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Sophie - Live at the Echoplex 3/27/2015 pt.2

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March 27, 2015 - Sophie performs live at the Echoplex, Echo Park Los Angeles #pcmusic
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Jerome (9 months ago)
Jonathan Sousa (1 year ago)
Denise Sienett (1 year ago)
What songs are these?? Just discovered SOPHIE 💞
Emily Rose (2 years ago)
why doesn't he release any of these songs
uwu xcx (3 years ago)
6:45 !!!!! FUCK ME UPP
kristopher truchan (3 years ago)
that last song! WHY ARENT THESE ON THE EP?!!!!~?!?!?!?!
uwu xcx (3 years ago)
+kristopher truchan I KNOWWWWW
jdfalkk (3 years ago)
kitty cat and charli xcx's song sounds amazing!!!
J T (3 years ago)
Alookks (5 months ago)
she's saying i see
+Eric Mazariegos a strange phonetic spelling of "fizzy" as in "shake it up and make it fizz."
Nic Dee (3 years ago)
I think the vocalist is saying "fuzzy"
Eric Mazariegos (3 years ago)
+J T yeah and to make things even weirder the album 'Vyzee' doesn't even once mention that word lol... What gives? I'm so thirsty for these tracks lol
J T (3 years ago)
+Eric Mazariegos yeah, I know now that it's definitely not the VYZEE from the album, but I still think it's kinda weird. why put the word VYZEE in a completely different song?
Xavier D (3 years ago)
so mad that his flight was delayed & he couldn't make pitchfork 2k15... i was gonna be so close it would have been soo good :(
Hubba Bubba (4 years ago)
I Need an LP Gosh SOPHIE you have enough singles already stop being cruel arrgg the waiting is killing me :(((
Jerome (9 months ago)
Var x (4 years ago)
Whats the name of the song at 6:40?
Saint spons (3 years ago)
+Mario Reyes Yes I have heard it, and it's utterly amazing!
Mario Reyes (3 years ago)
Was finally released today. Charli XCX - Trophy.
J T (3 years ago)
i think I recall charli saying that the collabs are gonna be on her next album....
Saint spons (4 years ago)
@Var x SOPHIE x Charli XCX - Throw it up Unfortunately it's still unreleased. :c
Joseph Melliz (4 years ago)
love this video even fucking more now
NMV (4 years ago)
i need the last song, is it charli xcx?
Matt Wharton (1 year ago)
NMV yeah, it’s Trophy by Charli XCX from her Vroom Vroom EP
thejayhawkswin (4 years ago)
when are these tracks going to be released???
pixxa (3 years ago)
+Grace Lamdin there is a new Sophie Album coming soon
Grace Lamdin (4 years ago)
@thejayhawkswin there isn't a set release date for any of them yet ;'-(
Grace Lamdin (4 years ago)
@thejayhawkswin idk but my loins are seriously going to explode if an lp doesn't come out soon
gery0n97 (4 years ago)
this is good as fuck
Christopher Sullivan (4 years ago)
God this was an awesome show
Jason Vega (4 years ago)
rykwon4535 (4 years ago)
what's the name of the first track?
Tears (3 months ago)
Frank Ruiz She is a transgender.
Dominika Kowalczyk (1 year ago)
Frank Ruiz (3 years ago)
+Nicronical Studios sophie doesn't have a sex. it's the persona he follows.
Azakeen (3 years ago)
+Frank Ruiz his
Frank Ruiz (3 years ago)
+rykwon4535 MSMSMSMS its on her soundcloud.

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