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Queen - A Winter's Tale (Lyrics)

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Queen - A Winter's Tale with lyrics
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StevenM801 (21 days ago)
raul 1999 (29 days ago)
Increíbles canciones. Uno de los grandes genios de la historia de la música.
Jenny Piontek (1 month ago)
🎵theres a kind of magic in the air Its Queen, Queen is the Kind of magic in the air
Blue Girl (2 months ago)
Te iubim, Freddie! Şi nu te-am uitat... ❤💛💙 We love u, Freddie! And we didnt forgot u... ❤💛💙
Ro ss (2 months ago)
That's why I love Queen
Judy (2 months ago)
I love this song , and to you Freddie for all the beautiful,wonderful,amazing songs you gave use ! 😻🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵
Marcus Wyness (2 months ago)
A beautiful song sung by a legend , ! You re the best Freddie
anna kuklewicz (2 months ago)
Salute Freddie !! GOD gave us you for some reason. Now I know why. Sleep in peace.
revelatorom (3 months ago)
Oooh - it's a bliss.
Sooo beautiful 😍😍😍
Lily Langtry (4 months ago)
Almost as if he's looking at Heaven ...
Saverio Cigna (4 months ago)
Yuri Harck (4 months ago)
I cried when I read Brian May’s story about when Freddie wrote this song. Freddie was unbelievably strong and such a loving soul. I was 21 when he died and I cried like a baby when he did. Rest with the angels, beautiful Freddie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
josefa Sherrick (4 months ago)
Wow,just heard this for the first time 😊❤️ Beautiful song...Freddie I love you❤️❤️
Valeria Passavanti (4 months ago)
Wowwww !!! It's so beautiful song ,wehe ,the soul of Freddie ,is so sweet and palpable to !! A voice wonderful,who paints a incredible melody ❤
Marsha Janulis (4 months ago)
great song to paint by, emotional and happy am i dreaming, i can see freddie singing
Vinnie Moran (4 months ago)
Christ Almighty!
Gracielle De Guzman (5 months ago)
AL (5 months ago)
Le me: oh, there are 999 likes... *Presses like button* *999 turns into 1k* Le me: it's a kind of magic * ^ *
Normal Person (5 months ago)
Ooh, it's a bliss.
Ridge Rempen (5 months ago)
Good song,, nice...
TGWO CLAN (5 months ago)
Best Xmas song ever nothing beats queen
Carmen Vega (5 months ago)
Every time I hear this I just busrt into tears uncontrollably totally overwhelmed with emotion.
Marcus Wyness (5 months ago)
one of the most beautifull songs . full stop . recorded not long before Freddie died but wow !! so emotional . it still captivates me today , reminds me of my mum who loved it too , always brings a tear to my eye .
I love
Tin Cup (5 months ago)
11 people need to be hunted down LOL !!!!!!
Mike Weiss (6 months ago)
Freddie has lighted the candle from both ends. But he has lived, not like most of us..
builder1a (6 months ago)
Most understated queen song
Ramses Santiago (6 months ago)
Im cry
tony (6 months ago)
the best singing voice in the world so far but very bad attitute !  Brian May a very good example !
His second to last recording was Made in Heaven and his final was Mother Love. Great track. RIP Freddie Mercury 1946-1991
Tom Florio t (7 months ago)
Mother love was the last song Freddie recorded, look it up in fact he could even finish the last verse due his illness Brian completed the final verse
maciej shadow (8 months ago)
I miss you so bad
Alamsyah Blackruby (9 months ago)
Writed when freedie sick maybe... so beautiful .. maybe its all tell about heaven
jeff pentagon (11 months ago)
Even a single syllable exclamation sounds musical. What a voice.
Robson Matos (1 year ago)
and I felt that his vocals on "The Show Must Go On" and "Mother Love" were weak when I heard "A Winter's Tale" yesterday for the first time
Robson Matos (1 year ago)
Incredible as he strives to sing in the state where he could no longer strain himself because of illness
Milene De Col (1 year ago)
Questa canzone dipinge il cielo e la mia anima
Thought I'd listen to this as near Christmas , he knew what it's all about, thanks queen x
Liliana Valerio (1 year ago)
I Love you Freddie 😚😚😚😚
Palmiro Pau (1 year ago)
.........''it's all so beautiful''.........
readyfreddie (1 year ago)
i love this song and 1:45 i love that guitar solo.
Guli Goldberg (2 years ago)
I'm crying 😭 that's the last song he wrote on himself
Ari Nardi (3 months ago)
Where do you know?
Melissa Nash (2 years ago)
love freddie so much.xxxx
freddie mercury (2 years ago)
algo en el tono de voz me dice que no es el . casi estoy seguro que no es freddy
Herman Helmich (2 years ago)
Best Christmas song that never was It always moves me Reflections about now and then
🇫🇷🇪🇩🇩🇮🇪 🇹🇭🇪 🇧🇪🇸🇹
Trond Arnfinn Vollevik (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Freddie
kanese7en (2 years ago)
written on his hospital bed...sad ending for a rock legend
Patricia Bilinkas (8 days ago)
Queen LoveOfMyLife I just read that Freddie wrote this song at Montreux about what he was seeing from his apartment window.
Marie Johnson (1 month ago)
Freddie wasn't in the hospital - he died at home.
revelatorom (3 months ago)
Delilah, you're irresistible
Delilah (4 months ago)
He wrote this song inspired by the beautiful landscape he would admire from his home in Montreux
Carmen Vega (5 months ago)
elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife Emotional
Ben Tyler (2 years ago)
my best song
Kitty Cobb (2 years ago)
Freddy's voice is passionate and breath taking. One of my favorites songs of Queen.
Robbin-Lenz Caudill (8 months ago)
Tarek Lemo (2 years ago)
the dream of the child is the hope of the hope of the man :)
Christian Farina (2 years ago)
This is one of the most satisfying songs to sing.
grace guarnaccia (2 years ago)
emiliano gomez (2 years ago)
Esta canción me lleva hacia Monteaux..
Gladys Perez (2 years ago)
Hermosa canción y espectacular voz de Freddie , y todo lo que compone esta canción por siempre QUEEN seguirá viva en nuestros corazones.
Aarya shah (3 years ago)
2 people have never seen a beautiful winter day...
Normal Person (5 months ago)
By now there are 16 people like that in total...
Aarya shah now its 6
Marina Blum (3 years ago)
Queen sind die besten!!! Freddy ist genial. Danke für alles!
Robbin-Lenz Caudill (8 months ago)
Alé Al (3 years ago)
Freddie the best of the best!Wonderful voice!Die beste Rockband,die es gab und geben wird!!!!
Nour Michaelis (3 years ago)
A pure emotions, a pure feelings ,a pure awsomeness, a pure magic, a touching voice i'm so greatful to you Freddie, your are a bliss.
TechTime (4 years ago)
ooh his voice is bliss
pietro dibitonto (4 years ago)
We are really dreaming, thanking his unique voice. Freddy The Artist !
Robbin-Lenz Caudill (8 months ago)
Rekt Ghost (2 years ago)
David He woah calm down
Chiggins (3 years ago)
+David He Wow. I mean, I know people on the internet get irrationally angry, but wow.
12boocat (4 years ago)
I have to listen to this many times...
John Robertson (4 years ago)
magical song for christmas..
100pjp001 (4 years ago)
True talent, true art. What a voice!
Jane Silva (4 years ago)
Ele devia estar num momento muito tranquilo quando cantou essa canção,eu acho que toca fundo...
Ethan Bailey (4 years ago)
This is the only song I've had tears in my eyes while listening to it for the first time.
Steven Clark (4 years ago)
Not bad per se, but definitely the weakest track on the album imho.
Patsy Stone (2 months ago)
Seriously...are you deaf? 🤔
Rob Nelson (3 years ago)
Ana (4 years ago)
Sería muy reconfortante escuchar esta canción un día lluvioso, mirando por la ventana mientras tomas un chocolate caliente.
L O.G (11 months ago)
Ana Yo lo acabo de hacer hoy, un saludo y abrazo desde Chile 😀
Ana (4 years ago)
This song is so beautiful, so emocional for me. What a voice!
Fairy Queen (4 years ago)
I think in his last year Freddie recorded some of the most emotional songs ever...despite (or maybe thank to) his illness...
Marie Johnson (1 month ago)
True, and a lot of it was written by Brian and Roger because Freddie wan't up to it. His bandmates wrote the lyrics and he'd reacord each line 3 times to a simple drum or guitar backing. He told Brian and Roger they could do whatever they wanted to with the material when he was gone. Brian has talked about it several times. Mother Love was the last studio recording for Freddie - he could not record the last verse as he was too tired so he told Brian he's come back ... he never did. Brian sang the final verse. So sad. The world lost a treasure on 11/24/91
Marie Johnson (1 month ago)
The music was all that kept Freddie going. He said it was the only thing that got him out of bed each day. He begged Brian and Roger to keep writing material for him to sing. He told them they could finish it when he was gone. Brian, Roger and John wrote him lyrics and he sang each line three times to a simple drum and piano or guitar backing. It is so clear from the lyrics and the rendition how much a bond of brotherly friendlship Queen shared in those final months. Freddie's voice was strong but physically he was so ill he could barely stand up to record.
Mateusz Jagocha (4 months ago)
Most of those vocals were recorded earlier
darytul (6 months ago)
I think the same bro
Zarozapa CnJ (4 years ago)
am I dreaming?
Lhotarn (5 years ago)
better than drugs
Queen LoveOfMyLife (10 months ago)
Lhotarn Right!
jarjon76 (5 years ago)
You can tell Freddie's illness was having an effect on him, but he fought through those pains and gave us one of his best studio performances. Such raw power and emotion throughout this song.
yabada17 (5 years ago)
Best of this album imo.
Cristina Escobar (6 years ago)
Freddie no sabes lo que hubiera dado para escucharte cantar en vivo ! te extraño tanto !! Queen <3
carlos ferraz (6 years ago)
can't stop listenng
Perla Williams (1 year ago)
Me either
carlos ferraz (6 years ago)
ectasy moment
carlos ferraz (6 years ago)
carlos ferraz (6 years ago)
Queenwasmadeinheaven (6 years ago)
Woaw. This is amazing !
Gabriela Matias (6 years ago)
I'm in love
pjk1252000 (6 years ago)
Love this song

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