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How I Blow Dry & Flat Iron My Relaxed Hair | SILKY, SLICK EDGES & MORE!

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here's a video showing how i blow dry and flat iron my relaxed hair for a silky straight style with feathered curls in the front. I use my mini flat iron to straighten the front part of my hair then i finish the look off using my JAM holding product and my hair toothbrush. be sure to watch my previous video to see how i tie my hair up at night. PRODUCTS I USED: ~Therapie Anti Aging Shampoo ~Therapie Repairing Conditioner ~Organics by Africa's Best Hair Mayonaisse ~Smooth n Shine Hair Polisher (p.s. I normally use the one with the pink top) ~IC Fantasia Leave In Moisturizer Treatment ~JAM (orange top) ~Bellezza Flat Iron Duet Set ( i don't remember what setting i used but it was not 450, use whatever is best for you). MORE HELPFUL VIDEOS FOR YOUR HAIR! How I do my BUN VIDEO: https://youtu.be/WCLr162C1Go My Red By Kiss Detangler BLOW DRYER: https://youtu.be/ffQ1QYHsHSI Me with Longer Hair: How I wrap & Unwrap My Hair https://youtu.be/gVMBmub4pvM MY LAST VIDEO: How I Wrap & Unwrap My Hair https://youtu.be/xQaJxY4NUPw Night Time Hair Routine for Straight Hair | Roller Wrap & Feathered Hair https://youtu.be/ZU9fm9gbeVE how i blow dry and flat iron my relaxed hair. It's a simple relaxed hair care technique that doesn't take long to do for me since I've been caring for my own hair for a while. This entire process took ME about 2 hours (start to finish) This is how i maintain my hair when wearing a straight hairstyle such as a body wrap. --For a feathered look all over, I suggest flicking your wrist to bend the end of your hair and don't comb it through until the end. Pin Curls will also help hold your curls if you choose not to wrap your hair! I pin curl my feathered hair to keep from using heat on it everyday. (no heat) Questions, Comments? Leave them in the comment section below. Camera Used: Samsung Galaxy S4 (cellphone) Editing: iMovie FIND ME! INSTAGRAM & TWITTER @allofdestiny DIRECT LINKS: http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny SEND ME SOMETHING: Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 Thanks For Watching, allofdestiny
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Text Comments (112)
Cheryl Young (1 month ago)
Did she actually say that it doesn’t matter what flat iron you use??? Thats the difference between her and a professional, it does matter what flat iron you use.
Janet Felder (1 month ago)
The concealer to your eyebrows. Omg 😲 lol
takeisha williams (10 months ago)
your hair is pretty what kind of hair product u use before u flat iron your hair
DW Luxury (1 year ago)
lol damn I'm a boy and my hair longer than hers 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
latreveate stephens (1 year ago)
where are you from i like your accent lol
Earl Moss (1 year ago)
Wow you are beautiful and your hair is gorgeous
Alyssa Jones (1 year ago)
I know it anit burning😂😂😂
kiki Exclusive (1 year ago)
This is a very good detail video
Charraine Williams (2 years ago)
I love your videos. you are adorable
cee cee (2 years ago)
😅😅😅😅😅 girrrrrlllll u are sooo silly!! this is cute ! u like me when my hair starts "swanging" lmaooo but 1 question how often do u relax ur hair?
Joanie Parker (2 years ago)
Haha you made me smile
Tina too cute (2 years ago)
I'm so jealous of your hair.
shyneice mayeux (2 years ago)
lmao i think you can be a real life penny proud from the proud family. :-)) . very cute.
Beauty In You (2 years ago)
what flat irons are you using....the brand
zoriya renée (2 years ago)
God's Property Bellezza brand
corrin Jackson (2 years ago)
lol you're so funny
Serwaa Amuzu (2 years ago)
lol love it please where did you get the flat iron
sweetcountrybear (2 years ago)
your vids are so great :-) #goals
jsmoot88 (2 years ago)
"it ain't complete, if it ain't on fleek!" 😂😂😂 love your videos. So helpful and to the point!
l and g nation (2 years ago)
Lol.... I love the accent!! And your hair is on point!!
Earl Moss (2 years ago)
I love how you was shaking it
Brittany Boykin (2 years ago)
soooo gorgeous... imma try that on my relaxed hair! <3 thx alot.. What was thrown at you @8:29??
Melissa Winfield (2 years ago)
I love your videos. Very informative and you funny
Shakita Stewart (2 years ago)
Girl I be trying to get my hair like yours.....never work but you always slay!!!
Corey Miller (3 years ago)
good job👍
Charlene Henry (3 years ago)
Dam u fine... Lol
ella85ful (3 years ago)
I just found you today and you have me rolling, I can't stop laughing. When you were flat ironing the back you said, the struggle is real, lol.
morgannn (3 years ago)
ThrowingGlitter (3 years ago)
she reminds me of ateeya
CartCats (3 years ago)
Your hair is too cute and I luv the color of that pink iron!
morgannn (3 years ago)
I live in Memphis too.
morgannn (3 years ago)
+allofdestiny I am sooo happy OMG!!😀😀😊😊
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Morgan White M-town!!!!!!!!
Taiona Kirksey (3 years ago)
not true😒
Ally Cee (3 years ago)
when i do it it still don't come out right. :'( im doomed
Shania's Domain (3 years ago)
ooh u make me wanna perm my hair again so bad💓💓💕😂. This is amazing
Amber Taliah (3 years ago)
Lol you sound and act like Kyla Pratt
T W (3 years ago)
Omg yes I agree!
tblackman78 (3 years ago)
I love your videos and gorgeous hair
Kimberly Jackson (3 years ago)
"It's the flick of the wrist"!! 😂😁😂😂😁 I love it. Good video.
Jmami (3 years ago)
Where can I get that t shirt?
Aneika Sanders (3 years ago)
I knew you were from Memphis 😣. Lol I can tell by that accent. I'm Nasvillian ✌✌✌
Marcia Mack (3 years ago)
I just like all of your hair styles
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Marcia Mack well isn't that awesome!! thanks a lot!
JWOriginals (3 years ago)
the name of the iron is beautiful. Bellezza is beautiful in Spanish. love yours vid.
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+JWOriginals thanks a lot!!
Geneva Daye (3 years ago)
That is very pretty❤
Angela Wat (3 years ago)
😆😆 "I aint gone call this a tutorial..."
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Angela Wat lol forreal thooo!! =D thanks for watching!
Angela Wat (3 years ago)
awww. u even have yr own t shirt!! #working woman
Lady P (3 years ago)
You are just too precious. 😍😄
Jazz (3 years ago)
Destiny I couldn't really see how you feathered the top back of your hair can you talk me through it?
Juareaka Gordon (3 years ago)
I knew you were from Memphis I hear it lol
Its Keriaa (3 years ago)
I love your videos 💜😊. your personality got me weak😂😂, but we use similar products ( I have relaxed hair also) .
Autobots Attack (3 years ago)
did you cut your hair recently?
Autobots Attack (3 years ago)
+Autobots Attack ohhh nevermind you addressed that in your video, but your curls are still lovely :)
MsPisces1980 (3 years ago)
l love your hair
Julia Hair (3 years ago)
would you want to try other hair style?
Mari Vaughn (3 years ago)
Lol I love your videos. You're so funny and relatable.
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Khamaria Vaughn =) awww thanks a lot
Mari Vaughn (3 years ago)
Lol I love your videos. You're so funny and relatable.
CooperRoad BbyYella (3 years ago)
destiny hi my name is Reagan im one of your new subbies and i just wanted some help i dont take care of my hair like i should i let it go to the dogs sometimes i go weeks without doing anything to it and ive had it cut before but now its damaged again and it used to be thick now it has gotten very thin and i was wondering could you like any tips or anything cause i am just tired of my hair if you can help me i would be very greatful
Jessica Jackson (3 years ago)
I do look and sound like Kayla Pratt but could u do a Hair Talk 101. about ur current regimen. fav products and relaxer. if u take any vitamins etc
Simply Tutu (3 years ago)
OMG destiny your hair is so beautiful and full of body . It looks so healthy ! I've been watching your videos for a while now . such a sweet beautiful young lady and funny ! just wanted to say hey and I love your channel ! My names Dominque by the way like your sisters lol
Keebrianna (3 years ago)
Your so sweet you remind me of Kyla Pratt off of One on One. Love your hair its fleeky.
T W (3 years ago)
I agree she really does remind me of Kyla Pratt, super pretty!
Lisa (3 years ago)
do you use anything on your hair daily
Akelia Ryan (3 years ago)
Hey allofdestiny..Ik u do hair and nail videos..could u do a skin routine video if u have one..stating what products you use and when/how u use them..it will be greatly appreciated... Ur skin is flawless tho
AbsoluteMdot (3 years ago)
Yes!!!! Hair Goals!! I'm getting a fresh relaxer Christmas eve! I cannot wait. They thought was gonna go natural... Nah
VANITY G0LD (3 years ago)
Love it! It's gotten thicker & its growing long!!! 😍😍😍💁🏽💁🏽
Naturally Beautiful (3 years ago)
Hey destiny I was wondering what protein treatment do you use for your hair and where can you purchase it at?
Carla Findlay (3 years ago)
Your hair has gotten thick!! Dark and lovely
Fearless Meshi (3 years ago)
Where did you get the flat iron set from?
Cassie Hardy (3 years ago)
I like your hair like that not too much curl and not too straight just right
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Cassie Hardy =) thanks girl!
Yakhanna (3 years ago)
Girllllll you did that. Represent for the relaxed girls on a healthy hair journey. Thanks 4 teaching me how to feather i am definitely going to try it when I relax soon. Plus your hair has come back full force more thickness and all. That break from straightening and just doing them roller sets worked for you girl. Just keep maintaining it going forwards, Great work, loving the vid Destiny :)
Yakhanna (2 years ago)
lol u savage. She just has a set back. It happens to us all. She was experimenting trying to solve her dandruff issues. I will still say she is representing as she was truly tryng to solve her hair problems. Her intentions were good. We know destiny loves hair care.
Yakhanna look at her hair now... I don't call that representing....
Porsha La Vie Belle (3 years ago)
+Qu'Neshia Hunter thank you!
Qu'Neshia Hunter (3 years ago)
+Laporsha Belle a good serum
Porsha La Vie Belle (3 years ago)
how do you prevent frizziness??
Sharisse G (3 years ago)
I have that same flat iron, got mine from Marshalls. Its a really good flat iron
shackeria brown (3 years ago)
yasssss honey hair #hair goals
shyan 728 (3 years ago)
😂😂 "like yes girl yes!"
JayBay (3 years ago)
I just realized tomorrow ima be 18 weeks post... I'm trying to wait until January to relax but idk if I'm going to make it. wearing braids right now
Carla Findlay (3 years ago)
Me too. I'm going to be 17 weeks post in January. So far I am deep conditioning and roller setting. Protective style is a low bun. You can do it!!
VANITY G0LD (3 years ago)
You can do it boo! Stretch it! Healthy get some new braids or do braid outs or wig it! You'll be so happy! On how long it is!😍💁🏽
Jazxs (3 years ago)
I used to flat iron my hair all of the time but now its like I don't have the energy anymore lol the process is long and tedious. But your hair came out great.
memphisdime88 (3 years ago)
she said, like the belt to yo outfit, the concealer to yo eyebrows lol tht was cute
Danielle Futch (3 years ago)
Luv it, but I am so lazy.
Mildred Griffin (3 years ago)
You are so pretty. Your hair is beautiful. Can you tell me the name of the products you use? My hair is about 6 inches with a relaxed and it think. I don't think I can get the effect you got. Love your video's keep them coming!!!!
Jo’s Natural Oasis (3 years ago)
so let me just say this now. Destiny I been natural for 4 years on December 19th and I could NEVER straighten my hair without it frizzen right after and puffing up. After watching a couple of your videos, I finally straightened my 4 years old natural hair and it is BOMB!! no frizziness, no reverting nothing. your hair isn't even all natural and you taught mev that. THANKS GIRL! !
The Xo Show (3 years ago)
Hey Guys! I'm New To YouTube & Would Love If You Could Check Out My Content ❤️ - Xo #supportxobecausesheill
nnadaddy (3 years ago)
lmao you are so funny
Cheryl Young (1 month ago)
nnadaddy no she’s not.
May C Evans (3 years ago)
Your hair is beautiful and thick! What do products do you recommend to get thick hair :)
Alicia Hargrove (3 years ago)
you are so beautiful and full of energy I love your personality
Asia Collier (3 years ago)
You are really pretty 💖
Michelle P (3 years ago)
how often do you trim your ends?
blueskyisbac (3 years ago)
Your hair so so pretty and healthy.
Lakesha Harrison (3 years ago)
only thing I would suggest is trimming your ends a little.
La'Quitta Denise (3 years ago)
So Pretty Destiny 🙂
Katoria King (3 years ago)
Hey, I love your videos, and I would like to know what setting do you set your flat iron on?
VicksWorld88 (3 years ago)
aneisha (3 years ago)
I need some advice please
aneisha (3 years ago)
So what you think I should do ? Just keep the relaxer in for 10 mins because I like the textured hair but not the tail bone straight look
aneisha (3 years ago)
I am actually 4 months post relaxer but I gotta trim my hair and stuff😔 I was thinking about transitioning but my hair is so thick and I love the way you style your relaxed hair. Mom keeps telling me to go back natural but I am not ready for that
Jahna Trapp not true....
Jahna Trapp (3 years ago)
me too. I wanted to try it but I don't think I will unless I end up having a major set back. relax hair can be healthy as natural. it's how you take care of it. and I only perm twice a year
aneisha (3 years ago)
hey girl 🙋 I have been watching your vids for a while now and all of your hairstyles and tips are amazing
skye raye (3 years ago)

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