rollers. I would try the strawberries rollers with dry hair 👍🏻
I like the hair curler vids!!!!!♥️♥️♥️
anna davis (21 days ago)
dollartree  Hair Rollers  and I love video
gamegirl (21 days ago)
Where did you get that hair dryer cap?
Jen P. (21 days ago)
The first ones you tried I bought on wish and decided to try before watching you. I love them. Use them every morning. Hair almost dry. If you wind up the ends first on the teeth, then be very careful when rolling to not twist and go right over the ends. I use hair dryer quickly over the rolls. Then do exactly the opposite when taking out. Takes just minutes.
Stephanie Vidal (21 days ago)
Why am i hare i have curly hair
Delphina Batista (22 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks she looks exactly like Bridget Mendler?!?
Kayla Provini (22 days ago)
Maybe test different nail polishes from the dollar store XD
Rosie Hambardzumyan (22 days ago)
I would like to see more heatless curling reviews on similar companies as wish
lovely67R (22 days ago)
Straw curls are the best
Rebecca roopan (22 days ago)
I love how bubbly you are and ..... Subscribed!♡
Unique Unicorns111 (22 days ago)
I wish I was like u tuns of subs I only have 5 at frirst I had hope saying that's no goona bring me down but its benn a year now still got 5 ANYONE plss SOMONE help me
Sionya Bates (22 days ago)
i would like to see more heatless curls
Queen R (22 days ago)
I would like to see videos about children's hair dye ( not permanent dye I mean 1 or 2 day hair dye
Ryan Ramirez (23 days ago)
Ace family
Ryan Ramirez (23 days ago)
Is life😍😍😍
clio duczyk (23 days ago)
I like to see curling options they are not off plastics ,but ecologic sustaineble and not "trow it away of you dont need it",a good tutorial for girls woud be,......tray to buy less plastics because.......it killing you and the hole planet🤢
Kiersten M Adams (26 days ago)
Im so sad!!! I really loved the suction cuppy one when I used them. I was rooting for those guys! Super cute though!
hello 124 (26 days ago)
More of the hair style
Stephanie Murray (26 days ago)
Any kind of video with you having curls I’m willing to see. You look great with curls.
MiMi (26 days ago)
You sound like rosanna pansino in my opinion and its so adorable!!
Pink Cave Woman (26 days ago)
I'll stick to the pink rubber foam curlers. Super easy and you can sleep on them.

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