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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from A Kind Of Magic, 1986. Queen - 'Who Wants To Live Forever' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Who Wants To Live Forever music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'. Check out the Absolute Greatest Queen Hits Playlist http://www.youtube.com/user/queenofficial#p/c/1507EC9B440BED51/0/-tJYN-eG1zk Subscribe to Queen Official: http://www.youtube.com/queenofficial Follow us on Twitter: @QueenWillRock (https://twitter.com/#!/queenwillrock) Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (28093)
Oskari Vesterinen (1 hour ago)
The 10k upvoters were just crying so hard they hit the dislike accidentally.
Vano Mitch (1 hour ago)
10k stupid human in the world
Yuri-Y Gaming (2 hours ago)
only people with aids will dislike*
yEE yEE (2 hours ago)
fun fact: Roger was drunk during the filming of this
Lin Pi (3 hours ago)
Freddie might have not lived forever but his songs and memory will
Valentino Perra (4 hours ago)
quanto ci manchi freddie , dove sei
Tom Lacey (6 hours ago)
You Freddie , you should of lived forever and we would of loved you forever.
Один из самых возлюбленных моих треков
Joyce Napper (6 hours ago)
Love Queen! Freddie was a iconic singer.
roberta blayney (6 hours ago)
Ella Bain (6 hours ago)
Haha I have the same profile as them
Daniel Pinheiro (7 hours ago)
3:19 melhor parte da música até me arrepiei
Nauch JohmsonGameplays (12 hours ago)
Not gonna cry, Not gonna cry, Shit
玉玲 劉 (12 hours ago)
I love them better than before
TC Trilhas (12 hours ago)
A maior banda de todos os tempos
ElsebollaxD (13 hours ago)
Joanne O'Dwyer (15 hours ago)
This song really moves me on every level, I get goosebumps when I hear these words and music just the shear talent, ❤️❤️👏👏👏
Valentino Perra (16 hours ago)
wonderful song with the voice of an angel, wonderful freddie, I feel like crying knowing how much you suffered, resting in peace freddie
Buddy Dude (17 hours ago)
The greatest band ever..
Lori Lambie (17 hours ago)
I didnt realise how good brian was at singing til now
Mick May (17 hours ago)
Who wants to live for ever makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up
Fuck You (17 hours ago)
buzbygreen (18 hours ago)
How can anyone listen to this track and not cry? pure brilliant song writing. My funeral song - go out to Freddie 😊🎸
Bro Bro (18 hours ago)
always! forever and ever!
Ro Vrodrigues (19 hours ago)
Canticos 4:10/15
Ro Vrodrigues (19 hours ago)
Ro Vrodrigues (19 hours ago)
e a minha Vinha, vcs nao precisam de uma nova Bete-seba. a Mulher do jeito do Homem, vai derrubar vcs. eu nao desperto o bronze em hipotese alguma. eu corrijo/cubro e elevo consciencia e nada mais. a Casa de Davi TEM que se manter pura! eh a Unica VINHA do AMADO!
Monica Stein (19 hours ago)
Top! Fantastic! No words....
ani (19 hours ago)
Where is John? xD
Diana Wheatley (19 hours ago)
I will be a Queen fan until the day I take my last breath!! They were the type of people that all could ever relate to in all of their songs!!! RIP Freddie!! We still and always will love you!!
Smile Tea (21 hours ago)
I’m crying! This song is too beautiful😭
This is for you, mom /Esta es para tí, mami (08/03/2018)
Charlotte (23 hours ago)
every time i listen to this. i cry. 😭😭😭😭😭
monicaandmindy (1 day ago)
Outstanding 🌹🌹👑👑👑💕
I want playing that on my funeral.
Gerard White (1 day ago)
I.ve had a heart attack 2 brain hemorrhages and just had to have my spleen removed all in 9 months so it's a certainty I.m not long for this world so this song is appropriate great film to
Brian Caulfield (1 day ago)
Yes my mom and I. She grew with them however only really remembers the more common songs that played on the radio here in the states, never knew of all the other songs recorded while he was sick, so hearing and seeing all these additional songs so great, thank goodness for youtube to be able to see all the old concerts, videos, interviews. Thank you to the movie for introducing a whole new generation to these talented individuals.
Mimi W. (1 day ago)
Hard to watch. God I miss Freddie. Die Hard Fans, forever!!!!
FreeLife Bebashidup (1 day ago)
This song was make cry... Amazing...
Sofía Gordiola (1 day ago)
Y’all know that Rog was drunk, right??? Lol
Art iCar (1 day ago)
Jocelyn Rosales (1 day ago)
Who wishes that freddie Mercury was still here because u DO A LOT!!!!!!!!
Shaggy Fries (1 day ago)
Brian's voice is so under rated
Vinicius Fitz (1 day ago)
Jana (1 day ago)
This song always makes me cry💔
I bohemian rhapsody when they played this song when freddie found out he had aids 😭😭😭
BEST SONG EV but.. its a bit sad :(
Mercury (1 day ago)
Forever Immortal
Taja Balantič (1 day ago)
Who the f**k disliked this song😡😡
Nick Achilleos (2 days ago)
Freddie you are always in our hearts you were the best singer that ever lived
Pawel Lichy (2 days ago)
He will live forever in my heart!
ほじりすぎ 鼻 (2 days ago)
Ты и живешь Фредди вовек, благодаря собственному таланту! Светлая память!
Oliwia Kubkowska (2 days ago)
I don't need Bohemian Rhapsody movie to love it.
Elisa Garcia (2 days ago)
El Rey de la música, Freddy Mercury !!!
Ethan Hutch (2 days ago)
Does Brian May sing the first part?
Raging BullStorm (1 day ago)
Ethan Hutch Yes
Mike Bite (2 days ago)
Anyone who wants to live forever?
Hannah Barnett (2 days ago)
i’m sobbing bro 😭
Switzpy (2 days ago)
the fact that Rogah was drunk-
Ericka Vlogs (2 days ago)
jaifreejairiencompri (2 days ago)
10k of big idiots
Angel’s Peace (2 days ago)
Been on a Queen marathon for the past 2 months best part about it is my 4,5,7 year old are loving it with me❤️❤️❤️
Erin Lowe (2 days ago)
Did u know that Rogah was drunk during this video shoot ❤️😂😂😂😂
watkins sugar (2 days ago)
Quel talent quel geni, partit trop tôt
robert mccann (2 days ago)
Last year l lost my wife of 52 years. Every day without her seems like forever. Is this what queen meant? For one more day with her I would give anything
ross1oo (2 days ago)
Another Queen Masterpiece! 👍😊💕
Blu Hypee (2 days ago)
We love you fred 😢😢
Rinmoiz Hmarz (2 days ago)
fuck the 10k dislikers
Karyn Bambrick (2 days ago)
My favorite song ever from Queen....
ItsyaboiJoe (2 days ago)
1:03 her after I asked...
Valentino Perra (2 days ago)
ti amo freddie
Jessica Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Maravilhosos 😍
juliane santos (2 days ago)
Queen Forever
VR Kumar (2 days ago)
Queen must live forever <3
Music Music Music (2 days ago)
after hearing this on Steve Wright in the afternoon, had to listen to it again as it gave me goose bumps.. Steve said how fabulous it was to. Rest in Peace Freddie.x
arman _assassins (2 days ago)
Davina (3 days ago)
This song speaks volumes. We love you Freddie! I saw QUEEN in 1977 and 1982. Greatest band ever!
Fifachamp 1 (3 days ago)
Austxx (3 days ago)
Omg I just realized that John Deacon plays double bass here 👌 impressive
Eire Kirkland (3 days ago)
Es curioso... Por qué Queen y Freddie si que van a vivir para siempre. Aún que solo queden 2 activos, ellos 4 siempre van a vivir en nuestros corazones para siempre 💙
Aaron I (3 days ago)
Magical. Who would have thought an entire artform would basically die in our lifetime?
Luis Henrique Weber (3 days ago)
Anybody here was a queen fan even before the movie? (It's not a problem to become a queen fan after this, just asking)
resireg (3 days ago)
Queen was the first CD of my family. Greatest Hits II. We bought in 1992, and we would listen over and over and over
Bill Waldon (3 days ago)
No other word can describe this song, it’s beautiful🥺
Princess Caty (3 days ago)
Challenge: try to listen to the whole song without thinking about Freddie and tearing up
Luis Xavier Hernandez (3 days ago)
Freddie you are a leyend, you all are, you may not want to live forever, but you will. At this point you're all inmortal.
FlashakaViolet (3 days ago)
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?
trudi osborne (3 days ago)
Idol thats all i can say
Chait (3 days ago)
The movie that really made this song was Highlander :)
Jakub Novotný (3 days ago)
I'm not gonna lie this is the most touching song i've ever heard. Like if u agree
Free Cat (2 days ago)
Bad dumb asses:10 016 dislikes Freddie Mercury from Heaven: Am I joke to you?
Maliny Moon (3 days ago)
I want to live forever! Join me!
BBM23A _1872 (3 days ago)
He may not live but his memory will live forever
Multiapplecat (3 days ago)
I wonder if they made this knowing that Freddie Mercury had AIDS
Multiapplecat (2 hours ago)
+Norr Gaming Do you know if Freddie knew he had AIDS himself when they made this music video/song?
Norr Gaming (2 days ago)
No they didnt know but he had AIDS in this music video they found out in 1990 a year before freddies death
드렌 (3 days ago)
1975 I don't wanna die 1986 who wants to live forever
Thierry Lopez (4 days ago)
À jamais queen 👑 dans mon cœur
People say that Roger was drunk in the filming of this video. I belive it
Norr Gaming (2 days ago)
+MJ&JJlover 2004 ik!!!!😂
MJ&JJlover 2004 (2 days ago)
Norr Gaming but he’s still beautiful as hell
Norr Gaming (2 days ago)
He was if you watch the making of who wants to live forever he said he was drunk and thats why he was dressed poorly in the music video
MJ&JJlover 2004 (3 days ago)
George's harrisson's fans🌵💕✨ but Roger is adorable when he drunk because he’s “ReAlLy ExCiTeD aBoUt It”
elide garcia (4 days ago)
Amo esta versión, las partes que canta Brian, tan suaves y tiernas hacen que brille mucho más la voz de Freddie 👌🏼💕
Santina Donnelly (4 days ago)
Video: Graceful, elegant, well-designed Roger: Denim jacket

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