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The CurlDaze Horseshoe Method-Flexi Rod Set Hack Ft. TGIN

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Hey beauties! I came up with the "horseshoe method" to cut the time of doing a flexirod set in half. I only used 8 flexirods for this style! Products: I used the TGIN (Thank God I'm Natural) product line for this style. You can find the entire line at your local Target or online at: www.thankgodimnatural.com or on Amazon: http://goo.gl/zikmbP Thank you for watching, and please subscribe! Instagram: https://instagram.com/curldaze Facebook: Curldaze Twitter: @Curldaze
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Kim Williams (9 days ago)
Will this work on chin-collarbone length hair ?
Dymond Crockett (10 days ago)
JaTerra Castine (13 days ago)
I just stumbled upon this method...AMAZING!!! Trying this tonight for sure! 1 question...what do you do at night to maintain the style???
Victoria Joy (17 days ago)
This looks like an AMAZING technique, but I can never get my ends to stay on the rod when I roll my hair from the top. 😢 What is the secret???
Lolita Jackson (29 days ago)
I am going to try this, THIS WEEKEND!
NevaehSkyy25 (1 month ago)
This is brilliant! Why am I just now seeing this!
Was the hair air dried or still wet
Natural Woman 73 (1 month ago)
so cute!!
Teresa Murphy (1 month ago)
Your a genius I don't like using a ton of rods either even though it always turns out the infamous " frizzball" I'm definitely gonna give this a try! Thanks , also I got to find those products your hair looks AMAZING!
shantellajohnson (2 months ago)
Wow this is a genius idea. Although I doubt it’s that easy for my ass 😂
Joseph Nyanguila (2 months ago)
When u say freshly washed hair does it mean it must be semi-wet meaning air-dried or dry with a blowdryer
Joy Austine (2 months ago)
You are beautiful and i love your hair
Licia Oko (2 months ago)
So cute
Martha Nimrod (2 months ago)
Jestina Anotinzwaishe (2 months ago)
Marie Franklin (2 months ago)
That was a good idea
E M (2 months ago)
Does this work on 4c hair?
Kay Von Kent (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thank you for your video! I am often short on time and this would be brillant for me especially mid week when I refresh my hair💖
Shan non (2 months ago)
i ran out of flexi rods so i used your method on my last section xD Its a really cool method ^^
jk grosley (2 months ago)
Love those spiral curls, thank you
Kaylyn Collier (2 months ago)
Wowwwwwwwwwwww you quite literally just changed the game and it turned out perfect! You’re a genius!!!
Shawanda Swayzer (2 months ago)
I wish I knew this before I bought a thousand packs, But, that's ok I can just use the different sizes to experience with the sizes of my rod set. Thank you for the video.
Lerah Dunston (2 months ago)
You are a very smart women
Lerah Dunston (2 months ago)
Gorgeous look girl
Brittany Conner (2 months ago)
Beautiful! Very efficient method, too!
Diane Morgan (2 months ago)
I am going to perm my hair, using Flexirods. You have me a great idea. Cuz you're correct. Too much waste of rod length. Using this method, will save using so many rods. Thank you!
winnifred nelson (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! The first time I watched your video I was sitting here with 18 (of the 20) rods on my head and couldn't wait to try again with this method - so I did last night - and it's so much faster, easier and the curls look just as good, if not better. Thanks for taking the time and your hair is beautiful!
frances henderson (2 months ago)
This product doesn't even work for short hair people only for long hair people and the products sucks
Jamese Madongorere (2 months ago)
LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!! I was NOT going to do the rods tonight but seeing that I can be done in less time with less rods, I'm soooo trying this right now!!! I literally had to buy another rod set because I had like 500000 in at one time. :( HOW does anyone give this video a thumbs down? This is so genius. Thank you :))))))
ash y (2 months ago)
Omg frigging genius ......🤗🤩
MsStephaine456 (2 months ago)
Damn girl ,girl you we need more minds like yours just brilliant
Hulya Babir (2 months ago)
When I do it my hair unrolls like wtf
Pamela Briggs (2 months ago)
your hair is beautiful
Janeal Grant (2 months ago)
Just finished your method and omg it was so much easier THANKS AGAIN!
Janeal Grant (2 months ago)
About to do this method now thanks!
Alicia Boschman (2 months ago)
Riri Mimi (2 months ago)
CurlDaze thanks a lot very well done, amazing😘🙋👍🌼💖👌
Roye Royal (2 months ago)
I'm trying this. I'll be back with my update I'm not scared though becuz many people have given good comments
BranBurger (2 months ago)
HAIR GOALS....BEAUTIFUL!!! ....Im going to try this on my daughter's hair
Carla Oliveira (3 months ago)
muito lindo
KIMBERLY FRYE (3 months ago)
Hair update: I have been doing this for a year now and it's literally my go to style. Just wanted to say thanks hun.
Michaela Nelson (3 months ago)
The most clever thing I have ever seen.
Jewel M. (3 months ago)
Will this work if I dry it with a blow dryer? On a warm setting, not hot?
A.M. J - L (3 months ago)
Hi! I'm just finding your channel/this video. I love the style & technique! How do you keep the style after sleeping on the curls? What makeup did you use in the video?
F Pitts (3 months ago)
INCREDIBLE!!! Very creative...Thanks for sharing😎
Lenci Pinder (3 months ago)
We used this horseshoe method!! We will do nothing else but this way. You are making others look crazy wasting the rest of the rod.
Lakecia Reddrick (3 months ago)
Awesome!!! I am going to use the horseshoe method for sure...Lol. Thanks hun!!!
ash c (3 months ago)
I wish I saw this before I just finished mine
Country Strong (3 months ago)
Again love that it's natural and really cute.
Kenya Dillett-Estrada (4 months ago)
Great Hairstyle,,U Look Like U Could Be 80's Singer Karen White's Daughter ""Super Women""!!
The Creater (4 months ago)
Hi CurlDaze; Thank You. Will be using the horseshoe method on my Next washday!
Dameon Guerra (4 months ago)
Beautiful hair bbg
Antonisha Alexander (4 months ago)
This is sooooo bomb !!
Camay Mitchell (4 months ago)
Thankyou Awesome I'm a Hairstylist will try it on my Sister this week she has beautiful hair her Hair is long it may cut the time going to let you know ✔❤👏🏼💯
Tonia Carpenter (4 months ago)
CurlDaze, this is AMAZING! I LOVE that Look but haven't tried it but once or twice because it takes too long the 'old way'! I have long hair down my waist & get tired of it just hanging straight or putting it in a ponytail. This will be the perfect way for me to have pretty curls without it being so time consuming! YES!! LOL
I use it
mrshail8467 (4 months ago)
Genius! Very pretty and great results. Will give a try
Omonike Efunyale (4 months ago)
Cassia Fisher (4 months ago)
Teresa Murphy (4 months ago)
OMG, your hair looks amazing!!! I love flexi rods but do not like the 100 rods😤thank you so much for sharing this brilliant hack. 8 rods pure brilliance young lady ! 👏🏾🙏🏽👏🏾🙏🏽
sonnythirteen (4 months ago)
She put some science on it, Right On
Zahra Fatima (4 months ago)
mam your name 😃
Valencia Fouther (4 months ago)
Empress Abby (4 months ago)
Omg gurllll thank you so much for sharing
Beautybubble Maw (4 months ago)
so beautiful
Tamika Smitt (4 months ago)
Tamika Smitt (4 months ago)
Does this work on 4c hair ?
Vivian Odigie (4 months ago)
Wow Beautiful
allabout me (5 months ago)
I wasnt actually going to watch this coz i had already watched one but then i dont regret at all watching this one ...just loved it 😍
L Hill (5 months ago)
You get an A++++ This is so pretty easy and flawless!
Sandra Watkins (5 months ago)
Flexi rods are amazing!
Tonyea Riddick (5 months ago)
Shirley Frazier (5 months ago)
Thank you sooooo-much for sharing I cut thm in half now I know a better way thanks again
FileThis Information (5 months ago)
Your hair is p r e t t y, and you get 10 points for creativity. : )
Ama Adom (5 months ago)
If you have thin hair like me shameless plug, I tried this didnt come out really nice - I need a genuine critique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t2LzDlp8oY
Shaie King (5 months ago)
This is genius! I get to save my flexi-rods now😆love this it’s so useful. New sub ❤️also you have beautiful hair X
moi (5 months ago)
So pretty with and without makeup.
Nayalene Bediako (5 months ago)
Does it work with relaxed hair?😰😰
Pamela Birungi (5 months ago)
Dainty P (5 months ago)
Monica Rochelle Taylor (6 months ago)
You have made my hair regimen go to another level. Thanks girl. Been using this style only since seeing your video. Thanks love it
Irene Namatovu (6 months ago)
i love this
Shaa Tillman (6 months ago)
This was the BEST flexirod video I’ve seen!!!!
melvina mccullough (6 months ago)
Stacey Griffin (6 months ago)
Your hair turnD out really caYute...yaaaas honey
Black Beauty (6 months ago)
Smart and beautiful
A MT-tyN-teen (6 months ago)
I love the video and I LOVE the soundtrack. Care to share?
Ellen Regina (6 months ago)
that is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! and you are GORGEOUS!!!
Julie (6 months ago)
Were did u buy your flex rods?
sandra jackrell (6 months ago)
Thank You!!!
Sharronda Harrell (7 months ago)
This is a great idea~ I am definitely going to try this! And your hair is beautiful!
Sherri Booker (7 months ago)
Beautiful, if only my hair was that manageable.
Andrea Swanson (7 months ago)
Beautiful!!! I used that regular flex rod set and I used about 60 flex rods! It took me hours to this! I'm going to try The Horseshoe method! This video is a God send from Heaven! Thanks So much!
shurron Covington (7 months ago)
OMG...this is so great..I wish I came across this video sooner...looking like Medusa with all those flexi rods I use in my head...trying it this weekend...your hair is Gorgeous...an love the video
wilnelia merced (7 months ago)
Love it
Jami (7 months ago)
Gnosmi Martinez (7 months ago)
cammie chisholm (7 months ago)
Shantal Roache (7 months ago)
Wow I will try this now
cute qwin (7 months ago)
please how many years have you been natural

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